Ancient Buried Treasure Unearthed In Israel

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An exciting archaeological find in Israel was announced early this week: a hoard of ancient gold, unearthed in excavations near Tel Aviv. Photos by Heidi Levine, AFP, and courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority. Archeology Israel

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Cannabis for COVID-19 medical trial starts in Israel

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Cannabis news is high on our radar for coronavirus, as Israel is a medical cannabis pioneer dating back to the 60s thanks to Prof. The second study on COVID-19 is now being initiated by Stero Biotechs, an Israel-based, clinical-stage company focused on Cannabidiol (CBD) formulation research and development, in a collaboration with its main partner and shareholder, Mor Research Applications, the commercial arm of Israel’s largest health provider, Clalit.

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Yo! Tesla is coming to Israel

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I am coming to Israel (Elon Musk, Tesla). Israel is recruiting a company manager and team, in Tel Aviv. Rumors in Israel happen faster than the Internet. The other is that on the topic of fuel efficiency he mentioned that Tesla is going to start selling in Israel.

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Japanese Radiation Reaches Israel

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Traces of radioactive material from Japan have been detected in Israel. Business & Politics Fukushima Israel Japan nuclear radiationThe Soreq Nuclear Research Center announced that visit site to read more ].

The beauty of ecotourism in Israel

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Most visitors to Israel concentrate on exploring the many biblical, cultural, and historical sites that abound Israel. Israel has been the hub of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic history for centuries. But there is another aspect of Israel that is often overlooked by visitors. Israel’s natural beauty is a treasure in its own right and merits exploration. From top to bottom, ecotourism is available throughout Israel. Lifestyle eco-tourism Eilat Israel

7 days Israel itinerary for the Hiking Family

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The most striking feature of Israel’s landscape is its variety. One of the classic hikes in northern Israel is to hike from the lake to the summit of Mount Arbel. Mount Arbel’s height is only 180 meters but is one of the most famous mountains in Israel.

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Israel’s boring company plans 90 miles of underground trains

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That’s what’s being planned for Israel. The Greater Tel Aviv Metro M2 line was presented earlier this spring in Israel amidst the corona crisis. Consider the size of Israel – about the same size as New Jersey. The post Israel’s boring company plans 90 miles of underground trains appeared first on Green Prophet. Transportation Israel Jaffa metro smart city subway Tel Aviv

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Boy mushroom hunting uncovers ancient “Bel Air” tombstone in Israel

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Thirteen-year-old Stav Meir, from Caesarea, Israel went out a week ago with his father Zohar, his brothers and cousins, ??to “I studied archeology in school together with the Israel Antiquities Authority, so I can easily identify antiquities when I see them,” he noted. Thousands of schoolchildren across the country study archeology with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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Israel allows medical cannabis exports (finally!!!)

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Following a flurry of rumors which has caused Israeli investors to become “high” on purchasing cannabis company stock running to invest in companies like iCan exportation of medical cannabis from Israel may be nearer to reality. Israel has made great innovations in the growth ( see Flux ), study and testing of various medical derivatives made from cannabis plants.

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Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

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Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, landed on Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to Israel’s ambassador to Uganda, Gil Haskel, Israel is interested in strengthening agricultural cooperation and collaboration with Uganda. In July, South Sudan made its first official agreement with Israel, a pact to cooperate on water infrastructure and technology development. NaanDanJain’s Irrigation Technology Strengthens Ties Between India and Israel.

The Emotional Life of Israel.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today anti-semitism emotional intelligence israel israeli Jew jimmy carter occupation palestinian Israelis are uncomfortable with the occupation of Palestinian territories and show their discomfort through an increasingly emotional justification of their actions.

Ancient fish sauce factory revealed in Israel

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Vats used to produce fish sauce (garum) that are among the few known in the Eastern Mediterranean, were recently uncovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Ashkelon. According to Dr. Tali Erickson-Gini from the Israel Antiquities Authority, “Long before pasta and pizza, the ancient Roman diet was based largely on fish sauce. The post Ancient fish sauce factory revealed in Israel appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East.

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American Energy Experts Go Green in Israel

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Project Interchange attendees Brian Wynn and Stephen Walz tour Ashkelon Desalination plant with Israel Desalination Chairman Abraham Tenne. Interest in Israeli green technology programs came to the forefront recently with a week long conference, Project Interchange 2012 , in which a number of US energy experts visited Israel to learn about advances in a number of Israeli green technology projects. Denmark, and here in Israel.

Israel’s Wild Pigs Were Once Europeans

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Wild boars look more or less the same in Israel as they do anywhere else: stalky and hairy with big heads, long snouts, and beady eyes. Now, in a new study researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute have found that, unlike the Near Eastern wild boars in surrounding countries, Israel’s wild boars originated in Europe. The researchers conclude that European pigs arrived in Israel at some point and overtook the local pig population.

Israel and Jordan sign deal to save the Dead Sea

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Israel and Jordan have signed a historic deal to press ahead with a plan to save the Dead Sea. In return for its share of the desalinated water, Israel will double its sales of fresh water to Jordan from the Sea of Galilee. Shalom said the project would provide water for farmers in southern Israel and drinking water for the north of the country. Travel conservation Dead Sea desalination Israel Jordan Palestine red-dead water

Anne Frank’s Tree Memorialized in Israel

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This tree that gave her so much joy will be part of a new memorial in Israel. Among the guests at the unveiling tomorrow will be the Dutch Ambassador to Israel, a board member from the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel, and members from the Jewish National Fund.

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The Mediterranean Sea natural gas purge starts amid protests in Israel

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Israel’s largest energy project, headed by Noble Energy, started production on Tuesday. Texas-based Noble Energy and Israel’s Delek Drilling and Ratio Oil announced that operations had commenced this morning, and a significant amount of natural gas will be released to the sea.

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Butterflies “invade” Israel in a rare migratory swarm

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Unusual winter rains in Israel give fuel to plants which feed millions of new “painted lady” butterflies. Coming coincidentally on the first day of Spring, this “invasion” of ‘Painted Ladies’ butterflies caught our eyes in southern Netanya, Israel as a totally unnatural phenomenon not usually seen in such large numbers. Israel Military Uses Mimicry to Design Butterfly Drone.

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Japan Wants Israel Clean Tech Experts to Rebuild Fukushima

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The Japanese company in charge of rehabilitation recently sent a delegation to Israel looking for experts and entrepreneurs, especially in the fields of water management and recycling. According to the company’s liaison in Israel, Lior Daeri , Israeli groups that participate will receive tax breaks worth NIS 50 million (roughly $12.8 Israel’s green business sectors have developed strong connections throughout Asia. While Israel imports around $2.5

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Israel To Research from the Moon?

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Their mission, if completed, could put Israel on the map as the third country to soft-land on the Moon. Israel, as far as we know, is the only team from the Middle East region in the competition. :: ISRAEL21c. Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate clean tech global warming Israe

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Clean-Tech Bonds Forged Between Israel and Canada

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Israel’s Heliofocus caught Canada’s attention. Last week Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver came to Israel and met with numerous Israeli leaders of clean-tech and environmental policy, including Uzi Landau, Israel’s Energy and Water Minister, Shalom Simhon, Israel’s Industry, Trade and Labor Minister; representatives from the solar company HelioFocus and researchers at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

Hula Valley Israel Is A Migratory Hot Spot

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One of those places is the Hula Valley in northern Israel, home to the large Lake Hula which was drained in the 1950s to make way for more agricultural opportunities and prevent malaria. If you look at where Israel is situated in the Middle East and how the area is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Arabian Ocean you can see how so many migratory birds get funneled through there. Birding Hula Valley Bird Festival Israel migrationI am a migration junky.

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Israel Animals Killed By Economic Development

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Once common, animals and porcupines like this one are now becoming rare in Israel as development surges, and open spaces diminish. In addition, of the 206 species of birds that nest in Israel, over 20 percent are also in danger of extinction.

A Comparison of Birding in Costa Rica and Eilat, Israel

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I have been back from Eilat, Israel for more than a week but still find myself dreaming about birding in the desert. Migration is always cool to watch but at Eilat, Israel, it is truly a spectacle to behold. In southern Israel, I think of the Hoopoe and bee-eaters. Habitat : As with most places during these modern, heavily populated days, habitats in both Israel and Costa Rica are often threatened with conversion to agricultural landscapes. Nothing like this in Israel.

The New Jewish Prophets are once again Israel’s Greatest Critics.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Green anti-semitism einstein Freud israel Jewish history Jewish prophets palestine politics warSigmund Freud believed that this resistance to authority has primordial roots.

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GE Sets Green Tech Shop in Israel

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Already in a number of clean technology partnership projects, including solar energy and desalination, America’s giant electrical products company, General Electric – GE - is setting up a “multidisciplinary&# research and development center in Haifa Israel Globes reports. Twelve researchers will be hired to staff the center, which will bring to a total of 462 GE employees working in Israel.

Israel Triumphs Over Invasive Acacia Species

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Four years ago Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) schemed a plan to eradicate the blue-leafed wattle (acacia saligna), an invasive species native to Australia that threatened to overrun the native plant species in Nahal Sorek National Park. Despite its relatively small size, Israel has remarkable biodiversity. Its four unique geographical zones host around 2,780 types of plants, some of which are native species that have thrived in Israel since Biblical times.

Has Israel Become a Petrostate?

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Why does Israel so lag Arab neighbors like Morocco and Egypt in its renewable energy production? Like those US states, Israel lags in renewable deployment. Did Israel’s massive discovery of gas a few years ago turn it instantly into a petrostate? It is not as if Israel lacks the brains to develop cutting edge solar technologies. Israel’s companies dominate any global awards list with with cutting edge technology innovation.

Electronic Cigarette Kills Toddler in Israel

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The Israeli ministries are urging people to give up smoking and a recent government report has found that both the heavy smokers in the Jewish and Muslim populations in Israel are cutting down, if only by a few percentages. Architecture & Urban Israel Jordan smoking Toxic chemicals

Heliofocus Solar Technology Dish Unveiled in Israel

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Israel and China seem to be agreeing on more and more these days. On Tuesday, investors from the two countries announced they would be jointly funding a new solar thermal venture in Israel’s Negev Desert, the HelioBooster, Jerusalem Post reported. The dish was unveiled on Tuesday in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Roten Industrial Park for high-tech located in Israel’s Negev desert. But HelioFocus may help Israel capture even more solar power.

A New “Face” for Israel’s Garbage Park

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Three times the size of NYC’s Central Park: Say hello to the New Ariel Sharon Eco Park in Israel. Israel’s Arbor Day Concentrates More on Green Development Projects. 50,000 Seat Amphitheater Planned for Hiriya, Israel’s Trash Mountain.

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Older than Stonehenge, mystifying moon god stones uncovered in Israel

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So it’s no big surprise that an ancient structure, devoted to the moon, has recently been uncovered in Israel. Israel is the birthplace of monotheism, belief in one God, but this new structure paid homage to a Mesopotamian-era moon god, new research uncovers. Cities archeology holidays Israel moon Religion The crescent moon is a symbol of Islam. Muslim, Jewish and Christian holidays revolve around cycles of the moon.

Israel Bans Horse-Drawn and Donkey-Drawn Carts


Israel has become the first country in the world to ban horse-drawn and donkey-drawn carts. Read More The post Israel Bans Horse-Drawn and Donkey-Drawn Carts appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

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Israel Invests in Domestic Solar Power

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The World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group recently published a report saying that Israel is the second best place in the world to develop green technologies , second only to Denmark. Israel has long been a major exporter of such innovations, a leading developer of water-saving technology, such as its agricultural inventions , and solar power. Now Israel is starting to bolster its own energy infrastructure, utilizing that world renowned expertise at home.

Bible-Era Dye Factory Discovered in Northern Israel

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Such items have been found in other sites along Israel’s northern coast, such as Dor and Akko, but in small numbers. The secret of the dye was recently rediscovered in Israel, as we reported. . This new research may disrupt the historical assumption that Shikmona and the Carmel sea coast were entirely under Israel’s jurisdiction during Biblical times, pointing to at least partial Phoenician control of the region. “To

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Why someone I love does not get a medical cannabis prescription in Israel

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People in Israel who are desperate for relief have to first wander through a maze of finding a doctor. In joint ventures and IP they sell outside of Israel. So what’s a person to do in Israel who needs cannabis? Go the way of Canada, Israel.

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What We Should Do About Israel.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only enemy global conflict israel Jerusalem peace politics warAs we continue to defend ourselves, shouldn’t we simultaneously reach out to find those who are willing to coexist and begin a dialogue with them?

Hat’s off to Israel’s LifeBeam for wearable tech

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They are a privately owned developer and manufacturer based in Israel with operation centers in the US and China. Green Tech and Gadgets IoT Israel LifeBeam wearable Research and development focused on the aerospace industry has spawned dozens of designs useful in everyday life.

Domino’s vegan pizza makes global first in Israel

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The story with Israel’s vegan pizza started with the group we’ve reported on, Vegan Friendly , which claims to have a community of about 30,000 vegans in Israel. “Israel is leading the vegan revolution around the world, and this is another indication,” Omri Paz, the director of Vegan Friendly, told Haaretz newspaper. There are 50 branches of Domino’s in Israel. Health Israel vegan

Israel Shuts Down Largest Slaughterhouse, Extends Animal Protections


It’s become a lot safer to be an animal in Israel, as this week the country approved amendments to its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law. The changes now make Read More The post Israel Shuts Down Largest Slaughterhouse, Extends Animal Protections appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Water And Israel – The Facts

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Get the facts on Israel’s water situation. Following my latest post on water recycling and desalination in Israel , some commentators have raised questions about the seemingly contradictory facts on Israel and water. Whilst the Israeli water authority constantly warns of a water crisis, others state that Israel is actually dealing with the water problem very well and is the world leading waste-water recycler in the world. Israel as 5 th Water Short in MENA.

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Storing Solar Energy in Rust, From Israel

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Scientists at Technion, Israel’s institute of technology recently found a new way to store solar energy. Cleantech, Science & Technology chemistry energy storage Israel Solar EnergyTheir method utilizes a substance that some of us are all too familiar with, iron oxide– otherwise known as rust.

Israel’s first natural gas customers to be Palestinians

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Israel’s Leviathan Partners natural gas production consortium has signed its first gas export agreement with a Palestinian power company. The agreement is hailed as an “historic moment” for both Israel and the Palestinians, and is expected to have significant affect on the economies of both. Another significant factor was the continuous sabotage of the Egyptian gas pipeline, from which both Israel and Jordan had been receiving significant amounts of natural gas.