How to Get Your Hybrid Repaired with Minimal Stress

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If you find yourself in that predicament and you own a hybrid vehicle, it only exacerbates matters further. I drive a hybrid […]. hybrid cars hybrid autos hybrid car repair

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Hybrid Teal Hotness

10,000 Birds

Chris Hirsch let me know that this hot hybrid is back in Brazos. For more photos of this beauty and plenty of other hybrid hotness, visit our hybrid teals page. Birds ducks hybrids teals waterfowl

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Surfing the Hybrid Wave of Publishing

The Alien Next Door

photo by Clark Little In an article entitled “ the Third Way of Book Publishing ”, successful self-published author Mathew Mather argues for a hybrid approach. photo by Clark Little Bestsellers have been migrating online since opened its virtual doors in 1995.

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Reducing Air Pollution With Hybrids & Electric Cars

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There’s a general understanding that hybrid vehicles are good for the environment. A study by a private, Washington-based non-profit, National Research Council, founded by congressional charter to proved expert advice on scientific matters, claims that hybrid vehicles could reduce vehicle emissions in [.]. reduce fossil fuels saving energy energy efficient cars hybrid car reducing CO2 emissions

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Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid Racer

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Porsche recently showed off their 918 Hybrid Racer in Detroit. The two-seater mid-engine coupé 918 RSR is a development from the 911 GT3 R hybrid and the design of the 918 Spyder combined in a super sports car, with a V8 engine taken from Porsche’s Spyder coupe that gets 563 horsepower at 10,300 RPM. Hybrids Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid Racer porsche hybrid

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Discover the Range of Hybrid Car Options

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an eco-activist or just trying to save money on fuel costs, a hybrid car is an excellent choice. When it comes to hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius has been around the block. Ford Fusion Hybrid SE. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

Why 2013 is the Year to Buy a Hybrid Car

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Green News energy efficient hybrid car save gas save moneyAt the beginning of 2012, the median age of cars on the road was 10.8 years, an all time high, according to

Snowy Egret X Tricolored Heron Hybrid at Scarborough Marsh, Maine

10,000 Birds

A Little Egret , a Western Reef Heron , a hybrid between those two, and, from Zach Schwartz-Weinstein, a hybrid Snowy Egret X Tricolored Heron. All for a well-known hybrid? And I guess I learned something about hybrid herons and egrets.

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Honda Goes Hybrid With the Acura RLX

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Hybrids acura LRX review acure hybrid 2013Tokyo based automakers, Honda Motors, want to increase sales for their new Acura, and they are taking the green road to reach their goals.

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Empowered Qatari girls win first GCC hybrid electric car competition

Green Prophet

An all-women team of Qatari students won the first GCC hybrid electric vehicle competition held in Abu Dhabi over the weekend. Showing some serious girl power, Gernas 114 from Qatar University beat 10 other teams to become the 2014 TAQA GCC Hybrid-Electric Challenge champions.

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Yoga Hybrids: Yay or Nay?

Elephant Journal

Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Yoga ashtanga classes hatha modern yoga raves yoga hybrids Yoga poses

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Discover the Range of Hybrid Car Options

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an eco-activist or just trying to save money on fuel costs, a hybrid car is an excellent choice. When it comes to hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius has been around the block. With years of eco-friendly experience, this five-passenger hybrid is one of the most economical vehicles that doesn’t have to be plugged in. Ford Fusion Hybrid SE. Affordability meets style in the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

Audi Q5 Hybrid Drivetrain Details

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Details on the Audi 2012 Audi Q5 Hybrid have been a little sparse since it gave last year’s LA Auto Show a pass. A problem that has been somewhat remedied by presentation Audi recently gave on the Q5 Hybrid’s batter pack. kWh lithium-ion battery is made by Sanyo and has enough juice to run the hybrid on electric only power for 1.9 You can expect to see the Audi 2012 Q5 Hybrid hit North American lots before 2012 while Europeans will see it this spring.

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Toyota to limit harmful emissions by adopting F1 hybrid technology?

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Green News energy efficient cars hybrid car reducing CO2 emissionsA lot of technology originally designed for the military or NASA ends up finding its way into everyday life. The same trickle-down effect could be about to make motoring a little bit greener. However, this time the technology is coming from Formula One motor-racing, an industry not generally known for its environmental credentials. As it [.].

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Porsche Panamera Plug-In Hybrid in 2013?

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Porsche fans (and fans of more eco-friendly sports cars) are getting excited at the prospect of the new plug-in hybrid Porsche Panamera that could be available as soon as next year. The base for the new Panamera will be the same as the 2012 Panamera S Hybrid.

On a Budget? The Affordable 2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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They are now bringing the new Yaris Hybrid to the world, and they are presenting it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The new Yaris Hybrid is surprisingly gutsy for what is typical when one thinks of a hybrid car (and when one thinks of a Yaris.) Hybrids 2012 toyota yaris hybrid

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How Your Hybrid Can Save You Money on Auto Insurance

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It’s no secret that sales of hybrid cars have been on the increase. the percentage of hybrids to traditionally fueled vehicles has nearly doubled in four years, increasing from 2.8% Hybrids offer a hedge against that by extending fuel mileage – as much as 55 miles per gallon.

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Eco-Hybrid Car From Qatar Unveiled During Climate Talks

Green Prophet

Counteracting overwhelming criticism leveled at Gulf nations for their lack of environmental accountability, the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) unveiled a low-emission, lower fuel consumption hybrid car-concept that can be applied to any vehicle.

Hybrid and EV Sales Up 37%

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American sales of hybrid and electric vehicles rose almost twice as fast as the rest of the car market in the first three months of 2011, according to research firm Helped out by great marketing campaigns and constantly rising gas prices, hybrid and electric car sales increased 3% in the first quarter to 78,523 vehicles. Government / Industry ev sales us hybrid sales america US hybrid electric car sales

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Ford and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Trucks and SUVs

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Ford and Toyota have just announced that they are teaming up to develop a new hybrid system for trucks and SUVs. The two car companies are hoping to complete their work on the new gas-electric hybrid system before the end of the decade, so you might not want to hold off on that new truck just for this. Hybrids Ford Hybrid SUV Hybrid Truck Toyota

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Mitsubishi Launching Outlander Sport Plug-in Hybrid SUV

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Wards’s Auto is reporting that Mitsubishi will be bringing in a plug-in hybrid version of its Outlander Sport SUV to the U.S. Proceeding the launch of the Outlander Sport Hybrid will be Mitsubishi’s 2012 i hatchback which will hit U.S. Hybrids Mitsubishi Outlander Sport plug-in hybrid SUV plug-in hybridby 2013. The eco-friendly SUV boasts a four-cylinder, 1.6 liter, gas-powered engine along with an electrified powertrain backed by a litium-ion battery pack.

Heirloom seeds vs hybrid seeds

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In other words, they are not hybrid seeds, but remain true to the original cultivar. The claim is made that hybrid seeds are either sterile or revert back to the characteristics of the parent plants. So, which is better; heirloom or hybrid?

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Lenoardo DiCaprio Buys Fisker Karma Hybrid Supercar

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Leonardi DiCaprio is known for environmental bent which is highlighted by his recent purchase of a $100,000 2012 Fisker Karma Hybrid Supercar. So the Karma is technically a hybrid vehicle, DiCaprio’s new ride doesn’t share much in common with a Toyora Prius. Hybrids fisker Karma Leonardo DiCaprio

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10 Compelling Reasons to Opt for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Environmental News Network

With charging stations for electric vehicles popping up much more frequently as initiatives to switch to greener forms of energy, the market for hybrid electric vehicles is also growing. Hybrid car image via Shutterstock. By: Guest Contributor, Amanda Kostina.

Non-GMO Hybrid corn outperforms GMO counterparts

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University Corn Trial Results Suggest Non-GMO Hybrid Performance Is Competitive With GMO Counterparts Non-GMO hybrids are a proven alternative for corn farmers, attesting that consumer food prices don''t have to rise due to yield differences.

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Chrysler Hybrid 300 Sedan Planned for 2013 Release

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Chrysler is not the number one brand name that comes to head when you think about hybrids. With their mix of here today, gone tomorrow hybrid models like the RAM, Aspen and Durango. But at this years Detroit Auto Show , Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler said “We will offer a hybrid variant of the 300 equipped with an eight-speed automatic in 2013″ With the plans for the 300, it seems that hybrids are back in favor at Chrysler.

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Conventional Power Plants Get Hybrid Dance Partner, the Sun

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But a new Israeli hybrid invention could make solar a realistic step forward. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher says that “going hybrid” is a quicker and cheaper route to cleaner electrical power.

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Expect 48 MPG City from Next-Gen Ford Fusion Hybrid

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car buyers, Ford engineers have been hard at work trying to reduce the gas consumption of their popular Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford Inside News recently reported that the next-gen version of the Fusion Hybrid drive train will get its mileage as high as 47 – 48 MPG in the city which makes for a significant jump from 2011 Fusion’s 41 MPG city rating. Hybrids 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford Fusion

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Hybrid solar electric oven cooks whether there is sun or not

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Sun BD Group has bridged that shortfall with a new hybrid solar electric oven that can whip up a great meal at any time of day and under any conditions. Green Tech and Gadgets clean tech hybrid solar cooker off grid cooking Solar Energy SunFocus solar electric oven

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Cheaper Hybrids By Honda

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Many consumers are still wary of purchasing a hybrid, even in the midst of rising gas prices. This is mainly because of the cost of the hybrid itself. Honda has seen the need for cost efficiency in their already fuel efficient hybrids.

Obama Looks to Hybrid and Electric Cars for the Future

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Barack Obama’s State of the Union address saw him repeat his push for of seeing over 1 million plug-in hybrid and electric cars on the roads by 2015. Government / Industry Barack Obama biofuel Electric Car Hybrid VehicleAlong with an increased reliance on biofuels he declared that the future could be won through scientific innovation. How will we get there? He suggested an $8 billion investment in these advanced tech automobiles and battery pack research.

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Legacy of Hybrid Battery Inventor Stan Ovshinsky Lives On

Green Prophet

Frontal view of Toyota Prius Mk III hybrid : its battery was innovated by Stan Ovshinsky. The Volt, parts of which have been made from recycled rubber and plastic materials, is in fact what one might refer to as a “reverse hybrid” with the prime power unit being the electric motor.

NYC mystery warbler: Odd Blackpoll, hybrid, or Carbonated Warbler?

10,000 Birds

A hybrid seemed like a reasonable possibility at first — but a hybrid with what? With a couple of well-known exceptions, hybridization among wood-warblers is apparently quite rare. The Minnesota observers note that “there have been occasional sightings of warblers with plumage combinations such as a black cap and yellow underparts suggestive of a hybrid Blackpoll.”) It was birdy this morning on the banks of the Hudson River in lower Manhattan.

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Go ahead, ask me the difference between striped bass and hybrid striped bass

Environmental Economics

From the American Fisheries Society : The book provides a first-ever, comprehensive overview of the biology and management of striped bass and hybrid striped bass in the inland waters of the United States.

Hybrid 163

Meet the Coywolf, North America’s Beautiful New Coyote-Wolf Hybrid

Eco Chic

Despite its name, coywolves are not in fact “shy” wolves, but rather a new hybrid species of coyote, wolf, and domestic dog. “We The post Meet the Coywolf, North America’s Beautiful New Coyote-Wolf Hybrid appeared first on Eco-Chick.

Reserve a Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid on Earth Day

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Want to celebrate Earth Day by putting yourself down for a Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid capable of 83 – 87 miles per gallon? Hybrids Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Plug-inWell this Friday you’ll have the chance to do just that. You will be able to use the Priority Registration Web Site for the Prius Plug-In in a couple days. As the name indicates it’s a first come first serve situation and there will be limited cars available to reserve.

Mysterious Abominable Snowman Is a Hybrid Bear


The elusive creature is actually a hybrid species of bear. Read More The post Mysterious Abominable Snowman Is a Hybrid Bear appeared first on Ecorazzi. Professor Bryan Sykes sequenced DNA to prove the existence of the Abominable Snowman, or yeti.

Heather Peters Lawsuit Against Honda Hybrid, Honda Finally Shows Up

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Heather Peters, a former litigation lawyer, feels that she’s a groundbreaker, and hopes others will follow her by filing small claims lawsuits against Honda for deceptive advertising on Honda Civic Hybrid vehicles. Heather owns a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and chose not to sign onto a lawsuit filed and settled out of court in 2009. The paperwork consisted of testimonials from satisfied Honda Hybrid owners, which was dismissed by the judge.

Hybrid 109

Wolf? Coyote? Coywolf? Understanding Wolf Hybrids Just Got a Bit Easier

Nature Conservancy - Science

In a Nutshell : Eastern wolves, often considered to be a hybrid of gray wolves and coyotes, actually represent a separate species, revealed by the latest genomic research published in Biology Letters. What is the real deal with hybrids? Here is what the paper argues about hybrids.

Hybrid 114

Tech Tuesday - Hybrids Are Eco Friendly?

Green Earth Journey

Hybrids. Well, why is it then that these two cars are only 5 mpg away from one another yet one is a hybrid and the other is just a regular car? Imagine if THAT car was a hybrid? Ok, so here's something that has been bugging me for a very long time.

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New Hybrids on the Horizon for the Middle East

Green Prophet

Hybrid cars have had a slow start in the Middle East in comparison to other markets. The Hyundai Motor Company has just launched their first hybrid car in the region, with the new Sonata hybrid. Is the Middle East ready for a new rash of hybrids and electric vehicles?

Tuataras Not Hybrids Rule the Road at Dubai Car Show

Green Prophet

As Europe, North America and even Israel rolls out modest EVs and hybrid cars, they are a no-go for the luxury brand shoppers in the Gulf region. Cars & Transportation Dubai EV hybrid United Arab EmiratesAn SSC Tuatara at 444km/hour or a Nissan Leaf?

The Finer Points of Owning a Hybrid Car

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You want to make the eco-friendly choice, so you decide to look into a hybrid vehicle. However, there are several things to consider before investing in a hybrid in order to make the most out of your earth-friendly choice. There are different types of hybrids.