The Five Best Homemade Foods

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Homemade living is the great lost art of the past few generations, although in cities, towns and rural areas the skills of homemade food and living are thriving. But if you aren’t ready to quit your day job and move to the country to raise your own chickens , these homemade recipes will make you feel like a great homesteader, knitting needles or not! But if you do have some time, I encourage you to try to make these five best homemade foods at home.

10 DIY Holiday Gifts to Try this Season

Hug a Tree with Me

I fill mason jars, baskets, stockings and boxes with homemade lotions, soaps, toys, trinkets, jewelry and healthy edibles each year. Below are a few ideas I will be trying this year… 10 DIY Holiday Gifts to Try this Season: Pringles Can with Homemade Cookies. Soy Candle in Mason Jar. Like many other crafts-people , I use the holiday season to shower the lovely people on my Christmas list with handmade DIY gifts.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2010

The Go Green Blog

1- Homemade card made from recycled products or an e-card. 4- Homemade organic goodies or candies delivered in a recycled cookie tins. 6- Candles made from soy or beeswax. 7- Sustainable sexy under garments made from bamboo or soy fabrics. 9- Homemade dinner with fresh seasonal ingredients from your local farmer’s market.

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Keep your Body Warm & Well during the Wintertime with Vegan Soups

Green Living Ideas

Making homemade soup is a great introduction to home cooking- and it makes your kitchen nice and warm too! But before we get to the list of soups, I want to share my new favorite- a healthy twist on Hot & Sour Soup featuring a homemade baked tofu. 1 Tablespoon soy sauce. cup soy sauce. ¼ Mix together soy sauce, sesame oil, mirin, and rice vinegar in a large bowl. Homemade Vegetable Broth. Food and Cuisine Recipes broth dinner homemade soups vegan

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Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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natural beauty products, homemade beauty care. soy and beeswax candles. plant based detergents, soap nuts, homemade detergents. all natural toothpaste, homemade toothpaste. While we may never know who to blame for the discovery of petroleum, history states that the stuff has been running our lives for over 5000 years now.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Baby Products

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly baby Products: 1- Organic Baby Food – Give your baby the most natural food out there with either homemade baby food or store bought organic baby food. 3- Bamboo or Soy Onesies – Protect your little ones delicate skin with soft soy or bamboo clothing. Tags: Eco-Products Family Healthy Eating Baby Products Bamboo BPA Free Green Baby Green Goods Organic Soy Sustainable Wood Parents always want the best for their children.

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Vegan cheesemaker eyes IPO

Green Prophet

Yofix in Israel already sells its soy-free yogurt alternative made from oats, legumes and seeds. Food grown simply from a garden and made into a homemade spread without a printer or complicated enzymes in a lab is really the healthiest and more sustainable way we can consumer our food.

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Halloween Is Fast Approaching!

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It's time to start thinking about how you will green your Halloween! When you are thinking about giving out treats, think about ways to give locally and organically. Shop at your local apple farms for apples and other locally made treats you can give away. Remember that the less packaging the better! Apples are sweet, good for your teeth, and require no packaging! When searching for candy in the store look for organic treats.

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Natural Living Blog Carnival – A Few Eco Habits We’ve Picked Up

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A Few Eco Habits We’ve Picked Up: Soy paint on my toes: One of the first things I gave up when I started living greener was nail polish because they are stuffed full of chemicals that can degrade human and environmental health, however I did miss painting my nails. Sustainable nail polish was out of the picture because it is a little on the expensive side, so I decided to give soy paint a try. Welcome to the May 2014 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Green Moms.

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Freakshakes are going vegan


Their milkshakes are coconut and soy milk based, and there’s even an appearance by everyone’s beloved aquafaba in the meringue that adorns them. Homemade vegan cake (made from a date and nut base), whipped coconut cream, and vegan nutella round these sugar comas out, and make sure your freakshake is just as Instagrammable as it’s non-vegan counterparts. For those who can’t wait, YouTube has a couple vegan recipes for homemade ones kicking around.

Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese Alternatives

Eco-Vegan Girl

Daiya : soy-free & gluten-free - if you know anything about me you know I LOVE Daiya! Cashew Cheese (homemade) : soy-free & gluten-free - there are endless ways to make your own cashew cheese, just do a recipe search online. Food For Lovers : soy-free - this stuff is CRACK! We Can't Say It's Cheese : soy-free & gluten-free - is just as cracky as Food For Lovers - I go insane over this stuff. I avoid it now because of soy, but I do like the taste.

How To Make Your Own Candles

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What you’ll need : Wax – look in craft stores or at online candle-making sites to find non-toxic soy, vegetable, or beeswax. Homemade votives. Another easy homemade candle, votives are great practice for new candle makers – you can work on perfecting small batches and test out a variety of colors and scents. How To Make Your Own Candles. Beeswax Candles Hand-Rolled Honeycomb.

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Kristin Cavallari shares a dangerous goat’s milk cocktail for babies


Jezebel shared that in Kristin’s new book, Balancing in Heels, she’s made a homemade baby formula from goat’s milk. While not all women can or choose to breast feed, goat’s milk is not a recommended replacement (alongside cow and soy varieties). Did you ever wish your life could be a little more Laguna Beach? Well, I don’t recommend getting there by taking advice from Kristin Cavallari.

Tofurky Artisan Sausages Make for Tasty and Satisfying Meals

Eco-Vegan Girl

Let’s just say that this herbaceous sausage belongs on a homemade pizza. If you have a soy or gluten allergy, I wouldn’t suggest partaking as these contain both vital wheat gluten and organic tofu. Product review by EvG team member Rachel Curit : When I first received Tofurky ’s Artisan Sausages in the mail, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something special with them. Why would I just eat them all on a bun when I could slice them up and put them on a pizza ?

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Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth An Organic Chicken Nugget

Green Life Smart Life

My mom and I liketo come up with ideas for our favorite foods, and my mom has created a really easy recipe ofr homemade chicken nuggets that are organic and healthy. organic whole wheat or soy flour; 1 c. Pre heat oven to 375 degrees. Using 1 lb organic, free range chicken breasts, cut them into little chunks after cleaning them. In a bowl whisk together: egg white from 1 organic egg. 1 tbsp oragnic mayo. 1 tbsp organic mustard (I like spicy). 1/2 tsp sea salt. 1 /2tsp pepper.

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Top 5 Tips For An Eco Holiday Celebration

The Go Green Blog

If you would like to send printed paper cards consider a card which is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and is printed with soy inks. Decorations - From bamboo placemats to homemade napkin rings, make a commitment to go green by decorating with an eco-friendly touch. The holiday season is a great time for fresh starts and new traditions. If you haven’t started living a green lifestyle, now’s your opportunity.

Top 5 Tips For An Eco Holiday Celebration

The Go Green Blog

If you would like to send printed paper cards consider a card which is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and is printed with soy inks. Decorations - From bamboo placemats to homemade napkin rings, make a commitment to go green by decorating with an eco-friendly touch. The holiday season is a great time for fresh starts and new traditions. If you haven’t started living a green lifestyle, now’s your opportunity.

My Secret On How To Feel Healthier and - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live.

Eco-Vegan Girl

I owe it to focusing on a whole foods plant-based diet, which began with cutting out gluten and soy, and reducing the amount of processed foods I ate (including sweeteners and oils). I still buy Daiya cheese on occasion (its gluten and soy free). Don't forget that you get to put that special ingredient into your homemade meals that you won't get elsewhere as well - love.

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Green Tips For Your 4th of July Celebration

Eco Friendly Daily

10) If you are celebrating in the evening use soy candles and solar lights to power up your backyard and front yard for your guest. To save money you can make homemade versions or you can buy them at your local grocery store. Declare your Independence in a cleaner and greener way this 4th of July. For some easy inexpensive eco-4th of July tips look below. 1) If you are holding a party in your home log onto Evites to invite people.

Green Gift Guide 2010

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Homemade Bodycare Products. Generally, homemade products are free from toxins and dangerous ingredients because you use pure, simple ingredients like essential oils and skin care oils like almond, olive or grapeseed. Natural beeswax or soy based candles are an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin-based candles with synthetic (and toxic) fragrances. Homemade natural and organic foods are so much better than store-bought! Photo credit: alancleaver_2000.

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How to Make Ethanol

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In yet another example of his forward thinking (he also pioneered soy as a sustainable fibre for clothing), Henry Ford designed the first version of his Model T Ford to run on ethanol. Blueprints for homemade contraptions are widely available on the web and for the less structurally inclined, manufactured stills are also for sale.

DIY Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Seedling Pots For The Garden

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chemicals: today many newspapers are printed on recycled paper and with soy. Homemade. If the weather outside is. still too cold for gardening, seedling can be started indoors. Just about any. container (milk jug, liter soda bottle, etc.) can be cut open, punctured with a. few holes at the bottom and turned into a seedling pot. Unfortunately when it. comes time to transplanting the seedlings to new ground or larger pots.

Green Resolutions

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Homemade pizzas (meat free), tacos and falafels are all great options that are both fun to make and eat. Clothing can be purchased second-hand, produced locally, or made with environmentally friendly hemp, soy, bamboo, or organic cotton. Photo credit: woodleywonderworks. Chances are, you already do quite a few of these already. These ideas certainly aren’t new or ingenious. However, they are simple, easy and attainable. So if you see something new on the list, give it a go.

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Nemo, Non-GMO Valentine’s Day & More Winter Fun

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Because GMO corn, sugar and soy, which are commonly used for many of Hershey’s and Mars candy products, it may be wise to avoid them if you are trying to minimize or eliminate your consumption of GMOs. GD Meg makes her own – here’s her favorite recipe for homemade GF peanut butter cups. When did we start naming winter storms, and who the heck came up with this name anyway? Hard to think about a cute little colorful fish whipping the Northeast into such a frenzy.

Vegan Mission: Main Street, Santa Monica

Eco-Vegan Girl

The Galley, 212 Pier, Victorian - SOME VEGAN OPTIONS I was surprised when The Galley , a steak and seafood restaurant, responded with the following: "we do have a great pasta prima vera and a homemade spinach/mushroom ravioli- the sauce does have a touch of cream". Here's what the owner said: "Yes we will have soy milk, almond milk, rice milk etc for you tea/ coffee.

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