Older than Stonehenge, mystifying moon god stones uncovered in Israel

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So it’s no big surprise that an ancient structure, devoted to the moon, has recently been uncovered in Israel. Israel is the birthplace of monotheism, belief in one God, but this new structure paid homage to a Mesopotamian-era moon god, new research uncovers.

The beauty of ecotourism in Israel

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Most visitors to Israel concentrate on exploring the many biblical, cultural, and historical sites that abound Israel. Israel has been the hub of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic history for centuries. But there is another aspect of Israel that is often overlooked by visitors.

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Israel Shuts Down Largest Slaughterhouse, Extends Animal Protections


It’s become a lot safer to be an animal in Israel, as this week the country approved amendments to its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law. The changes now make Read More The post Israel Shuts Down Largest Slaughterhouse, Extends Animal Protections appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Storing Solar Energy in Rust, From Israel

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Scientists at Technion, Israel’s institute of technology recently found a new way to store solar energy. Cleantech, Science & Technology chemistry energy storage Israel Solar Energy

Israel innovates the next smart city: meet them in France

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In 2014, Israel was ranked first in the world in the field of innovation related to clean technology according to the “Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014.” Next month in Nice, France meet some of Israel’s clean tech companies.

11 Food Tech companies from Israel worth putting on your plate

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But dig deeper as guests from Israel and France learned last week in Jaffa during the So French, So Food week, which hosted 20 top French chefs visiting Israel. 11 food tech startups from Israel.

Dr. “Cannabis” Alan Shackelford puts medicine into marijuana, in Israel

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I wasn’t intending on seeing her,” Shackelford recalls on a recent visit to Israel. “I There are about ten active research teams in Israel directly working with cannabis as a medicine. Shackelford, who is Jewish and naturally drawn to Israel, says: “I was frustrated.

The Mouse That Swallowed the Elephant: How Israel Governs America.

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Israel exercises an unusually strong influence on American Middle East policy through the 2nd strongest lobby and through provoking the ire of the world through its abuses of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

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Heliofocus Solar Technology Dish Unveiled in Israel

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Israel and China seem to be agreeing on more and more these days. On Tuesday, investors from the two countries announced they would be jointly funding a new solar thermal venture in Israel’s Negev Desert, the HelioBooster, Jerusalem Post reported.

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Israel To Research from the Moon?

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Their mission, if completed, could put Israel on the map as the third country to soft-land on the Moon. Israel, as far as we know, is the only team from the Middle East region in the competition. :: ISRAEL21c. Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate clean tech global warming Israe

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LED Lights A Health Hazard: New Research from Israel

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Professor Abraham Haim, an authority on the biological effects of light pollution , presented his findings last week at the International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) in Haifa Israel. Cleantech, Science & Technology devices Haifa health iphone Israel LED Light light pollution

Israel Invests in Domestic Solar Power

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The World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group recently published a report saying that Israel is the second best place in the world to develop green technologies , second only to Denmark. In March 2012 alone Israel’s Public Utility Authority issued licenses for nine large solar fields.

Israel’s 420 MW leads the Middle East in solar installations by a landslide

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The Middle East and Africa had little PV activity, with the exception of Israel and South Africa, which added 420 MW and 75 MW, respectively. Energy CSP Green energy Israel pv solar power

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Solar War Flares Up in Israel

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Two solar energy companies are part of a larger conflict and dilemma in Israel: should solar panels be installed on limited open space or on rooftops? There is a small war going on in Israel and it has nothing to do with a nuclear Iran or local terror cells.

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BrightSource Builds 121 MW Solar Thermal Baby in Israel

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Some of the earliest pioneers of solar energy started in Israel 30 years ago with the company Luz. And at the start of 2014, the sun and stars will align and a dream will be coming true for Israeli solar pioneers and visionaries like BrightSource Israel CEO Israel Kroizer.

GE Sets Green Tech Shop in Israel

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Already in a number of clean technology partnership projects, including solar energy and desalination, America’s giant electrical products company, General Electric – GE - is setting up a “multidisciplinary&# research and development center in Haifa Israel Globes reports.

Domino’s vegan pizza makes global first in Israel

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The story with Israel’s vegan pizza started with the group we’ve reported on, Vegan Friendly , which claims to have a community of about 30,000 vegans in Israel. There are 50 branches of Domino’s in Israel. Health Israel vegan

“Driverless” Tesla electric car will test run on Israel’s Better Place grid

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In the aftermath of the demise of Shai Agassi’s Better Place electric car network company, EV car purchasers in Israel feared they might become stranded due to not being able to recharge or exchange their car’s lithium batteries.

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Time to settle the debate? Oldest ful and hummus beans found in Israel

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Does this mean the world’s oldest ful and hummous actually comes from modern-day Israel? Cities hummous Israel

Now that’s impact! Investors get primer on Impact Investing in Israel

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Aligning language with practice is a new organization in Israel called Impact Investing Israel with a mission to motivate investors and startups to connect to that place, grounded in reality, where society impacts made by companies can be tangible, measurable and real.

Israel’s Sol Chip adds Solar Power to Microchips

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But now a company named Sol Chip of Haifa Israel intends to combine these two silicon-based technologies to make solar-powered microchips. Cleantech, Science & Technology computers Haifa Israel Photovoltaic Sol Chip Solar Energy solar technology

China goes Internet of Things for the farm by buying Israel’s AutoAgronome

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Every year, the area of drip irrigation system farming in China increases about 20 percent, which is more than all in Israel and Europe together. Green Tech and Gadgets China fertigation Internet of Things Israel Panasonic smart farming China’s economy is growing exponentially. So is the needs of its population. To keep ahead of the food curve, China’s Yuanda Group just bought the Israeli company AutoAgronome for $20 million.

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How Israel’s Tent Cities Influenced Occupy Wall Street

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As the Arab spring spawned protests by the disenchanted across the Middle East, Israelis took to the streets and boulevards across Israel to express their disenchantment with social issues and the high cost of living. For a small country like Israel with a population slightly above 7.5

Enstorage Pioneers 50kW Hydrogen Bromine Storage in Israel

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connected a 50 kW Hydrogen Bromine flow battery to the grid at their test site in southern Israel. Jordan and Israel already harvest bromine from Dead Sea salt evaporation pools. Energy storage company Enstorage Inc.

Israel To Help India Clean Up The Ganges River

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But Israel is now in the process of sending more than just tourists to the region. At the end of April, Israeli news site Ynet reported that Israel would be sending engineers, researchers and representatives from water technologies companies to help India clean up the notoriously-polluted Ganges River. Cooperation between Israel and India has also had more colorful iterations. Business & Politics Water India Israel water

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Cardboard Bike from Israel Makes Cycling Even Greener

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Engineers told Izhar Gafni of Kibbutz Bror Hayil that a cardboard bike was impossible. But he went ahead and made one anyway. An ardent cyclist and skilled mechanic, Gafni found a cardboard bicycle taking shape in his mind.

Rootility Wins Agrivest Agtech Event in Israel

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Rootility, from Israel, pitched its root-growing platform to people from Bayer, Syngenta, PepsiCo and Monsanto and more, as world leaders all agree that new solutions are sought for feeding the world’s population living within a climate in question.

What Tesla can learn from Israel’s Better Place post-mortem

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He had enough chutzpah to convince investors to bet nearly $1 billion on his grandiose plan to free Israel from the shackles of oil dependency. Israel was the perfect place to begin. Approximately 200,000 new cars are sold in Israel each year.

Ormat Rising Stocks A Boon For Israel Geothermal

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And as Israel deploys innovative technologies across the Atlantic, it is increasingly breaking ground and gaining profits ahead of American companies. government financing, the company is also racking up profit back home in Israel.

Jet Fuel from Carbon Dioxide – New Science Project in Israel

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More clean tech innovation from Israel ? Miron Landau from Ben Gurion University in Israel were recently awarded a highly competitive Israel Strategic Alternative Energy Foundation (I-SAEF) grant to further their groundbreaking research in liquid fuels.

Greet, meet, and eat with African asylum seekers in Israel

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Unless you live side by side with them, it’s doubtful that you’ll get a chance to talk to one of the tens of thousands of men, and sometimes women, who fled or migrated to Israel from countries like Eritrea and Sudan, in hope of a better life. He has been in Israel since 2004.

Visit Israel’s Agritech and meet flux – for feeding the world on drought

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Meet this startup at Israel’s agricultural world expo of the year April 28 to 30. flux , a technology and software company built in the heart of Startup Nation and the agritech capital of the world, in Israel, solves global food production from the ground up.

American Energy Experts Go Green in Israel

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Project Interchange attendees Brian Wynn and Stephen Walz tour Ashkelon Desalination plant with Israel Desalination Chairman Abraham Tenne. Denmark, and here in Israel. Abraham Tenne, Chairman of Israel Water Authority’s Desalination Division, gave them a personal tour.

First pics of Israel’s greenest building – Porter School of Environmental Studies

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Construction broke ground in December, 2011 on what is being called Israel’s greenest building , and now it’s complete. Related: Construction breaks ground on Israel’s Greenest Building.

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Palestine/Israel: A Stunning Tale of Peace, Water And Walls

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One filmmaker who captured their campaign back in 2010 is now hoping to get raise enough funds to take their message of ecological peace to other villages across Palestine and Israel. Business & Politics environmental peace FoEME greenpeace Israel-Palestinian conflict water

An Israel Alone, Dependant On Natural Gas

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Israel’s Public Utility Authority – Electricity is raising electricity prices because a shortage of natural gas supply and a projected increase in electricity demand this summer will literally max out the country’s grid. Currently 34% of Israel’s power is generated from coal.

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Electroad to electric the bus systems in Israel, then the world

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But rather than waiting for a roadless future, the inventors at Israel’s Electroad are working on the biggest road improvement since the Romans paved an empire. Green Tech and Gadgets electric cars Israel“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”

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Israel Embraces Solar As It Races Towards 2020 Clean Energy Goal

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Last Monday, Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources announced the issuing of 19 additional licenses for mid-sized projects for a total of 27 MW of photovoltaic (PV) solar power. Business & Politics Energy Climate Change greenhouse gas Israel Solar Energy

What Would Jesus the Palestinian Do about Israel?

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Jesus was a Palestinian, who overcame his occupiers nonviolently. American Christians and Palestinians alike should contemplate his example. Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today

5,000-Year-Old Leopard Trap Discovered in Israel’s Negev Desert

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It’s easy for us to think of modern humans as the sole destroyers of all things living , but ancient humans also competed with other predators, including Bedouins from what is now Israel’s Negev Desert.