The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

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The Kerkini Lake. Too short-tailed to be a kestrel, it’s a Merlin and the species #400 in barely more than an hour on my first morning at the Kerkini lake! Lake Kerkini National Park lies at 35 m / 115 ft a.s.l. With only a few more days left, 2017 was coming to a close.

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

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So, I wrote to my friend Giorgos Spiridakis, a bird guide living by Kerkini Lake , further east, if he could help me with this elusive woodpecker. I opt for the bird richest section of the lake, visible from the eastern dyke. Trips eagles Europe geese Greece Kerkini Lake woodpeckers

Iran’s devastated Lake Urmia wins recognition

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Like Israel and Jordan’s Dead Sea, Iran has it’s own inland salty lake called Lake Urmia. Lake Urmia before in 1998, taken by NASA. Lake Urmia in 2011, taken by NASA. Yazdani won the prize for capturing The Salt Lake Urmia in Iran.

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Painted Redstart at Irvine Lake

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Fortunately, a Painted Redstart was frequenting Irvine Lake, a mere fifteen minutes from my in-laws house, in December. (In It would be an easy twitch, as the bird was very reliably foraging in the trees behind the bait-and-tackle store by the entrance to the lake. Painted Redstart at Irvine Lake. Several birders were already present and once I paid my $5 entrance fee to the lake I joined them and struggled to get decent digiscoped images of the fast-moving bird.

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Kutras Lake and the California Gull

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Kutras Lake and Turtle Bay in Redding California are a couple of the best places to find both gulls and shorebirds in the area. The four most common gull species seen at Kutras Lake are Ring-billed, Herring, first-year Glaucous-winged, and California; less common are Western, Thayer’s, and Mew gulls. So I’m at Kutras Lake and I see this nondescript brownish gull. Birds Destinations California California Gull gulls Kutras Lake Ring-billed Gull Sacramento River

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Local Specialties at Lake Junin

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The Ancient Lake Junin has its own flightless grebe, rail, and frog. After Lake Titicaca, Lake Junin is the second largest and the highest large lake in Peru. Located at an altitude of 4078 m Lake Junin draws water from an approximately 1800 km2 catchment area of the puna zone of Junin Province in central Peru. The lake is about 28 km long and 13 km wide at its broadest point, but rather shallow. The best time to visit the lake is outside the wet season.

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Preventing Invasives is Vital to Great Lakes Ecology and Economy

Conservancy Talk

Earlier this month, for the first time since 2005, eight governors met to commit to protecting the Great Lakes and strengthening the region’s economy. Agriculture, shipping, fishing, hunting, tourism and more all rely on the Great Lakes.

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Two Guys with Hovercrafts Save Deer Stuck on Frozen Lake


From the description: “James saw a Facebook post about some deer stuck out on the ice in the middle of Albert Lea Lake, Read More The post Two Guys with Hovercrafts Save Deer Stuck on Frozen Lake appeared first on Ecorazzi. Hovercrafts and animal rescue, together at last.

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Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

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The Prespa Lakes National Park in Greece is well hidden among the mountains at the triple border with Albania in the west and the FYRO Macedonia in the north. The mountains are more than 2300 metres high, while the lakes lie at the lowest point of the park, at 850 m a.s.l. I was crossing the mountain pass against the setting Sun and when I saw it for the first time, the waters of the smaller of two lakes, the Mikri Prespa, were painted in gold. The Megali Prespa Lake.

Understanding the Lake Erie Algal Bloom & Toledo Water Shutdown

Nature Conservancy - Science

I felt many things as the news unfolded of the Toledo water shutdown and Lake Erie algal bloom last month. An algal bloom in Lake Erie’s western basin. Lake Erie, in particular the western third of the lake, is the warmest and shallowest of the Great Lakes.

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Lakes ‘Round the World

Wend Magazine

Whether you ski, knee board, tube or just like to roast marshmallows by a late-night lakeside campfire, going to the lake each summer seems to be a tradition for most of the people I know. So why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy this visual journey of Lakes, ‘Round the World.

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Lake Apopka – Florida’s Inland Rarity Hotspot

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Lake Apopka Restoration Area in Lake County Florida is fast-becoming one of the best bird magnets in all of Florida. Situated pretty much slap-bang in the center of the state north of Lake Okeechobee, this massive wetland was once the Florida’s most polluted body of water. John’s River Water Management District, the fifty square-mile lake is cleaning up its act. Lake Apopka is going through its latest transformation…for the better.

Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

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The sun rises over the village of Chrysochorafa, by Kerkini Lake in the north of Greece, not far from the triple border with Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia. The origin of the lake dates back to the 1920s, when the River Strymonas was dammed for irrigation purposes. The shallows at the place where the river enters the lake – the „delta“, quickly become a heaven for birds. After the bridge, we continue along the northern shore of the lake. Early September morning.

What is killing birds at Karla Lake (Greece)?

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There should be thousands of birds at this time of the year, Dimitris Michalakis from the Karla Lake management authority told me. In early August this year, I saw 77 species here (69 on the lake, plus 8 more in the surrounding areas) but barely more than a thousand individuals.

NASA’s Before and After Images of Iran’s Shrinking Lake Urmia

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The most recent satellite image of Iran’s Lake Urmia demonstrates how drastically the lake has shrunk since 1998! ” The rocky outcrop in the middle of the lake was once an island. Amin Eimanifar, lead author of the study, called Lake Urmia a “hungry saline lake.”.

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Scuba Divers Provide Non-Chemical Weed Control on Wisconsin Lake

Nature Conservancy - Science

When invasive Eurasian watermilfoil comes to a lake, conventional wisdom says you can kiss wildlife habitat and clean water goodbye. At Lulu Lake in southcentral Wisconsin , though, scientists may have found the Eurasian watermilfoil’s worst enemies: scuba divers and snorkelers.

Goliath Herons at Lake Panic

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The evocatively named Lake Panic is overlooked by a thatched, rustic style hide in one of the most delicious settings that a birder is ever likely to encounter. Lake Panic is a glorious place to spend an afternoon, just sitting, just watching, just enjoying.

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Recovery: Saving the Lake Erie Watersnake, A Lesson in Outreach

Nature Conservancy - Science

In 1999, when the Lake Erie watersnake was listed as federally threatened, fewer than 2,000 adults remained on the planet. Lake Erie watersnakes were frequently killed because they were mistaken for rattlesnakes or copperheads; but this was aberrant behavior. Baby Lake Erie watersnakes.

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Lake Yellowstone: Promising News for Native Trout Recovery

Nature Conservancy - Science

Crews remove invasive lake trout from Lake Yellowstone. Good news on the invasive species front: populations of invasive lake trout in Yellowstone Lake are declining, thanks to an intensive research and control effort. Lake trout happened.

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Looking for Loons on Lakes

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Few locations sound more inviting than a cool Canadian lake in the height of summer. Bird Studies Canada conducts the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey to assess the long-term health and productivity of Common Loons and the lakes they love. Each June, July, and August, hundreds of volunteers observe loons on lakes. If you live in Canada or are just looking for an excuse to visit this summer, you might want to get involved! Asides loons

Ancient Lake Vostok Reached By Scientists


For the first time in nearly 20 million years, Lake Vostok in the Antarctic has reportedly made contact with the outside world. Read More. Entertainment News Pop Culture Top News

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Recovery: Saving Lake Sturgeon, an Ancient Fish with a Bright Future

Nature Conservancy - Science

Lake sturgeon, our elders by some 150 million years, have a bright future — if Americans ignore voices of the past. In “The Song of Hiawatha” Longfellow celebrated the lake sturgeon, “king of fishes,” and the First Nations for whom it was sacred. river collected by Lake Superior.

Birding on Steroids or the Kerkini Lake in 10 Pictures

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This time I was lucky enough to join a fam trip organised by Natural Greece, an ecotourism company from Athens, and spend a few days at my favourite Kerkini Lake, which you already birded through my bins ( April and September ). The northeastern part of the lake, where the river Strymonas flows into. Andrea was driving along the western shore of the lake when a large raptor appeared in front of us – Booted or Lesser Spotted Eagle? Beles, north of the lake.

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Gillnets in Lake Yellowstone: Can Conservationists Recover Cutthroat Trout in Our First National Park?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conserving Lake Trout Among the Philosophers. Those gillnets are part of one of the most ambitious native fish restoration efforts ever undertaken, attempting to control invasive, non-native lake trout so that native Yellowstone cutthroat trout can return. Lake trout here have 2.5

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Greece: Pelicans galore at Lake Kerkini

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It is an early April morning and we are in the hills surrounding Lake Kerkini in the north of Greece. Hoopoes … Red-rumped Swallow … panorama of the lake… and we turn back to the lakeshore, where we have booked a boat tour. Above the lake is another raptor, a Black Kite chased away by several aggressive Yellow-legged Gulls. The Lake Kerkini chapter starts with page 48. My Lake Kerkini eBird list.

Birding Lake Junaluska

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Lake Junaluska is surrounded by mountains, beautifully situated in scenic Western North Carolina, near the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The flood of calls ended just as suddenly as it began, the mixed flock moving in feathered crowds around the lake.

Help Solve a Problem on Africa’s Deepest Lake

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Your idea could help create a lasting solution that can be replicated across many sites—one that benefits both people and nature. Help us #DemarcatetheLake! Citizen Science Fish & Fisheries Fish Fisheries Human Well-Being National Parks Nature + People Protected Areas Technology Try This Water

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Mysterious, possibly radioactive lake appears out of the blue in Tunisia!

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Now, adding to the Atlas mountains and Sahara desert, the tiny republic has another tourist attraction – a newborn lake. Tunisia offers other-worldly landscapes, fantastical and mysterious.

A visit to Dog Lake

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On the final leg of my “Old Home Week”, I travel out to Dog Lake, a pristine high mountain lake, surrounded by mature Ponderosa Pines. With shore side access limited to the northern end of the lake, that protection allows for a large population of water based birds.

Will Ancient Mega Lake Bring Peace to Sudan?

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In 2007, Dr. El-Baz (left) used satellite-based ground penetrating radar to discover an ancient lake in the northern Darfur region of Sudan. At over 19,000 square miles this “Northern Darfur Mega-Lake” is vast– approximately the size of Lake Erie in North America.

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Horse Carriages Pushed Out of Salt Lake City


Horse carriages are now a thing of the past in Salt Lake City as the city’s only horse carriage company, Carriage for Hire, has gone under. Read More The post Horse Carriages Pushed Out of Salt Lake City appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News bill de blasio

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Protests Over Shrinking Salt Lake Continue In Iran

Green Prophet

Iran saw more protests and demonstrations this weekend as green activists call for the protection of the UNESCO-listed salt lake Orumieh. Located in north-west Iran, the lake is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is believed to be one of the largest salt lakes in the world.

Roadside Birding and Flathead Lake

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So when I got a chance to go to a weekend writer’s retreat on Flathead Lake, I was excited. Flathead Lake is huge – the largest natural freshwater lake in the western contiguous US – and relatively pristine for its size.

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The Power of Transformative Travel. {Partner}

Elephant Journal

This is a post written by Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise —an elephant partner. About Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Adventure Featured Events Health & Wellness Meditation Travel alberta Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise health Lake Louise meditation partner retreat Yoga

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Butte Valley Wildlife Area and Meiss Lake

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On the way up we stopped about 20 miles south of the wildlife area at the Grass Lake rest stop on highway 97 where we spotted some unexpected birds. Birding Destinations Butte Valley Wildlife Area California Department of Fish and Wildlife CDFW Meiss Lake

A return visit to Summer Lake Refuge

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The first stop, Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge in central Oregon is without a doubt one of the most important stop overs for migrating birds on the west coats, no matter the species. I dipped on those, but there were everywhere here in the marshes of Summer Lake.

TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S.

Green Traveler Guides

Boston/Cambridge California Fayetteville Florida Lake Tahoe Las Vegas Lecanto Massachusetts Miami Miles City Montana Napa Nevada Newberg North America North Carolina Oregon Park City Placer The Americas United States Utah 10 best green hotels U.S. The winners span the gamut from budget to ultra-luxury, but all have "Platinum" ranking and great traveler reviews TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S. is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Did Ricki Lake Just Go Vegan?


Former talk show host Ricky Lake might be transitioning over to a vegan diet. Read More The post Did Ricki Lake Just Go Vegan? Eats Healthy Living News Top News Vegan ricky lakeappeared first on Ecorazzi.

Crater Lake, Under the Stars

Wend Magazine

The video comes to us from star photographer Ben Canales (by ‘star’ we do, in fact, mean ‘fixed luminous point in the sky’) and friend Chip McAlpine who visited Crater Lake National Park to, in short, film stars. Click here to view the embedded video. If you’re somewhere in the world experiencing the heat of long summer days, this video might be just what you need to cool off.

Dead Fish In Lake Erie Kind of Eerie


Thousands of walleye fish in Lake Erie have been washing up along the western shore, becoming a problem for anglers, as well as the towns located along the shore who use the fish to sell/eat.

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