A Treasure Hunt for Prairie Wildflowers

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The Tallgrass Aspen Parklands is on the northern edge of the tallgrass prairie. Only a small portion of prairie plants make it so far north. This means that our treasure hunters have a smaller selection of options when it comes to building a seed mix.

Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community

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Rolling prairie dotted with beautiful wildflowers, with towering snow-capped peaks in the background. I’m at The Nature Conservancy’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in northeast Oregon for what has become an annual event: a search for antlers shed by bull elk each spring.

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Introducing the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

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Russell National Wildlife Refuge , more than a million acres of prairie, badlands, coulees, and the massive Fort Peck Reservoir on the Missouri River. Here I would see how spring comes to the American prairie. Destinations Charles M Russell NWR prairies

The Wildlife Conservation Stamp: An Additional Income Stream for Our National Wildlife Refuges

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As a result, animals like the Florida panther and diminishing habitats like the prairie grasslands stand a fighting chance. ” Elizabeth Jackson of the Duck Stamp Program is not optimistic about birders or non-hunters embracing the Duck Stamp as hunters have.

Are We Losing Our Wetlands Conservation Legacy?

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Political cartoonist Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling created the Federal Duck Stamp program , a mandatory stamp for waterfowl hunters with proceeds going to purchase habitat. This is part of the “prairie pothole” country: small wetlands scoured in the prairie by glaciation.

It’s Raining Blood and Feathers: Catching the Spring Raptor Show

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Raptors are highly skilled hunters. The Cooper’s hawk is one of the most stunning avian hunters, capable of chasing prey through trees, making sharp turns through steep cover. A splash of red caught my eye as I strolled across the yard. A wildflower? Not quite.

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Why You Should See The Big Year When It Opens

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Timothy Barksdale is a birder, Prairie Chicken documentarian , and wildlife videographer well-known for his stunning Adventures with Birdman. Even though we spend more money and are far more numerous than hunters this is not commonly understood. He’s got a different view on how bird watchers should respond to The Big Year than the one Corey recently expressed here.

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10 Great State Parks for Wildlife

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Herds of bison graze among prairie dog towns at Custer State Park. The granite peaks and native prairie of Custer State Park have long made it a popular draw for Black Hills tourists. It’s hard to miss the 1500 bison and expansive prairie dog towns.

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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Nationwide, wildlife watchers now outspend hunters 6 to 1. There is evidence that a unique Canadian prairie population of lesser sandhill cranes is being selectively wiped out, since they migrate over the most heavily hunted areas of Texas. Giving a few hundred hunters something else to shoot, in my opinion, cannot be worth the blowback from tens of thousands of people who are willing to travel and spend just to watch the birds fly over.

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Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


Even though organic farming has been around since the Neolithic period, when our ancestors turned from hunters and gatherers to farmers, there is no doubt that it is experiencing a bit of a comeback in recent years. Supports natural ecosystems that store carbon such as forests and prairies.

Elk in the Neighborhood: On Conservation and Lost Hope

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Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community. Hornaday ran the zoo, and was also a member of the Boone and Crockett Club , a group of influential big game hunters concerned about the rapid loss of wildlife across the continent.

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Of Whiskey Jacks and Water Ouzels

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Assorted Galliformes: One of the bird-human interactions that tends to produce a lot of common names is hunting, and names bestowed by hunters will tend to focus on traits important to hunters: how do you find it, where do you find it, and how does it taste?

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Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

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Among these partners are hunters, auto insurance companies and the driving public, the public health sector, the timber industry, and agriculture. Hunters. Hunters spend billions of dollars each year in pursuit of white-tailed deer. Such hunters could be very helpful.

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10 Top National Wildlife Refuges To Explore

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Plus there’s plenty of other birds and a prairie dog town. You can still see them – plus free-ranging longhorn cattle, prairie dogs and other wildlife – roaming this interesting refuge. In the hills, you can look for bighorn sheep while hiking to petroglyphs made by indigenous hunters.

State of North America’s Birds Report Released to Commemorate Centennial of the First Migratory Bird Treaty

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The vast majority of our continent’s pre-settlement prairie has been converted to agriculture and residential development. One hundred years ago, North Americans united for birds. August 16, 2016, marks the 100 th anniversary of the first Migratory Bird Treaty.

Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

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People have often assumed that hunter-gatherers went hungry more often than agriculturists. Why are prairie dogs starting a wave? Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King. Image modified from Flickr user BioDivLibrary through a Creative Commons License.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

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Note in this 2010 video, birders, birdwatching and kayakers are mentioned, not hunters. The mosaic of wetlands, open water, bottomland forests and prairies provides habitat for numerous mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and nearly three hundred bird species. Northern Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, IA and MN : Expand migratory bird hunting, upland game hunting, and big game hunting. June 9, 2015 – It’s deja vu all over again.

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Panther problems

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The most fragile region is in the northwestern Bear Island Unit, which is characterized by marsh and swamp combined with both treed and prairie habitats. Sometimes being popular is not so great.

Q&A with Timothy Egan: Dialogues on the Environment

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This nation is full of birders and anglers and hunters and hikers — all part of the natural constituency of the environment. We’ve learned some lessons about soil conservation and restoring our grasslands (I particularly like The Nature Conservancy’s prairie preserve in Oklahoma).

Collaborative list – September 2018

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The migrants face many perils, hunters, predators, adverse weather conditions and lack of refueling opportunities due to habitat loss. The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys.

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