Saudi Arabia building world’s largest green hydrogen plant at Neom

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The American gas giant Air Products & Chemicals announced this week that it will build the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in Saudi Arabia. And renewable hydrogen is the best gas. Hyzon, a hydrogen fuelled bus. See Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore.

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What is hydrogen?

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Not only is Hydrogen one of the simplest elements known to man (each hydrogen atom has only one proton); it is also the most plentiful gas in the universe, especially if you consider that stars are primarily made-up of hydrogen.

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10 Things A Planet Needs to Make it Habitable

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artist rendition of Kepler 186f Using the latest Kepler telescope, scientists have recently discovered close to 140 Earth-like planets among thousands of exotic exoplanets in the galaxy. The one common ingredient that makes a planet habitable, Batalha tells us, is the need for liquid water.

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Getting Personal With 94 Elements – from Hydrogen to Plutonium (Video)

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Enter 94 Elements, a global filmmaking project which aims to create beautiful short films that depict the every day, personal uses of each element – from Hydrogen to Plutonium.

GM Hydrogen Hy-Wire and Sequel Cars Could Power Our Future | Green.

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Two of these concepts involve using hydrogen powered fuel cells to provide electricity for one or more electric motors to propel the cars along at speeds ranging up to 130 mph and with cruising ranges of up to 300 miles (480 km).

Hydrogen Bombing To Prevent Global Warming?

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In other words, tinkering with the planet to see if any theories may result in an actual working model of planetary preservation. If a solution like H-bombing the planet out of its own orbit to distance itself from the sun can be done in 2050, cutting back on greenhouse emissions no longer seems to be so urgentwhich, of course, it is. Would our children be happy for us to move their planet out of its own orbit?

Seoul to arm itself with 29 hydrogen fuel cell plants to battle power crisis


To offset any chance of a similar incident occurring again, the city has decided to construct 29 hydrogen-based fuel cell power plants in the next two years. Hydrogen fuel cell power plant in seoul. Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by an electrochemical reaction.

California Air Resources Board Paving The Way For Fully Electric Vehicles

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The Advanced Clean Cars Proposal will guarantee 15% of all vehicles sold will be fully electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, or hydrogen fuel vehicles by 2025. It also includes a plan to make sure there are plenty places to fill up all those new hydrogen fuel vehicles. These laws will also put us, as a country in the forefront of helping create greener laws and a greener planet.

Nanotree structure to pave the way for large scale hydrogen.


Nanotree structure to pave the way for large scale hydrogen production. Hydrogen is one such source that has the potential to provide us with an endless supply of clean fuel. They claim that their invention will effectively deliver hydrogen fuel cheaply and cleanly on a mass scale using solar energy. Solar energy-harvesting nanotrees Picture Gallery Solar energy-harvesting nanotrees Solar energy-harvesting “nanotrees” could produce hydrogen fuel on a mass scale.

Hubble Captures Jupiter’s Great Entourage of Moons

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In his article Plait gives good instructions on how to find and watch Jupiter (the planet, that is) if you have a telescope or even binoculars. Traces of carbon, ethane, hydrogen sulfide, neon, oxygen, phosphine and sulfur, benzene, and hydrocarbons exist in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

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Amazing Cakes That Are Out of This World!

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Itchin’ to best Betty Crocker by baking up new awareness to the plight of our home planet? The rock/ice core of her Jupiter is chocolate mudcake, wrapped by a layer of metallic hydrogen composed of almond butter, and a final coat of colored vanilla forms the liquid molecular hydrogen.

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Uncontrolable Harmful Gases

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Sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen fluoride (HF) are potential hazards to humans, animals, and agriculture. Hydrogen fluoride is a pale yellow gas that can attach itself to the fine ash from the volcano and to blades of grass.

First fuel cell powered locomotive makes a silent entry into mining world


B.Sameer Kumar: Till scientists do find a viable commercial alternative that will work on a large manufacturing scale, Platinum continues to remain one of the most important constituents of a hydrogen fuel cell makeup.

New Moon … and Other Worlds

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Tattered and smelling of “attic”, the magazines lured with adventurous covers that summoned memories of why I started reading when I was little: streamlined rocket ships, aliens from exotic planets, explorers on adventures, and technological “utopias”.

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Plastic Bag Degradation – What You Should Know


It does not reabsorb or transform into the natural elements like carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that make up life on our planet [8,9]. One trillion plastic bags are used and. disposed of annually worldwide. Most of these bags are made from petroleum.

Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels


Over time the extreme pressure and heat found in earth’s crust causes the carbon and hydrogen atoms in organic matter to chemically change into the fossil fuels we use today [2]. Chemically fossil fuels are just chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms of varying length.

Watermark: the Meaning of Water.

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billion humans inhabit the planet. Allahabad, India Watermark is a visual essay on this planet’s most valuable and mysterious component. Chemically, water is simply two atoms of hydrogen joined to one of oxygen. Xiaolangdi Dam, China Water has been on my mind a lot lately.

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The Martian movie started as a book – here’s the review

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Imagine that you are a castaway on a dead planet. It is fun to imagine Martian seas, canals and crystal cities but numerous spacecraft have confirmed that this is a cold and dead planet. You only have provisions for a few days and you are absolutely alone. How would you survive?

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10 Ways The Green Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Trends

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Their Altona factory has become completely dedicated to the production of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen powered cars, as funded in part by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Commercial cleaning is a massive multi-billion dollar industry with a great potential for growth.

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Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


Uranium was utilized as an energy source due to the vast production and development of nuclear weapons such as an atomic or hydrogen bomb. Further, the feedstocks are only found in limited places on the planet, posing volatility for energy security and consistent supplies.

Asian Monsoons Contribute to Global Pollution

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The scientists used hydrogen cyanide as tracers to detect the movement of air from the lower reaches of the atmosphere to the upper layers. Satellite data showed substantial amounts of hydrogen cyanide in the lower atmosphere and going up into the stratosphere over the monsoon region.

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From My Inbox- Geography Facts

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Antarctica Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any country. Antarctica is the driest place on the planet, with an absolute humidity lower than the Gobi desert. Alaska More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.

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What Are the Major Threats to Biodiversity?


Trillions of species have arisen and vanished into extinction on planet earth and even following each of five mass extinctions, life has reborn and evolved to where we are today. . The reality is that some are making a short-term profit at the expense of the planet.

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Now We’re There: Terraforming Mars

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Now, with overpopulation becoming an increasing problem and the state of our planet worsening, isn’t it about time we take a serious look at making ourselves a new home? ’ It is the process of changing the character of a planet to make it suitable for human habitationthis means changing the atmosphere and temperature to bring them in line with the conditions we have here on Earth. The first is heating the planet. Six months have passed.

It’s Everybody’s Water

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Water is the blood of the biosphere—the affinity between hydrogen and oxygen that makes the Earth, as we know it, possible. But like the rest of the planet, it's finite. All living things need water. It quivers at the end of a leaf in the Amazon. Rushes thousands of miles to the Gulf of Mexico. Tumbles from the sky above the Serengeti. Sits heavy and quiet at the frozen poles.

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Solar Energy Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide


source of renewable energy on our planet, and it’s no secret that recent technological innovations have made solar power affordable to more and more people [1]. The sun is the most powerful and abundant.

Time to Celebrate Fresher Air & Cleaner Water and Protect Landscapes from Fracking

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The bill will also add hydrogen sulfide, also known as "sewer gas," to the federal list of hazardous air pollutants, and help ensure that the industry takes measures to avoid the release of this toxic substance into the air. Landscape in Monterey County, California.

Microbial Biomass in the Oceans Weighs As Much As 240 Billion African Elephants

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A remarkable find has been that some of the biggest masses of life on the planet are carpets on the seabed made by giant multi-cellular bacteria that resemble thin strands of spaghetti. They feed on hydrogen sulphide in a zone of oxygen-starved waters off Peru and Chile.

OP ED: Bioplastics Will not Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem

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Plastic pollution is one of the major issues facing our planet today. Myth 1: Bioplastics are organic, and thus good for the planet. The building blocks for this process are atoms of carbon and hydrogen, which can be found readily in nature.

Put a Zebra in Your Tank: A Chemical Crapshoot?

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Found in the walls of plant cells, cellulose is the most abundant naturally occurring organic molecule on the planet. Mullin has demonstrated that, in addition to butanol, TU-103 converts cellulose into acetone and hydrogen (both with commercial value) and carbon dioxide.

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Zero Rally 2012: Emission free cars race on exclusive green corridor


Zero Rally is an annual event that sees the best among the mission-free vehicles of the planet, take each other on in a showcase of speed and endurance.

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I’ve trained Muslim clergy on how to be green. This is what I’ve learned

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The different types of fossil energy (coal, oil, and gas) or renewable energy (wind, solar, hydrogen and hydro-power or nuclear or bio-fuels) determine the future of climate and the health of the planet which is based on our policy options, development objectives, and social choices.

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The Joy of Green Cleaning – Book Review

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A sterile home is a dangerous one, foe you and me, the environment and the Planet as a whole. Baking soda, vinegar, sea salt, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of most grocery store cleaners.

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The Fractal Wonders of Cern—Searching for the Elusive Higgs Boson.

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Liquid hydrogen creates bubbles along the paths of the particles as a piston expands the medium. Blogs and forums exploded with wild hypotheses and arguments about the end of the universe or at least our planet as we know it.

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Catching CO2 the Saudi Way?

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Chief Technologist at Aramco’s Carbon Management and Hydrogen Production Team Mohammed Al-Juaied said the country hopes to launch the Saudi Arabia Carbon Capture System (SACCS). Saudi Arabia has a lofty goal of storing CO2 by increasing oil recovery and reducing waste. .

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Try a Recipe from ‘Chloe’s Vegan Desserts’ for a Healthy Super Bowl Bash

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Heroine for the Planet Chloe Coscarelli just released her first all-dessert cookbook. We were fans of her last cookbook , so we’re thrilled the award-winning chef is offering up a healthy dessert bible filled with sweet vegan treats.

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Clean Air, Green Earth: This Energy Infographic Will Blow Your Mind

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This, of course, is instrumental in protecting our beautiful planet, preserving biodiversity and addressing climate change head on. We’re familiar with geothermal, solar, and wind as better energy solutions for people and the planet but where do they fall within the U.S.

Tapping into the drainage: Hot wastewater turned into a viable energy source


And if pushed, we tend to think of tidal power and hope that clean energy generating ideas like a hydrogen fuel cell will take over in the coming decade or so. The huge amount of heat that is contained within the earth’s crust and comes from the core that drives this planet on.

When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

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Sierra Club® and "Explore, enjoy and protect the planet"® are registered trademarks of the Sierra Club. Compass. « New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment | Main.

The dirty little secrets of the electric car

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With the cost of production, due to costs of fuel and other non-renewable resources required, the electric car is not going to get cheaper but rather the opposite electric vehicles are not the future and neither are other options that are promoted, such as hydrogen fuel cell. The only option is to consider how we travel, why we travel and then take affordable, affordable for us and the Planet, options, such as the trusted iron steed and shank's pony.

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London’s biggest free green event is launched!

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The organisers believe the arrival of this large scale event is a reflection that London is becoming greener and this can only be good for London, for the country, for all of us and for the Planet. Spanning two days, the London Green Fair – powered by wind, solar and hydrogen – is an event that reflects the green aspirations and achievements of London, as well as providing an enjoyable and engaging day out for people from all walks of life.

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The London Green Fair to host Indian Greenathon - “Lighting a Billion Lives”

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The Speakers Forum, programmed by TalkAction, will present a series of workshops and debates around “Transforming London, Transforming our planet” while on Sunday will feature Ken Livingston, Jenny Jones, and Tony Juniper in a headline panel discussion. The London Green Fair on the 4th and 5th June 2011, London’s leading free green event, has teamed up with the NDTV Toyota Greenathon to help raise money to buy solar lights for the poorest villages in India.

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Fixing the Climate: A Radical Solution Explained In a New Book

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Wind energy is not sufficient…hydrogen fuels would require massive investments in technology and infrastructure…solar energy is still expensive on a larger scale. Broecker admits that scrubbing the air of CO2 would be a gigantic task involving the whole planet.