10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

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10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably: Insulate the home: Insulating the home can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money on your electricity bill.

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Coffee Cup That is Compostable in 90 Days


LosAngeles-based green company Repurpose Compostables has launched an insulated coffee cup at Bed Bath & Beyond that is made from corn and uses soy based inks, making it non-toxic and compostable in 90 days.

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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Design your own fantasy shack from the comfort of your keyboard with California-based Blu Homes – makers of fully customizable, prefab, green housing. High performance insulation made with recycled content and soy-based binders.

100 Ways You Can Improve The Earth

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Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket. Insulate your home as best as you can. If you have lead-based paint, cover it with wall paper or other material instead of sanding it or burning it off. Use low-VOC or water-based paints, stains, finishes and paint strippers.

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Eco-friendly Ways to Prepare Your House for a New Baby

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To avoid these dangers, replace regular cleaning products with eco-friendly alternatives: use an oxygen cleaner to avoid dangerous chlorine bleach fumes, replace solvents that release toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with soy-based options , and use an all-purpose cleaner made from plant-derived cleansing agents. Paint, solvents, insulation, and pressed wood products are all sources of toxic VOCs. Pregnancy is an exciting but stressful time.

An Eco Christmas

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To potentially reduce air conditioning and heating bill, plant trees strategically near your house to provide cooling shade in the summer and an insulating wind break in the winter. The insk used on the cards is soy based and not harmful to the environment!

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Jack Johnson Blazing a Green Trail

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Brushfire is currently challenging Universal to develop a biodegradable corn-based shrink wrap and soy-based inks for use on CD packaging.

Best Back-to-School Lunches

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As a mother living in Israel, I’m sad to report that many kids fill up on soy-based or meat-glued chicken “shnitzels&# nuked in the microwave a few minutes before running off to school. See our post on the perils of soy and meat glue here.)

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Chemicals in Carpets Has Been the Tradition, but You Don’t Have to Compromise Your Family’s Health Anymore

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Thanks to this central ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona is made from renewable resources instead of the more limited petroleum-based ingredients in most other carpets. The cushion, or pad, helps buffer sound and provides increased insulation, making a room quieter and warmer. carpet padding made with the soy based polyurethane foam made with BiOH Polyols from Carghill.

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