Hungary has fallen!

Green (Living) Review

Democracy in Hungary is dead and Fascism rules by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As of April 2013, Hungary is no longer a democracy and if we all don''t act now, things are about to get a lot worse, and not just in Hungary, of that I am sure. If no action from the European Union is being taken now Hungary could well become become another Third Reich! Blink and you''ve missed it: Hungary is no longer a democracy. Don''t let Hungary go the way of Nazi Germany.

Searching for a White-backed Woodpecker

10,000 Birds

White-backed Woodpecker was one of the major target birds of the Bükk Hills portion of the trip to Hungary and though I would probably have preferred seeing what I now believe to be the mythical Black Woodpecker , the White-backed Woodpecker was a nice consolation prize. Then my iPhone started ringing, which was weird, because pretty much everyone I know knew I was in Hungary and who would be calling me at 11 PM in New York and 5 AM in Hungary?

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Lebanon’s Broom Makers Swept Out of Business

Green Prophet

The soft straw was sourced from Egypt, Iraq and Syria while hard straw, which is harder to cut and manipulate and used for cleaning brooms, came from Bulgaria and Hungary. It’s hard to be competitive when a Chinese factory can process lesser quality plastic or nylon brooms for a fraction of the cost, but Abu Khater claims that these products are much inferior to the traditional straw brooms.

Democracy: the savior of the world?

Green (Living) Review

However, one has to take but one look at Hungary in 2012 to realize, and that is but one example, that democracy is not the answer at all. Far right parties have gained and are, basically, ruling the country in Hungary and are not far off in some other European Union member states. People, despite the claim by the powers that be, will never have a true stake in the current “democratic” process, which is controlled and manipulated anyway, on the basis of nation state.

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World Water Day (March 22, 2012) - Water management initiatives to conserve resources around the world

Green (Living) Review

Bridgestone Corporation has announced group-wide initiatives in conjunction with World Water Day to ensure that the company plays a proactive role in promoting the sustainable use of water during manufacturing processes. Region: Thailand Activity: Using rainwater -Using rain that falls within the site as water for manufacturing processes-Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand) Co.,

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Costi Gurgu Interview and the Auroras

The Alien Next Door

We have different approaches to the art process and we have different styles. My stories have been published in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, England, Canada and USA. ??. full cover art for Outer Diverse. ??

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Is Using Waste Water For Farming A Dangerous Practice?

Eco Friendly Daily

The data released by the institute estimates that nearly 200 million farmers rely on recycled water to sow 20 million hectares, an area ostensibly twice the size of Hungary. Pay Drechsel, a senior IMWI official hits the nail on the head when he says that the process is a great way to cope with water stress. Is it bad…or is it good? A divergence of views for us to consider with the release of a survey report by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

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Systems Thinking

The Green Changemakers

LB : Perhaps one of the least considered living systems principles is systems integrity — by your definition, what a system has when all the parts and processes essential to its ability to function are present.

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Human Rights in China. and the global trade

Green (Living) Review

China now owns the greatest share in the Alberta Tar Sands and we can certainly guarantee therefore that the environment will not be taken account of; not that the Canadian companies and other have cared for the environment in the process of the exploitation of the Tar Sands. We are losing one manufacturing place after the other and it is all going to China, in the main, with one or two moving to Hungary and the likes.

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Activists to target Danish Ministry of Defense to highlight fate of climate refugees

Green (Living) Review

We will open their offices to the weather they are changing and to the people they lock out, so that the voices of all those dis-empowered by the COP15 process and border regime can be heard! Mette Hagolani says: “We will take action in solidarity with those who are already displaced by the immediate effects of climate change, wars for resources and the false market led ´solutions´ proposed by those with the loudest voices in the COP15 process.

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What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

The process of building cities today has become so institutionalized, however, that people seldom have an outlet to put their intuition to use anymore. Many times, communities need just a little nudge in the right direction to set this process of revitalization in motion.

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