Tel Aviv Couple Find Horse Meat in their Paella

Green Prophet

” Samari said the horse meat came from Hungary and that it was added to the dish to enhance its flavor.

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How Green Are You?

Eco Friendly Daily

Representative nations from each continent were involved, from Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, the UK, Russia, and Australia. In this way, the Greendex represents the active choices made by individual consumers, rather than national standards or policies.

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VisionConsult presents "Village of the Future" for Roma Inclusion

Green (Living) Review

The living conditions of the 10 to 12 million Roma in Europe are often insufficient and are characterized by poor housing, low health standards, extreme poverty, unemployment and difficult access to education.

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Systems Thinking

The Green Changemakers

If you look at the state standards, there are some really exciting systems-related standards showing up. By Lisa Bennett How to clearly and creatively teach students about living systems to help them make better decisions in the world.

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Activists to target Danish Ministry of Defense to highlight fate of climate refugees

Green (Living) Review

Many years ago we saw movies that showed people radar at the borders between Austria and Hungary (before the latter become a member of the EU) and those, no doubt, will now be exported to the further reaches of the EU borders. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As part of the range of actions during the UN COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, activists have designated December 14 the “No Borders! No Climate Refugees!” Day of Action.

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