International trade

Environmental Economics

A textbook example: Crabs from the sounds and intracoastal waterway are North Carolina’s largest seafood industry with an overall value last year of $22.8 million. That’s a third of the state’s entire commercial seafood catch of $73 million of fish and shellfish in 2012. In the mid-1990s, Mattamuskeet was one of about 45 crab processors in the state. Now there are 10. Imported crabmeat.

Pelican Release with International Bird Rescue

10,000 Birds

There are advantages to being a “Pelican Partner” for International Bird Rescue ! I follow my friend, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for International Bird Rescue, Cheryl Reynolds to the release site where we document the event.

Internalizing negative externalities

Environmental Economics

In reply to economists in support of Keystone XL and my quote "but it seems like the potential environmental costs could be efficiently internalized," Wes comments : When, in the history of US Politics, has this ever happened? First, internalization of negative externalities doesn't mean that there are no more environmental damages. Internalization is realized with the marginal benefits of damages is equal to the marginal cost of damages.

Internal contradiction

Environmental Economics

Another one from an email I received from my Congresswoman today: Unfortunately many job-killing regulations stand in the way of more American-made energy.    Do you like the idea of reliable, efficient electric cars replacing gas-guzzlers that burn through Middle Eastern oil?    That sounds great, unless we don’t have the electrical capacity to charge them.    If we don’t we get serious about stopping energy over-regulation that just may become the case. 

International Bird Rescue Believes “Every Bird Matters”

10,000 Birds

Alice Berkner , a registered nurse, came up with the concept of International Bird Rescue while trying to help the more than 7,000 birds that filled warehouses around the San Francisco Bay Area during this 1971 oil spill. Conservation bird rehabilitation International Bird Rescue oiled birds

International Coastal Cleanup: The Oceans Need our Help.

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The International Coastal Cleanup is this weekend, Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

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More evidence of an international conspiracy SAD!

Environmental Economics

Low gas prices set by the Middle East : The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has increased for 12 of the past 14 days, reaching today’s price of $2.26 per gallon.

Global Warming Helps International Relations

Living Green & Saving Energy

Düsseldorf International Airport Goes Solar

Green (Living) Review

One of Germany’s largest photovoltaic (PV) plants is newest arrival at Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS) Düsseldorf, Germany, December 2011: Travelers flying in or out of DUS can enjoy a new sight: a field of 8,400 solar panels on an area as big as six soccer fields.

George’s Long Farewell: Why One Snail’s Death Became International News

Nature Conservancy - Science

The death of a colorful snail named George draws international attention over the plight of vanishing species. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Endangered Species Invasive Species

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Defend your Skin from UV Rays Internally and Naturally

Hug a Tree with Me

Ingredients such as PABA, petroleum, methyl anthranilate, benzophenones, ethyl methicone and other such unreadables have been called out to cause internal toxic buildup, skin disorders, developmental issues, cancer and the increase of free radicals.

International Opposition to Fracking

Sierra Club Compass

Let’s encourage our leaders to move beyond natural gas toward renewables and join in helping the environmental movement around the world to promote clean, sustainable energy. -- Lindsay Garten, Sierra Club Media Team Intern. Consequences Health International Natural Gas

Picture of the day: international trade

Environmental Economics

Here I am in the Cape Fear River just south of Wilmington being a tourist. The captain of the tour boat said that this ship was unloading corn from Brazil

International Banks. A Boom or A Doom?

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Looking at international banks, they are an epitome of the traditional banks. Blog International finance moneyBanks are an evolution for the stakeholders, shareholders, and the normal day-to-day customer. Let’s find out. In the era of mass corruption going on and news showing the swiss bank accounts and Panama scandals, offshore bank accounts are not a new term […].

Fine pruning with ARS and Sorbus International

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Somerset based Sorbus International Ltd. Sorbus International is a leading supplier of specialist and hi-tech equipment to the arboricultural, forestry, landscaping, utility, ground maintenance and environmental care sectors in the UK and worldwide.

Global Warming Helps International Relations | Living Green and.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Give it a grow – International Compost Week

Green (Living) Review

International Compost Awareness Week which runs from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th May aims to show people how simple home composting is and demonstrate the great results that can be achieved by turning your organic waste into nutrient-rich homemade compost.

InterNational Downshifting Week

Green (Living) Review

InterNational Downshifting Week – Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th April 2011 By Michael Smith (Veshengro) InterNational Downshifting Week is held this year from Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th April 2011 so you still have a few days to get involved. InterNational Downshifting Week can also have a powerful impact on your mental health and well-being, your relationships with family and friends.

Defending our Skin from UV Rays Internally and Naturally

Hug a Tree with Me

These chemicals have been called out to cause internal toxic buildup, skin disorders, developmental issues, cancer and the increase of free radicals (molecules responsible for aging, decreased immune system, tissue damage and more).

Are you interested in the internal workings of fish?*

Environmental Economics

Haab, One of the articles you authored a while ago caught my attention and I am hoping to discuss with you publishing a followup article, or even a review article in the Internal Medicine Review. The  Internal Medicine Review. From the inbox: Dear Dr.  The article was entitled "A revealed preference approach to valuing non-market recreational fishing losses from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill."

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International day for biological diversity

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On the UN International Day for Biological Diversity, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) calls for a greater awareness of the threats to marine biodiversity as without life in the ocean there would be no life on Earth. The UK must play its part in upholding its national, EU and international marine conservation commitments to help achieve this.”

This International Women’s Day, Take the Panel Pledge

Conservancy Talk

This year on International Women’s Day, we should all challenge one another to find the equivalent of an inclusion rider in our fields, and commit to it. TNC’s LEAF and Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities program interns monitor trees impacted by Hurricane Sandy in New York City.

Internal Tools to Help you Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions

Hug a Tree with Me

Our intentions are good but we often lack the proper internal tools to improve. Internal Tools to Help you Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions: Be Realistic: Before you begin your resolutions list, be realistic.

Guarding Against UV Rays Internally and Naturally

Hug a Tree with Me

Defending our skin internally is truly the best way to guard against UVs while keeping our health intact. So you see, the goal should not be to block out the UV rays and avoid the sun, instead, we should aim to increase our resistance to sun damage and skin disorders naturally and internally.

May is International Masturbation Month. {Video}

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How does silence help end the shame? And on the flip side of that—by staying silent, how does that contribute to the embarrassment people feel? How can you help others feel safe to talk about self-pleasure openly?

This International Women’s Day let’s celebrate our inner Feminist Superheroes & Creative Disruptors.

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Arts Enlightened Society Equal Rights Right Livelihood #itwasneveradress creative disruptor elephant magazine father feminism gender equality international women's day parenting superheroes Tania KatanThis idea of women being secret superheroes resonated around the globe, with many women never knowing Katan's name but recognizing her symbol. Suddenly, the women who'd been silently bearing the majority share of.

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The mysterious international Lesser Scaup

10,000 Birds

You see – and may I refer you to the post’s title – it is a mysterious international duck. Over much of North America, the Lesser Scaup Aythya affinis is more than just common.

Internal Compass

The Green Changemakers

Children and teens find meaning and purpose in life when they develop and listen to their own internal compasses. Hover over the compass points to see the eight internal strengths and their related skills.

Ashkelon’s Sand Sculpture Festival Brings International Artists To Its Beaches

Green Prophet

It’s a town that’s known the Canaanites, who established an international market there; by the sea people who came to trade and schlepped up the hill with their loaded donkeys, and by many who stopped at a roadside shrine on the way to pray to a silver calf god, for good fortune. .

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Internal Flame: How to See Beauty in Everyone (Including Ourselves).

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Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today buddhism contemplation internal flame loving-kindness meditation YogaThe practice is easy. Look at a person, any person, and instead of focusing on their appearance, imagine instead the.

#BeBoldForChange this International Women’s Day.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Featured Events Health & Wellness Right Livelihood #BeBoldForChange awareness equality international women's day IWD Sarah Norrad sexism women women's rights“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin.

International Yoga Day & The Inclusiveness of Yoga.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga asanas higher self International Yoga Day practice true meaning of yogaYoga is about attuning yourself with that tiny little sound in your head, with that.

Walmart says NO to international agreement

Green (Living) Review

The world''s biggest retailer says it won''t join an international agreement to inspect and pay for upgrades by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While other large retailers, the in the light of the clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh, have created an international agreement to inspect the sites and pay for upgrades, etc.,

Second International Birding Rally in Northern Peru: June 11-18, 2013

10,000 Birds

The most flamboyant of all hummers, the Marvelous Spatuletail will be one of the many endemic bird highlights along the route of the Second International Birding Rally Challenge in Peru. I can’t convey how thrilled I am about the upcoming International Birding Rally Challenge in Peru.

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International Day of Peace—Here are some Simple ways to Get Involved!

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International Day of Peace, on September 21st, is an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Happy International Tell a Woman how Beautiful She is Day.

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Arts & Culture Inspiring (Wow) Sexy WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Love Featured Today international tell a woman how beautiful she is day self love woman women It is incredibly important women tell other women how beautiful they are.

2013 International Compost Awareness Week Poster Winner Announced

Green (Living) Review

BETHESDA, MD, January 16, 2013 : A high school junior from Michigan has been recognized by the United States Composting Council (USCC) as the International Compost Awareness Week poster contest winner.

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Five TV Shows to Watch on International Day of the Girl Child.

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So here, on International Day of the Girl Child, I have compiled a list of five of my all-time favorite TV shows which help inculcate and advocate fe.

Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week

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BPI, USCC Announce Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week Healthy soil and global food security are intertwined, as are composting and diversion of food residuals. The US Composting Council and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) are solidifying their partnership to facilitate increased food scrap collection, diverting valuable materials from the waste stream for high quality compost manufacturing.

Where’s the International Men’s Day?

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To those of you who will inevitably ask this question today on International Women’s Day, Rebecca Solnit puts it bluntly. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only abuse equal rights international women's day March 8 sexual harrasment women rights

International Support For Obama’s Climate Promises

Sierra Club Compass

We underscore the importance of continuing to encourage innovative approaches to promoting energy efficiency and clean energy, including renewables, and of taking action on climate change, domestically and internationally.”. Coal Energy Solutions International

Amnesty International Acting to Save Migrant Lives.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Amnesty International compassion EU migration policy life mediterranean sea migrant workers Between 500 and 700 migrants are feared dead after a boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea.

Finding Inspiration in the International Year of the Reef

Conservancy Talk

In this, the International Year of the Reef , it is easy to get discouraged about the future of coral reefs and the ecosystem services they provide.

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