Industrial agriculture and forestry

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are dealing with Nature as if she were a factory floor and we even call agriculture and forestry nowadays industries. Then it is a call of chemical industry to the rescue in the form of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.,

How the Construction Industry Is Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

In the United States, 39% of total carbon emissions are due to buildings. In other words, over a third of carbon emissions in the U.S. stem from the construction, operation, and demolition of buildings – everything from homes to high-rise office towers. What if those emissions could be reduced just by using the right materials […]. green building green construction

Is mankind in danger of backsliding into pre-industrial times?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Club of Rome says yes and according to some predictions due to the rise in the world's pollution and the ever decreasing non-renewable resources humanity is threatened to relapse into pre-industrial times.

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25 Amazingly Cool Industrial Pendant Lamps

Green Furniture Home Design

Vintage, industrial pendant lamps are one of the most enduring lighting trends of the last decade, for good reason. Industrial pendant lights can be found in antique stores, as well as at modern furniture stores that sell upcycled and recycled furniture and fixtures.

Four Lies the Wellness Industry tells us about Mindfulness Meditation.

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Lately, I've noticed a troubling trend as mindfulness meditation has become the hottest new self-improvement tool in the handbook of the wellness industry. Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality anxiety dedicated practice mindfulness meditation myths spiritual seekers stress wellness industry four liesNames such as "Retreat and Renewal,".

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Lodging industry energy use down 5 percent from 2008 to 2012

Green Traveler Guides

Lodging industry energy use down 5 percent from 2008 to 2012 is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. A Big Data look at 2,200 U.S. lodging establishments also shows a decrease in total electric consumption in this sector of 6 percent decrease during peak demand.

2008 51

Meat Glue: The Meat Industry’s Dirty Secret

Green Prophet

The white powder sold by the kilo, above, is the meat industry’s dirty little secret. Care for a slab of Frankenstein steak? Just glue meat scraps together and serve ‘em up, hot. Side of blood clots, optional.

Meat Industry Rails Against Pro-Vegan Federal Report


In response to unprecedented dietary guidelines set to be considered by the American government, the meat industry is looking to poke any holes in a pro plant-based diet recommendation. The Read More The post Meat Industry Rails Against Pro-Vegan Federal Report appeared first on Ecorazzi.

The Toxic Waters of the Tar Sands Industry

Sierra Club Compass

If they have their way, the industry''s plans for tar sands extraction would destroy a swath of boreal forest the size of Florida, and already the toxic tailings lakes of mining wastewater can be seen from space.

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‘The Cove’ Director Exposes China’s Illegal Shark Industry


The Oceanic Preservation Society, the organization behind “The Cove,” is producing another film, this time capturing the illegal shark industry in China. Read More The post ‘The Cove’ Director Exposes China’s Illegal Shark Industry appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News Science louie psihoyos

Oil Industry Blasts Threaten Millions Of East Coast Dolphins


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management gave the oil industry the ability to look for new deposits in the Atlantic Ocean off the the Read More The post Oil Industry Blasts Threaten Millions Of East Coast Dolphins appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Cruise industry claims eco-progress

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The cruise line industry is making significant investment to become more protective of the ocean environment. Cruise industry claims eco-progress is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Oil Trains: The Industry Speaks for Itself

Sightline Daily

A year and a half after an oil train inferno ended 47 lives in Lac-Megantic, Quebec , the crude-by-rail industry rolls on, virtually unimpeded. It’s about a reckless and unaccountable oil industry that—in the most literal and obvious way—profits by putting our lives at risk.

Science + Flickr + Social Media Show the World’s Coral Reefs = $36 Billion to the Travel Industry and Host Nations Every Year

Nature Conservancy - Science

Travel and Tourism Industry has a Stake in the Health of Coral Reefs. Travel and tourism is arguably the world’s largest industry, and unsustainable tourism can be a threat to reefs, with the capacity to destroy the very attraction that brought visitors in the first place. “If

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No plastics safe? Industry hides frightening evidence on BPA-free baby bottles

Green Prophet

Investigative reporter Mariah Blake also revealed how the plastics industry has used a “Big Tobacco-style campaign” to bury the disturbing scientific evidence.

Industry and industrial production in the new age

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I am going to play the Devil's Advocate here and will say that industry and industrial production will not, as it is being claimed, go over to total robotic production but will, in fact, cease and that in the not so distant future.

First lab-grown hamburger served, could make the meat-industry more ethical and environmentally friendly

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The hamburger, which has grown from tiny bits of beef muscle tissue in a laboratory, is hoped to be able to increase food security, create better livestock conditions, decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the meat industry and reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming.

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Industry benefits from ‘Modernization of Pork Slaughter’ – not pigs, not consumers


The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) would allow FSIS to buddy up with folks in the pork industry under the veil that our pork supply needs more safety inspectors to keep consumers safe. It’s success means nothing more than the inflated profits for those in control of the pork industry, and the continued marketing ploys of ‘happy’ meat.

What's Next: 3D Solar Cells to revolutionize the photovoltaic industry


B.Sameer Kumar: Decoding 3D solar Cells. Solar technology is in itself a relatively ‘young’ energy source compared to fossil fuels when it comes to generating electricity out of it.

The Happiness of Industrial Yoga.

Elephant Journal

Yoga is now a vehicle for our modern pursuit of pleasure, but it was designed greater goals. Use yoga to step off the.

Demand-led or industry-led consumption?

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Industry, who else, via advertising. By means of advertising on TV, radio and in printed media (and now also on the Internet), as well as on billboards, industry creates these perceived needs that make people rush out – or go online – to buy these unnecessary necessities.

Making the mining industry greener: an environmentally-safe way to extract gold

Green Prophet

The hazardous nature of the mining business is the reason why the industry is being heavily criticized by environmentalists all over the world. The face of the mining industry, however, might change with the groundbreaking discovery of some scientists from the Northwestern University.

Dear Diet Industry: I’m Breaking up with You.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Free Content to Partners Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today break ups dexatrim diet industry Jane Fonda Jaques Pepin I gave you everything, and in return you gave me sugar-free pudding.

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When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

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Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems » When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their Own Feet? The wind industry has taken the first steps toward moving off of federal subsidies, and it is past time the fossil fuel industry did the same.

Danny Macaskill Hops, Tricks and Jumps Through An Industrial Playground in ‘Industrial Revolutions’

Wend Magazine

But in his newest video, Industrial Revolutions , he appears more playful and jovial than ever before, kind of like a big kid in a big industrial playground. Click here to view the embedded video. Some people are naturally better at certain things than other people. Danny Macaskill is better at maneuvering his BMX bike around than anyone we’ve ever seen. In fact, he just may be better on his bike than he is on his own two feet.

Breaking: Kids earn Right to sue Government, Frackers & Fossil Fuel Industry.

Elephant Journal

A group of youths in Oregon just won the right to hold the government and the fossil fuels industry responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.

Dairy farmers are rude on Facebook, reflect the industry


Stuff reports that following some crude comments, welfarists are demanding an independent watchdog take over animal welfare responsibilities from the Ministry for Primary Industries. Facebook has a reputations for airing out dirty laundry.

WMS Metal Industries Sorts Recyclables and Makes $ With Push of Button

Green Prophet

The United Arab Emirates is planning to ban non-biodegradable plastic products beginning next year, and it is possible it can work with the latest technological invention from WMS Metal Industries now working locally.

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Keeping the industrial economy and stopping climate change is an illusion

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) To think we can keep the industrial economy and stop climate change is an illusion. Thus we have to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions are but part of our industrial pollution. climate change industrial economy economy

A Personal Truth in response to the “Yoga is not a Fashion Industry” Debate.

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Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that we all take our clothes off and start doing naked. Health & Wellness Writer's Contest June 1-14 Yoga acceptance being criticised fashion Instagram Yogis self expression yoga practice

Award-Winning Industrial Designer Creates Elegant Functional Erotic Art

Green Prophet

As an industrial designer, his specialty is medical devices, but his passions have always run a bit more personal. I went to Berlin to see a big show just to travel around and see people in this industry. That’s when I knew this is the place for me, an industrial designer.

DESERTEC Leaves its Industrial Partner Dii

Green Prophet

The group also said they want to “avoid being dragged into the maelstrom of negative publicity about the management crisis and disorientation of the industrial consortium.” More setbacks for Middle East solar or the only way a big dream can move ahead?

Oil and Gas Industry Leads Global Corruption Index- US More Corrupt than Qatar


A corruption index published by Transparency International , based on 13 surveys globally, finds that the oil and gas industry and mining are the industries that account for most global corruption.

Qatar 31

Malibu Residents Oppose Plan to House Bengal Tigers for Film Industry


Sisters Irena Hauser and Sophia Kryszek of Ventura County, just west of Malibu, California, want to house five Bengal tigers that will be used for filming in the entertainment industry.

New ‘Frankenstein’ Grass Could Be Huge For Biofuel Industry


Department of Agriculture and the University of California, Berkeley Read More The post New ‘Frankenstein’ Grass Could Be Huge For Biofuel Industry appeared first on Ecorazzi. By Deena Shanker, Now here is a GMO I can get behind: starchier grass. A research partnership between the U.S.

Netafim Drip Irrigation Recognized by Stockholm Industry Water Award

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Drip irrigation technology is a key component of Israel’s agricultural success , and Netafim is one of the industry’s leaders. Founded in 1965 and currently operating in more than 100 countries, the company recently received the prestigious 2013 Stockholm Industry Award.

Is it Gluten Intolerance or are We Being Poisoned?

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Food Health & Wellness Yoga celiac disease gluten intolerance gmos industrial farming Monsanto wheat Is Celiac Disease something our bodies just suddenly all made up at once?

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Africa's worst drought tied to industrial pollution by the West

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Already in the late 1960s and then the 1970s the Hippies kept telling us that the pollution of industrial plants was causing us grief.

Event: Southwest Washington—the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone?

Sightline Daily

Click image for event flyer. This April 1st, Eric de Place will join Vancouver, Washington leaders for a forum discussion on the threat of oil trains to southwest Washington communities.

Arab Israeli Yafa Energy Plans to Solar Power Traditional Industry

Green Prophet

Yafa Energy could be a bridge over which Arab-Israeli technology finds its way to industries in the Arab world seeking renewable energy solutions. In some cases the cost for heating industrial boilers adds up to more than the employees’ salaries.