A Long Journey to TED

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LONG BEACH, CA, March 2011: Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Liao has travelled from Europe by container ship to emphasize the environmental message of his short talk at TED in Long Beach on March 1st. To get to Long Beach he travelled by ferry, train, container ship and bus. Don't miss some details of his trip and how planting trees can restore our children's planet.

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Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

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Cyclists have long entreated drivers to “share the road.” Bike-sharing systems—distributed networks of public bicycles used for short trips—that integrate into robust transit networks are being embraced by a growing number of people in the urbanizing world who are starting to view car ownership as more of a hassle than a rite of passage. In the Americas, where the car has long been king, the first big third-generation bike-sharing program opened in Montreal in 2009.

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