Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

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Hunter Lovins, author of “Climate Capitalism” and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions states that “You don’t have to believe in the problem to believe in the solution.” Stating the green case is all about recognition of maintaining the current ‘bottom line’ while at the same time seeing how going green affects it in the future. One example of a small business change that may end up saving money is the overuse of cardboard.

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We don’t need non-vegan celebrities telling us how to treat animals


So why is that every time I open up Facebook, I’m flooded with notifications from vegan acquaintances sharing the same memes, one-liners, and quotes about animal rights from non-vegan celebrities? I’m sure you’ve experienced a scenario or two like this: twenty or more likes and a handful of positive comments will populate the space below a Ricky Gervais image. On it, a quote reads “wearing cosmetics that were tested on animals makes you ugly on the inside.”

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