India's Coal Illusion - Compass

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COP 18: First Steps » Indias Coal Illusion. Despite warnings from the World Bank about the dangers of unchecked climate change the coal industry has a global pipeline of nearly 1,200 plants planned , 2/3 of which are in India and China. India’s huge pipeline will require ~2.4

On Set at Harper’s Bazaar India Shoot: Green and Glam Makeup

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I’d like to take you behind the scenes of a Harper’s Bazaar India shoot for which I used an entirely “green” makeup kit to prepare the models in an opulent and fantastical location set in in Italy’s breathtaking Lake Como.

The Dangers of E-Waste

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Developed nations are dealing with a crisis of overconsumption, which produces many harmful consequences. One of these consequences is e-waste, which is created when electronic products are thrown away. Photo credit: Greenpeace India.

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Conventional Power Plants Get Hybrid Dance Partner, the Sun

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Avi Kribus has developed a technology that combines the conventional fuel used in today’s power plants with the lower pressures and temperatures of steam produced by solar power. This solar-produced steam is then used to rotate the turbines that generate electricity.

What the Passage of the Wind Production Tax Credit Means for.

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Dont Frack Our "Promised Land" » What the Passage of the Wind Production Tax Credit Means for 2013 and Beyond. cents per kilowatt hour to wind producers for the first ten years of operation. It still must be producing electricity in order to receive money from the U.S.

Similarly, I've entered into a private deal with a fair trade coffee farmer*

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Export-led growth:  Kentucky coal producers have reached an agreement to export 9 million tons of coal annually to India for the next 25 years in a $7 billion deal that is a boost to the region’s sagging mining industry. The deal, which would equate to about 8 percent of Kentucky’s annual coal production, could help India avert power outages like the one last week that left more than 600 million people without electricity, India officials said.

Israeli WaterGen gadget pulls drinking water from thin air

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WaterGen is now developing and producing portable units that literally turn water vapor in the air into potable drinking water. India, a country which has a severe problem of enough fresh water for its giant population, has also become interested in Water-Gen devices.

Bhutan- Helping Lead the Way on Sustainability


It plans to ban the sale of pesticides and herbicides and rely instead on its own animals and farm waste to produce fertilisers. The small Himalayan nation of 1.2million people, which borders India and China, plans for its food production to become 100 percent organic by 2020.

Is Leather Sustainable? The Textile Test Series Investigates

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In this piece we highlight the leather production process—both new and old, designers who are aiming to make it better, and how you can purchase smarter, more sustainable leather products. In modern production, this is where most of the pollution in generated.

Olive Prices Hit Hard – Explained

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Middle Eastern olive oil producers are baring the brunt of falling oil prices. Olive oil prices have hit a 10 year low , severely impacting producers in Spain, Italy , Greece and Protugal- which produce more than 60 percent of the world’s olive oil.

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On Set at Harper’s Bazaar India Shoot: Green and Glam Makeup

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I’d like to take you behind the scenes of a Harper’s Bazaar India shoot for which I used an entirely “green” makeup kit to prepare the models in an opulent and fantastical location set in in Italy’s breathtaking Lake Como.

Installation of 1GW capacity at the Jaisalmer wind park makes it the largest in India


Pratima Kalra: One of the world’s leading turbine makers, Suzlon Group, recently reported to have crossed the 1GW capacity at its Jaisalmar wind park in India. The target had already been met on April 1, 2012, when the wind energy production touched 1,064MWs. Largest Wind Farm in India.

2C + 565 + 2,795 is only part of the story

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But we have to realize that the geo center of ecogravity has shifted to the East, mainly China and India, given their unfathomable size and relentless, unsustainable growth.

The Unholy Business of the Indian Cow


—————————————– I ndians believe that the cow is a holy animal and yet, India is set to become the largest exporter of beef this year. Cow protection in India is definitely a Single Issue Campaign.

6 Eco-Friendly Resorts Around the World For Travelers With a Conscience

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You can even begin to sign up for carbon-free trips and packages, and check for online stores, such as that features a range of must-have travel items, products (like organic cotton beach towels ) and clothing. Head down south to the city of pearls, south India’s finest- Hyderabad.

Obama sends US troops to Uganda to help combat the LRA – but is oil the true reason?

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Production of 150,000 barrels of oil per day by 2015 place Uganda among top 50 oil producing nations is planned. The added stress of urban migration associated with oil production may only exacerbate the dynamics behind civil strife. [.]

A cracking idea!

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Edinburgh Napier student produces range of tableware made from her own patent pending egg shell material It’s the food stuff that is traditionally enjoyed scrambled, poached, boiled or fried.

Dubai’s Camelicious sees potential European, US market for camel milk

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Officially called Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) — but far better known by its playful brand name, Camelicious — the farm represents one of Dubai’s very few attempts at actually producing something: healthy, natural camel milk.

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Ecological unequal exchange is helping Europe maintain its leading role, greenhouse gases and overconsumption

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Semi-periphery nations could for example be China, India, Russia and Brazil. Periphery nations are exporting large quantities of low-value products, such as metals and timber, to core nations for consumption.

Why Conservation Should Embrace a Diversity of People & Values

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The early, productive discourse drew out some big issues for conservation scientists and practitioners to wrestle with: * Is protecting nature for its own sake (intrinsic values) enough? *

Visit Israel’s Agritech and meet flux – for feeding the world on drought

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Thought leaders want a shake up of conventional agriculture, because large mono-crop farms are not producing enough to feed the world. flux creates an operating system to power vertical, smart farms everywhere.

Fair Trade Bike Chain Menorah Good for Environment and for Artisans

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Made by artisans who receive fair wages while upcycling metal products, this bike chain menorah is sustainable for people and the environment. Sold through various online shops, the bicycle chain menorah is made by artisans at Noah’s Ark International in Moradabad, India.

Trade in Environmental Goods May Not Actually Be So Good

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Trade can help spread environmentally friendly technologies, but if the products we’re trading harm the environment, everyone loses. In 2012, these 21 countries  agreed to reduce or eliminate tariffs by the end of 2015 on a list of 54 "environmentally beneficial" products.

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Global projections show that meat production will “ grow by 17% over the coming decade.” In fact , the US is slated for record red meats and poultry production for 2015 and 2016 and the projections are for continued growth in all red meat and poultry categories. India.

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Destroying the Planet for Beef

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One cow produces up to 120kg of methane each year, and there are 1.5 The recent Forbes report pointed out that livestock production is a human invention that has never previously endangered the planet’s health.

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


On sunny days, our bodies produce more serotonin, a chemical that cheers us up and motivates us [1]. China dominates the solar energy production. 1 China dominates the solar energy production. China is the world’s leading solar producer.

Coal Ash Dumps Threaten Our Health - Compass

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Coal ash is a general term for the toxic waste produced by coal-fired power plants, and contains multiple toxins and pollutants including arsenic and lead. India. Compass. « Electric Vehicles Get the Vote in New York City | Main. |

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

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has launched such suits against India, challenging its ambitious solar energy program, and against China, over wind power. And yet, with brazen hypocrisy, Washington denounces China and India at the United Nations for not doing enough to cut emissions, claiming this as an excuse for U.S.

Aviation fuel from nonedible plant soars

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Australian -based Mission NewEnergy, Limited , the largest producer of Jatropha by acreage planted, currently employs more than 140,000 formerly impoverished farmers in India now earning a living cultivating Jatropha without compromising food supply or food pricing. The company is currently distributing product in Europe , and launching its U.S. | Green Travel News |. S everal airlines have now successfully tested biofuel made from the little known, non-edible plant Jatropha.

Honolulu's Halekulani intros 'GMO-free cuisine'

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In order to ensure that food items contain a minimal amount of chemicals and pollutants, Halekulani sources produce from local organic farms. Shunned are meat, eggs, and dairy products from GMO-fed animals.

10 Green Prophets for 2012

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Solar Mama Rafea from Jordan is an inspiring young woman who travelled to India to learn how to become a solar engineer. The year in retrospect has been a positive one.

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Monsanto and GMOs: a Model of Greed

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For this reason, most developed nations have policies requiring mandatory labeling of GMO foods at the very least, and some have issued bans on GMO food production and imports.” In Canada we don’t require labeling of GMO products.

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15 Practical Tips for Sustainable Travel

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When you are visiting the Taj Mahal in India or the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, know that pollution and heavy traffic of tourists have taken its toll. When travelling, skip fast-food favorites like burgers and fries and go for local restaurants and buy local products.

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PepsiCo develops world's first 100% plant-based and renewably sourced PET bottle

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PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a petro-chemical product and based on oil which the bio-plast bottle is not oil-based. The company will pilot production of the new bottle in 2012.

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Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers: Kiwi Rising Double IPL

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Kiwi Rising is a double India pale lager by Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers of Framingham, Massachusetts. I must admit that Jack’s Abby is one of my favorite breweries for its devotion to cool-fermented lager brewing in a craft beer industry dominated by warm-fermented ale production.

Part 2: One of History’s Earliest Ethical Vegan Voices


And so the poet stated: “I restrict myself to beans and lentils and such food as I would rather not mention,” likely meaning some of the local produce that Khusraw noticed, and probably cheap grains and olive oil. Guest post by Timothy Conway, PhD. Find Part 1 of this post here.

The Perfect Maxi Dress: How I Wear Eco Fashion

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Duncan and Vicky met while backpacking around India in the late 1980s. They soon returned to India with the profits they had made, mixing business with pleasure; staying at Buddhist retreats, discovering crafts at local markets and picking up gorgeous handmade fabrics along the way.

The sun keeps shining bright: World solar power topped 100,000 megawatts in 2012

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While PV production has become increasingly concentrated in one country—China—the number of countries installing PV is growing rapidly. A decade ago, China produced almost no PV. Worldwide, PV production in 2012 declined 2 percent from 2011, the first annual drop on record. The other big Asian solar story comes from India, a country of 1.2 Bridge to India projects that figure will jump to 12,800 megawatts by 2016.

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10 refugee shelters and their pros and cons

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Once in mass production, they should only cost $1,000 each, they house five people, and they only weigh 100kg. UNHCR pays manufacturers in India and Pakistan about $195 for one of these.

GM In Israeli Food, Lots of It

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Russia, like Israel itself, allows GM products to be imported, but prohibits commercial GM farming. As GM seeds produce sterile crops, cross-contamination with wild plants means the inevitable, and rapid extinction of hundreds, if not thousands, of wild species.

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