Does Drought Explain the Kansas Collapse? | Econbrowser

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Menzie Chen at Econbrowser, who spends a lot of time looking at the Kansas economic experiment in state tax cuts , disagrees with Ironman about the effects of drought on the Kansas economy : Ironman at Political Calculations asserts it does. Unfortunately, he makes a mistake in calculating Kansas GDP ex.-agriculture

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Architecture students design a LEED Platinum home with an ADU in Kansas


Every year as part of Studio 804 , University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design graduate students design and build an energy-efficient home for the community — and this year’s home not only achieved LEED Platinum certification but also comes with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to fight suburban sprawl. Original post: Architecture students design a LEED Platinum home with an ADU in Kansas.

Kansas City approves free public transportation for all


Last week, the city council of Kansas City unanimously voted for free public transportation via the Zero Fare Transit proposal. Kansas City’s streetcar service is already free, and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) likewise provides free services to veterans.

Architecture students design and build a LEED Platinum smart home in Kansas


Every year, graduate students at the University of Kansas Department of Architecture enroll in the nonprofit Studio 804 program to design and build a sustainable, affordable and innovative home over the course of the year. Located in the Brook Creek neighborhood of Lawrence, Kansas, the net zero energy-targeted residence is a shining example of sustainable housing that even comes with an accessory dwelling unit.

BP Announces Major Wind Farm In Kansas

Eco Friendly Daily

Recently BP announced their plan to build a major wind farm in the state of Kansas. The UK oil company has planned to invest upwards of $8 billion for energies outside the typical fossil fuel field by the year 2015, a goal of which the new Kansas wind farm is a part. The planned wind farm in Kansas will be the largest in the state once it is up and running. As the United States government is attempting to reduce costs, renewable energy has been a target by many in power.

Worlds largest Passive House building to open in Kansas City


The largest Passive House building in the world is set to welcome its first tenants this October in the historic River Market of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Worlds largest Passive House building to open in Kansas City. The luxury apartment community — dubbed Second + Delaware — will offer high-end amenities alongside energy-efficient advantages with 80% to 90% energy savings compared to conventional buildings.

EPA Win: Kansas Coal Power Plant Must Install $500 Million Pollution Scrubber

Green Living Ideas

In a case begun immediately after the Obama administration took office – under New Source Review rules that have not been enforced for over a decade, a Kansas coal power company has just settled with the newly activist EPA led by Lisa Jackson. Under the settlement, Westar Energy has agreed to pay a [.] [ EPA Win: Kansas Coal Power Plant Must Install $500 Million Pollution Scrubber from Green Living Ideas ].

Jon Christensen: Why Nature’s on the Margins in U.S. Cities–and That Could Be a Good Thing

Nature Conservancy - Science

When you look at individual cities such as, say, Kansas City, are there disconnects between what you saw in the city plan and the nature that’s on the ground in neighborhoods? If we think that visions and plans are really important, Kansas City has it. And that makes sense because Kansas City has this great parkway system that was designed by George Kessler, one of America’s great landscape planners.

This Upland Sandpiper Was Banded 13 Years Ago. And It’s Still Alive.

Nature Conservancy - Science

An upland sandpiper in Kansas sets the new age record for the species. Birds & Birding From the Field Birds Migrations Protected Areas TNC Science

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GM airs funny electric vehicle commercial during Super Bowl


While people rooted for the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, General Motors waged a war with greater implications. Green africa air pollution auto commercial Eco electric vehicles europe kansas norway researchers student-at-the super super-bowl

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Organic Valley loans dairy farmers funds for renewable energy


RePlant’s first loan in January 2020 went to a Kansas family farm to install moisture probes to reduce water usage. Business Green a-farm-right conversion country interest investing kansas monthly organic organic-valley university

Big in 2021: American jobs created by EV companies


Ford is developing an all-electric cargo van at a Kansas City plant that will create 150 jobs this year. Business Eco Green auto california energy financial first goals island kansas montreal obama school school-district white

San Francisco library boasts a green roof and LEED Gold status


Related: LEED Silver museum’s shimmering, iridescent facade evokes flames in Kansas In the center of the library, a courtyard brings in natural ventilation and light, all while providing visitors with views of an urban garden.

Climate Change and the Future of Bison

Nature Conservancy - Science

Joe Craine is a research assistant professor at Kansas State University. To understand how hotter climates are likely to affect bison, researcher Joe Craine recently led a study that synthesized weights of bison from Nature Conservancy herds as well as a number of other federal, state and private herds. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC. When the world gets warmer, what happens to bison? And what does that imply for other grazing animals, like the 100 million cattle that graze on U.S. grasslands?

From Drones to Data at Little Jerusalem

Nature Conservancy - Science

It was like looking at a mini-Grand Canyon,” said Sikorsky, a Kansas State University graduate research assistant in the Park Management and Conservation Departments of Horticulture and Natural Resources. Kristen Sikorsky remembers the first time she saw Little Jerusalem. “It

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, April 11

Cool Green Science

This may fuzz it right back up, though: Kansas proposes a bill to outlaw sustainability. Animals Biodiversity Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Fresh Water Green Living Oceans & Coasts Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy Arkansas bill Bloomberg Discovery News exxon pipeline rupture garbage patch great lakes green space Huffington Post Kansas MNN outlaw sustainability Treehugger walk in the park Whales white sharks Need to clear your mind?

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Nordic unveils LEED Gold-targeted visions for Indias greenest airport


Eco Green airport europe government india kansas leed researchers singapore super-bowlArchitecture firms Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic and STUP have unveiled competition-winning designs for the passenger terminal of Delhi Noida International Airport (DNIA) at Jewar, an ambitious LEED Gold -targeted project that could become “India’s greenest airport.”

India 28

Big in 2021: American jobs created by EV companies


Ford is developing an all-electric cargo van at a Kansas City plant that will create 150 jobs this year. Business Eco Green amazon electric goals kansas michigan montreal north obama school white yearBig in 2021: American jobs created by EV companies Katie Fehrenbacher Wed, 01/06/2021 – 00:30 One of the big things I’m thinking about to kick off 2021 is how electric vehicles will be entwined with a U.S. recovery.

LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

Cool Green Science

He has recommended protection of the hallowed ground of civil war battlefields, the creation of hiking trails in dozens of states , the conservation of working ranches in Montana and Kansas , of working forests in Mississippi and Maine , and the expansion of National Parks in California and South Carolina.

Perkins and Will designs modular, affordable housing for the homeless


lot Having tracked down a potential fabricator — Kansas City-based SHIELD — Perkins and Will estimates that each collapsible DOME unit would cost $4,749 and range from 42 to 55 square feet in size. Green a-few-days angeles architecture beds-as-quickly firm humanitarian design kansas perkins

The Novelist: The Importance of Setting in Fiction Writing

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Thursday, May 20, 2010 The Novelist: The Importance of Setting in Fiction Writing Toto, Ive a feeling were not in Kansas anymore --Dorothy in Wizard of Oz In my online writing classes and workshops I cover several common pitfalls of beginning writers. As Dorothy said herself, "Well, Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

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This isn't the sort of press the UMKC B-school wanted

Environmental Economics

The governor of Missouri has called for an investigation into the validity of rankings that prominently featured the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s business school. Gov. Jay Nixon sent a letter to the university’s Board of Curators after an investigation by  The Kansas City Star revealed previously undisclosed relationships between the university and the two authors of a study that ranked the Henry W. We're number 1 in the world in generating bogus rankings!

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Schools selected for wind energy project

Green (Living) Review

Kansas The Kansas Rural Center and Kansas Wind Applications Center at Kansas State University announce the selection of five more primary and secondary schools to receive a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine as part of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Wind for Schools initiative.

I've been submitting misleading data to RePEc for years

Environmental Economics

And still, my rankings go nowhere: The professor at the heart of a  rankings scandal  at the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s Henry W. Bloch School of Management has resigned,  The Kansas City Star  reported. The controversy centers on an innovation-management program that the professor, Michael Song, founded in 2005 and led until last year.

2015 138

I've developed some rankings that make me the #1 researcher

Environmental Economics

And announcing it as if I totally believe it: When a study found that the business school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City boasted the world’s No. Now an investigation by The Kansas City Star has cast substantial doubt on that glowing result. 1 program in innovation-management research, officials from the chancellor on down basked publicly in the news.

2014 153

Food forests manage themselves

Green (Living) Review

On a suburban Kansas lot at the corner of 55th and Mastin streets, an experiment is underway: A food forest is growing crops, creating economic value and, most notably, doing most of the work on its own. Quell, the property owner who has lent the site to Cultivate Kansas City to design, install, manage and harvest food grown from guilds of trees, shrubs and plants.

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Political Calculations: The Cat Came Back

Environmental Economics

As I mentioned previously , Ironman at  Political Calculations and Menzie Chenn at  Econbrowser are at odds over the Kansas economy. That doesn't mean that Kansas' governor is off the hook. By contrast, state and local government spending in Kansas was largely flat from 2010 through 2014. But it seems there is a larger issue that I have bumbled into.

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Political Calculations: The Economic Impact of Climate Change

Environmental Economics

The climate changing event we chose to consider is the 2010-2016 drought in the state of Kansas, which only just officially ended in all of the state's counties last month.  as the drought in Kansas intensified, it became a dominant factor affecting agricultural output beginning in 2011, especially as its severity soon strained the ability of the state's farmers to compensate for it with the technology and systems they had in place.

2016 109

Aspen is third U.S. city to reach 100% renewable energy

Green (Living) Review

cities to reach the goal were Burlington, Vermont, followed by Greensburg, Kansas. Aspen is one of three U.S. cities to run on 100 percent renewable energy, according to members of the city’s environmental and project departments. The shift to energy that is generated from natural resources — including wind power, solar power and geothermal heat — follows a “decade-plus” city goal, said city Utilities and Environmental Initiatives Director David Hornbacher. “It

Satire of the commons

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"It's fine, it's fine," thought Maine native Sheila Hodge, echoing the exact sentiments of Chicago-area resident Phillip Ragowski, recent Florida transplant Margaret Lowery, and Kansas City business owner Brian McMillan, as they tossed the polyethylene terephthalate object into an awaiting trash can. "It's

2011 116

A common macroeconomic confusion

Environmental Economics

Pope, a Raleigh retail executive, and Koch, a Kansas industrialist, were honored by Americans for Prosperity, an organization they started and which they both continue to serve as top officers – Pope as chairman and Koch as the foundation's chairman. Under the Dome : Two major financial backers of conservative political causes, Art Pope and David Koch, were feted Thursday afternoon at a reception just blocks from the Republican National Convention.

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Ohio a trendsetter?

Environmental Economics

Proposals have gained traction in Kansas and several other states and have at least been introduced in a dozen or so others. Ohio is on the cusp of becoming the first state to significantly ease its renewable-energy standards, a milestone that would be noticed in statehouses across the country where similar debates are being waged. But none has had as much success as Ohio’s Senate Bill 310, which has. passed the Senate and appears poised to pass the House as soon as this week.

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Can't Afford to Fill up on Gas?

Green (Living) Review

The free class is located at theTony Aguirre Community Center, 2050 West Pennway Terrace in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City, MO : Plan Your Route will take the commuter beyond the paper map and make the bike trip the best it can be. Public transportation isn't great in the Kansas City region, but combine it with a bike and it is a quick and healthy option to get around town. BikeWalkKC will have bike maps and will help avoid the rolling Kansas City hills.

Tornado-Struck Town Comes Back Green

Eco Friendly Daily

On May 4th of this year, a small town in Kansas was hit by a terrible tornado. Greensburg, Kansas is the town that endured this tornado. These new methods are costing Greensburg, Kansas more initially, but they know in the long term, it will actually save the city money in efficiency. So Greensburg, Kansas may be “put on the map” when a new 13-part series called “Eco-Town” airs next year under a new channel called Planet Green.

"Congressman Wants to Know Who Pays for Climate Skeptics’ Research"

Environmental Economics

 From the WaPo :  Grijalva said Soon failed to properly disclose Big Oil’s support for his work when he testified to Congress and at the state legislature of Kansas — testimony that downplayed the seriousness of man-made climate change. “My I'd like to know too: A Democratic member of Congress is digging into the funding of a handful of researchers who have questioned the prevailing view on the causes of climate change,  The Washington Post  reports.

2015 153

Students fight urban sprawl with a subdivision for two LEED Platinum houses


In an effort to fight urban sprawl and accommodate the growing population in Lawrence, Kansas, nonprofit Studio 804 has created a subdivision for two sustainable homes to show how urban density can be achieved in established neighborhoods.

2019 36

"An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready"

Environmental Economics

Not a bad deal, you might say, considering that an average of 64 tornadoes strike Oklahoma every year, behind only the considerably larger state of Texas, with 149, and Kansas, with 93, according to the federal government’s Storm Prediction Center. Kevin Simmons: In 1999, 2003 and 2013, powerful tornadoes struck [Moore, OK], killing dozens and causing billions of dollars in damage. The 1999 storm had the highest wind speed ever recorded when it hit the nearby town of Bridge Creek.

Defending Clean Energy in Ohio and Beyond

Sierra Club Compass

The MSNBC show All In with Chris Hayes just aired this excellent piece on how the Koch Brothers keep losing in their own home state of Kansas, where they have tried and failed multiple times to roll back that state''s wildly successful clean energy standard. They''re failing in part because the people of Kansas are realizing the benefits of clean energy, and have no interest in turning back the clock.

Ohio 86

Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat

Green (Living) Review

In a 2001 study conducted on two Kansas City-area organic farms and at the Kansas State Research and Extension Center in Olathe, high tunnels covered with 40 percent shade cloth doubled the survival of transplanted lettuce seedlings and kept the plants from developing bitter flavors. You can learn more about high tunnel culture , hosted by Kansas State University. Tips on keeping crops cool during hot weather. Hot summer sun can be hard on garden plants and their roots.

2014 102

Preserve your brain, live in a walkable neighborhood

Green (Living) Review

Still, this recent piece of news surprised me: a study from the University of Kansas has found that "neighborhoods that motivate walking can stave off cognitive decline in older adults." Walkable neighborhoods are great on many levels. The latest news is that they help to preserve your brain. I''ve lived in 9 neighborhoods in the past 9 years. Several of those have been very walkable neighborhoods, but some more than others of course.

2015 110

Earthships Are Worth Looking Into & Here’s Why


Colin moved to Kansas City in 2017 to be part of a young adult program at Radiant Church. Homes built to maximize sustainability often. double as landmarks. It can be awe-inspiring to look at the architecture that lends itself well to the landscape around it, or it can be useful to see how someone balanced conflicting sustainable practices, such as rooftop gardens, rainwater collection, or solar panels.

Chicken Fat Biodiesel Prevents Fuel Filter Clogs

Green Living Ideas

Operating a plant in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, R3 Energy began selling chicken fat biodiesels to rural consumers this week. It seems that anything can be used to make biodiesel these days. From algae to hemp, biofuels run the gamut of possibilities. Now add chicken fat to the list of biodiesel sources. The plant [.] [ Chicken Fat Biodiesel Prevents Fuel Filter Clogs from Green Living Ideas ].