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While previous work has shown that the ozone hole is changing the atmospheric flow in the high latitudes, the Columbia Engineering paper, “Impact of Polar Ozone Depletion on Subtropical Precipitation,” demonstrates that the ozone hole is able to influence the tropical circulation and increase rainfall at low latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. The ozone hole is a big player in the climate system!"

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You can say that the IPCC projects 4 degrees Celsius of temperature change by 2100, and it means nothing. The same is true with the Ozone Hole and with Acid Rain. I’m thinking here of climate change or even of ozone depletion.

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Current concentrations of CO2 are at 379 ppm (IPCC, 2007), while total concentrations of all greenhouse gases are at 430ppm CO2e. Book review from Benjamin “Climate Change is an issue of intergenerational justice.

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But critical parts of it could be filled in, so that most people would know, for example, what an ecosystem service is, the difference between ozone depletion and climate disruption, the biological significance of skin pigmentation, and the importance of the second law of thermodynamics. The MAHB would differ from other global efforts such as the IPCC and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in that public input and outreach would play a much more dominant role.