International Bird Rescue Believes “Every Bird Matters”

10,000 Birds

Alice Berkner , a registered nurse, came up with the concept of International Bird Rescue while trying to help the more than 7,000 birds that filled warehouses around the San Francisco Bay Area during this 1971 oil spill. Conservation bird rehabilitation International Bird Rescue oiled birds

Exclusive: Humane Society International On the Dog Meat Trade In China


Read More The post Exclusive: Humane Society International On the Dog Meat Trade In China appeared first on Ecorazzi. You might remember the huge global outcry against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this past June.

International airports source local farm food in 30 countries

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How to Travel Internationally—with or without a Passport.

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Arts & Culture Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Food Featured Today exploration food freedom gastronomy international travelTo slow down; to walk an unknown street; to study the quotidian like it’s magic; to hear someone else’s language and music; to smell a new smell and taste a new taste; to be someone else or a question mark for a while.

May is International Masturbation Month. {Video}

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How does silence help end the shame? And on the flip side of that—by staying silent, how does that contribute to the embarrassment people feel? How can you help others feel safe to talk about self-pleasure openly?

Citizen Science Tuesday: Polar Bears International

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What Is The Polar Bears International Citizen Science Project? The scientists at Polar Bears International (PBI) are developing a method that will make it easier to gather data even under harsh conditions – and they’re enlisting the help of polar bear tourists.

Defend your Skin from UV Rays Internally and Naturally

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Ingredients such as PABA, petroleum, methyl anthranilate, benzophenones, ethyl methicone and other such unreadables have been called out to cause internal toxic buildup, skin disorders, developmental issues, cancer and the increase of free radicals.

Ricky Gervais Launches Cruelty Free International


The 50-year-old comedian and animal activist wants a global ban on cosmetic testing with animals. Read More. Animals Causes Featured News Video ricky gervais

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When We Seek Externally to Fill Internally.

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I can't eat. But I'm starving. I can't tell whether it's a potential bout of depression slowly making it's way into my psyche or the subtle but unwavering. Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Z ADMIN Love Featured Today

Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week

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BPI, USCC Announce Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week Healthy soil and global food security are intertwined, as are composting and diversion of food residuals. The US Composting Council and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) are solidifying their partnership to facilitate increased food scrap collection, diverting valuable materials from the waste stream for high quality compost manufacturing.

10 Quotes that Encourage us to Pause & Reflect on International Day of Yoga.

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Iyengar Benefits of yoga India International Day of Yoga mind-body connection Narendra Modi osho Powerful Quotes United NationsMore than 180 countries all around the world are expected to celebrate and honour this day, helping to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga, and humanity's quest for a more harmonious lifestyle and improved state of. Blog Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only Yoga B.K.S.

India 10

International Tom Hanks Day Is Tomorrow!


Set your alarms early and get ready for an 18-hour Money Pit marathon, because March 26th is “International&# Tom Hanks Day. I throw those quotation marks around “international&# because it isn’t really celebrated by multiple nations. That’s right, everyone.

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Once again extreme weather events draw headlines during international climate talks

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Yeb Sano took to Twitter to encourage world leaders to strike a deal and Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, rerouted his visit to Lima to and headed to the Philippines where he assisted the local Greenpeace office with visiting affected areas bringing relief and aid.

International Yoga Day & The Inclusiveness of Yoga.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga asanas higher self International Yoga Day practice true meaning of yogaYoga is about attuning yourself with that tiny little sound in your head, with that.

Internalizing negative externalities

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In reply to economists in support of Keystone XL and my quote "but it seems like the potential environmental costs could be efficiently internalized," Wes comments : When, in the history of US Politics, has this ever happened? First, internalization of negative externalities doesn't mean that there are no more environmental damages. Internalization is realized with the marginal benefits of damages is equal to the marginal cost of damages.

International Finance Corp Looking To Invest Millions In Israeli Cleantech

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Some of those commitments include supporting a Home Center in Russia (a Home Depot like store), supporting the expansion of engineering firm Ashtrom’s in Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport and a 24 MW geothermal plant of Ormat ‘s in Guatemala.

4 Ways to Spring-Clean Our (Internal) Homes. ~ Nicole Perhne

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What limiting beliefs and fictitious stories are you living your life according to? What fears or doubts are holding you back? Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) awareness health wellness life

The Secret to Happiness: Happy International Happiness Day!

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” ~ William Blake Today is the first ever United Nations International Day of Happiness—a date intended to celebrate the United Nation’s [.].

International Call for Papers: Ecosexuality Anthology

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In the Middle East, where social morays are more conservative, the ideas of sustainability can help bridge more than just social or political differences. Is your love as green as it can be?

InterNational Downshifting Week

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InterNational Downshifting Week – Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th April 2011 By Michael Smith (Veshengro) InterNational Downshifting Week is held this year from Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th April 2011 so you still have a few days to get involved. InterNational Downshifting Week can also have a powerful impact on your mental health and well-being, your relationships with family and friends.

Fine pruning with ARS and Sorbus International

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Somerset based Sorbus International Ltd. Sorbus International is a leading supplier of specialist and hi-tech equipment to the arboricultural, forestry, landscaping, utility, ground maintenance and environmental care sectors in the UK and worldwide.

Happy International Tell a Woman how Beautiful She is Day.

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Arts & Culture Inspiring (Wow) Sexy WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Love Featured Today international tell a woman how beautiful she is day self love woman women It is incredibly important women tell other women how beautiful they are.

International Women’s Day, Celebrated on March 8th for 100 Years.

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(.). Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Civil Rights, Social Good) Equal Rights Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness equal rights feminism international women's day March 8

Internationally Funded $1 Billion Solar Plant Planned for Upper Egypt

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Upper Egypt , which actually lies in the southern half of the country below the Nile Delta, is preparing to build a $1 billion solar power plant with help from a suite of international donors.

#BeBoldForChange this International Women’s Day.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Featured Events Health & Wellness Right Livelihood #BeBoldForChange awareness equality international women's day IWD Sarah Norrad sexism women women's rights“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin.

Guarding Against UV Rays Internally and Naturally

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Defending our skin internally is truly the best way to guard against UVs while keeping our health intact. So you see, the goal should not be to block out the UV rays and avoid the sun, instead, we should aim to increase our resistance to sun damage and skin disorders naturally and internally.

Get Ready for the 2011 International Green Awards!


On November 24th at the Natural History Museum in London, the International Green Awards will celebrate the incredible contributions being made by the world’s eco community. By honoring celebrities, businesses, governments and entrepreneurs, the awards ceremony will highlight the best and brightest who are working hard to create a sustainable future. Want to party with [.]. Causes Environment Events

2011 15

Walmart says NO to international agreement

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The world''s biggest retailer says it won''t join an international agreement to inspect and pay for upgrades by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While other large retailers, the in the light of the clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh, have created an international agreement to inspect the sites and pay for upgrades, etc.,

Day Startup Video Blog, Day 28: We Got into BIFF! (Boulder International Film Festival).

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We''re so excited that our short 30 second sustainability piece produced by our new company JETT Digital will be included in the logo reel before each film section during the Boulder International Film Festival!

Britain introduces 'Internal Exile' for Terror Suspects

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It is “ internal exile ” in everything but name. It is, therefore, not far fetched that, on a wink and a nod of the Home Secretary, some of those could find themselves under an “internal exile” order under which they will not be told where there must reside and how far they are allowed to move within a set area; who they are allowed to see and meet if, in fact anyone; and they may have restricted access to telephone and the Internet or none.

12 tips for sustainable travel in 2016

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Green Travel News Xtras 12 tips for sustainable travel International Ecotourism Society| Green Travel News | It’s never too late to add this New Year’s resolution: travel sustainably.

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6 Tools to Discover whether you’re Living from your Head or your Heart.

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Our internal dialog is our mind's way of protecting us from harm, or an instinctual way of adjusting our actions so we don’t get hurt. In my case, as a child I wanted to act, but when I got up to try out, Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood authentic people find your calling find your flow Imposter syndrome internal monologue living from your head or heart right livelihood success yoga teacher training

2018 21

Egyptian Women Forced to Take ‘Virginity Tests’ During Protests, Amnesty International

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Despite their massive involvement in the protests and overthrow of their government, Egyptian women are being denied a voice in the formation of a new government, World Pulse and other watchdog organizations report. :: Amnesty International UK.

Elephants Are Glad for Today

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Poachers are doing this because ivory – although international trade is banned – fetches a pretty penny on the black market. It’s World Ranger Day , and here’s one reason why you should care: Elephants are in crisis. In 1980, African elephant populations were estimated at 1.2 million.

Gisele Bündchen Wins Best Green International Celebrity at International Green Awards


Gisele Bündchen beat out Paul McCartney, former flame Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Cheadle, Cameran Diaz and more for the title of Best Green International Celebrity at the 6th annual International Green [.]. With all the green celebrities in the world working hard to save the planet, it’s one heck of an honor to be named the best.

This #whatadoctorlookslike Incident Reminds Me of My Own Internal Sexism.

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Hopefully, the steward has learned just how wrong she/he was so wrong that a man’s life hung in the balance and this will end up being a wa. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. black woman delta Dr. Tamika Cross Racism sexism

International trade

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A textbook example: Crabs from the sounds and intracoastal waterway are North Carolina’s largest seafood industry with an overall value last year of $22.8 million. That’s a third of the state’s entire commercial seafood catch of $73 million of fish and shellfish in 2012. In the mid-1990s, Mattamuskeet was one of about 45 crab processors in the state. Now there are 10. Imported crabmeat.

11 Internationally Inspired Go-to Vegetarian Friendly Meals. ~ Stacey Ebert

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Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food fish food international travel vegetarian Love travel and food? Recreate your travel memories through food!

How California Uses Forests—and Economic Forces—to Fight Climate Change

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And the program is expected to expand to include international offset projects before 2020, which aligns with the Paris agreement’s emphasis on regional and global cooperation. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune.

Supporting International Food Workers Week for Thanksgiving

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International Food Workers Week : What Does the Minimum Wage Have to Do With Sustainable Food? A holiday in which we give thanks over a shared meal is a good time to think about where our food comes from.