Mapping Ocean Wealth – Informing a Sustainable Ocean Economy

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I tweeted: # IAmAScientistBecause I want to explain to people how much we all NEED nature. The theme of my tweet and my Economist Summit talk is informed by a long history of NGO rhetoric. This post first appeared on National Geographic’s Ocean Views blog.

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How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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Mapping the Way to a World That Can Feed 10 Billion People. Reducing meat consumption by half could feed 2 billion people, reducing the burden of hunger on the planet without increasing the area under cultivation at all. Ideas Agriculture Human Well-Being Nature + People

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Captain Planet Live Action Film In Development!!


After years of rumors , speculation , and hilarious hoaxes , it appears that the gears are finally turning for a bonafide live action film based on “Captain Planet and the Planeteers&#. “The messages of Captain Planet are even more relevant today,&# said Snyder.

Environmental studies creates crusaders for our planet

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Your studies will include examining the consequences of living and non-living things on our environment and look at how to apply biological, physical, and information sciences to fix these issues. Environmental scientists are future sustainability crusaders for our planet.

A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map

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The new interactive Global Forest Change Map promises not only information but inspiration. Despite these geospatial super-powers, we remain stuck in a world where, for most people, Google-style interactive maps make pretty images, but don’t yet move us to action.

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

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I wanted to get to know the woman behind Green Drinks NYC who has effectively connected so many people. Margaret: I am most proud of having the opportunity to create something of value and meaning to people in the professional green field in New York City.

Nature Protects People

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Last week, I was in South Florida with partners from local government, the private sector and the international community to highlight the vital role that nature plays in protecting people in Miami-Dade County and coastal communities around the world.

Heroines for the Planet: Art Activist Asher Jay

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However, by not extending these “rights” or “freedoms” to other life forms that cohabit this planet with us as living markers of our own evolutionary and biological development, we ultimately deny ourselves the full potential of these rights.

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Heroines for the Planet: Human Rights Advocate and Sexual Slavery Survivor Somaly Mam

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agency estimates that more than 12 million people are engaged in forced labor, including sexual servitude. Secondly, I am so lucky to have a lot people supporting me with no condition. Lindsay: How many people have you saved since beginning your advocacy work ?

Zabaleen Film Portrays Cairo’s Garbage City People

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Cairo’s informal trash workers. Directed by Lauren McCarthy and produced by Carrie Vermillion, Zabaleen follows Mourad Waleed, his wife Um, and their 11 children as they cope with life as Cairo’s informal trash workers.

A Voice for Sustainability: The People Behind Your T-Shirt

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The low wages and poor conditions of the workers, says NPR’s Planet Money. But who is the voice for other people who are affected through-out the apparel industry supply chain, like the small farmers who take water from the same rivers that feed large-scale cotton plantations?

Heroines for the Planet: Laura Turner Seydel

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Ironically, one of my favorite shows as a kid was Captain Planet , a show which Laura’s father, Ted Turner, created. She’s the Chairwoman of the Captain Planet Foundation , which promotes environmental education and gardens in schools, and Zero Waste Zone-Downtown Atlanta.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time – Book Review

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The book offers detailed information on how communities can battle incinerators that emit dangerous particles into the atmosphere. People, communities,m are not the problem towards a zero waste goal.

Don’t Just Complain, Blame, or Worry. Do Something: How You Can Take Action for a Sustainable Planet

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And—sorry about this—a lot of the heavy lifting in the days ahead will fall on the young people here today. Can we have a future where people get the food, energy, and economic growth they need without sacrificing nature? Air quality badly damages the health of about 5 billion people.

Green Planet Water in a 100% Plant-Based Bottle Keeps “The Rosie Show” Audience Happy and Hydrated

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Category innovator Green Planet Bottling is delighted to provide Green Planet Water to “The Rosie Show” studio audience for the show’s debut season. Green Planet is thrilled to provide water in our completely plant?based

Air pollution kills 200,000 people a year, vehicle emissions largely to blame

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The study results, which were published in the scientific journal Atmospheric Environment, used information collected in 2005, but Barrett and his team say the data is reflective of current usage and trends. The is no Planet B, there is only Mother Earth.

Heroines for the Planet: Avery Dennison’s Sustainability Leader Helen Sahi

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Heroine for the Planet Helen Sahi, Avery Dennison’s Senior Director of Sustainability. . So when Outerknown wanted to improve their environmental impacts, they turned to Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), a global leader in sustainable solutions, to do it.

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How Could Land Tenure Security Affect Conservation?

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People all over the world rely on the land for their livelihoods, and the decisions they make both directly and indirectly impact the land and everything on it, including the soil, forests, and wildlife. Ideas Development Human Well-Being Indigenous Peoples Research

Climate Change, Health, and Population Dynamics: A View from Tanzania

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As people around the world celebrate the remarkable Paris Agreement to address climate change , there’s a genuine opportunity for countries to act on their financial pledges to help the world adapt to climate change – especially people in developing countries who are most vulnerable.

Heroines for the Planet: Cupcake Queen Chloe Coscarelli

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LB: You’ve been such a breath of fresh air for the vegan community in that you’ve caught mainstream media’s attention and more people are finally seeing that vegan cooking is exciting, delicious and healthy.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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We are living beyond the carrying capacity of the planet today with 7 billion people. Reputational risks are one issue, but if they want to meet growing global consumer demand for their products on a finite planet they need to insure access to the supply of raw materials.

Heroines for the Planet: Vanishing of the Bees Director Maryam Henein

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When people talk about 2012, it’s not really about ‘the end of the world.’ Maryam: There’s certainly the human element of feeling for these people that are losing their livelihood. Many people get stuck in comfort.

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Two Nice Things that Happened When I took Two Months off of Social Media.

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My daily life had become one big massive overload of information…and I was tired. After the initial bit of discomfort and explaining myself over and over to people when they’d ask for my Insta or to add them on Facebook, I’d tell them I didn’t have either.

Heroines for the Planet: Future Weather Director Jenny Deller

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Jenny Deller Future Weather centers on 13-year-old Lauduree, who fears the collapse of both her family and the planet. This strategy has been extremely effective in mixing people up, and creating a skepticism and mistrust around the issue.

Economics: The Next Frontier in Conservation Science

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We live in a world that is being rapidly transformed by the needs and activities of 7 billion people. 75% of the land on our planet is now used in some way to produce the food, fiber, and energy that these people need to survive.

Vegan Race Car Driver Leilani Münter Argues Veganism Is More Important Than Solar Cars


Currently, one-third of all the arable land on the planet is being used to grow feed for livestock. By including climate concerns in its guidelines, the department of agriculture had the opportunity to give Americans more information on how to accelerate the transition to a safer climate.

When Is a Black Bear Actually a Blue Bear?

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But finding actual research about bear color phases is much more difficult, and there’s a lot of conflicting information. I’m watching the brownish black bear safely from a turnoff in Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley, one of the great wildlife viewing spots on the planet.

2017 22

Why I Changed My Mind (Mostly) About Pokémon GO (+ 5 Apps for Upping Your Outdoor Game)

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Now, everyone’s heard of it and opinions seem to be falling along fairly predictable lines: those who think the app is great for getting people exploring outdoors, and those who think it’s one more layer of artificiality between people – especially kids – and the world around them.

Recovery: Saving Lake Sturgeon, an Ancient Fish with a Bright Future

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These ancient fish, framed mostly on cartilage rather than bone and larger than most humans, had shared the planet with dinosaurs. Fish & Fisheries Endangered Species Fish Fisheries Nature + People Restoration Water Quality

Becky: A Tribute to a Friend and a Hero - Compass

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Each week in our blogs, we celebrate the grassroots heroes of the fight for the planet. And in a movement that invariably includes people with big egos and axes to grind, she was unfailingly kind and humble. Your Information. Compass.

Telensa’s PLANet system to manage Birmingham’s street lighting

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the leader in the remote control and monitoring of street lighting, has announced that Amey has chosen its PLANet system to support the 25 year, £2.7bn Birmingham Highways maintenance and management service.


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SILVER SPRING, MD, April 2009 : Planet Green , the first 24-hour multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment brand devoted to the environment, announced that Emeril Green, Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, Greensburg, Renovation Nation, and Wa$ted! The new season openers headline Planet Green’s special Earth Day celebration “Turn Back the Temp: The Coolest Week on TV” beginning April 19 – 25. Coming back for its second season, Planet Green’s series Wa$ted!

Urban Planet Project

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Contact info For more information on Urban Planet, contact Project leader Danil Lundback +46 73 707 8718 The world is turning increasingly urban with more than five billion people projected to live in cities by 2030.

Birders Should Attend the People’s Climate March

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Yes, the People’s Climate March will take place on Sunday, 21 September, in midtown Manhattan. The link provides all of the necessary information to sign up and get involved. Who feel that politely asking that we stop destroying our planet is not going to get it done. Through the power of people taking collective action we will build an economy based on justice and sustainability and stop the climate crisis.

One Planet Mobility

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Link download: One Planet Mobility report One Planet Mobility report summary WWF's One Planet Mobility programme aims to identify and inspire the changes needed to transform personal mobility – a sector which focuses on transport used by people in their everyday life (e.g.

Building Cities that Think Like Planets

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From a planetary perspective, the emergence and rapid expansion of cities across the globe may represent another turning point in the life of our planet. If we are to think like a planet, the challenge will be to deal with scales and events far removed from everyday human experience.

Save The Planet – Win a Prize

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Volunteering is its own reward, but hopefully the Community Passport will inspire more people to give it a try, to do more, and to expand their efforts to include new and different activities. For more information, to take individual conservation action and share and celebrate conservation success stories, visit Now in its second century, Audubon connects people with birds, nature and the environment that supports us all.

Our Future Planet

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Our present planet is on one side, and our future planet is on the other. Our Future Planet enables you to rethink a future that does not follow on blindly from the ways of the past. link] Global charity Our Future Planet (OFP) is an online community and think tank designed to create global change in the real world today. The site allows you to share ideas, design your future and change the face of the planet as we know it. We have drawn a line in time.


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Fundraising Focus Shifts to Benefit Endangered Coastlines by Michael Smith (Veshengro) New York, December, 2009 – The second year of the National Audubon Society’s Pennies for the Planet, a national conservation education and action campaign for young people, kicked off on December 17, 2009 with a focus on protecting endangered coastlines. For more information, visit

One Planet Living

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[link] Guiding Principles - Take action Individuals Government Businesses Guiding Principles of One Planet Living ® To achieve a sustainable future, we need to design communities which enable people to live sustainably. Download the One Planet Living Communities Manual here PDF 1.2