Daily demand and supply (Earth Day edition)

Environmental Economics

As recession gripped the country, the consumer’s love affair with green products, from recycled toilet paper to organic foods to hybrid cars, faded like a bad infatuation. Another update, this one from the blog formerly known as Green, Inc: Similarly, sales of Seventh Generation rebounded to “solid double-digit growth” in 2010, after a relatively meager 2 percent gain in 2009, said John Replogle, chief executive.

10 Earth Friendly Ideas

The Green Changemakers

Go Hybrid I don't know how possible this is, but my idea is for the government to order all car manufacturers to make only hybrid cars from now on. No more cars that run on just gas. That way every person buying a new car will be buying a hybrid, and in a matter of just a few years, the percentage of hybrid cars to gas cars will be much higher. The car & motorbike live by the WWII adage: "Is this trip really necessary?"

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