Lebanon’s Broom Makers Swept Out of Business

Green Prophet

But now straw itself has become prohibitively expensive and the community is turning to cheap nylon or plastic brooms that don’t work as well, putting yet another cottage industry at risk of obscurity. The soft straw was sourced from Egypt, Iraq and Syria while hard straw, which is harder to cut and manipulate and used for cleaning brooms, came from Bulgaria and Hungary. Lifestyle & Culture broom-makers cottage industry crafts plastic-China

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Green (Living) Review

As a child of middle-class immigrants, refugees to be precise, from Hungary to Canada,he gave up the security of an Ivy League education to sell worm poop in reused soda bottles.

Systems Thinking

The Green Changemakers

LBS: My take on the commons is that you get into this situation where each individual action is defensible on its own: "I need to use plastic water bottles because there's no water fountain nearby."

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