Green Living Consulting speaks with Athletic Business magazine

Green Living Consulting

For health clubs, integrating green practices is a way to cut operating costs as well as create a healthy environment good for people and the planet.

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Even Environmentalists Can Be Lazy

Green Living Consulting

Josh Dorfman, friend of Green Living Consulting, is reaching green stardom on his new show that aired on the Sundance Channel this evening based on his blog and book The Lazy Environmentalist. Why we like this show: it shows real people getting a first-time introduction to green; it starts with simple, practical solutions to integrating green practices into [.]. Tags: Lifestyle Living Green Uncategorized Lazy Environmentalist

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Rooftop garden blooms for Bethlehem refugees

Green Prophet

Refutrees was created to integrate green innovation with the development of projects fundamentally based on the needs of local communities in collaboration with local resources.

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A house with Energy to spare


Potterhill Homes is a Cincinnati-based real estate company that has integrated green design into every aspect of its business model. By simply owning a Potterhill home, you can save 50-100% off your energy bills and live in a home built with complete sustainability in mind.

The benefits of investing in green businesses

Green Prophet

Green capitalists, the so-called pro-environment, pro-business masses, are eager to use their love of investing for the greater good. Looking towards alternative models of generating power is an avenue that those wanting to invest in green businesses can take. Green Build Projects.

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Gokarna Forest Resort: Kathmandu’s green sanctuary

Green Traveler Guides

In part, it’s because some previous initiatives haven’t flourished as hoped; in part because new management is still assessing how to integrate green more deeply into their DNA. Greener greens—and fairways. | Nepal Eco Luxury |.

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British Columbia: a ‘hunter-gatherer’ green chef honors the Okanagan

Green Traveler Guides

His name is Mark Filatow , owner, chef and sommelier at the green Waterfront Restaurant & Wine Bar. Award-winning—and green. Appetizer #1 : local organic greens layered with house-smoked salmon dressed in a honey-dill vinaigrette. An Okanagan memory, green and great.

Ford scripts NASCAR history with an all electric Focus


The Ford Focus Electric, thus, will go down well with the green bandwagon and will help popularize electric driven cars.

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Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy

The Green Changemakers

[link] Despite the global recession, a new report from LSE Cities shows widespread optimism concerning green economic development. The survey report, Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy , launches today at the Rio+20 Summit. Survey Report Economy Urban Research Green

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Eco Enthusiast or Skint Sceptic? What is Your ‘Eco’ Identity?

Green (Living) Review

Whilst some like to be the font of all knowledge and live a green life, others pay no attention to global environmental and ethical issues that are taking place around us. And whilst only decades ago the word ‘green’ was just a colour for most people, now you can see just how green you are with this new system that divides we Brits up into 13 different classifications for the British public and their attitudes towards the environment.

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Getting started with “Green Living”

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you talk about "green living", some people think about living in the woods having to grow or kill everything you eat and make everything you use but this is not, actually, the case, and self-sufficiency, total self-sufficiency, is not possible, in fact. Green living simply includes doing things to help the environment be viable for future generations and does not mean even the attempt of total self-reliance.

Global Oneness Project

The Green Changemakers

The program takes a holistic approach to the city's challenges, integrating green building and design, efficient and renewable energy, recycling, organic farming, and nutrition.

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10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

The Green Changemakers

See also: Chinese Bamboo Keyboard Manufacturer a Local Green Design Leader » Get Sustainablog by RSS or sign up by email. Max Gladwell recently initiated the #EcoMonday follow meme as a way to connect and organize the Green Twittersphere.

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