Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


As unappealing as the term “wetlands” sounds, wetlands should be celebrated for their multiple services they deliver which help keep our planet and society going as well as for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. What is a wetland and where are wetlands located?

Are We Losing Our Wetlands Conservation Legacy?

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Will wetlands and the services they provide remain a part of our conservation heritage? Have conservationists taken this wetland protection for granted? Conservationists responded to the loss of wetlands early in the twentieth century. Beyond Ducks: Wetlands for People.

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The American Woodcock: Tribute to a Wonderful Wetland Bird

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Other studies have estimated that perhaps 50% of the wintering population moves into the forested wetlands of Louisiana, with the largest concentration occurring in the Atchafalaya River Basin. Birds forest conservation migration naturalist wetlands

Shorebirds Are Still Being Hunted, Often Legally

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This event brought widespread attention to the fact that people are still hunting shorebirds for recreation and subsistence in parts of the world. The American Woodcock: Tribute to a Wonderful Wetland Bird. The Snipe Hunt: Myth and Reality. A collage of shorebird hunting photos.

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Birding

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As I neared the shore, I spooked a hunting Striated Heron who in turn spooked a Neotropic Cormorant hunting the shallow water. Birding Trinidad and Tobago waterbirds wetlands

2020 211

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

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Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced as part of Great Outdoors Month the agency is proposing to expand fishing and hunting opportunities on 21 refuges throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System. The proposed rule also modifies existing refuge-specific regulations for more than 100 additional refuges and wetland management districts. The Service is committed to strengthening and expanding hunting and fishing opportunities,” said Ashe. “By

2015 134

The Final Days of the Danube backwaters in Belgrade: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is coming to Serbia

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When I reached the levee earlier that morning, I met an elderly hunter from whom I learned that there was an ongoing duck and pheasant hunt, but no one was shooting from, nor towards the embankment, hence I should be safe there.

Serbia 207

The Danube Backwaters

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How those primordial wetlands looked like before I got to know them? And after two decades I could read what he observed in my wetlands. And that was the time when all 400 km2 were still open to annual rhythms of flooding and represented a famous waterbird hunting ground.

2018 174

The European Christmas Bird Count

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How can it be, I asked someone from the Wetlands International, the IWC umbrella organization, only to learn that USA has its own scheme. Several poachers were waiting in ever thickening darkness (Serbian legislation forbids night hunting).

2019 169

Duck Numbers And Duck Stamp Sales No Longer Correlate

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The number of people who hunt waterfowl in the US has declined since the mid 1990s. Sales of duck stamps have funded the preservation of wetlands and other wildlife habitat, which in turn has supported an increase in waterfowl populations.

2013 259

Machi the Whimbrel Gunned Down by Hunters

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Guadeloupe, Martinique and Barbados continue to operate “shooting swamps” some of which are artificial wetlands created to attract migrant shorebirds for sport shooting during fall migration. Shorebird hunting within these areas continues to be unregulated to the present time.

Freeze-birding down the Danube

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A shot or two coming from the opposite bank, but they do not sound like geese shooting – more like boar hunting. A goose hunt sounds like a WWII battle. A flock of small birds at the dyke, Yellowhammers mostly… I cannot see well because of one enthusiastic hunting dog which takes pleasure in running through the snow and flushing them up whenever the birds land. We counted more than 35 of them, relaxed and fearless, clearly not hunted.

2016 159

Being a Birder

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We are going to the Sakule fish farm in the namesake village north of Belgrade – the very best wetland birdscape in the area. More of a hunt? Birding Europe Serbia wetlands We barely started the drive, when a flock of 14 Common Cranes forced us to stop and reach for binoculars and cameras. Belgrade lies on the cranes’ migratory corridor and, especially in Spring, flocks are regularly spotted above the city.

2014 206

The Beautiful and Colorful Mourning Dove

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Their habitats vary widely in both rural and urban landscapes; open habitats are preferred and the species generally shuns only extensively forested areas and wetlands 1. It’s a good thing too, because it is the leading gamebird in North America in terms of total harvest and the widespread distribution of hunting effort. Use of non-toxic shot when hunting waterfowl has been mandatory, nationwide, since 1991.

2015 166

Only for Dogs and Birders – Kalamas Delta, Greece

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“The estuary and the delta of the River Kalamas form the most important wetland of northwest Greece”, so the “ Birding in Greece ” guidebook claims for the area where I am heading, a bit late since I overslept this morning. Bank Swallows in the Americas) are flying above, Common Kingfishers are hunting (on this bank alone I will record six of them), quite a few Common Redshanks , while the roadside bushes are alive with migrating flocks of Willow Warblers.

Greece 193

Birding Where St. George Killed the Dragon

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The next site is grazing pastureland called Mali Pesak and there, while having coffee among the snowy dunes, we observe the hunting attempt of one beautiful Hen Harrier male. Trips Europe Serbia wetlands Half past six, barely one degree Celsius, but the snow is melting fast. East, down the Danube we go, to the Labudovo Okno Ramsar site (Serbian for “swan lake”).

2014 199

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public comment on a proposal to hunt sandhill cranes in Kentucky. The Kentucky Ornithological Society and the Beckham Bird Club have both come out strongly against the hunting season. It is OK for people to like to hunt.

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BIRDING ACHERON: Hell is closed for renovation

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This is possibly the only European wetland I’ve birded where Common Moorhens outnumber Eurasian Coots. In a low tree crown above the road stands an Icterine Warbler , while a smaller flock of Sand Martins hunts insects low above the reeds. A guy on a motorbike is approaching me… perhaps a leader of the hunt to warn me off the area for safety reasons? Trips Greece wetlands

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State of North America’s Birds Report Released to Commemorate Centennial of the First Migratory Bird Treaty

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Shorebirds Are Still Being Hunted, Often Legally. One hundred years ago, passionate wildlife supporters encouraged national leaders to invest in bird conservation by signing the Migratory Bird Treaty and putting an end to market hunting.

Spring’s Top 10 Wildlife Spectacles

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Now is a great time to watch them on the hunt. But you can see hunting raptors, even in the city. Waterfowl & Wetlands. The National Wildlife Refuge system offers opportunities to view ducks and other wetland wildlife. million acres of wetlands around the country.

Citizen Science Tuesday: Otter Spotter

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“Our best betis conservation and restoration of wetlands. Not only river otters, but countless other species, including humans, rely on healthy wetlands to survive,” Megan Isadore, Executive Director of ROEP remarks. A river otter collects grass to build a nest.

2014 87

A Renter’s Market: BirdReturns Offers Innovative Conservation

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With 95% of the valley’s historic wetlands converted to cities as well as rice, corn, alfalfa and other forms of agriculture, migratory birds traveling along this Pacific Flyway face a major habitat deficit each winter. Economics Agriculture Birds crowdsourcing Eco:nomics wetlands

The Whistle Blowers

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The haunting call of the West Indian Whistling Duck has long been a sound synonymous with the ever-shrinking wetlands of the Caribbean. But one man was listening to the calls of the whistle blowers -- calls of widespread wetland destruction, poaching, pesticides and destructive feral wildlife.

2011 256

Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill

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Our group, led by world-renowned guide Herbert Byaruhanga, piled into canoes ostensibly to search for a variety of papyrus and wetland specialties, but really we were just looking for the shoebill. Not all birds are created equal.

Uganda 241

Is it possible for the federal government to raise taxes?

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5069 would allow the Department of the Interior (DOI) to raise the price charged for Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps (referred to as federal duck stamps). Federal duck stamps are annual permits sold by the federal government to hunt migratory waterfowl.

We are Just Money Grubbers

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This species’ population is suspected to have decreased rapidly, owing to levels of hunting on the staging and wintering grounds, and habitat deterioration (largely as a result of land cultivation).

2016 219

Cinnamon Teal at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

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According to their website , the “Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex consists of five national wildlife refuges (NWR) and three wildlife management areas (WMA) that comprise over 35,000 acres of wetlands and uplands in the Sacramento Valley of California.

The Duck Stamp and Lack of National Wildlife Refuge Funding

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Fishing accounted for 21 percent and hunting 7 percent. Coinciding with these figures is something we have suspected for a long time, the majority of Recreational Visitor Days are attributable to non-consumptive activities, followed by fishing activities and hunting activities. Now, as the popularity of hunting has declined, so too have the sales of Duck Stamps. The National Wildlife Refuge system is one of America’s greatest treasures.

Administrative Procedure for Birders: Duck Stamp Rulemaking

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Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently sought public comments on its proposal to permanently add a hunting element to the Duck Stamp art competition. For example, Congress passed the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act in 1934, but it did not mandate specific rules for a Duck Stamp Competition.

2020 208

The Crossley ID Guide: Waterfowl–A Book Review

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Hunting: You may have noticed that the Written Species Accounts include a section on hunting. Hunting. I am a city girl and until I became a birder my contact with hunting was limited to occasionally seeing dead deer on the tops of cars in upstate New York.

2017 170

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of January 2014)

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Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was a Bald Eagle that he watched (and photographed) hunting and eating a Blue-winged Teal at Viera Wetlands. My part of the world and many others still anguish under the icy rule of the polar vortex. What good, though, is a polar vortex if it doesn’t come attended by polar birds? Where, I ask you, is my Ivory Gull ?

2014 167

Linkwood Distillery: 15 Years Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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In addition to performing the day-to-day chores of the hunt, the latter-day ghillie is charged with protecting and increasing the grouse population on these estates, ensuring that there are enough gamebirds to flush ahead of the shotguns of high-paying clients on lucrative driven shoots.

2020 164

All Three Populations of North American Trumpeter Swans Are Increasing

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The Trumpeter Swan Society lists these as: Lead Poisoning – occurs when swans ingest lead shot or lead fishing sinkers in wetlands and lakes. Loss of Wetland Habitat Quantity and Quality could affect the long-term growth and stability of Trumpeter Swan populations.

2015 198

12 Examples of Keystone Species


It also enables large predators like lions to have a bounty of prey to hunt [2]. They maintain healthy populations of these species by hunting the weak individuals, or scavenging on carcasses and “cleaning” up the forest. It is also the creation of wetlands that has an incredible value.

2018 87

A Summer Visit to the Great Vly, Saugerties, New York

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One of my favorite stops when visiting Saugerties is the Great Vly , the county-spanning wetland that is great habitat for a variety of birds. scruffy looking Tree Swallow hunting for some bug life. And, of course, as is to be expected in a freshwater wetland upstate I was entertained by the antics of Green Herons , of which there were several hunting, chasing each other, and just being Green Herons.

Butte Valley Wildlife Area and Meiss Lake

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Like many “wildlife areas” it is open to waterfowl hunting during the season. We stopped at the entrance to the wildlife area (see the sign above) where there is a small kiosk with bird lists and hunting regulations as well as maps of the facility.

Lakes 131

Why We March for Science

Conservancy Talk

Consider hunting. Duck populations declined dramatically in the 1960s and 1970s when wetlands were drained to make way for crops and urban development. That decline was reversed by the North American Wetlands Conservation Act.

2017 110

If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

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The people of the City of Bloomington, Illinois pay an extra fee on their water bills that was used to build wetlands on farms upstream to filter nitrates which can cause severe health problems for young children. A newly planted constructed wetland. Using Wetlands for Water Treatment.

2015 87

Birders are Freeloaders

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If you ever wonder why so many American birders leaven their love of nature with a little self-loathing, look no further than the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation , which the U.S.

2012 270

The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching


Wildlife poaching is the unlawful hunting or capturing of live animals. . Some species are critically endangered and are not allowed to be hunted or captured under any circumstances. Hunting licenses are applied for and must be available for inspection. Wetland ecosystem.

2018 76

The Wildlife Conservation Stamp: An Additional Income Stream for Our National Wildlife Refuges

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Proposal: Creation of a Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp A birder, wildlife watcher, photographer and non-hunter version of the Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (aka Federal Duck Stamp). President Obama has added 10 new refuges in his first term.

Israel Turns on the Tap in River So Endangered Fish Can Swim

Green Prophet

The Nature and Parks Authority is working to save the fish, a hillstream loach, in Israel’s northern wetlands. It is found only in one 0.7-hectare wetland nature reserve, located in the north of Israel, at Ein Malkoach. This distinction allowed for widespread sport hunting.

Israel 104

The Caroni Swamp Scarlet Ibis Show

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Hunting of Scarlet Ibis for their feathers as well as drainage of portions of the swamp for rice harvesting was, at one time, putting what is now a major tourist destination in jeopardy. Fortunately, forward-thinkers prevailed, the site is now protected as a Ramsar Wetland , and the hunting of Scarlet Ibis has become a social taboo. If you are a birder and you visit Trinidad and Tobago you must go to the Caroni Swamp. Actually, scratch that.

2013 181