Chimpanzee Inmates Break Out of the Kansas City Zoo


The Kansas City Zoo had to temporarily shut down its premises when seven chimpanzees masterminded an escape plan and put it into action. Primates share ninety-eight percent of human DNA, Read More The post Chimpanzee Inmates Break Out of the Kansas City Zoo appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Jon Christensen: Why Nature’s on the Margins in U.S. Cities–and That Could Be a Good Thing

Nature Conservancy - Science

Source: City Nature. Enter City Nature — a new project from Stanford University that maps the “greenness” and “paved-ness” of more than 2,500 neighborhoods in 34 U.S. Those disparities are wide , according to Jon Christensen , an environmental historian who is one of City Nature’s two principal investigators and who teaches in UCLA’s History Department and Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. cities in a way that is biased towards any particular class.


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This isn't the sort of press the UMKC B-school wanted

Environmental Economics

The governor of Missouri has called for an investigation into the validity of rankings that prominently featured the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s business school. Gov. Jay Nixon sent a letter to the university’s Board of Curators after an investigation by  The Kansas City Star revealed previously undisclosed relationships between the university and the two authors of a study that ranked the Henry W.

Brad Pitt’s Foundation to Help Rebuild 103-Year-Old School


The actor's foundation backs rebuilding of old school in Kansas City. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News brad pitt

I've been submitting misleading data to RePEc for years

Environmental Economics

And still, my rankings go nowhere: The professor at the heart of a  rankings scandal  at the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s Henry W. Bloch School of Management has resigned,  The Kansas City Star  reported. The controversy centers on an innovation-management program that the professor, Michael Song, founded in 2005 and led until last year.

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Country Star Chely Wright Opens Center for LGBT Teens


Singer Chely Wright has launched a non-profit and community center to stop bullying and promote understanding of the LGBT community in Kansas City, Missouri. Read More. Causes News People Top News Chely Wright

26 Unforgettable Photographs That Prove There is No One Way to Be Beautiful. {Images}

Elephant Journal

Kansas City-based journalist and blogger Esther Honig, 24, sent an image of her head and shoulders to photoshop specialists in more than 25 countries and told them to make her look like a woman from one of their country''s fashion magazines. Arts & Culture Inspiring (Wow) Popular Lately beauty image media photos photoshop standard women

World’s Longest Snake Kept as Attraction in Haunted House


The sad part of Medusa's story is her home during the fall season, a haunted house in Kansas City called The Edge of Hell. Read More The post World’s Longest Snake Kept as Attraction in Haunted House appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Save, Earn and Give Back with iGiftback

Hug a Tree with Me

Well we can, and for Kansas City residents it just got little easier thanks to the free mobile app called iGiftback. This is How you Earn: participating Kansas City businesses offer virtual loyalty cards that you (the customer) can download using the iGiftback app, you fill up your loyalty cards when you shop at that business which earns you iGift coupons for that business.

I've developed some rankings that make me the #1 researcher

Environmental Economics

And announcing it as if I totally believe it: When a study found that the business school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City boasted the world’s No. Now an investigation by The Kansas City Star has cast substantial doubt on that glowing result. 1 program in innovation-management research, officials from the chancellor on down basked publicly in the news.

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Satire of the commons

Environmental Economics

"It's fine, it's fine," thought Maine native Sheila Hodge, echoing the exact sentiments of Chicago-area resident Phillip Ragowski, recent Florida transplant Margaret Lowery, and Kansas City business owner Brian McMillan, as they tossed the polyethylene terephthalate object into an awaiting trash can. "It's

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Can't Afford to Fill up on Gas?

Green (Living) Review

The free class is located at theTony Aguirre Community Center, 2050 West Pennway Terrace in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City, MO : Plan Your Route will take the commuter beyond the paper map and make the bike trip the best it can be. Public transportation isn't great in the Kansas City region, but combine it with a bike and it is a quick and healthy option to get around town. BikeWalkKC will have bike maps and will help avoid the rolling Kansas City hills.

Should We Bring the Dharma to Children?

Elephant Journal

I direct and teach a Buddhist Sunday school program at a non-sectarian Buddhist Center in Kansas City. Should we bring the Buddhadharma to children? Is it religious indoctrination? Should we be reluctant to do it? I have been doing it for several years now. My oldest child, my daughter Nissa, has been going with me […].

Food forests manage themselves

Green (Living) Review

On a suburban Kansas lot at the corner of 55th and Mastin streets, an experiment is underway: A food forest is growing crops, creating economic value and, most notably, doing most of the work on its own. Quell, the property owner who has lent the site to Cultivate Kansas City to design, install, manage and harvest food grown from guilds of trees, shrubs and plants.

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5-Year-Old Little Girl vs. Westboro Baptist Church. {Spoiler Alert, She Wins)

Elephant Journal

When a 5-year-old girl set up a “Pink Lemonade for Peace” stand directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church Headquarters in Kansas City, the entire community came out to show [.]. “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

The 11 US Cities with Highest Water /Sewer Charges


However, in several American cities, water and sewer rate increases were considerably higher. · Kansas City, Kansas, saw a 15.3 · New York City experienced a 7.5 A study of water use in U.S. businesses reveals that the average business district/commercialwater user saw water rates rise 5.5 percent in 2011 when compared to 2010. For instance: Indianapolis, Indiana, business owners were paying 12 percent more for water now compared to 2010.

What Will My Next Five Queens Birds Be?

10,000 Birds

But before we get into new predictions, let’s take a look at what I predicted would be my next ten birds way back in 2015 when Barack Obama was still president, the Kansas City Royals were working their way to a World Series victory, and I was still on the young side of forty.

2020 178

I'm a macro forecaster

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: (KANSAS CITY, Mo.), July 28, 2011 – Optimism is out; pessimism is in among the country’s top economics bloggers as they look to 2012 and beyond, particularly regarding jobs. A new Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation survey released today shows that only 50 percent of respondents anticipate employment growth, a decrease of 20 percent from second quarter.

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Endangered Species Day - May 17


to the Kansas City Zoo’s “Learning Fest,” to habitat restoration projects in San Diego, to an endangered species “scavenger hunt” at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and a variety of other activities. The 8 th annual national Endangered Species Day will be celebrated at special events and other programs throughout the country on May 17, 2013. This year, there will be 200 events with thousands of participants, up from 130 events last year.

Earthships Are Worth Looking Into & Here’s Why


Colin moved to Kansas City in 2017 to be part of a young adult program at Radiant Church. Homes built to maximize sustainability often. double as landmarks. It can be awe-inspiring to look at the architecture that lends itself well to the landscape around it, or it can be useful to see how someone balanced conflicting sustainable practices, such as rooftop gardens, rainwater collection, or solar panels.

Solar Energy Gets Voter Support in Missouri


’s and Kansas City Power and Light electric utility’s requests to stop their solar rebate programs. Missouri’s solar rebate program, enacted by voters in Proposition C's Renewable Energy Standard, has survived legislative and legal challenges. Missouri’s Public Service Commission (PSC) voted unanimously to deny Ameren Fuels and Services Corp.’s

Clean Energy: Making Better Economic Sense and Keeping the Heat On During the Polar Vortex

Sierra Club Compass

  Meanwhile, in Missouri, Kansas City Power & Light announced this week it will expand an energy efficiency program and "double its wind-generating capacity to serve 124,000 homes." Clean energy continues to make the news nationwide as solar and wind power continue expanding at an exponential rate.   "Solar is a better deal."

Hilton Hotels to Share Food Waste in Hungry Egypt

Green Prophet

Egypt is the only international beneficiary of this experimental project to reduce food waste , which will also be conducted in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Orlando and Kansas City in the United States. Collecting food from these establishments alone could help reduce hunger in the cities especially and divert methane-producing waste from landfills.

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The ReUse People of America Launches National 2012 ReUse Contest

Green (Living) Review

This year TRP has expanded the contest to stores in the following cities and states: Boise, ID Kansas City, MO, Rockford & Chicago, IL Charleston, WV Houston West Haven, CT Durham, NC Mt. Prospect, PA California cities including Sacramento, Oakland, Pacoima, Orange, and Los Angeles The Reuse Contest promotes innovative remodeling projects built by consumers using discarded materials that are normally sent to landfills.

2012 100

Bling for Books: Angelina Jolie Opens School in Afghanistan

Green Prophet

Style of Jolie offers versions of the actress’s red-carpet baubles including a necklace that she wore to the 2010 premiere of her movie “Salt” Previously available through private arrangement, the jewelry is now also sold through Kansas City retail jewelry store Tivol. Angelina Jolie funds girls’ schools in Afghanistan with the proceeds of her luxury jewelry line.

Eurasian Tree Sparrows from long ago

10,000 Birds

First, we were on a schedule that, while not tight, did involve being in Kansas City before nightfall. So, the good news is I defended my thesis successfully. The bad news is I then celebrated too hard, fell down, and broke my wrist.

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Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat

Green (Living) Review

In a 2001 study conducted on two Kansas City-area organic farms and at the Kansas State Research and Extension Center in Olathe, high tunnels covered with 40 percent shade cloth doubled the survival of transplanted lettuce seedlings and kept the plants from developing bitter flavors. You can learn more about high tunnel culture , hosted by Kansas State University. Tips on keeping crops cool during hot weather.

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A frequency table of USDA ERS employee outcomes

Environmental Economics

An Agriculture Department spokesperson said that 10 new employees at ERS and three at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, which sends grant money to agricultural research institutions, have started work in the Kansas City area. USDA has said that locating ERS and NIFA in the Kansas City region would save about $20 million per year over 15 years.

2019 100

Willie Nelson and Other Musicians Headline Charity Concert for Farmers


13, at the LIVESTRONG Sporting Park in Kansas City. “I’m I’m looking forward to bringing my friends together in Kansas for the first time to honor family farmers,” Willie Nelson said. There is a strong culture of agriculture here in Kansas—rural and urban—and a growing movement to bring good food to everyone. Willie Nelson is on the road again bringing musicians and farmers together for a good cause.

Nurses Say No To Tar Sands

Sierra Club Compass

Kari Columbus, a nurse from Kansas City, Kansas, sees the impacts of tar sands daily on herself, her children and her patients. “We Rolanda Watson, a Chicago nurse, has seen an increase in respiratory diseases as a result of the plumes of petcoke dust that swirl around the Windy City. The waste is then stored in open-air pits where it is free to blow about the city and is inhaled by unsuspecting people.

Willie Nelson Next Inductee into the Agricultural Hall of Fame


13 at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan. Willie Nelson helped found Farm Aid , a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping raise awareness about the loss of family farms and raise money to keep farm families on their land. Because of his accomplishments with the organization he will be the next inductee into the Agricultural Hall of Fame.

United States Facing Mercury Storage Opposition

Eco Friendly Daily

The seven possible locations for mercury storage include: Grand Junction, Colorado, Richland, Washington, Idaho Falls, Idaho and Kansas City, Missouri. Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and has been used for many years in the production of various products. Mercury has been used in manufacturing chlorine, in gold mining and in batteries and thermometers. However, mercury use has declined recently in the United States due to concerns over the health issues involved.

A Look at Green Roofs: DaVinci Roofscapes

Green Life Smart Life

DaVinci Roofscapes began in 1999; they are located in Kansas City, KS. To save on transportations costs DaVinci compounds, molds and finishes all the lightweight tiles in their Kansas facility to save energy and also transportation costs. DaVinci Roofscapes is famous for their slate and shake tile. DaVinci prides itself on being the lead provider of authentic looking and durable synthetic slate and shake tile roofing.

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Grass is Not Greener for Chemically Manicured Lawns in the U.S

Eco Friendly Daily

Steve Man, one of the co-founders of the Kansas City chapter calls it ‘lawn eradification’. Carefully manicured lawns still remain a status symbol of sorts. A well nurtured front lawn makes a home look almost picture perfect. But behind the fresh green, the story is of inorganic chemicals, pesticides, and flagrant usage of water that should be an environmental taboo. Only it’s not as lawns continue to sprout.

Verizon selects 12 Internet of Things startups that may change your world

Green Prophet

I’ve broken it up for those that like to focus on sectors: agtech, health and smart cities. flux – Smart Agriculture (NY, NY – To assist consumers in growing food at home, especially those that live in cities, the company has developed a connected device that monitors the growth of vegetables in a hydroponic environment and determines the optimal growing recipe using a global, connected community of people growing food together. Cities.

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Earth Force and GM Recognize Teachers for Environmental Education

Green (Living) Review

The winners are: Fulece Hughes of Kansas City, Kan. Hughes has been involved in STEM projects with the University of Kansas and currently submitted her students’ STEM exhibit project to Battle of the Brains, which is a competition to win help from Burns and McDonnell Engineering Firm to work with the students on their project. They are learning about the natural environment of New York City while serving their local community.

Practical Green Infrastructure Solution to Alleviate Nation’s Water Woes

The Green Changemakers

cities to be harvested every year As America’s expanding urban areas struggle with major water supply shortages and runoff pollution problems, capturing rainwater from rooftops provides a tremendous untapped opportunity to increase water supply and improve water quality, according to a recent analysis on “ Capturing Rainwater from Rooftops ” by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). cities could incorporate this simple water collection approach. Kansas City, Mo.;

Getting Smart About Climate Change

The Green Changemakers

The leadership is coming from small towns such as Carbondale, Colorado, and from larger metropolitan areas such as Kansas City, Missouri–Kansas, where local officials assembled citizens and the full range of stakeholders to develop creative solutions and build consensus around programs and strategies.

New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from.

Sierra Club Compass

Do you know of some way I can get energy efficient heating and cooling in Kansas City? Compass. « Social Bankability, Solar Crowdfunding & Emerging Markets | Main. Obamas Climate Legacy and the Keystone XL Pipeline » New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from President Obama. Today, the Sierra Club is launching a new campaign that lays out a clear roadmap for President Obama to take action on climate disruption and clean energy.

Seattle’s Green Stormwater Goals

Sightline Daily

Recently, the city of Seattle announced a goal to dramatically increase the amount of water treated by rain gardens, green roofs, green streets, permeable pavement and other alternatives that seek to treat stormwater more naturally instead of carry it away in pipes. Mayor Mike McGinn and some city council members want to ramp that number up to 700 million gallons by 2025. Source: City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability (Click on graphic to enlarge.).

Product of the Week – 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Paperback Book

The Go Green Blog

In addition to teaching, he is a sought-after lecturer and visiting artist, with recent lectures at Ohio State University, Illinois State University, and the Kansas City Art Institute. Artists and crafters have always been recyclers, but for many, it has not only become a thrifty choice, it has become a moral imperative. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse contains a cutting edge collection of the most inventive work being made with re-used , upcycled , and already existing materials.

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Green Government Initiative Publications

The Green Changemakers

Workshop: High Water Marks- Tools for Rural Counties to Improve Water Quality Presentations from the 2008 NACo Annual Conference in Kansas City. Workshop: How to Implement County Green Policies-Innovative Codes and Ordinances Presentations from the 2008 NACo Annual Conference in Kansas City. Presentations from the 2008 NACo Annual Conference in Kansas City.

2008 40

Poems for Peace in Our World

The Green Changemakers

Submit poems to Poems for Peace in Our World • School and Classroom Program • People to People International World Headquarters • 911 Main Street, Suite 2110 • Kansas City, Missouri 64105 USA • 816.561.7502 fax. In this project, primary, middle and secondary students compose poetry expressing the concept of peace for our world.

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