How Sleeping with the Lights on (Literally) Changes our World.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Health & Wellness elephant market healthy side effects of salt lamps Himalayan salt lamp positive ions Salt lamp seasonal affective disorder (SAD Lately, I’ve trained myself to fall asleep with a warm, orange glow in the background.

Lifespan of lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Given that frequently recharged lithium-ion batteries – as for e-cigarettes, for example – seems to last only a rather short time (in the case of e-cigarettes no more than a few months) the question is how will then those in electronic vehicles hold up. EVs Li-ion battery electric vehicles rechargeable battery Lithium-ion battery

Siestorage: Siemens unveils lithium-Ion battery system for power storage


These lithium-ion power storage systems offered by Siemens start off at 16kWh and you can extend them to a capacity of 2 MWh.

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Pushing on for the sodium ion battery, in Nature

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Lithium ion batteries have been the main energy storage medium for mobile applications for the past 20 years. But there are significant drawbacks for using lithium ion batteries. One of the most pressing problems of modern society is how to convert and store energy.

Kyocera unveils solar power unit with Li-Ion battery system for storage


Kyocera plans to sell about 10,000 of these and each of these units will come with photovoltaic panels that will generate4.03kW of power and a 7.2kWh lithium-ion battery system as part of the storage unit.

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Which? Best Buy Awarded to Gtech ST05 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer

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has awarded the prestigious Best Buy status to the British designed, Gtech ST05 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer. The Gtech ST05 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer has a 30 minute run time and gives a lasting and powerful performance. Cordless. Powerful. Lightweight.

RAD e pedelec to run on lithium ion batteries


RAD e pedelec to run on lithium ion batteries. Automaker Vauxhall and Opel have teamed up to create a concept bicycle or more precisely, a pedelec, that’s fast and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion technology and steel frame, in particular, have gotten us excited as if the bike is ever released, it’s sure to be one hell of a ride. Fuel cells to replace laptop lithium-ion batteries soon. GM about to bring out second generation Lithium-Ion batteries.

Himalayan salt lamps

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They also do not release any negative ions or anything like that. Claims that salt lamps release any appreciable amount of negative ions have been shown to be untrue, and from a scientific point of view, not possible.

Cool innovation shocks salt from sea water

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The team leader, Professor Martin Bazant, a professor of chemical engineering and mathematics, says that the electrolysis process is a “fundamentally new and different separation system that forms a membrane-less separation of ions and particles.”

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Graphene nanotechnology makes desalination 100 times more efficient

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These holes are small enough to block the chlorine and sodium ions in salt water but large enough to allow pure water molecules to pass through.

Batteries that Run on Blood?

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Even though they may look simple on the outside, the lithium-ion batteries in most of our rechargeable devices are the result of complex chemical reactions. Update from the NatureNet Science Fellows: Energy Storage.

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5 Technologies to Make Desalination More Efficient

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It relies on the fact that when salt (Sodium Chloride or NaCl) dissolves in water, it breaks into negatively charged Chlorine ions (Cl-) and positively charged Sodium ions (Na+). If a membrane controls the flow of ions, the water between the electrodes will have less salt. What we really need is a filter with holes just the right size to keep H2O molecules on one side and salt ions on the other.

Tiny “Water Chip” Desalinates Water With the Power of a Store-Bought Battery

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A small electric charge is applied to the chip, neutralizing chloride ions and creating an ion depletion zone, and fresh water is diverted to one channel while the salts are pushed out of the other.

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Phinergy tests range-extending aluminum-air battery for EVs in Montreal

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A supplement to the regular lithium-ion batteries that most electric vehicles use, the battery uses air and water to unlock substantial amount of energy locked in aluminum plates.

Thin film batteries close to achieving infinite life


IPS thin film batteries, branded Thinergy (for Thin Energy) use lithium ion battery technology, which is also used in most portable electronic batteries including cell phones, quartz watches and even electric vehicles.

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Are hydrogen-fueled cars pie-in-the-sky?

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I need to be careful here, as some of you teach chemistry and are not bashful about letting me know when I take too many liberties when discussing atoms, ions, and molecules in an attempt to keep things simple. By Jeffrey Yago, P.E.,

IKEA might soon sell electric bikes (and yes, you’ll have to build it yourself)

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The bike weights 25kg and is designed with a front fork in steel and a frame made in aluminium that holds the green-painted rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute Files U.S. Patent for Advanced Battery tech

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Patents and Trademarks Office for a new solid polymer electrolyte technology for Li-ion batteries. Masdar Institute makes first foray into advanced lithium battery technology.

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VW Bulli Electric Microbus Concept

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The Bulli concept will house a 113-hp electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The VW microbus concept has resurfaced after a decade since being canceled. Now, it’s been reborn as the VW Bulli and will even make an appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The VW Bulli will bring the legendary VW microbus into the current millennium and from this blogger’s perspective, the concept looks fantastic.

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A Metaphysical Meander Down a Scientific Stream

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We feel better beside rushing water because negative ions, which have an extra electron, attach to positively charged ions from pollen, mould, bacteria, etc. Nina and an interested "reader" of Water Is.

Leonardo DiCaprio To Score First Fisker Karma Plugin Supercar


The nearly $100K vehicle is capable of running for up to 50 miles on its lithium-ion battery pack, after which a 260-horsepower, 2.0-liter engine switches on to generate electricity.

Will Israeli cars roll on alternatives by 2025?

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A more interesting and possible advancement to the current lithium-ion battery is one being developed by an Israeli company called Phinergy. Phinergy is developing a hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air battery system based on technology from Ban Ilan University.

Energy Storage Super-capacitors Bottle Energy In New Breakthrough

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A Lithium Ion battery the size of a Leyden jar can store more than 500,000 times more energy. UCLA and Egyptian scientist accidentally find a new way to bottle stored energy. This missing link for solar energy, hydro and electric cars could be a fast, tiny, biodegradable battery.

Volta’s battery as NanoIsrael’s nano product of the year

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The batteries begin with the familiar technology of Lithium Ion batteries, similar to those popular in mobile devices but with silicon anodes instead of the graphite anodes in ordinary lithium batteries.

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Progress in the Search for Better Battery Tech

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Today rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power our lives, from cars and cameras to computers and cell phones. But when it comes to storing energy at the grid level — which is what the world needs to accelerate the switch to renewable sources — lithium-ion batteries are impractical.

Hertz rents electric bikes in Spain

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The sturdy Flyers are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that power the bikes to speeds of nearly 16 mph (25 km an hour), with a range of more than 50 miles (85 km). | Green Travel News |.

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Five Ways to Store Energy for the Smart Grid

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Tags: Alternative Energy compressed air Fuel Cell lithium ion pumped hydro smart grid smart meter ultracapacitor

Lithium sulphur batteries: The power storage devices of the future


Mridul Jerath: Modern gadgets and electronics have in a sense been revolutionized by the invention of the lithium ion battery. When conditions are right, the absorption can be as high as two lithium ions for each sulphur atom and that makes the battery a lot more efficient.To

Israel’s Phinergy Boosts EV Travel Range with Aluminum Air Battery

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Weighing a total of 55 pounds, this fuel cell could be used in tandem with existing lithium-ion batteries , according to the developers, but the technology is far from ideal.

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Mission R Electric SuperBike

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The bike features a 141hp electric motor and a 14kWh lithium-ion battery system. Mission announced their Mission R electric superbike at the Longbeach Motorshow late last year. “The heart of the Mission R is an advanced MissionEVT powertrain that packs 141hp and 14.4 kWh of energy storage in a package smaller than a 600cc sportbike. The liquid-cooled AC Induction motor produces 115 ft.

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Salt Lamps

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By golly a salt lamp, salt is natural and so are the negative ions it produces. First to understand these lamps we need to understand ions. What is an ion? Ions are in the air and there are positive ions and negative ions.

NatureNet Science Research Update: Nanotechnology

Nature Conservancy - Science

Heterogeneous WSx/WO3 thorn-bush nanofiber electrodes for sodium-ion batteries.

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Easyecar’s Martin Thomson Says Better Place EV Plan Problematic for Denmark

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Denmark’s Thomson prefers “freedom of charge&# over Better Place’s forced charging network.

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Won-Hee Ryu

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Right now, largely because of the limitations of the lithium-ion batteries used to power them, the typical electric vehicle has a range of about 100 miles per charge. Traffic and pedestrians at rush hour on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Lloyd DeGrane. Building a Better Battery.

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A Futuristic Hydrogel to Grow Food on Desert Sand

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The plants grow on a thin hydrophilic film made of hydrogel, which allows the passage of water and nutrients such as various ions, amino acids and sugars but not bacteria, fungi and viruses. A hydrogel could make deserts flourish with crops grown on barren sand. . Here’s another futuristic invention that could completely change the future of agriculture in a desertifying world. Substituting an industrially produced hydrogel for soil makes it possible to farm on sterile desert sand.

Renault Electric Twizzy Priced at $9,700

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While the price makes it an affordable form of transport, the Twizzy requires owners to lease their lithium-ion battery packs for $62 per month. If you’re looking for a very small electric vehicle that doesn’t need to go faster than 28 miles per hour or travel further than 60 miles per charge, then you may want to consider the upcoming Renault Twizzy which has just been revealed to be priced at $9,700 USD. The Twizzy isn’t so much a car as it is a two-seater suburban electric cart-thing.

iZen Bamboo Keyboard is the first eco friendly bluetooth keyboard


It has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can be charged with the same one that is used to charge an iPad.

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Wind of change blows in Norfolk

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It is the first example of an energy storage system based on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in the UK and is among the first in western Europe. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) A pioneering energy project based in Norfolk is set to improve the UK’s use of wind power in future.

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Dubai to Abu Dhabi Electric Superbus Now Road Legal

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The car’s specially designed lithium ion batter pack will be recharged by solar power, making the car virtually energy independent. With 23 seats and 16 doors, the all electric Superbus is no ordinary car. It’s 15 meters long, super luxurious and totally electric powered.

New battery technology for electric cars and other EVs


Addressing these shortcomings, the new battery is based on a technology that helps in linking exceptionally high energy lithium ion battery-operated cells meant for EVS into longer sized battery packs. The battery pack from NTS Works is made of small cylinder-shaped lithium ion cells.