Breaking the Stigma: Therapists have Mental Health Issues Too.

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Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood battle bipolar breaking the stigma clients counceling hospitalized Mental Illness psychologist therapists with mental helath issuesI saw my first therapist at the age of 14.

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Your Emotional Pain may be Causing your Digestive Issues.

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Enlightened Society Food Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality ayurveda digestion digestive issues emotional release gut healing YogaEmotional energy that gets trapped can destroy us. It keeps us feeling low, numb, unmotivated, and negative. Eventually, when we carry enough baggage, we learn to live with the pain and imbalances, and think it’s normal.

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Do You have Boundary Issues?

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Oh yeah, the maps exist, but you can't have them. Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) ADHD boundaries healthy boundaries personal boundaries setting bounaries

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I Listened to my Body & Fixed my Issues with Intimacy.

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Over the next few weeks, I would continually reject my mate. I began to avoid his phone calls. I felt terrified of being hurt and afraid of being taken advantage of. Arts Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality body communication emotions fearless insecurity lover relationship sensations vulnerable

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The Feds Just Issued an Earthshaking Report About Fracking

Mother Jones

Oklahomans have always had to deal with tornadoes, wildfires, and ice storms. But now residents of the Sooner State are facing a new threat: damaging earthquakes. For the first time, the US Geological Survey has included "human-induced" earthquakes in its seismic hazard forecast.

The Light Returns: How I Live with Mental Health Issues.

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Many of us smile through our agonizing mind storms, because we know we won't be unde. Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) anxiety compassion depression healing Jean Jyotika support

deliberateLIFE Magazine Issue #5 – Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) deliberateLIFE Magazine is now one year old – so let''s say Happy Birthday – and issue #5 has just hit the iPad screens and others, so to speak, and this is yet another great issue.

The issue about food waste is going mainstream

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The issue about food waste is going mainstream but will the people listen and understand the message? The i-News in the UK had a good article on the reuse – and not in the compost – of vegetable peelings for meals.

How To Transmute Mental Health Issues Into Super Powers.

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When people differ from the norm, we create a label for the deviance to help us understand it. Sometimes these classifications seem arbitrary and what is a disorder to so. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness identity mental health society super powers

Single-Issue Dominos


There’s a tendency amongst advocates in the mainstream “animal movement” to believe that single-issue campaigns are like lines of dominos. The reality is that single-issue campaigns are nothing but harbingers of continued exploitation and portents of perpetual speciesism.

Recycling is taking our mind off the real issue

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling and recyclability is taking our minds off the real issue and that is the overconsumption and consumerism but then that is also the aim. It only clouds the real issues and problems, namely consumerism and the perpetual growth economy.

Veganism and Poverty: Identifying the Issues


The issues of veganism as an obligation and income inequality/poverty as ”impossibility” to going vegan are often conflated. They are two separate issues. The issues that give rise to food deserts are serious and important. Guest Essay by Emilia Leese. ————————————————————————.

7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

Green Prophet

As the conversation about climate change and other environmental issues gains traction, it’s a good time for concerned citizens to get serious about taking meaningful action. Each issue seems to lead into to the next.

‘Vegan For Her’ Author Highlights Health Issues for Vegan Women


By Melissa Nguyen | Blogger, dietician, and professor Virginia Messina is a go-to wellness guru in the vegan community, having served as a nutrition expert at an array of universities and Read More The post ‘Vegan For Her’ Author Highlights Health Issues for Vegan Women appeared first on Ecorazzi.

USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles


Read More The post USA Issues Largest Critical Habitat Ruling Ever to Protect Turtles appeared first on Ecorazzi. Loggerhead turtles are now protected from Mississippi to North Carolina thanks to a new ruling by the federal government. Animals Causes Featured News Science

“How Can Anyone Love Me with All My Issues?”

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Honest and alone, or fake with a companion? I didn't like either choice but they were the only choices I thought existed. Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) acceptance relationship wisdom self love

New Fiction Novel Takes on Animal Abuse Issues


A new fiction book highlights issues of animal abuse from the very eyes of animals themselves. Just like David Duchovny’s ‘Holy Cow,’ ‘Persimmon Takes On Humanity’ is a fable for Read More The post New Fiction Novel Takes on Animal Abuse Issues appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Print Top News david duchovny gene baur nathan runkle

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Comic Book Starring Rescue Animals Releases Third Issue


The comic book series, "A Piggy''s Tale," starring a three-legged super dog, released its third issue last week after much acclaim at New York''s Comic-Con. Read More The post Comic Book Starring Rescue Animals Releases Third Issue appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Listen to your Gut: 9 Signs of one of the Most Under-Diagnosed Stomach Problems.

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Health & Wellness digestive issues functional medicine healing health issues leaky gut medicine“All disease begins in the gut.”.

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The very first issue of Water Resources and Economics

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: We are very pleased to present you with the first issue of our new journal, Water Resources & Economics. rst issue, a number of important links were established with the help of the journal’s international editorial board. We wish to publish papers of outstanding quality, also if this means less issues every year and consequently that it will perhaps take longer to establish a name for our journal.

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Fertility Issues? Feng Shui might Help.

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Fertility issues in a healthy woman could be a sign of the energy in her home, which would affect her body, and not the actual state of her health.

Why our Issues are Irrelevant.

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It seems to be so common for us to get bogged down and lose joy for life because we buy into the idea that we are some how broken and in need of fixing via an external authority. When we take this and combine it with a relationship, we get a recipe for manipulation, control, misery and limitation.

Pink Slime A Non-Issue for Kosher McDonald’s

Green Prophet

not processed) and never used the method of “pink slime” This method, which is highly used in the US (in schools, army bases, and most meat manufacturers) was terminated by McDonald’s US well before this issue was raised by the media,” she said. Good news!

Trust Me, I Have Trust Issues. ~ Megan Bruneau

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But really, of course we have trust issues. Almost everyone who’s experienced a wounded heart has trust issues. We could argue that anyone who doesn’t want to be hurt has a degree of trust issues. Take a moment to ask yourself what “trust issues” actually means to you?

Gun/Knife control is not the issue

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Gun/Knife control is not the issue. We allow ourselves by the media and the powers-that-be more often than not to be directed how we should think and when it comes to the issue of guns and knives, if they both are to be believed, then guns and knives have a mind of their own and will attack people. The fact is that it would not and thus the issue of violence must be addressed and not guns and knives. Climate Change is not the issue.

How PETA Generated $43.5 Million Dollars By Promoting Ineffective Single Issue Campaigns


Hear me out – single issue campaigns that are supported by non-vegans is how organizations like PETA make money. Single Issue Campaigns are not exclusive to vegans, far from it. So how can PETA continue to drive single issue campaigns when they remain ineffective at large?

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New Survey Methods Bring Greater Speed and New Issues

Nature Conservancy - Science

But Leisher identifies a few issues in using the tablets that may affect the time savings or even the validity of results for surveys using tablets. Unanticipated Issues. But it’s a reminder to beware of unexpected issues with even the most promising new methods.

Body Image: It’s not Just an Issue for Our Girls.

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Our sons suffer from the same inner turmoil that many girls do about what their bodies are supposed to look like. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness body image expectations gender roles media societal pressure teenage boys

Bust-Waist-Hip: The Skinny on Fashion’s Body Image Issue.

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A funny quote popped up in my personal trainer’s Facebook feed the other day: “Skinny girls look good in clothes; fit girls look better naked.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile.

YogaGlo Issued a Patent to Film Online Yoga Classes.

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Yoga Alliance CEO Richard Karpel, who also holds a law degree, says that yoga teachers who video their classes for use online should be worried. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Blog (always click 4 all blogs) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga Yoga News & Culture camera angle Patent YogaGlo

The Issues are in the Tissues. ~ Tiziana Stupia

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WATCH: Gisele issues challenge for World Environment Day


Goodwill Ambassador and Brazilian fashion model, Gisele Bundchen, has issued her 2012 WED Challenge to fans, with a chance to win fuel-efficient car. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News gisele bundchen

Brave Female Paralympic Rower: Oksana Masters in ESPN Body Issue [Nude]

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Oksana Masters – ESPN 2012 Body Issue >>> Climber Nation, grab a seat: it’s Chris Sharma Nude Alert. View post on She overcame so much, to stand—yes, stand—at the top of her class.

Safety Report: Swedish nuclear reactors have major security issues, needs to be shut down immediately

Green Blog

Swedish nuclear power plants are old, have major security issues, there is a lack of staff and expertise and a large number of incidents has occurred.”. Last week Greenpeace released an alarming report about the state of Swedish nuclear power plants. According to the report, the security problems at the aging nuclear reactors in Sweden are so urgent that they should be shut down immediately to avoid any severe accidents.

The Animas River Brings to Light Issues, Vital Value of Rivers

Conservancy Talk

The recent release of three million gallons of mining wastewater into the headwaters of Colorado’s Animas River shocked people across the U.S. and the world, focusing attention on the toxic legacy of hard rock mining in the Rocky Mountains.

Russia Issues A Ban On Polar Bear Hunting


Here’s some good news folks: Russia has officially banned the hunting of polar bears… at least for this year. The move is a response to an animal activist group “ The Polar Bear Programme &# which has close ties to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Addressing the Health Disparities experienced by African American Women.

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Enlightened Society Health & Wellness african american women equal rights female issues healthcare pregnancy RacismIt was not necessarily about direct acts of racism but sometimes-subtle unconscious bias or implicit bias such as not giving the patient as much attention as she deserves due to her race, or making race-based assumptions about her. It is about social structures that have been in place for years that continue to discriminate against African Americans.

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Learning to Trust again after we’ve been Badly Broken.

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Health & Wellness Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Badly Broken change embracing vulnerability happiness healing Learning to Trust again life love need for control relationships self love trust issues vulnerableThat sad, scared, lonely little girl inside is still hurting. In her anger, fear and brokenness, she refuses to admit that she does not, in fact, have it all together.

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I'm discussing a range of critical issues

Environmental Economics

AJAE's virtual issue on environmental economics

Environmental Economics

In this virtual issue of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics , we highlight recent research on agri-environmental issues. Barely discussed in the literature twenty years ago, articles that focus on agri-environmental issues are now prominent in the agricultural economics research agenda. Issues involving climate change were intentionally not included in this collection because this broad and important topic is deserving of its own special issue.