From Prisoner to Prison Reformer, Waylon Lewis with Fleet Maull.

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Join Walk the Talk Show, Monday, February 24th, at 12 pm MST, for Waylon''s chat with Fleet Maull on implementing innovative solutions to some of society’s and the world’s toughest problems crime and the failure of mass incarceration, homelessness, violence and genocide.

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Tent City Dismantled in Tel Aviv – Now What?

Green Prophet

As the tents and other temporary dwellings begin to be dismantled, a number of them are still there as they represent a section of society who simply have no other place to go. For the homeless, life returns to “normal&#.

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Poverty is now a way of life for many again

Green (Living) Review

One definition of poverty is: “People are said to be living in poverty if their income and resources are inadequate as to preclude them from having a standard of living acceptable in the society in which they live.” Their attacks, under the auspices of reforms, has linked to the rise in the use of foodbanks and homelessness.

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Green (Living) Review

We could accommodate all of our own homeless and those of Ireland and a few other small countries combined. This also brings us to the change as to how we live and society and how it is run. To be good stewards it is essential to reform in order to conserve.

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Educating for change

The Green Changemakers

Many have started programs geared toward sustainability and reform. Other examples include working with the homeless in New York while studying the economics of homelessness or with local synagogues while studying the history of anti-Semitism.

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Complexity: It’s Not That Simple

The Green Changemakers

Collaborative: It’s foolish to believe anyone has all the answers, or can possibly cope alone in this massively interconnected society. by Dave Pollard C omplexity theory has been around for a generation now, but most people don’t understand it.

2010 56

Intentional Communities: Lifestyles Based on Ideals

The Green Changemakers

T ODAY MANY PEOPLE ARE QUESTIONING our society's values, and asking what gives meaning to life. Although quite diverse in philosophy and lifestyle, each of these groups places a high priority on fostering a sense of community--a feeling of belonging and mutual support that is increasingly hard to find in mainstream Western society. Communities draw their membership from society at large, and those members bring with them generations of social conditioning.

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Urban Research Symposium 2009

The Green Changemakers

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