5 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

Hug a Tree with Me

Use tea externally: Tea is often incorporated in homemade soaps, shampoos and lotions. January is national hot tea month, it is a wonderful time to pause in observe of the ever-giving tea. There are thousands of different varieties of tea available in the world all produced from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. History states that the first known cup of tea was brewed in 2700 BC. by the Chinese, since day in history, hot tea has become a remedy and a comfort for many.

Book Review and Giveaway – 100 Organic Skin Care Recipes by Jessica Ress ends 9/17

Hug a Tree with Me

Sections of my dining room have been partitioned off to contain raw ingredients to formulate my homemade soaps, scrubs, lotions, perfumes and other natural products. I remember standing in my shower as a preteen many many years ago scrubbing my skin with kitty litter – I had read somewhere that clay based litter could help shrink my large adolescent pores and detox my skin.

7 ways to use expired spices

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Spicy soap The granular texture of ground cloves and pepper can add act as a gentle exfoliator in your next batch of homemade soap. Before you chuck that jar of spice that’s been sitting in your cabinet for longer than you can remember, consider these tips. Spices that aren’t worth eating may still have some use around your house and garden. Is it really expired? The good news is that spices don’t spoil in such a way that will make you sick, but they can lose their flavor.