Why vegans are so f **g annoying


It’s what works for me because I don’t like soy, so don’t pretend I’m that I’m so awful. Ricky Gervais taught me that you can love animals and still eat them, as long as you’re not a hunter. Vegans are all the same. They love animals more than people, and that means hanging out with them is never fun. So while I have a vegan communities audience, allow me explain why I find vegans so annoying.

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Traditional trail foods

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Easily made, transported, and stored, they became frontier staples for travelers, hunters, and warriors. Avoid pork or bear.) ¼ cup soy ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce 1 tsp. Transportable calories Napoleon said that an army marches on its stomach.

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Why we Struggle with Weight Loss: The Missing Link.

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Our processed, inflammatory modern diet—which is relatively inexpensive and convenient because of government-subsidized crops like corn, soy, and wheat—crowds out more nutrient-dense foods. . Life can become frustrating when we’ve tried everything yet can’t lose weight.

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Get Lean & Healthy by Eating the Right kinds of Fats.

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we have witnessed a 1,000-fold increase in soy oil consumption. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate no seed oils. Food is information, not just calories. Food influences gene function, hormones, our immune system and even gut flora. Literally, food controls every function within our body.

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A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet

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It can also mean soymilk, soy yogurt, and the like, which are often fortified. Get organic, non-GMO soy. Smoothies : Blend some almond or soy milk with frozen berries, greens, ground chia or flaxseeds, hemp or spirulina protein powder. Q: Isn’t soy bad for you? I would stick to organic, non-GMO soy, but actually soy is a very healthy source of protein and other nutrients, and has been eaten by very healthy people for thousands of years.

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