Kuwait Prepares for the End of Oil

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While the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been outspoken about their shift to renewable energy to shore up for when oil supplies start to wane, Kuwait has largely remained in the shadows.

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Enlightened Kuwait boycots IRENA energy event over Israel

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In another “interesting’ move for the planet, Kuwait decided to boycott an international energy event in Abu Dhabi because Israelis would be there. According to reports online , Kuwait officials decided to boycott the annual gathering of IRENA (Green Prophet is there!)

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Time to AWAKEN spirits and social change in Kuwait

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The small but mighty country of Kuwait wants to wake and shake you up. Join a a new community building festival this November that will bring people together from different backgrounds to think creatively about social issues in Kuwait.

Kuwait Towering Trash Problem

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For such a tiny nation, Kuwait produces some of the world’s highest per capita amounts of trash. In Kuwait, citizens are particularly familiar with trash as they generate among the highest per capita amounts of waste in the world. The total land area of Kuwait is around 17,820 sq.

Powerful Middle Eastern Graphics from Kuwait’s Mohammad Sharif

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Fashion & Design Arabic calligraphy art GCC art scene graphic art Kuwait Mohammad Sharif political art Saudi Arabia Kuwaiti graphic designer Mohammad Sharaf serves up powerful pictures based on current events, salted with modern Middle Eastern humor and instantly provocative.

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Kuwait fish market serves “extinct” shark

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Many discoveries relevant to conservation of threatened species are emerging from commercial fish markets in Yemen , Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. A species of shark, a sand tiger shark, thought to be extinct for over a century has surfaced in a Kuwaiti fish market.

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Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE among world’s top 10 wasters

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Cities Bahrain ecological footprint global warming Kuwait pollution Qatar recycling United Arab Emirates

Jordan bans plastic bags, joining Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE

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Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE ban plastics too. Kuwait aims to be a zero-plastic nation by the year 2020, developing new types of bags for bakery products, groceries, plastic dry cleaning bags and plastic sheeting used in construction and agriculture.

Kuwait’s Environment REUSE 5.0 Exposition Calls for Applications

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For the fifth year Kuwait’s eco en.v an exposition that will take place at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) in February 2012. As Kuwait’s premier exposition for eco-friendly thought , REUSE serves as a vehicle for dialogue among the private, public and civil sectors.

Nader Khalili Earth Architecture Arrives in Kuwait

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Now Hooman Fazly and Robert Gordon from Cal-Earth will be conducting an afternoon lecture tomorrow at the Khaldiya Campus of Kuwait University, where they will team up with Principal Architect Waleed Shalaan to teach students about the eco-dome. .

Post-Oil Stagnation in Kuwait at the Venice Biennale

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Kuwait is making its debut at the 13th Venice Biennale this year, and they’re doing so with some serious style. Kethra means abundance or surplus – something that Kuwait and other oil-rich Gulf nations understand well.

It All Grows In Kuwait – One Bloggers Green Fingered Journey

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Alzainah Albabtain, a 22 year old student, is growing her own food in the scorching heat of Kuwait and wants others to give it go too. A green fingered student from Kuwait is taking the blogosphere by storm with her ‘It All Grows’ blog.

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World’s 13th Tallest Building Towers Over Kuwait City

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The Al Hamra Firdous Tower in Kuwait City is the world’s 13th largest. Kuwait is now competing with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to build the biggest, baddest skyscrapers.

West Elm’s Living Green Wall is a First in Kuwait

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It is almost certain that a new green wall installed in Kuwait is the emirate’s very first. GSky Plant Systems produces three different kinds of green wall systems, including the Versa Wall installed in Kuwait.

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New Green Roofed School in Kuwait Will Promote Hands on Agricultural Learning

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Kuwait used to have a strong agricultural movement, which this new school will hopefully help to revive. While not entirely inaccurate, present day Kuwait belies a fertile past.

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Lily Pad Roof to Shade and Power Kuwait’s Sabah Al-Ahmad City Culture Center

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Kuwait is planning to build a city in the desert for 2,500 residents, and the Sabah Al-Ahmad Culture Center will be its nucleus. Convincing Kuwait to go solar. Given Kuwait’s potent irradiation, BDP.

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Foster + Partners Seek LEED Gold for Kuwait’s New Solar-Powered Airport

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When complete, Kuwait’s massive solar-powered airport will be the world’s first LEED Gold passenger terminal. Now the company has unveiled plans for their latest project: a massive solar-powered international airport for Kuwait.

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Middle East: green hotels spiking upward

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Mövenpick is rapidly achieving Green Globe certification for all its Middle Eastern hotels—most recently, Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’a Kuwait achieved 82 percent of Green Globe’s sustainability indicators in its inaugural year. | Green Travel News |.

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Kuwaiti’s drive social change with new fund. N-mu?

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Now Kuwait is following suit: the “n-mu” program endows participants with the skills and resources necessary to create real social change. In order to participate, one must: Live in Kuwait.

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Kuwaiti Gaydar Test to Ban Gays Entry to Arab Countries?

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There are no clear scientific guidelines on how Kuwait, the country to come up with the idea, will in fact use and meter out the test proposed for a number of interested countries. But the intended test is for entry to Kuwait or any of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

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Amazing “Atlas” tracks Arab world habitat destruction over time [video]

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The greening of the desert shown in Al Ain (UAE) and the Kuwait-Iraq Separation Border displaying Kuwait’s conservation and resource protection are testament to efforts in the region to improve environmental conditions and conserve water resources.

MENA Is Changing Drastically & NASA Has The Pictures To Prove It

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Oil fires of War in Kuwait. Sabriyah Oil Field, Kuwait. Iraqi forces set hundreds of oil wells ablaze during the US-led Gulf War following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

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Four of the World’s Ten Fattest Nations Are Gulf Countries

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Kuwait , Qatar , the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are among the world’s top ten overweight nations , a new report by BMC Public Health has found. What is surprising is that it is closely followed by Kuwait. The average person in Kuwait weighs 77.5 Kuwait is followed by Qatar, with the UAE in fifth place. Lifestyle & Culture Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Ramadan United Arab Emirates United StatesRamadan period expected to add to weighty population.

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Export Oil, Import Water = Risky Economics for Middle East

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The MENA region is most at risk, with the most water-stressed countries being Bahrain (1), Qatar (2), Kuwait (3), Libya (4) Djibouti (5), UAE (6), Yemen (7), Saudi Arabia (8), Oman (9) and Egypt (10), according to the Maplecroft Water Stress Index 2012.

Travellers want trains – but what is the Middle East doing about it?

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Cars & Transportation airplanes Amman Bahrain Cairo Climate Change damascus eco-tourism Egypt global warming Gulf countries Israel Istanbul Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Mecca Middle East Morocco Oman Qatar railways Saudi Arabia Syria train trains transportation Tunisia Turkey United Arab Emirates

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MENA Mayors Put Heads Together to Build Stronger Cities

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Countries like Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, and Djibouti will see their urban population doubling over the next 20 years. Architecture & Urban Beirut Egypt Iraq Kuwait world bank YemenMiddle East city heads want to make their cities more sustainable.

Was the Arab Spring Good for Renewable Energy?

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On the other hand, big oil-exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Kuwait that have avoided the worst uprisings, and some of which have only have had minor protests, have seen great increases in revenue since the Arab Spring started. Business & Politics Desertec Egypt Kuwait Libya Morocco Saudi Arabia solar power TunisiaSome notable new investments made in the MENA region include a new solar thermal power plant in Saudi Arabia.

Rapid Gulf Growth Wrecking Ecological Havoc – Says Canada

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Kuwait Marine Life Degrading to Alarming Levels ) The $996 million fishing industry has great employment numbers. Climate Energy Bahrain Gulf region Iran Iraq Kuwait oil Oman pollution Qatar resource curse Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates

Aircraft Emissions: Um, Stewardess, Got An Aspirin?

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Cars & Transportation Climate Abu Dhabi aviation emissions greenhouse gas Jordan Kuwait Kyoto Persian Gulf United NationsAircraft behemoth Boeing estimates at least 90,000 commercial planes fly daily: a massive fuel burn that translates into elephantine emissions of toxic air.

2010 might be the hottest year ever recorded in human history

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Meteorologist Jeff Masters also notes that new temperature records have been reached in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chad, Niger, Pakistan and Myanmar. Global Warming 2010 Africa Arctic sea ice Asia Chad climate change climate science global temperature heatwave India Iraq James Hansen Kuwait La Nina Myanmar NASA Niger NSIDC Pakistan Saudi Arabia scienceClimate institutions and scientists are warning that 2010 might end up as one of the hottest years ever recorded in human history.

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How Much Garbage?

10,000 Birds

Give a big thanks to Nicole for doing her part to keep a beach in Kuwait clean (and click through to be shocked by the accumulation of garbage – an unbelievable amount of trash for a pretty wealthy country). Asides

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Gulf gluttony and global hunger: How long can the party go on?

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Wheeler (pictured below while on research in Kuwait) was one of a dozen experts meeting Oct. Kuwait imports 98 percent of what it eats and drinks. Another image was of the new Cheesecake Factory outlet at a Kuwait City mall. “We’ve kabsa mandi from Saudi Arabia.

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Crazy Kuwaitis Use Shotguns to Kill 12 Flamingos

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We have seen some shocking images of animal abuse on Green Prophet, but this picture of 11 dead flamingos in Kuwait is definitely on our list of the most disturbing. An animal conservationist lines up 11 dead flamingos shot by crazy Kuwaiti yahoos for absolutely no reason at all.

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Kuwaiti Kills Wolf and Then Shows Off

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Some people make collages of family pictures, but a group of friends in Kuwait compiled these images after killing a wolf with a shotgun. Killing animals with illegal weapons appears to be something of a pastime for certain sectors of Kuwait society.

2011 106

AGi Residential Wind Tower Wins Best Architecture Multiple Residence Award

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More Architecture in Kuwait: Nader Khalili Earth Architecture Arrives in Kuwait. New Green-Roofed School in Kuwait Will Promote Hands-On Agricultural Learning. Foster & Partners Seek LEED Gold for Solar-Powered Airport in Kuwait.

2012 99

Watch 20 strangers kiss for the first time [video]

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Social issues like transgenderism in sports, gay rights in countries like Kuwait. This video gives you an amazing fly-on-the-wall experience when 20 people, complete strangers, kiss for the first time. Their reactions are priceless.

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Beirut’s Giant Tire Fire Intentionally Set?

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The Karantina tire burning incident follows closely on the heels of an even larger regional tire fire late April at a tire dump near Al Jahrah in Kuwait, and involved an estimated five million tires. Black smoke billows out of Karantina dump tire fire, near Beirut this weekend.

2012 97

Dubai exploded 400,000 fireworks in record-shattering NYE display [video]

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In an effort to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest fireworks extravaganza previously held by Kuwait, the emirate exploded a whopping 400,000 fireworks in less than 10 minutes. “[Kuwait''s] firework display stretched over 5 km (3.11

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Soaring Vertical Garden Greens Al-Sultan Ibrahim Restaurant in Lebanon

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In countries like Lebanon and Kuwait, where recent NASA images horrendous levels of pollution that make breathing an uncomfortable experience, any kind of greenery is welcome and goes a long way to scrubbing harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.