Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

Nature Conservancy - Science

This fall, the shaggy beasts will be reintroduced to Kankakee Sands , a Nature Conservancy preserve in southern Indiana. Historically, bison roamed the Indiana prairie, although likely in small, residential herds in contrast to the huge, migratory bison of the Great Plains. Native habitat hasn’t fared much better in the state: More than 99 percent of Indiana’s prairies have been lost to agriculture, development and lack of healthy fire.

Bad tenure news for Indiana Jones

Environmental Economics

The departmental committee has met to decide on Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones tenure, and the news is not good. In his nine years with the department, Dr. Jones has failed to complete even one uninterrupted semester of instruction. In fact, he hasn’t been in attendance for more than four consecutive weeks since he was hired.


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Things Indiana Jones and I have in common.

Environmental Economics

we're both college professors, and we both hate snakes : Get ready to update your nightmares. A scientist from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has discovered that a species of snake, the Cuban boa, hunts in groups, and through teamwork improve their chances of catching prey.

Indiana Jones and the Clean Power Rule

Sightline Daily

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , Indie finds himself on a ledge before a chasm, with no obvious way across. The state-by-state approach is like Indiana Jones building a creaky and complicated pulley system instead of walking across the plank. Ignoring the evidence of his senses, he follows a clue he’s been given, takes a leap of faith and lands on an invisible plank. The proposed US Clean Power Rule puts Oregon and Washington, along with other Western states, on a ledge, too.

New solar farm in Indiana boosts local pollinators


That’s what the folks of Logansport, Indiana are saying as they trade their last coal power plant for a new 80-acre, 16-megawatt solar farm complete with a pollinator habitat. See the rest here: New solar farm in Indiana boosts local pollinators. Goodbye, dirty old coal-fired power plant. Hello, sunshine, bees and butterflies.

Can Floodplain Forest Restoration Reduce the Gulf’s Dead Zone?

Nature Conservancy - Science

By John Shuey, director of science, The Nature Conservancy in Indiana. Indiana has been identified as one of the states contributing the most excess nitrogen to the Gulf of Mexico, and these nutrients come from a variety of sources, both urban and rural. A new study by the University of Notre Dame is showing that restored floodplain forests along the Wabash River in Indiana can help decrease the amount of nitrogen reaching the Gulf.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, March 28

Cool Green Science

An Indiana dairy farm has found an innovative use for all of that cow manure. ( Arctic Biodiversity Birds Climate Change Conservation Issues Energy Environmental News Global Warming Green Living The Green Buzz Arctic sea ice bee colonies Christian Science Monitor cow manure indiana dairy farm MNN National Geographic New York Times pesticides polar bear tortoise Treehugger two-headed shark wildlife trafficking

Angry in Indy: Activists Take On Big Coal's Plan to Raise Rates.

Sierra Club Compass

Big Coal got a rude awakening recently after angry customers and clean-air advocates in Indiana filled a public hearing after Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) released a proposal to increase rates. Beyond Coal Organizer Megan Anderson said her team had less than two weeks to mobilize activists and turn out for the recent Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission hearing. A decision by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is expected in a few months. Compass.

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Farming, Adapting to Climate Change & the Limits of Imagination

Nature Conservancy - Science

For instance, a place like Indiana — the prototypical example of rain-fed agriculture — would need to start using more irrigation. Farm sprinkler irrigation system. Photo by Flickr user Chesapeake Bay Program via a Creative Commons license. What will the world look like in 50 years? Everybody wants to know the answer, especially when it comes to climate change.

Will EU Apply Carbon Tariffs Against US Rogue States?

Green Living Ideas

In five states 90% of the electricity comes from coal: Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Tags: Alternative Energy News and Events 90% coal carbon tariffs copenhagen final document due January 31 France Indiana Kentucky North Dakota West Virginia Wyoming In Colorado it is 70%. A relatively few highly coal-dependent states is the reason that the overall American carbon footprint per capita is so much higher than Europeans.

2010 43

Elinor Ostrom: 1933-2012

Environmental Economics

The entire Indiana University community mourns the passing today of Distinguished Professor Elinor Ostrom, who received the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for her groundbreaking research on the ways that people organize themselves to manage resources.

There will be negative economic effects if the government burns carbon tax revenue

Environmental Economics

The poster was analyzing the effect of a $15/ton carbon tax on Indiana's economy. From the inbox: Thought you would get a kick out of the rather significant government finance "limitation" expressed on this poster I saw at a recent professional meeting.    I'm sure that had a little to do with the dramatic impacts predicted for GSP and employment. Source: HH

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Bison, Pioneers of the Prairie, Return to Kankakee Sands

Nature Conservancy - Science

Over the past 20 years The Nature Conservancy in Indiana has been converting 6,700 acres of row-crop agriculture at Kankakee Sands into a diverse prairie. Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana. Most plants and animals have been able to make it back on their own,” Ted Anchor the Northwest Indiana Program Director says.

2017 66

Texas governor fails to recognize the difference between an efficient and an equitable distribution of water

Environmental Economics

PORTIONS OF INDIANA. Texas Governor Rick Perry called on Texans to pray for rain as cooler temperatures on Thursday helped firefighters contain wildfires that have charred more than 1.5 million acres across the state. via FLASH FLOOD WATCH REMAINS IN EFFECT THROUGH SATURDAY AFTERNOON. THE FLASH FLOOD WATCH CONTINUES FOR. KENTUCKY AND OHIO. via

Texas 116

Where is the congressional outcry over price suppression (or whatever the opposite of price gouging is)?

Environmental Economics

Another ten states -- Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia -- also have gas for less than $2. Data from price tracker shows that three states -- Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio -- have at least one station each selling regular gas for less than $1.90 a gallon. Cheap gas is most frequently found at stations in Oklahoma, which was the first state to break the $2 a gallon mark on Dec.

2014 167

Monitoring and enforcement

Environmental Economics

Since April 2010, the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration has conducted 251 so-called “impact inspections” in coal mines, including 73 in Kentucky and seven in Indiana. Those safety sweeps have netted 4,530 citations for violations, including nearly 2,000 in Kentucky and 111 in Indiana. At the same time, MSHA has ordered 427 temporary mine closings to fix problems, including 174 in Kentucky and six in Indiana.

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And, But, Therefore (SEA meeting mini-debrief)

Environmental Economics

Noonan ,  Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis  " Navigating the Journal Review Process " Will Wheeler ,  U.S. Once again, IMHO , the AERE sessions at the SEA meetings were a big success. AERE sponsored 15 sessions, an all time high. I attended X of these and each one had an audience between 15 and 25 (with one exception). The presentations were great (i.e., I learned a lot).

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User fees (post #425)

Environmental Economics

Louisville C-J : Tolls of $1 to $10 per crossing will be used for far more than just paying for construction of two new bridges over the Ohio River, Kentucky and Indiana officials say. the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridges Authority. Some local lawmakers argue it’s unfair to Louisville and Southern Indiana residents to pay those costs through tolls while federal highway funds that come from gasoline taxes are free to be spent elsewhere.

2012 126

Girl Scouts vs coal mining

Environmental Economics

A negative externality example for your micro principles course:  For 55 years, the Girl Scout camp has been a destination for families across Kentucky and Indiana. Now, another fixture of the local landscape, coal mining, may be cutting in. A strip mine proposed by a nearby company, Western Kentucky Minerals, could soon surround the camp, altering its bucolic vista for years.

How 'bout dem O's

Environmental Economics

  I can turn it on or off on command--Mom grew up in inner city Ballmer, Dad grew up in rural Indiana.  For those of you who have never heard me speak. Observations:  1) The first paper I ever wrote in college (at the University of Maryland, Ballmer Counny), for my freshman writing class, was titled "How 'Bout Dem O's." 

2014 138

350Green Installing 400 EV Stations Across US

Eco Auto Ninja

The company is building out a national network of more than 1,000 charging stations, with projects under way in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and California. 350Green, which is an American company that creates EV charging networks, is purchasing and installing more than 400 Coulomb Technologies charging units across the United States. Why do they call themselves 350green?

2011 109

New Orleans Pelicans

Environmental Economics

Indiana Invasive Species | colors: navy blue, black (what is more invasive than Duke?). This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

2013 131

I know I live in a sports crazy town, but this is surprising to me

Environmental Economics

Either the I-70 corridor in Ohio and Indiana is football rabid, or there's not much to do in the cold flat eastern mid-west on a Sunday night in early February Top 10 Metered Markets For Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore                59.6/83. New Orleans             57.1/77. Washington, DC        56.9/80.

A Common Tragedy

Environmental Economics

size of Indiana that extends from Cape Cod up through Nova Scotia. When self-regulation, weak regulation and social norms fail to address overfishing in an aopen-access fishery (like the New England Cod fishery), sometimes drastic regulations are necessary for the long-term sustainability of the fishery. even if the short-term effects are uncomfortable : An advisory council voted Wednesday to. slash cod catch rates by 77% in the Gulf of Maine, a region roughly the.

2013 145

Growing Seeds and Volunteer Connections at Weekly Work Days

Cool Green Science

Every Thursday, a dedicated group of volunteers from across Indiana gather at Kankakee Sands, the Conservancy’s prairie-savanna restoration in northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois. At two greenhouse work days hosted by the Indiana chapter, volunteers enjoyed a balmy escape from chilly (and sometimes snowy) spring weather while they transplanted flat-topped aster, Joe Pye weed, and other native species from germination trays.

2016 55

Children spend less time outside than prison inmates

Green (Living) Review

The inmates, who live at the Wabash Valley Correctional Institute, a maximum security facility in Indiana, describe daily outdoors time as “probably the most important part of my day.” Prisoners at a maximum security facility in the U.S. are guaranteed 2 hours of outdoor time daily, whereas 1 out of 2 kids worldwide spends less than an hour outside. Children spend less time outside each day than prison inmates do in the United States.

2016 101

Two visiting assistant professors for Political Economy and Environmental Research (PEER) Initiative

Environmental Economics

The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) seeks to appoint two visiting assistant professors on the Indianapolis campus as part of its new Political Economy and Environmental Research (PEER) Initiative. These visiting professors form the centerpiece of the PEER Initiative and will serve primarily research-oriented appointments, producing scholarship on policies related to markets, entrepreneurship, voluntarism, or regulation.

2014 132

Warren Buffett Says Coal Will Be Replaced

Sierra Club Compass

"Coal will gradually decline in importance,"  Buffett said , in an answer to a question at a ribbon cutting for a new Geico center in Indiana. "There It’s appropriate that Warren Buffett made his statement about coal’s future in Indiana, a state which still gets 85 percent of its power from coal plants. According to a report from Bloomberg News , Warren Buffett, the U.S.'s

2013 88

Water Quality Trading in Practice

Environmental Economics

In a “water quality trading” test program recently announced by environmental regulators in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, farmers could cut polluted stormwater runoff from their fields and sell the reductions as credits to power companies. An example of market-based environmental theory put into practice: Faced with a planned federal mandate to cut water pollution from power plants, American Electric Power and other utility companies might simply pay farmers to do the job for them.

2012 145

OFS furniture is eco-driven from tree to delivery


Upon noticing the effects of poor forest management in southern Indiana, they established the Indiana Nature Conservancy.

Boy mushroom hunting uncovers ancient “Bel Air” tombstone in Israel

Green Prophet

Future Indiana Jones. Thirteen-year-old Stav Meir, from Caesarea, Israel went out a week ago with his father Zohar, his brothers and cousins, ??to to look for mushrooms in the Caesarea area after the rains. The plentiful rains recently meant the harvest would be good. In his hunting the boy found a slab of marble poking out of the ground, with Greek letters. “I immediately recognized that it was something ancient,” said Stav, a seventh-grader.

Big Clean Air Victory in Indianapolis

Sierra Club Compass

It is also the largest source of dangerous soot and sulfur dioxide pollution in the county, contributing to central Indiana's failing grades for air quality announced earlier this year by the American Lung Association. "For the past two years, thousands of Indianapolis residents have demanded clean air for our community," says Jodi Perras, Indiana representative for Beyond Coal. "They've

A Big Win for Clean Air in Pennsylvania - and Nationwide!

Sierra Club Compass

"Some of the best economic analysts in the region have repeatedly shown that this plant simply isn't economically viable.and it's certainly a bad investment for the people of Indiana County. "Pennsylvania has the opportunity to become a national leader in clean energy manufacturing and production, and Indiana County (where Homer City is located) is well-positioned to take advantage of this clean energy economy."

Stopping to See the Forest — and the Trees

Cool Green Science

Located on Chicago’​s far southeast side at the Illinois-Indiana state line lies William W. Sure, I’ve glanced out the window at Wolf Lake as I headed onto the Indiana Tollway, but given the towering steel mills and draw bridges on the other side of the highway, I assumed that industry had taken its toll on its waters. This region is known as the Calumet , an area stretching from South Chicago to Gary, Indiana. We all overlook nature sometimes.

2017 43

Electric cars for city dwellers?

Sierra Club Compass

In Indiana, which relies heavily on coal for its electricity, full battery electric vehicles are at least 37 percent lower in carbon emissions than the average comparable conventional car -- but a bit higher than today''s hybrid vehicles. Many city dwellers don''t have cars. Ideally, they rely on their bikes, their feet, and public transit to get around. Certainly that''s the best environmental choice.

2014 79

Guerrilla Gardening: Activist Planters

Green Home Blog

in 1801, as nurseryman John “Appleseed” Chapman singlehandedly established throngs of apple trees throughout Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois and parts of West Virginia through his continuous seed distribution, by hand. Sometimes you do not need the loud, raucous, volatile agenda that often comes with one activist movement or another. Sometimes a statement can be made with silent action and that is exactly what guerrilla gardening has been doing.

2013 109

Personal Gardening and Farming Are Becoming Illegal

Green (Living) Review

In fact, Indiana just passed a bill, Senate Bill 179, which will allot funding to small farm research in order to build up local economies. There once was a time when vegetable gardening and backyard farming were not endangered; these activities were a way of life. However, with booming big agriculture business comes the need for monetary and job security, which means that threatening the productivity of big agriculture will not be tolerated.

2014 103

Caught on Tape: Walker Plans for a Single Party State | PR Watch

PR Watch

Walker: "Well, (Indiana Gov.) Mitch Daniels, did -- now, see the beautiful thing is, he did it in Indiana, he had it by executive order that created the unions years ago, and so when he came in about a week after he eliminated through executive order. Do you think what is happening here is not connected to Indiana and Ohio? Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves.

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The Curious Case of the Antidepressant, Anti-Anxiety Backyard Garden

Green (Living) Review

It’s well-established that the microbes in soil enhance the nutritional value of food and, as found in studies of farm children in Bavaria and among the Indiana Amish, improve immune function. Whether it's microbes in the dirt or fresh air—or both—researchers do know this: Gardening is strong medicine. Gardening is my Prozac. The time I dedicate to training tomato vines or hacking at berry bushes seems to help me stave off feelings of sadness or dread and calm the chatter in my mind.

2016 101

New Pollutants on the Rise

Eco Friendly Daily

Proof of its continued presence in the environment comes from a 2011 study by Indiana University. Another 2011 study by Indiana University raises questions about new flame retardants meant to replace the more dangerous PBDEs. Flame retardants are necessary in the home. Considering the alternative, there is no choice but to include them in the production of household products. However, the agents meant to protect life may also carry an environmental cost.

Non-GMO Hybrid corn outperforms GMO counterparts

Green (Living) Review

The company is based in Linden, Indiana. University Corn Trial Results Suggest Non-GMO Hybrid Performance Is Competitive With GMO Counterparts Non-GMO hybrids are a proven alternative for corn farmers, attesting that consumer food prices don''t have to rise due to yield differences. LINDEN, Ind., 20, 2013 : Corn hybrid trials in Illinois have been harvested, and results are showing Non-GMO corn hybrids performing as well or better than GMO corn hybrids.

Hybrid 101

Mystery Illness Driving Researchers Batty

Eco Friendly Daily

As many as half a million bats may be affected, including little brown bats , eastern pipistrelles , northern long-eared bats , and the endangered Indiana bat. Several graduate students from Indiana State University have been investigating possible causes of the die-off. Some people consider them to be rats with wings, others think about vampire legends. However, bats are an important part of most terrestrial ecosystems.

Take This One Step to Protect Trees on Memorial Day

Cool Green Science

Photo © Jared Spokowsky, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, And indeed, the silver lining to this story is this: you can help. Leigh Greenwood is the manager of the Don’t Move Firewood campaign. Are you planning to start your camping season off right this Memorial Day weekend? Here’s one simple way to combine your desire to protect the environment with your plans to have a great time outdoors: don’t move firewood from your home or backyard to your campsite.

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