Climate Change Threatens Seal Hunting by Indigenous Alaskans

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Climate change has severely reduced the length of the seal hunting season in a rural Alaska village, potentially threatening a key feature of the community’s Indigenous way of life. Climate Change Threatens Seal Hunting by Indigenous Alaskans

Tips for a Fun Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Start a scavenger hunt. Want your kids to have fun in nature? From the Field Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

Responsible Mushroom Hunting


A time-honored autumn pastime for locavores that neatly fits into … The post Responsible Mushroom Hunting appeared first on Earth 911. Read the original here: Responsible Mushroom Hunting.

Pakistan shoots down illegal Arab hunting

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Last year, Green Prophet broadcast the alarming news of a Saudi prince who poached thousands of protected birds during a 21-day hunting safari in Pakistan. Nearly a year on, the Sindh High Court has revoked a federal notification that allowed issuance of permits to Arab dignitaries for hunting endangered species – (including the houbara bustard, pictured above) – in the country. Travel endangered species falcon hunting houbara bustard

Aboriginal hunting practice helps kangaroos

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This hunting tradition has been practiced for more than a century, and studies show that these fires have ecological benefits. It turns out, hunting fires can actually help boost kangaroo populations by increasing ecosystem diversity and creating a landscape with plants at varying stages of growth. Thus, the Martu play an important role in conservation by maintaining a varied environment in which they live and hunt that benefits kangaroos and other wildlife.

Hunting and Conservation: A Personal Perspective

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My hunting partner, Lindsey, was wedged in the back of the plane between backpacks and rifle cases, probably thinking the same thing. We were starting a 10-day hunting trip into the front range of the Mackenzie Mountains. I’d been waiting five years for this day — to gain the adequate residency time required to get a permit for hunting big game animals here. The chance to hunt big game here was a childhood dream – chasing moose through swamps and sheep around mountains.

Take Your Kids on a Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt


Looking for a fun and healthy way to spend time … The post Take Your Kids on a Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt appeared first on Earth 911. See more here: Take Your Kids on a Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Boy mushroom hunting uncovers ancient “Bel Air” tombstone in Israel

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In his hunting the boy found a slab of marble poking out of the ground, with Greek letters. The post Boy mushroom hunting uncovers ancient “Bel Air” tombstone in Israel appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East. Thirteen-year-old Stav Meir, from Caesarea, Israel went out a week ago with his father Zohar, his brothers and cousins, ??to to look for mushrooms in the Caesarea area after the rains.

Using benefit transfer to value an elk hunt

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Aren't you supposed to be quiet when you are hunting? Using the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated recreation, if Mark, Dusty, Johnny and the Senator (what happened to Claire Marie? and hunting in a "designated elk state" (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Wyoming), then the contingent valuation method can be used without much slippage. [link]. If so, why are they yelling? And the third panel is ominous.

People matter: Tanzania evicts thousands of Maasai for hunting safaris

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| Green Travel News | Thousands of indigenous Maasai are being forced off their land at gunpoint, in an illegal land grab orchestrated by the Tanzanian government and a company based in the United Arab Emirates that wants to operate luxury hunting safaris. Despite reassurances by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete as recently as November, 2014, that […] People matter: Tanzania evicts thousands of Maasai for hunting safaris is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Knowledge Problem: Sequester Reporting Scavenger Hunt

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Michael Giberson: Brace yourself, sequester is coming! The news has been filled with horror stories over the pain threatened by the sequester cuts. these  these stories have one thing in common: A lot of emphasis on how modest federal budget cuts will impose outlandish costs, and absolutely no mention that plausible alternatives–increasing taxes, increasing the national debt ever higher–would also impose real economic burdens.

The hunt for happiness

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In today's world we are being told – brainwashed into believing actually – that material things will bring us happiness. How wrong. We are told that if we just work hard enough, get the right job, and earn more money we will be able to buy all those things that bring us happiness.

The Snipe Hunt: Myth and Reality

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There is a common belief that a “snipe hunt” is some sort of wild goose chase, a hazing ritual for naïve outdoors folk. Consider the Wikipedia entry on the topic: “A snipe hunt, a made up hunt that is also known as a fool’s errand, is a type of practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of credulous newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task. I first learned about snipe hunt techniques from famed Indian bird trapper Ali Hussein.

Is Sport Hunting on its Way Out in Israel?

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Wild Boars are hunted illegally as well. Wildlife in Israel have always been under threat from economic over-development and hunting, including poaching by migrant farm workers. Local Druze for instance are hunting porcupine to extinction. It is under assault from every direction: infrastructure, development, activities in the field (including illegal hunting), and the desire of people to live. Travel & Nature hunting Israel Wildlife preservation

Citizen Science Tuesday: Great Eggcase Hunt

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Eggcase hunting. What Is The Great Eggcase Hunt? Would you like to go on a hunt for mermaid’s purses? The Great Eggcase Hunt is an actual citizen science project run by the Shark Trust to find very real, but whimsically named mermaid’s purses — the eggcases of sharks and skates that wash up on the beach. “Although the Great Eggcase Hunt was established in the UK, eggcase hunting can take place all over the world. Photo © The Shark Trust.

Shorebirds Are Still Being Hunted, Often Legally

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This event brought widespread attention to the fact that people are still hunting shorebirds for recreation and subsistence in parts of the world. While organizations in North America are working tirelessly to help shorebirds weather the many threats they face, the very same birds are being hunted in the Caribbean and South America. The Snipe Hunt: Myth and Reality. 1910: The Shea White Plumage Act protected egrets, herons, gulls, and terns from feather hunting.

Anti-hunting note in newspaper

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I think I have seen it all now, but then again, I have come across those people myself before; or at least they were similarly disposed. One can but wonder what planet these people actually come from. It is a little bit like the vegetarians and vegans who, seriously, believe that if the world would stop eating meat and using animal products immediately that all those animals that are about currently on those farms would have a real great life. Yes, in the afterlife, maybe.

A Treasure Hunt for Prairie Wildflowers

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Each year, Nature Conservancy staff engage in a treasure hunt. We’re seeking something rarer than precious gems, and more valuable per ounce than silver. This treasure appears every year for a short time, and then disappears. We are looking for seeds of native plants to sow on our preserves. In my area, the Tallgrass Aspen Parklands , we try to find as many species as possible to add to a planting.

Kathmandu: hunt for the green heart

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Kathmandu: hunt for the green heart 7 December 10 · 0 comments | Nepal’s Green Resort | A fter too many nights in the loud, tourist-jammed Thamel neighborhood in central Kathmandu , I decide it’s time to head out of the insanity. A winding road climbs into the 700-acre forest of ancient trees that was once the private hunting grounds of the royal family.

Burning for Biodiversity: How Hunting Promotes Healthy Ecosystems in the Australian Desert

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Hunting and fire — wartilpa and waru — are inextricably linked for the Martu people, the traditional owners of the Western Desert. Now, anthropological research shows that Martu burning — performed during hunting for sand goanna — actually increases biodiversity and benefits the desert ecosystem. Men typically hunt the high-risk high-reward large game, like kangaroo and bustard, while the women gather fruits and seeds and hunt for goanna with steel digging sticks, or wana.

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First African-Styled Hunting Resort in Gulf Country Will Serve its Kill

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Yet the taste for the sport of tracking and shooting an animal has persisted, and in some countries, hunting is carefully regulated to maintain a sound balance between predator and prey. For a steep sum, they can hunt for deer and gazelle, which will be cooked by trained staff at the end of each day. Throughout most of Middle East and North Africa, hunting regulations are so poorly enforced that men can shoot a bonnet full of birds or a wolf without any government reprisals.

Sloughi, ancient desert hunting dogs, beloved but disappearing

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For thousands of years the Sloughi has been the trusted hunting companion of the nomadic tribes of the Maghreb. Successive droughts caused nomadic tribesmen to migrate out of the deserts in search for work and so hunting practices with the Sloughi were reduced, subsequently a ban on hunting with Sloughis imposed by French colonialists contributed to its decline, until 1965 when only 210 Sloughis remained in Morocco.

Hunting Goes Green? Indeed It Has!

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Second, I am not against hunting. Humans have been hunting for thousands upon thousands of years. If it was not for our skill in hunting, we would have gone extinct long ago. That being said, many hunters have evolved from hunting for food to hunting for sport, and hunting for sport is what I do not agree with. However, if you are hunting to put a trophy on your wall, then there is no excuse for it. First of all, I am not a hunter.

Emirati Royalty Threaten 48,000 Maasai in Lucrative Hunting Deal

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A new campaign attempts to stop a hunting deal in Tanzania forcing 48,000 members of Africa’s Maasai tribe off their land so Middle Eastern royalty can hunt lions and leopards in the Serengeti. And in a new twist to the land-grab meme, this land sell-off is not to secure access to precious food supplies but, rather, to indulge in the hunting whims of the Middle East’s elite.

Hunt has begun for ‘good lifers’

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A search has been launched to find 21st century ‘good lifers’ to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Countryside, one of the member magazines of the British National Farmer's Union (NFU), is exploring a number of themes including conservation, countryside access, the ‘Good Life’ and the land. As part of this series, the magazine is trying to track down those with a passion for the ‘grow-your-own’ boom. Why did they start? Why did they stop?

Pirates’ Treasure: The Effects of Shipwreck Hunting

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Nova Scotia’s geography, weather and seafaring ways make it one of the most shipwreck-prone coasts on the continent and one of the shipwreck capitals of North America. There is an estimated more than 10,000 wrecks littering the sea floor around the province: a virtual treasure trove of wealth and ancient history. Unfortunately, divers seem more interested in acquiring the underwater riches than in safeguarding ancient remains and promoting historical insights.

New Stone Age Figurines For the Hunt Discovered in Jerusalem

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New 9,500 year-old carvings found in Jerusalem reveal humanity’s Stone Age past and our reverence for the hunt. They might have been used good-luck statues to ensure a successful hunt, archeologists say. During this period, the transition began from nomadism, based on hunting and gathering, to sedentary life, based on farming and grazing. Dr. Khalaily adds, “It is known that hunting was the major activity in this period.

On the Hunt with the Wild Dogs of Africa

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Africa’s wild dogs live in packs like wolves and have been known to share food with sick or weaker members. Kenneth K. Sitting three to a row in the land rover, we’ve just set out for an evening game drive. Chatter about the day’s meetings has us distracted and we almost miss what’s right in front of us: a single wild dog. The first I’ve ever seen. He rests for a breath in the middle of the road and then dashes to the other side as quietly as he came. Stealth mode.

I was incentivized to go on a wolly worm hunt this afternoon

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  So, it’s time for a wooly worm hunt, for each of us to pitch in and find the worms, then take them to the Avery Chamber in Tynecastle.  But I decided it wasn't worth it: So where are all the worms—the wooly worms?    Fall has been a strange season this year, with snow October 1st, leaves turning beautifully—but early—but where are the worms? 

EU To Take Action Against Swedish Wolf Hunts

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Such debates recently led to the first hunt in years of wolves in the western United States, a scenario which is being repeated overseas. Reasons similar to those used in the United States, that wolves are killing livestock and posing threats to dogs and people alike, were used to recently begin hunting wolves in Sweden. Sweden recently reintroduced the hunting of wolves in 2010 after not having hunted them for more than four decades, since 1964.

Hunting for Fossil Rock in the Arabian Desert

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Ajmal spends his weekends scouting for animals and life in the desert. Here is his trip to Fossil Rock. I’ve always known that much of the Arabian peninsular mountains, especially those in the United Arab Emirates and Oman were at one point in time, millions of years ago, under the ocean. The Tethys sea to be precise. But when I recently heard there could be fossils of ancient sea creatures in the middle of the desert in Sharjah, this sounded almost unbelievable.

Fatwa saves tigers! Hunting rare creatures, dear Muslims, is now Haram

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Watch and see, because the Indonesian Council of Clerics (ICC), the country’s highest Islamic body, has just proclaimed that hunting endangered animals is haram ! . Could a fatwa , a religious Muslim order, save a tiger? This fatwa (a world first!) was officially announced on March 12 at Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo , inspired by a joint visit to Sumatra by clerics and conservationists last year.

Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community

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Drew Beachy, son of assistant steward Mike Beachy, hoists one of the first antlers collected during the hunt. Standing on the grasslands, it feels somewhat like an Easter egg hunt on steroids, with the “eggs” being antlers. I enjoy hunting for mule deer sheds in the hills behind my Boise home, and have published a couple of blogs on the subject. And so my wife Jennifer and 16-month-old son Derek hopped in the car for a shed hunting road trip. A big day of shed hunting.

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Canada expands outrageous grizzly trophy hunt

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British Columbia''s controversial annual spring grizzly bear hunt began on Apr. 1 , with an estimated 1,800 hunting authorizations being issued - one of the highest numbers in recent years. Endangered Species Act , do not have the population numbers that black bears do, and activists including conservation groups, animal rights supporters, and First Nation tribe members have serious qualms about the hunting of these bears for pure sport.

UN orders Japan to end whale hunt

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The UN''s International Court of Justice has ordered Japan to halt its yearly whale hunt, a cruel practice that gives no consideration to the welfare of the animals. The presiding judge, Peter Tomka, agreed that Japan''s assertion that its whale hunt has a scientific basis is, by and large, false. Our hope is that Japan can be a nation that loves whales and sees the huge benefit from eco-tourism that Australia does, which was also a nation that used to hunt whales."

Green Deal Hunting: Shopping Around Before Signing the Dotted Line

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You will probably have already heard about the Green Deal initiative. Despite the obvious attractions and incentives to sign up and make some energy saving improvements to your property, you should consider all finer points of the scheme. Understanding its purpose and the principals behind it will help you make an informed decision. Here are some things to consider before you agree to take up the offer and sign on the dotted line. The purpose of the Green Deal.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

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Views on deer management are deeply entrenched , both among those who hunt and those who don’t. Decades of effort, patience, and expense were invested to enhance populations to the point where hunting success is now commonplace. In an effort to lower the population of deer in Wisconsin the DNR liberalized hunting dramatically. A beautiful animal that also happens to arguably be the greatest threat to forests in the eastern United States. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

Strange Desert Kites are how ancient man trapped his kill

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Crassard who leads the “ Globalkites Project ”, added that in northern Saudi Arabia, hunting traps were later constructed while in Armenia, where some 200 kites have been found, they appear to be used during the Bronze Age (around 5000 or 4000 years ago).

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Middle East Hunters Promise to Stop Slaughtering Birds

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But now a group of hunters from the region have signed a new Regional Declaration on Responsible Hunting aimed at improving the situation. In so doing, they conceived a code of best practices for hunters and hunting groups in the region, with a particular emphasis on protecting migratory birds. The MSB project has been working towards improving practices in the region since October, 2011, when the first hunting workshop took place in Beirut. .

On the Hunt for Organic Cooking Classes

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Last night my girlfriends and I attended a cooking class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a girls night out and what made it even better was that the class was ”5 Ingredients or Less”! Right up my alley. The only thing that could have possibly made the night a bit better would have been a glass of wine to ease my (self-imposed) angst about cooking (it was worse with the anticipation of knowing I’d have to do it in FRONT of strangers).

Hunting Lions to Save Them, How Pikas Adapt to Climate Change & More

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Could a new algorithm that tells you when to hunt a lion help build sustainable lion populations ? Pika, Mount Indefatigable, Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Image credit: madlyinlovewithlife /Flickr through a Creative Commons license. By Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller and Lisa Feldkamp of the TNC Science Communications team.

Mattress Hunting? Why Natural Latex Beds Are the Way to Go

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The post Mattress Hunting? I was thinking about the amount of time that I spend in my bed, and how little I knew about how it was made or how if might be affecting my body. When I looked into it a little this week, I was horrified at the result! Not only are most beds filled with chemicals (both for the main materials and to meet fire-retardant requirements), but it is very difficult to actually find an all-natural mattress.

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Europeans try to save storks, then this happens over Lebanon (warning graphic images)

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There is no fighting chance for migratory birds when they fly over Lebanon: Hunting laws may be in place in the Middle East, but who’s enforcing them? From storks and pelicans to hoopoes to eagles to migratory songbirds… see the images of the bloodbath in Lebanon during this year’s hunting season. In Cyprus song birds are hunted down by the millions every year for a pickled dish, and the images coming out of Cairo are just as gruesome.