Well Dressed: Livia Firth’s Eco Age and the Observer Honor Stylish, Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable style guru and Eco-Chick Heroine for the Planet Livia Firth will have a hand in choosing the Observer Ethical Awards ‘ first sustainable fashion champion for 2013! Organized by British newspaper The Observer in collaboration with eco-friendly cleaning product company Ecover , these awards celebrate the people, campaigns and initiatives making a real difference in promoting a sustainable lifestyle in the UK.

Nolcha Shows at NYFW A/W 2017: Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Featured

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The Nolcha Shows at New York Fashion Week have come to be synonymous with independent designers—and that includes plenty of talent that is working ethically and sustainably too. The Nolcha Shows Media Lounge will be featuring the following designers in their fashion media lounge: Wren & Roch is made in NYC by two women designers who are creating more than just another accessories brand: Their mission is amazing.

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Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry

The Green Changemakers

Image www.forumforthefuture.org Fashion Futures is a call for a sustainable fashion industry. Four vivid scenarios explore how climate change, resource shortages, population growth and other factors will shape the world of 2025 and the future of the fashion industry within it. The global fashion industry generates over a trillion dollars a year. describes how fashion companies can be successful by becoming sustainable.

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Environmental psychologist creates ready-to-wear “jump” fashion from hemp

Green Prophet

Parkour, dancing, singing and dancing– all ready for Haptic Path’s hemp-based, slow fashion which is ready-to-wear for men and women. I’m Nina Skibnevsky, and my journey to become a fashion designer came from a life-long passion with fashion.

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Sustainable Thread, Now with Israeli Startup Twine

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The fashion industry soaks up 20% of the world’s water, and dumps it back into local streams and rivers as wastewater. The post Sustainable Thread, Now with Israeli Startup Twine appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East.

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The More you Know, the Less Gold Glows.

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2016 63

9 small things you can do to transform the garment industry

Green (Living) Review

It was a fascinating glimpse into a world and industry that I know little about, although I certainly learned a lot after two days of lectures and panel discussions. Because the conference was so industry-oriented, I was left thinking about how to apply the information to everyday consumers -- people like you and me who don’t manage garment factories or work as clothing retailers, and may feel as if we don’t have as much influence as those who are active within the industry.

John Oliver’s 17 Minute Takedown of Wasteful Fast Fashion.

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John Oliver's hard hit at the wasteful, and socially irresponsible fashion industry is timely and on point. Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Ecofashion Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only fast fashion garment factory John Oliver rana plaza sustainable fashion sweatshop

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5 Ways to be Independent While Maintaining a Strong Relationship.

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Last month I launched a new weekly podcast series featuring real conversations with some of the most progressive people I know. I felt interviewing my own friends—many of whom live very full lives—just didn’t get down deep enough into who they really are or address the matters that concern them on a daily basis; therefore [.].

You’re a Plus-size Model?

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In the fourth episode of SRO Conversations, model Kate Dillon-Levin talks with Paul and I about the definition of a plus-sized model and how the fashion industry has changed over the years as it relates to a woman’s size. Twenty years ago, models were a size 6-8 and weighed 8 percent less than the average [.].

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Bust-Waist-Hip: The Skinny on Fashion’s Body Image Issue.

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A funny quote popped up in my personal trainer’s Facebook feed the other day: “Skinny girls look good in clothes; fit girls look better naked.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile. As the daughter of a health-obsessed, grow-your-own-food family, (my mother was an aerobics, tap, jazz, and ballet instructor; my dad was a dock [.].

Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

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In a surprising move, the Swedish Fashion Council recently canceled Stockholm Fashion Week in the name of sustainability. Think about it: Fashion weeks the world over consume an incredible amount of resources, racking up the greenhouse gas emissions as fashion insiders convene to check out new collections in cities around the world. . “If If the industry should have a chance to survive together with the planet, it must self-disrupt.

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Korto Momolu Brings Cannabis Culture to NYFW with Women Grow

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No longer strictly synonymous with high schoolers sneakily finding a smoke spot under the bleachers during lunch, the cannabis industry is booming. Now add fashion to the mix: On the evening of September 7th, I had the opportunity to attend a runway show for New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios and watched a hybrid of cannabis and fashion. The show marked the first-ever fusion of the worlds of cannabis and fashion on the stage.

2019 33

Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry)

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” Besides helping us digest our food, converting light to energy or food for animals, and generally helping the world go around, microalgae, bacteria, and fungi are now also being harnessed by some smart humans to solve some of our most pressing challenges: How do we make our everyday lives sustainable on a global scale? Kristal Peters, a veteran of the luxury fashion industry, believes that fashion should set a higher standard of sustainability for the rest of the business.

H&M to Launch the First Global Clothes Recycling Venture

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The fashion recycling campaign will span 48 nations, including the company’s Israeli franchises. Sustainable fashion is a burgeoning market in Israel. In summer 2010, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya hosted th e “Thirsty for Change ” fashion show, featuring upcycled couture fashions, to raise awareness about local water conservation. H&M Israel’s CEO, Andrew Horesh, Speaks About Sustainable Clothing.

Flipping Clothing is Fun and Profitable—But What About the Fashion Ethics?

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That’s good news for those of us who love vintage fashion , looking for a deal, the planet (clothing production has a whopping environmental toll), and proponents of personal style over rabid trend-following. But what about the fashion ethics? . times the size of fast fashion by 2028. With leading resale sector players like The Real Real, thredUp, Poshmark, and Depop—coupled with local vintage fashion and consignment stores—options to buy and sell are plentiful. .

Sustainability and Storytelling at NYFW: James Nathaniel Piña’s Love Letter Home

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I was here to see the James Nathaniel Spring/Summer 2020 ethical fashion presentation, as part of New York Fashion Week. The ethical fashion collection was interactive; every guest has a front-row seat to view in detail and even touch the eco-fabrics. All the jackets shown were made in NYC, and the brand’s core goal is zero waste, so every piece of leftover fabric from the production line is saved by the designer and later made into another ethical fashion piece.

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Something fishy about new iridescent fashion?

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Leading fashion houses are turning to schools in search of new materials for high-end handbags, shoes, and accessories. We’re talking fish schools, as designers troll seafood industry waste streams looking for alternatives to increasingly banned exotic leathers. The sustainability angle is that widespread adoption of fish leather could relieve demand for cow leather, radically decreasing methane emissions. But which wins out – fish feedstock or fashion?

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What Wins the Competition for Most Sustainable Eye Glasses Material – Wood or Human Hair?

Green Prophet

Accessories are the victims of quickly changing trends and fads, and so their unsustainable fashionable-ness makes their ecological sustainability greatly needed. However we have not yet seen designers stare sustainable accessories in the face. Namely, take it to one of the most ubiquitous fashion accessories of all – the eye or sun glasses. Read more about sustainable fashion accessories:: Elanit Neutra Promises More Mileage Out of Your Purse.

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Piece-Meal High Heels Let Wearers Design Their Own Shoes

Green Prophet

When it comes to fashion, and sustainable fashion, shoes may be one of the worst offenders. Not only do shoe fashions change rapidly, but they also tend to wear out faster than our other articles of clothing. Shoe designers and producers have tried to find solutions to this ecological conundrum, with Nike introducing a shoe recycling program and other designers creating multi-functional and multi-fashion shoe designs.

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Flipping Clothing is Fun and Profitable—But What About the Ethics?

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times the size of fast fashion by 2028. I’ve been a second-hand fiend for many years now and advocate for ethical fashion (@fashionbenders). I find unique and newish designer items this way, while also adhering to my ethical fashion value system. . While this trend might be environmentally sustainable, is it ethical in other ways? But still, rising prices may deter people from thrifting when they can instead get new items from a fast-fashion store for the same price.

2019 32

We Went to See Eileen Fisher at The New School and It Was Life Changing

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Eileen began her career in interior design and dove into the world of fashion after encountering the world of handmade Kimonos in Japan. Sitting alongside Hazel Clark, the fashion research chair at Parsons School for Design, Eileen commented that the same palazzo pant that she has been wearing for years had once again come back in style and it was making the timeless designs which are seen in every fashion era that motivated her to do her best work.

2016 47

Carte Blanche Ethical Fashion: Get In on the Ground Floor with This Smart New Label

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New ethical fashion label Carte Blanche addresses all of what is problematic about fast fashion and today’s (unfortunate) way of making clothes. Designer and entrepreneur Monica Noh explains, “After years of experience working in the industry, I grew frustrated with the inefficiencies and waste generated by the traditional retail model. Crowd-sourcing - Fashion companies spend a fortune each season trying to forecast trends. >Carte

Ecco Ukka Weaves Love, Magic and Recycled Materials into Fabric Jewelry

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Ecco Ukka’s funky fabric jewelry pieces are green, fashion forward, and comfy all at the same time. Occasionally a handful of eco designers make it to the high ranks of haute couture (as is the case with Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem ), and we hope that they keep bringing high eco fashion to the world. Trained as an industrial designer, Liat founded Ecco Ukka in 2009 when she could no longer resolve her work as a fashion designer with her personal ecological beliefs.

2011 70

Modavanti: Hot Summer Sustainable Style

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Modavanti , an online boutique, is quickly becoming the web destination to shop sustainable fashion. Stocking some of the industries’ hottest brands, they’ve got an eye for style and a heart for moving fashion forward. Their unique Sustainability Badges, such as Made in the USA, Vegan, or Fair Trade, make it easy for shoppers to purchase according to their values. Olsenhaus stands for unwavering compassion without sacrificing style or fashion.

The Green Closet Project: Eco Designers Tara St. James and Auralis Join Forces with Ecover to Promote Smarter, Lower Impact Fashion

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NYC, my other home (my great-grandmother, grandmother and father all grew up there), was also once the center of America’s garment industry, which has diminished so that it is now a shadow of its former self. Instead of supporting American workers, we now get cheap clothes to the tune of Bangladeshi workers being paid just $43 a month to make them for us (that’s how fast fashion – and cheaper-than-ever clothes happen, my friends). Auralis in her studio.

Heroines for the Planet: Livia Firth Fresh From the Oscars

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To say Livia Firth is passionate about greening the fashion industry would be an understatement. Sure, she fancies walking the red carpet sustainably on the arm of her Oscar-winning husband Colin Firth, like she did just yesterday, but she’s more concerned with helping others transform their approach to style — causing a ripple effect felt throughout the fashion world. Livia: Valentino is another Italian fashion institution and I always loved his work.

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Eileen Fisher at the Green Festival: Eco Fashion, Beauty and Social Responsibility

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The Wonder Women of New York City’s sustainable fashion movement gathered under one big roof this Sunday to showcase style and ethics hand-in-hand. Eileen Fisher , alongside sustainable fashion writer Amy DuFault, rounded up a team of 8 eco-fashion trailblazers on the main stage at New York City’s Green Festival this weekend. Eileen Fisher’s approach to sustainable clothing is simple—timeless and modern clothing.

Fashion brands that are leading the sustainable movement

Green Prophet

Reformation hit a sweet spot with customers and the environment by fashioning deadstock fabric into new clothes. The topic of sustainability has become very popular in recent years. Fashion, in general, is one of the most widespread topics that has affected almost all realms of life.

Support SecondhandFirst Week

Green (Living) Review

It is organized by TRAID , the charity doing tireless work to ensure sustainable and ethical practices in the clothing chain and it is hoped that this will become an annual event. Plus our reuse, educational, ethical fashion and development partners will be running their own initiatives under the #Secondhandfirst flag during this special week. Maria Chenoweth-Casey, CEO of TRAID said, “Second-hand has the power to create a more sustainable society.

2014 112

The Tailor Project Transforms Clothes and Challenges Consumption

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My daughter Sophie is my fashion reality check. As a sustainable fashion writer, consultant and outspoken activist, imagine being my daughter when you want to be totally normal like all the other teens you go to school with. Imagine having to hear about garment worker’s rights, fast fashion , toxic effluents in waterways , textile waste , pesticides, designers getting screwed somewhere along the line and clothes being made in the U.S. I like fashion.

Eco Chic Exhibit Now On at Scandinavia House, NYC

Eco Chic

Righteous Fashion. Leave it to the Swedes to put together an exhibit concerning eco fashion that’s both beautiful and seriously thought-provoking. The film asks the right-now question, “Is there such a thing as sustainable globalization?&#.

2010 75

3 New Eco Boutiques: Ethical Shopping Wherever You Are!

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Belvele, Seven Sisters PDX, and Everyday Magic all contribute to an ethical fashion experience—whether it’s in how eco-friendly their products are, catering to made in the U.S.A. According to Belvele’s site, the store is, “a platform for independent designers who represent the brand’s essence: design, craftsmanship, sustainability.” Rojas has 10 years of experience in the fashion industry but her dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency led her to create Belvele. .

H&M’s Conscious Collection: More Than Just Talk? A Conversation on Fast Fashion and Sustainability

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Fast fashion is on its way out. But the milestone meeting, which occurred Thursday at the Vogue headquarters, “Conscious Talk,” gathered together a dynamic group of individuals to discuss how to move the fashion industry into a sustainable future. . Sponsored by H&M , a knowledgeable spread of panelists from across the eco-fashion sector met to talk about sustainability and fashion. In the end, “fashion is about being cool.”

What Are YOU Doing for Fashion Revolution Day in 2016? There’s LOTS Going On!

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Courtesy of Fashion Revolution Day. Some of them are still missing, their bodies lost to the race for the fashion bottom—the two dollar t-shirt. The Rana Plaza disaster didn’t have to be the most fatal garment industry of all time (and yes, there have been plenty of other “accidents” at garment factories that killed fewer people, usually women, which didn’t get as much attention). Find some Fashion Revolution Week events in your city!

2016 40

The Eco-Lovely Mrs. Montague Collection

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Parry is very aware about the constant evolution of sustainable fashion, but she is committed to her support of artisan communities. In addition all her clothes are made in New York in support of the local garment industry.

2011 75

The Future of Fashion? Designing with Mushroom Mycelium

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Designers Kristel Peters and Aniela Hoitink would prefer you think of the term “growth industry” just a little bit differently. More research is needed to determine the potential health effects of silver nanoparticles, but mycelium provides antibacterial powers wholesale, providing avenues for industries that rely on antibacterial products. Even so, as fast fashion has risen, so have more eco-friendly alternatives. ” The post The Future of Fashion?

2017 52

Afingo Fashion Forum at FIT: Sustainability and Philanthropy

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Starre Vartan (far right) speaks at FIT at the Afingo “Sustainability and Philanthropy&# panel. The most engaging insights included a consideration of the standards to which any fashion brand, eco or otherwise, must hold itself, as well as a call for improved labeling for consumers.

2011 76

7 Gorgeous Coats That Will Get You Excited for Winter

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Collection sizes and production are limited, in order to stay sustainable. The line is manufactured entirely in Australia, to support local industries. ” Sustainable luxury at its finest. In the world of sustainable fashion, Stella McCartney needs no introduction. Related on Eco-Chick: California Natural with Nau’s Micromodal Pants: How I Wear Eco Fashion. Men’s Eco Fashion Shopping Guide Part 1.

2014 56

The New Source4Style: THE Eco Fashion Designer’s Key Resource

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Our goal is to provide the most cutting-edge tools to facilitate commerce between two groups that are currently disconnected in the global market – the leading sustainable suppliers and the designers looking for them,” says Singh. Fair Fashion FeaturedSummer Rayne Oakes works on Source4Style from her home office.

2012 53

The New Source4Style: THE Eco Fashion Designer’s Key Resource

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Our goal is to provide the most cutting-edge tools to facilitate commerce between two groups that are currently disconnected in the global market – the leading sustainable suppliers and the designers looking for them,” says Singh. Fair Fashion FeaturedSummer Rayne Oakes works on Source4Style from her home office.

2012 51

MIA Teams with H&M to Get Us to Recycle & ReWear It (But Yeah, That Timing is a Little Controversial!)

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In an effort to make conservation tangible for those of us who are overwhelmed, new, or just into curving our Fashion carbon footprint, musical artist and bad-ass MIA has teamed up with fast- fashion giant H&M to get the word out about recycling our clothes. As we’ve talked about here and here , the fashion industry is a huge culprit in exhausting the earth’s bountiful but limited resources. Image via Metro Lyrics.

Green Jobs Create Negative Job Growth

Living In a Toxic World

Competition is what will make or break technology and industries. We need to redevelop our economy in a more sustainable fashion. Tags: economics sustainable development green economy government regulation Citing a Spanish study, a Bloomberg article reports that green job creation programs actually cost jobs elsewhere in the economy.