When Your Lake Disappears

10,000 Birds

You know that feeling, when you get up early to go birding at your favorite lake, and when you get there, the lake is gone? Lake Cuitzeo, some 30 km (19 miles) north of Morelia, is Mexico’s second largest lake. Clearly, the entire east lake is only a few inches deep.

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Scenes From a Sort-of Lake

10,000 Birds

My targets for last week’s trip to Lake Cuitzeo, 30 miles north of Morelia, were Baird’s Sandpipers and Wilson’s Phalaropes. In practice, though, some can’t be bothered to make such a long trip, and spend the winter on Lake Cuitzeo.

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Lake Cuitzeo gets good

10,000 Birds

Having come back to Mexico from Europe, I chose to make my first home outing to my local lake, Lake Cuitzeo. Lake Cuitzeo has an area of 300–400 km 2 (120–150 sq mi), depending on the season and amount of summer rains. The west half of the lake is never more than a few feet deep. That suits our winter ducks just fine, except when this part of the lake dries up completely, as it does in some dry years. At Lake Cuitzeo, everywhere you look, you see birds.

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Summer Birding at Conboy Lake NWR

10,000 Birds

I recently drove from my home in Portland to Conboy Lake NWR in southern Washington for a birding day-trip. The namesake “lake” generally only exists when there is enough runoff during the spring, as the area was extensively modified for farming years ago. Fish and Wildlife Service cannot effectively restore the lake or other natural hydrology. By early July, there was not even the hint of a lake. The Conboy Lake CCP is here.

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Paddling Piney Z Lake

10,000 Birds

Instead of pulling on running shoes, we unloaded two bright red kayaks from the back of my old, beat-up truck, lugging them 100 feet down a grassy slope towards Piney Z Lake. Waiting for a break in the flow, we dragged our kayaks down the hill and edged them into the lily-pad filled edges of the lake. Piney Z lake is not large, bisected by a berm that parallels the land-trail as well as a series of fishing earthen fingers that stretch out into the water at regular intervals.

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Arivaca Lake- The last stop before Mexico

10,000 Birds

If they are passing thru Pima County, and the Tucson area, Arivaca Lake is the last stop for water before crossing the US/Mexico border. This 90 acre lake, managed by Arizona Fish and Wildlife is about a 45 mile drive from Tucson, and 9 miles from Mexico, as the Chihuahuan Raven flies. The layout of the lake has many small fingers that provide shelter, shallow water and many dense areas of Willow and Cottonwood trees. Birding Arivaca Lake Southeast Arizona Birding

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My Birding Spot During COVID-19: Willow Lake Preserve

10,000 Birds

This is made easier by getting out early in the morning and walking to Willow Lake Preserve, the fine natural area at the far southern end of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. an image of the Willow Lake Preserve from Google Maps. As you can see, Willow Lake is bounded to the west by the Grand Central Parkway, to the east by the Van Wyck Expressway, to the south by the city transit authority’s train yard, and to the north by Jewel Avenue.

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The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

10,000 Birds

The Kerkini Lake. Too short-tailed to be a kestrel, it’s a Merlin and the species #400 in barely more than an hour on my first morning at the Kerkini lake! The eastern dyke (the northern section of it) is generally the most productive section of the lake and with 52 species (including all of the above) in winter, it didn’t disappoint me. Lake Kerkini National Park lies at 35 m / 115 ft a.s.l. With only a few more days left, 2017 was coming to a close.

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Birding Lake Junaluska

10,000 Birds

Lake Junaluska is surrounded by mountains, beautifully situated in scenic Western North Carolina, near the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The most obvious birds dotted the lake like feathered buoys, lazily swimming back and forth or actively diving for food along the aquatic bottom. The flood of calls ended just as suddenly as it began, the mixed flock moving in feathered crowds around the lake. Trips Lake Junaluska North Carolina

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Week 30: We return to Summer Lake

10,000 Birds

Right, smack dad in the middle of Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge. During the course of our time at Summer Lake, we saw a couple of dozen Sora’s. In the last few years, there have been more and more White-faced Ibis now calling Summer Lake home. I lost count of the Number of Northern Harriers we saw during out time at Sumer Lake. Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge is the beneficiary of support from several groups.

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A visit to Dog Lake

10,000 Birds

On the final leg of my “Old Home Week”, I travel out to Dog Lake, a pristine high mountain lake, surrounded by mature Ponderosa Pines. Located about 20 miles from Lakeview, Oregon, and sitting at an elevation of 5100 feet, this 208 acre lake is home to many species of fish, including Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Bluegill. With shore side access limited to the northern end of the lake, that protection allows for a large population of water based birds.

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Lake Indoon

10,000 Birds

After arranging to meet up with my sister and her family in Kalbarri earlier this year we had looked for a suitable camping area in between Geraldton and Perth and came across the Shire of Carnamah’s website that had information on Lake Indoon. At the time it was not clear if the lake would contain any water at all, but its location was appealing anyway and the fact that not only could you camp there free of charge, but there was also a drinking water tank, toilets and showers.

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Birding North Lake State Park

10,000 Birds

Just like we did last year my family spent this past weekend camping at North Lake State Park, up in New York’s gorgeous Catskill Mountains. There were very few rocks along the lake shore where our campsite was so Desi had to walk about thirty feet to fill up his bucket with rocks to throw in the lake. New to me at North Lake State Park was a family of Eastern Kingbirds that were a joy to watch, what with their aggression, constant chittering, and aerial acrobatics.

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Snail Kites at East Lake Toho

10,000 Birds

Cloud’s Lakefront Park on East Lake Tohopekaliga, was fruitful and I got to watch two different Snail Kites looking for snails. Snail Kites flying over the marshes at East Lake Toho. My understanding is that the population at East Lake Toho is very carefully monitored which only makes sense considering that the Snail Kite is in decline in Florida though it is a Species of Least Concern internationally. Birds East Lake Toho raptors Snail Kite

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

10,000 Birds

So, I wrote to my friend Giorgos Spiridakis, a bird guide living by Kerkini Lake , further east, if he could help me with this elusive woodpecker. The next morning is for the Kerkini Lake, one of the youngest national parks of Greece, protected only ten years ago, in 2006 and inhabited by 11 amphibian, 27 reptilian, 44 mammal and 312 bird species. I opt for the bird richest section of the lake, visible from the eastern dyke. I dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer.

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Lake Nallan

10,000 Birds

Last year the area had had no significant rainfall and so a brief stop at Lake Nallan was not worth a mention, because it was completely dry. This year there was water in Lake Nallan when we arrived late in the afternoon and as a result of that we decided to camp overnight. The ephemeral lake is approximately 20 kilometres/12.5 The lake had a maximum width of about 450 metres during our visit. Lake Nallan.

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Birding Lake Yojoa and Panacam Lodge

10,000 Birds

In particular, the Lake Yojoa region, featuring the country’s largest freshwater lake and the lush mountains that surround it, offer abundant avian-driven excitement. We started by blitzing the Lake Yojoa region with tremendous success: Yobani (3rd from left) may have known what we were getting into on the lake, but Sophie Osborn , Dorian Anderson , and José A. Maradiaga weren’t so sure… LAKE YOJOA. Note how close PANACAM is to Lake Yojoa.

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Crater Lake, Under the Stars

Wend Magazine

The video comes to us from star photographer Ben Canales (by ‘star’ we do, in fact, mean ‘fixed luminous point in the sky’) and friend Chip McAlpine who visited Crater Lake National Park to, in short, film stars. Click here to view the embedded video. If you’re somewhere in the world experiencing the heat of long summer days, this video might be just what you need to cool off.

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Birds at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area

10,000 Birds

When I am at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, I try to get to Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area in order to see the aforementioned species and also Brown-headed Nuthatch , which for this New Yorker is a pretty cool bird to see. In 2012 I was successful, with the help of Doug Gochfeld, in finding all of those species in and around Three Lakes , and I hoped for a repeat performance but with better views of Bachmann’s Sparrow. Trips Florida Three Lakes WMA

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Week 29: The birds of Crater Lake National Park

10,000 Birds

The first part of this week finds us in south central Oregon, at one of the nation’s true gems, Crater Lake National park. While driving all the way around the lake, we crested several very high points, one of which was over 7400 feet in elevation! By the way, check out the average snow fall each year… o Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. o It is the second deepest lake in the Western Hemisphere. o Maximum lake width: 6.02

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Lake Apopka – Florida’s Inland Rarity Hotspot

10,000 Birds

Lake Apopka Restoration Area in Lake County Florida is fast-becoming one of the best bird magnets in all of Florida. Situated pretty much slap-bang in the center of the state north of Lake Okeechobee, this massive wetland was once the Florida’s most polluted body of water. John’s River Water Management District, the fifty square-mile lake is cleaning up its act. Lake Apopka is going through its latest transformation…for the better.

Birding Beyond Lake Yojoa and Panacam Lodge

10,000 Birds

We spent two blissful days exploring both the waders and wildlife of Lake Yojoa and the tropical splendor of PANACAM Lodge. A new, reliable spot for Honduran Emerald has just recently been discovered within an hour of Lake Yojoa, along with some staggering side targets. Visitors in the Lake Yojoa area would be crazy not to contact Esdras (esdraslopez2011@hotmail.com) or the Montaña de Vida group for a guide to a great day of birding… and a lift up the mountain!

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A Great (Lake) Meal

Environmental Economics

We spent the last couple of days on South Bass Island in Lake Erie ( Put-In-Bay ).    Put-In-Bay is known as the launch port for the Battle of Lake Erie--a turning point in the War of 1812, and also known as a cheap spring break type hangout for mid-westerners.  The last meal I had on the island I decided to go with a Lake Erie theme and ordered the Walleye Sandwich (lightly battered and fried) and the Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder. 

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Kutras Lake and the California Gull

10,000 Birds

Kutras Lake and Turtle Bay in Redding California are a couple of the best places to find both gulls and shorebirds in the area. The four most common gull species seen at Kutras Lake are Ring-billed, Herring, first-year Glaucous-winged, and California; less common are Western, Thayer’s, and Mew gulls. So I’m at Kutras Lake and I see this nondescript brownish gull. Birds Destinations California California Gull gulls Kutras Lake Ring-billed Gull Sacramento River

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Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

10,000 Birds

The sun rises over the village of Chrysochorafa, by Kerkini Lake in the north of Greece, not far from the triple border with Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia. The origin of the lake dates back to the 1920s, when the River Strymonas was dammed for irrigation purposes. The shallows at the place where the river enters the lake – the „delta“, quickly become a heaven for birds. After the bridge, we continue along the northern shore of the lake. Early September morning.

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Lakes ‘Round the World

Wend Magazine

Whether you ski, knee board, tube or just like to roast marshmallows by a late-night lakeside campfire, going to the lake each summer seems to be a tradition for most of the people I know. So why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy this visual journey of Lakes, ‘Round the World. It’s July and it’s hot.

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Butte Valley Wildlife Area and Meiss Lake

10,000 Birds

Butte Valley Wildlife Area is approximately 13,200 acres including the 4,000-acre Meiss Lake, 4,400 acres of intensively managed wetlands, and 4,800 acres of various types of other habitats including croplands, meadows, grasslands, brush fields, oak and juniper woodlands, pine-fir forests, and riparian areas. On the way up we stopped about 20 miles south of the wildlife area at the Grass Lake rest stop on highway 97 where we spotted some unexpected birds.

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A return visit to Summer Lake Refuge

10,000 Birds

The first stop, Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge in central Oregon is without a doubt one of the most important stop overs for migrating birds on the west coats, no matter the species. With a very diverse, and extremely large wildlife population, Summer Lake has become an extremely popular destination, not only for waterfowl hunters, but birdwatchers, fishermen, and photographers. I dipped on those, but there were everywhere here in the marshes of Summer Lake.

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Lake Argyle

10,000 Birds

On our recent trip to Kununurra we did a day trip to Lake Argyle. It is about an hour’s drive to Lake Argyle, which is Australia’s largest artificial lake by volume. We have also paddled from Lake Argyle back to Kununurra over three days in the past and this was a great trip and thoroughly recommended. There are companies that will drive you and a canoe to the lake and they provide you with all that you need for the trip.

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Jerusalem cyclists protest lake of bike lanes

Green Prophet

The post Jerusalem cyclists protest lake of bike lanes appeared first on Green Prophet. They are not trying to change the holy order of things. Surely not in the Old City but Jerusalem cyclists want a few dedicated lanes to make cycling in any situation, plague or the good times, easier around Jerusalem. Jerusalem. Not a dream city for cycling. It’s many hills, random intersections, cobbled roads, virtually inaccessible Old City, I tried. I really did.

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Local Specialties at Lake Junin

10,000 Birds

The Ancient Lake Junin has its own flightless grebe, rail, and frog. After Lake Titicaca, Lake Junin is the second largest and the highest large lake in Peru. Located at an altitude of 4078 m Lake Junin draws water from an approximately 1800 km2 catchment area of the puna zone of Junin Province in central Peru. The lake is about 28 km long and 13 km wide at its broadest point, but rather shallow. The best time to visit the lake is outside the wet season.

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While I was away, the Buckeye Lake Dam story stayed

Environmental Economics

  On the flight back, I sat next to a nice dude who had recently finished building a house on family land on Buckeye Lake in Ohio.  From the lake side, it’s about the economy, property values and recreation. If your livelihood were invested in a marina or restaurant on the lake, your world would be upside down with the prospect of the water being permanently drained. I was able to get away last week for a week of rest and relaxation (field research?). 

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Did Ricki Lake Just Go Vegan?


Former talk show host Ricky Lake might be transitioning over to a vegan diet. Read More The post Did Ricki Lake Just Go Vegan? Eats Healthy Living News Top News Vegan ricky lakeappeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Iran’s devastated Lake Urmia wins recognition

Green Prophet

Like Israel and Jordan’s Dead Sea, Iran has it’s own inland salty lake called Lake Urmia. Lake Urmia before in 1998, taken by NASA. Lake Urmia in 2011, taken by NASA. Yazdani won the prize for capturing The Salt Lake Urmia in Iran. Lake Urmia is the biggest salt lake in the Middle East, but it is now only a shadow of what it once was. Continue learning more about Lake Urmia below by Youtube movies produced by Iranians.

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What is killing birds at Karla Lake (Greece)?

10,000 Birds

There should be thousands of birds at this time of the year, Dimitris Michalakis from the Karla Lake management authority told me. In early August this year, I saw 77 species here (69 on the lake, plus 8 more in the surrounding areas) but barely more than a thousand individuals. Have you ever been at a former lake? I find it hard to call it a reservoir, so I will continue to call it a lake. Soon the lake ends. Yet, what is killing the birds of Lake Karla?

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Tupper Lake

Elephant Journal


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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: eco-wow Laguna Lodge

Green Traveler Guides

A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: eco-wow Laguna Lodge 21 February 11 · 0 comments | Lakeside Green Style | T he first word that springs to mind is drama. The lake itself is drama in liquid form. One of the 4 sacred lakes that bounds the traditional world of the Guatemalan highlands, Lake Atitlan is a total oh-wow stunner.

Goliath Herons at Lake Panic

10,000 Birds

The evocatively named Lake Panic is overlooked by a thatched, rustic style hide in one of the most delicious settings that a birder is ever likely to encounter. The hide is situated at the top end of the lake (Google Earth ref; 24 58 53S 31 33 58E) as the bank sweeps round and blocks the main body of water from view. Lake Panic is a glorious place to spend an afternoon, just sitting, just watching, just enjoying.

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Birding Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area

10,000 Birds

Our first stop, in the early morning, was Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, south of Kissimmee in the town of Osceola, where we hoped to find the species associated with open stands of Longleaf Pine – namely, Bachmann’s Sparrow and Red-cockaded Woodpecker. We entered Three Lakes from the east, off of Route 441, and I was pleased to be in the southeastern pine forest again. But we were not quite done with Three Lakes. Trips Florida space coast Three Lakes WMA

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Birding Kaliga Park, East Lake Toho

10,000 Birds

You can read the first one, about our time at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, here , and the second, about birding Joe Overstreet Road and Kissimmee Lake, here. Cloud on the southern edge of East Lake Tohopekaliga, which the locals call East Lake Toho, and our final birding destination for our central Florida run, Kaliga Park. Trips East Lake Toho Florida Kaliga Park space coast

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Kayakers Allegedly Spot Humpbacked Monster in England's Lake.

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share Kayakers Allegedly Spot Humpbacked Monster in England’s Lake Windermere Sami Ewers February 23rd, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @samiewers Co-workers Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington were recently kayaking in Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake, when, according to their statement, something “the size of three cars&# passed by.

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Paddling on Great Slave Lake

Wend Magazine

From there, we followed the main river channel out to Great Slave Lake. The delta area, where the Slave River empties into Great Slave Lake, was quite shallow. On the big lake, we experienced more shallow water and spent several days doing a combination of paddling and lining the canoe. The temperature here is noticeably cooler than inland because much of the lake still has ice on it. In case you were wondering, there is still ice on the lake.

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Conserving Lake Trout Among the Philosophers

Nature Conservancy - Science

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation aquatic biologists Rob Fiorentino (left) and Jim Pinheiro inspect a lake trout for signs of age after weighing and measuring it. The trout was netted on Lake Placid as part of a 2013 survey of lake trout population health in several Adirondack lakes. Can well-managed lakes in the Adirondacks provide important refuges for lake trout in the face of climate change? Lake Trout in a Warming World.

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