The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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Earlier this week, my West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said the following about whether people should be drinking the water in Charleston and downstream: "It's your decision.I'm " It sounds bad even before Stanley explains that coal mines are constantly pumped to clear ground water, aquifers, and underground streams: "As soon as we're out of that mine it immediately fills with water.

7 State Parks for Fall Colors and Birding

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North Bend State Park, West Virginia. Strong populations of birds reside in the hardwood forests and dense understories in this north-eastern location of West Virginia. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia. Known as a warbler haven, 30+ species visit this bi-state park near the Kentucky and Virginia southern border. The coves are populated with oak, hemlock, poplar, and the area is stream-rich (including a Class V river gorge) with lush understories and shrubs.

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What Happened This Winter

10,000 Birds

And a severe drought here caused our largest lake to dry up completely, with smaller ponds and streams doing so as well, one by one. Here it is, the end of April, and things are slowing down in the south.

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Can the Mat-Su Become the First Place in History Where People and Salmon Thrive Together?

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It’s in Alaska, up where Craigie Creek gets its start at an unnamed turquoise lake. This is a small stream born out of the glaciers in the Talkeetna Mountains. We hike an hour or two into the rocky crags and ice fields, passing an ancient prospector’s cabin before finally reaching the turquoise lake. Up high, hanging valleys filled with ice and hidden lakes spill whitewater into steep canyons. A Map Gives More than a Sense of Where You Are.

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Unlock a New Way of Seeing the World as a Master Naturalist

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Particularly in Portland, I can see how the lack of permeable surfaces influences pollutants in the water and the flow of streams (water is channeled via stormwater drains and ditches directly into streams and rivers rather than sinking in as groundwater first and slowly recharging lakes and streams — these changes increase risk of flash floods). The Nature Conservancy’s Panther Knob Preserve in West Virginia.

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Recovery: Rehoming Brook Trout, the Dweller of Springs

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miles of 11 park streams. Where the River Meets the Road: Reconnecting Adirondack Brook Trout Streams. Fishery crew surveying a brook trout stream in GRSM via electrofishing. (In However, the stream has to be fairly small for electrofishing to prove a viable method. He reintroduces them to streams where they’ve been extirpated. Other once-famous salter streams, some fished by U.S. These span the stream and are lined with its natural substrate.

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The American Woodcock: Tribute to a Wonderful Wetland Bird

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They live mainly in young, dense wet forests near streams, rivers, and marshes. They breed and spend summers from the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border across the Great Lakes east to Newfoundland and New England and south into Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. Lower Delmarva, in particular, Cape Charles, Virginia, typically boasts the highest counts in the nation , because this area serves as a combination migration stopover and wintering site.

Wastewater Recovery

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Pilot programs were conducted at Vancouver’s main water treatment facility on Lulu Island, as well as at the Nansemond plant in Suffolk, Virginia. This leaves nutrients diverted into a sludge stream. Inland freshwater lakes and rivers have more problems compared to coastal regions. A Vancouver-based company has pulled in some high-profile support. Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

The Most Interesting Man in Florida

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Steve Morrison – naturalist, raconteur, beekeeper, fiddle player and, until last January, Conservation Manager for Lake Wales Ridge – has a tale to tell. “I When Steve was six, the family moved to Babson Park near Lake Wales, Florida. They found the place that Bok had earmarked for conservation, an untracked subtropical wilderness cut through by Tiger Creek, a winding stream named, one theory has it, for the orange water that runs through white sand and dark shadows.

It’s the Soil, Stupid

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When these nutrients pollute rivers and lakes they stoke blooms of nasty algae that muck up the water, then die and suck oxygen out of the waterbodies as the tiny plants rot. Rain gardens aim to mimic nature by soaking stormwater into the ground so that it can replenish underground stores of water, preventing the rain from racing across paved and hardened surfaces, carrying tidal waves of polluted water into streams, lakes, and sea water. Seattle rain garden, Lisa Stiffler.

WSSA Says Biofuel Best Practices are Imperative to Protect Against Plant Invaders

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assistant professor of Invasive Plant Ecology at Virginia Tech. “In Reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea), a great threat to America’s wetlands, rivers and lakes. Cylindro (Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii), an algae associated with toxic blooms in the Great Lakes region. After planting Don’t grow potential invaders adjacent to streams, irrigation channels, major roads or utility rights of way that can serve as a “transportation corridor” for seeds and plant parts.

Innovative Solutions for Nature and Climate

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Below is the keynote speech I delivered at the meeting on September 26 in Wheeling, West Virginia. But these dedicated conservationists are seeing the places they love change because of higher temperatures, warmer lakes and streams, rising sea levels and disintegrating food webs. This is certainly evident in places like here in West Virginia. We’re exploring how forest conservation and clean energy can be part of the solution for West Virginia’s economic future.

Shortage of Storm Sewer Connoisseurs

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An informal survey by Eric Eckl at Water Words That Work , a Virginia company that works on water-related communications, sought some answers about stormwater understanding. One city employee told me foul are the major cause of water pollution to streams. Water polluted by vehicular and other inputs goes from them directly into our streams and lakes. Skip to content.

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World Water Crisis

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Once the fourth-largest lake in the world, it is now a dusty graveyard of rusting shipwrecks. Read more: [link] Melissa Farlow / Blue Planet Run Next Back Dirty Water Foul-smelling water mixed with coal had been running from Kenny Stroud's faucet for more than a decade before clean tap water was finally provided by the city of Rawl, West Virginia.

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Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

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Cove Brook is a small stream that flows through Farnborough (small town southwest of London). When it rains, and the hills become waterlogged, the stream turns into a raging torrent and the golf course turns into a lake. With the closure of the Fresh Kills landfill site, New York is now trucking waste hundreds of miles to remote landfill sites in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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