Syria’s seedbank seeds sent for safety to Morocco

Green Prophet

Whenever I read the news about Syria’s refugee and environmental crisis I wonder how Syria’s dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s wife Asma al-Assad, once so vocal about the natural environment (even biking to the West Bank in the past), can let her husband keep this madness up. The seeds originally stored at ICARDA’s genebank in Aleppo, Syria, had become increasingly difficult to access. RELATED: Syria’s seeds are in Norway. Health Lifestyle seeds Syri

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Syria’s Organic Food Market Ripe for Exports to Europe

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With farming traditions that are already “organic”, embattled Syria can easily become an important organic food producer, based on climate, practices and location to Europe. 12 for 2012 related to organic farming in Syria. The decree aims at laying the foundation for developing organic production and the marketing of organic products in Syria. But what does this mean in light of a potential civil war for Syria? Challenges Facing Organic Farmers in Syria.

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Turkey, Iran, Syria Top List for Worst Journalism Countries

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Bahrain = 1 Saudi Arabia = 4 Israel and Occupied Palestine = 3 Iran = 45 Syria = 15 Yemen = 1 Uzbekistan = 4 Kyrgyzstan = 1 Iraq = 1 Turkey = 49. Syria. Syria’s 2001 Press Law gives the state full control over all print media.

Syria 77

Uncontrolled Garbage Threatens Lives in Syria

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Solid waste disposal and collection has been severely disrupted in embattled areas of Syria , more than two years into a conflict that has spurred a public health crisis. Combined with worsening hygiene and soaring summer heat, the uncontrolled garbage is putting about five million people at risk of disease, according to Ahmedou Bahah, manager of water and sanitation programmes for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Syria. “In

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Israel Chemicals AquaTabs to Purify Syria’s Dirty Water

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A deal was brokered over the weekend that will allow a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals to sell water purification tablets that will be used to purify dirty water in Syria. Already a near-dry state , Syria’s drinking water supply has deteriorated sharply since the onset of a bloody war that has displaced and killed thousands of people.

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A Prince Leads Liquid Peace Initiative for Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey

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Chaired by Jordan’s Prince Hassan bin Talal the group hopes to transform water into an instrument of cooperation between nations with their own internal problems, problems which could worsen with more water shortages. The countries are Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Others from Iraq and Syria will represent in due course. Business & Politics Iraq Jordan Lebanon Syria Turkey

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The Syrian Refugees Crisis is an International Emergency.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today EU iran middle east refugees Syria warToday, the Syrian civil war is considered the worst humanitarian disaster of our time with more than 220,000 killed (half of whom are believed to be civilians), 7.6 million.

Syria’s Seeds Are Locked Away in Norway, But Are Seed Vaults Safe?

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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault locked safe away in Norway has once again opened its steel doors welcoming 25,000 new seed samples including varieties of chickpeas, fava beans and other seeds from Syria. It is only after the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, which entered into force in 2004, that the idea of a global seed vault became legally accepted.

NASA Watches Underground Fresh Water Sea Vanish from the Middle East (VIDEO)

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Where has Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq’s underground freshwater sea gone? Well, it turns out that Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq already have access to such an enormous fresh water supply. Meanwhile, demand for freshwater continues to rise, and the region does not coordinate its water management because of different interpretations of international laws.” Business & Politics Water Iran Iraq NASA Syria Turkey water water crisisSound the alarms?

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Conjugal Sex Rooms, Unplanned Pregancies, and STDs in Syrian Refugee Camps

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When aid workers with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) speak to women inside Syria – many of them displaced from their homes and living in cramped collective shelters – they say they would rather do anything than get pregnant. “No No one wants to be pregnant in the shelters… That’s universal wherever we go,” said Laila Baker, UNFPA representative in Syria. Yet, UNFPA estimates that some 250,000 women in Syria and in refugee settings will become pregnant by the end of 2013.

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Stateless “Team Refugee Athletes” cleared to compete at Rio 2016 Olympics!

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced yesterday the formation of a new, nation-less team of athletes cleared to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil this summer. Health Lifestyle Iraq SyriaAccording to a statement released on the IOC website, the all-refugee team will be treated the same as the other teams representing the 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs). They will be called Team Refugee Olympic Athletes. “By

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Olive Prices Hit Hard – Explained

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However, Middle Eastern Farmers in Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Israel and Palestine will also be severely affected. of the world’s olive oil, followed by Syria (3.6% According to the International Olive Council (and The Media Line ), Chinese imports of olive oil have increased 375% in aggregate terms since 2006. Although 92% of it came from the EU, 3% came from Syria; the highest non-EU olive oil exporter to China!

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UK hiking holiday specialist heads for Lebanon

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Ramblers Worldwide have long included Jordan, Morocco, Oman and other Middle East and North African destinations on their itineraries, although some scheduled trips to Egypt and Syria have been disrupted by recent political events in the region. Jordan, Egypt and Syria have proved especially popular. The recent turmoil in the area has had an impact on sales to this region and we unfortunately had to cancel 2 departures – Egypt and Syria – due to FCO advice.”.

Measure Your Blue, Green and Grey Water Footprints

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Country data reveals that Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are potentially the only virtual water exporting countries in the Middle East. Country data reveals that Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are potentially the only virtual water exporting countries in the Middle East, while all other countries- especially Israel and Jordan – are more conscientious of their policy choices and have decided to reduce or even abandon exports of water intensive crops by importing those goods.

Syrian Desert People In Need of Sustainable Tents

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International aid underpins refugee services. million Canada has given to the international humanitarian response to violence in Syria. ” She told reporters she wanted to return to Syria despite the civil violence. “I Jordan has appealed for international funds to replace the tents with trailers, to better cope with dust-laden winds and extreme weather. Business & Politics Jordan Lebanon refugees Syria syrian refugees

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Travellers want trains – but what is the Middle East doing about it?

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Survey results published this week reveal that the majority of international travellers would prefer to take trains instead of aeroplanes, if they had the opportunity. Cars & Transportation airplanes Amman Bahrain Cairo Climate Change damascus eco-tourism Egypt global warming Gulf countries Israel Istanbul Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Mecca Middle East Morocco Oman Qatar railways Saudi Arabia Syria train trains transportation Tunisia Turkey United Arab Emirates

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Export Oil, Import Water = Risky Economics for Middle East

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While trade, an abundance of historically cheap food on international markets, and for some oil – sold at high prices – have combined to create an unexpected resilience in the face of water scarcity, such lessons may not travel well in the developing world. Trade may have reduced dependency on local water supplies, but it has shifted dependency to international markets and exposed people to fluctuating world prices.

Single White Light luminAID Seeks Middle East Partner

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A waterproof case shields from the glare of its extra-bright internal LED , and an integrated solar panel collects enough energy to provide 4-6 hours of continuous illumination. The lamps are currently sold online in the USA, but the team plans to roll out international sales in the coming year. Architecture & Urban Energy alternative energy green design humanitarian aid LED lighting luminAID renewable energy Solar Energy Syria Turkey

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Refugee Remedies Aid Climate Change Victims in New York

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A small internal fan creates airflow, which, combined with a unique fuel chamber, creates a high efficiency fire. Stoves ship internationally and start at $129: check with your local customs office for details on import fees. Energy alternative energy clean cookstoves emrgency aid Hurricane Sandy Jordan New York renewable energy SyriaHurricane Sandy bulldozed my home coastline with a ferocity rarely seen outside the big screen.

Food Geo-politics Hits Middle East Streets

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The international aid and development organization Oxfam recently revealed some alarming facts and future predictions on world hunger, warning that the world faces a real crisis in agricultural production and nutrition, with climate change exacerbating the crisis. Saudi Arabia will soon import all their grains while grain production is already declining in Syria and Iraq. Other Arab countries like Syria and Tunisia are facing similar strains.

2011 70

Refugees to Jordan Flow More Freely Than Water

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UNHCR has been lobbying for international support of this looming crisis. Business & Politics Water conflict drinking water Egypt Jordan refugees Syria water scarcity water shortageJordan’s hosting of forced migrants is overburdening already stressed water resources. Humanitarianism has an unanticipated knock-on to fresh water supplies, as Jordan is starting to realize.

Middle East Hunters Promise to Stop Slaughtering Birds

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On 5 December, 2013, prominent hunters from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen and Ethiopia gathered at the Coral Beach Hotel in Beirut to sign the historic declaration at a ceremony organised by BirdLife International and UNDP/GEF Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) project. Travel bird hunting in the middle east Birdlife International Middle East hunters Responsible Hunting Declaration Birds have a terrible time in the Middle East and North Africa.

An Energy Insider for Nuclear Newcomers in the Middle East

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If they go the UAE way they may approach the international money markets for multi-billion dollar loans since the worldwide interest rates are so low. The conflict in Syria now threatens the progress of this site. Shillito is certain that any nuclear developments that go ahead will be secure because they must comply with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). “If

Creating a World Seed Bank? Meet the UN in Rome

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Pest resistance to crop disease located only in Syria. And likely it all started from the area of the Near Middle East, and countries including Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture , which this year turns 15 years old, has been working around the world to stop the loss of agro-biodiversity. Emer wheat is one of the world’s oldest cultivated grains.

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Stay The Extinction Of Egypt's Sacred Cats

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The cheetah went extinct in the 1980s while the leopard is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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ICARDA scientists save 80% of a priceless trove of Syrian seeds

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A team of Syrian scientists at the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) braved the terrors of civil war to protect a critical piece of global heritage, meticulously transporting plant genetic material from a seed bank in Aleppo to the Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway. Syria’s civil war has decimated the nation, killing about 300,000 people and creating the largest humanitarian crisis in world history.

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Plants going extinct faster than we thought

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And not just in war times as Syria has been doing at the Svalbard Global Seed Bank in Norway. Their report has been published by the international journal Conservation Biology. (I A fern tendril unfurling. Plants: They seem more resilient than we are.

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Jordan fourth most miserable nation in the Middle East

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Regionally, only people in Syria, Sudan, and Egypt are more dejected. And consider that Syria also weighed in as most-miserable in the world! The index was published by the Troubled Currencies Project at the US-based Cato Institute, which compiles data from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the National Bureau of Labor Statistics. Open a newspaper in the Middle East and expect to be whacked with some bad news.

Climate change should be top foreign policy priority, G7 study says

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Written by an international consortium including peacebuilding NGO International Alert and the European Union Institute for Security Studies, it calls climate change “the ultimate threat multiplier” in fragile situations.

Mummy limbs smugglers hide “loot” in speakers, foiled in Egypt

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Security officials at the Cairo International Airport foiled a plot to smuggle ancient mummified limbs out of the country in a couple of loudspeakers. When I travelled to Syria 20 years ago I was offered a number of archeological artifacts by a young man wanting to be my friend. What would Tutankhamun say? Remember when mummies starting floating up in sewage ? This story is even better.

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The war that forces a doomsday seed vault withdrawal

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Some of these seeds were from the International Center for Agricultural research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) which was located in Aleppo, Syria. Some of the seeds were lost or destroyed before or during the move, so now, only seven years after the seeds were deposited, the first withdrawal is being made to replace the seeds destroyed in Syria’s civil war. The Svalbard Global seed bank was established in February 2008.

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We speak with Syrian refugees

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million refugees have fled Syria and more than 6 million people are displaced internally. As of April 2018, it is estimated that more than 5.6 Many of these refugees are well educated, experienced individuals. However, they face unemployment and lack of direction as they settle in a completely foreign environment. NaTaKallam (“We Speak” in Arabic) connects language learners globally with displaced Syrian and Iraqi people over Skype to learn Arabic.

2018 45

Older than Stonehenge, mystifying moon god stones uncovered in Israel

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Wachtel presented his findings at the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East. Let’s find a way to respect and protect archeology in the Middle East and vulnerable locations like Syria, Egypt, Iraq and any other region under the reign of conflict, terror and survival. When I was in Syria 14 years ago, locals gave me gifts from archeology sites. The situation has only gotten much worse in Syria. The crescent moon is a symbol of Islam.

10 refugees heading to Rio as first-ever nation-less Olympic team

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) last March defined a plan to create a team of refugee athletes to compete in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics, a scheme first announced at the United Nations (UN) in October, as record numbers of migrants and refugees fled war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. They include: • Rami Anis (M): Country of origin – Syria; host NOC – Belgium; sport – swimming.

2016 59

Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future

Green Prophet

Green Prophet has previously reported on his efforts specific to Jordan, Palestine and Israel , but this international think tank has worked with 50 countries across four continents. His op-ed continues below: In December 2009, I met Walid Muallem, Foreign Minister of Syria, in his office in Damascus, along with an eminent British politician. A month after the release of the report, Syria was engulfed with civil strife. Syria had understood this in December 2009.

War 63

Jordan Struggles To Provide Water For Syrian Refugees

Green Prophet

The 19-month conflict in Syria goes from bad to worse – and there are environmental impacts for the region too. In a previous post, I covered how poor water policies may have aggravated the conflict in Syria but Jordan – which has taken in over 200,000 Syrians- is now struggling with its own water supplies for refugees. For more on the conflict in Syria see: How Unsutainable Water Policies Crippled the Assad Regime.

Near-extinct gazelle brings Israelis and Palestinians to peace-making plan

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The endangered mountain gazelle Gazella gazella was once widespread throughout the Fertile Crescent in parts of present-day Israel, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Their findings were published in Oryx—The International Journal of Conservation on Wednesday. Why did the gazelle cross the road? In some parts of Israel underground or above ground bridges help the animals move like this wildlife bridge in Turkey, but it’s not enough.

2020 45

Equinom, seed breeder raises stakes for non-GMO agtech investment

Green Prophet

Syria’s Seeds Are Locked Away in Norway, But Are Seed Vaults Safe? The FoodTech startup gained increased awareness and leadership in providing solutions to the plant-based-food industry, spurring numerous international strategic collaborations. This is a seed vault in Norway. A startup from Israel just got a $10 investment to build a seed breeding tech that amplifies nature’s way without genetic modification.

2020 50

Moroccan Municipality Uses Graffiti as Pro-Society Tool

Green Prophet

In an effort to promote better environmental stewardship and civil participation, the Al-Dusheira municipal council teamed up with civil society groups such as the al-Dusheriah Associations Forum (Majd) to host a graffiti or mural competition on International Environment Day earlier this year. In Tunisia, graffiti grew in popularity following the Jasmine Revolution and a couple of artists have distinguished themselves on the international scene.

Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

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As reported in the Gulf News, delegates from the UAE, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Somalia, Syria and Comoros met in Dubai recently to sign a historic agreement and attend a workshop organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in association with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water.

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ISIS captures Mosul Dam threatening floods with death and destruction

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Sunni fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took over Iraqs largest hydroelectric dam on Sunday, along with three towns and an oilfield according to the commander of the Peshmerga Kurdish fighters who had been defending the facility. The group – which seeks to create an Islamic caliphate that encompasses both Iraq and Syria – is considered the biggest threat to the stability of Iraq since the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein.

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CBRN Threats and the Arab Spring

Green (Living) Review

Instability in Libya and Syria creates a dangerous security situation. Is there a danger of proliferation in Syria and Libya? Autocratic governments in Tunisia and Libya have been overthrown, the Egyptian president was forced to resign and whilst new elections have been held in Tunisia and Egypt, the internal situation in Libya remains unstable. This report focuses on two Arab countries: Libya and Syria.

Libya 100

Turkey’s Beaches Are Third Best in World for “Eco” Blue Flag Rating

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According to Blue Flag , an exclusively international eco-label given to beaches and marinas, Turkey’s beaches rank third in the world. I spent a week on a chartered sailboat along the Med before heading to Syria and it was an eco-travellers dream. It is an international program currently being implemented in 41 countries around the world including South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel , Jordan and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.