Why vegans are so f **g annoying


Vegans are all the same. So while I have a vegan communities audience, allow me explain why I find vegans so annoying. And please, use this guide as a tool for things you can’t do if you want to be considered a cool vegan. T hey’d rather waste non-vegan food then eat it. One vegan said no when I offered them Cheetos once, who does that? They think nutritional yeast is cool, and vegan cheese is good. They act like non-vegans are uneducated.

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Get Lean & Healthy by Eating the Right kinds of Fats.

Elephant Journal

we have witnessed a 1,000-fold increase in soy oil consumption. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate no seed oils. 134 shares Share Dear Non-Vegan: There’s Something you Won’t let me Say. Food is information, not just calories.

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A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet

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A “plant-based diet” is basically another way to say “vegan”, though in my definition it’s a little looser than “vegan” — you might eat some cheese on a salad if it’s been served by your gracious host, for example. My preference, though, would be to eat vegan all the time, ideally. While I became vegan for health reasons, I stick with it for reasons of compassion — wanting to reduce the suffering of other sentient beings. Get organic, non-GMO soy.

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