Homelessness and empty homes in the UK

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are being told time and again by the British government and the building industry in this country that there are not enough (affordable) homes in Britain and hence that this is the fact that there are so many visible and even more invisible homeless individuals and families. Fact is that there are a multiple number of empty homes to homeless in Britain both in the public and in the private (rented) sector.

End Cities Criminalizing Homelessness

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Last November, a homeless man in Boulder, Colorado named David Madison tried to get a bed for the night at the city's only local shelter, but was turned away due to a lack of space. However, the City of Boulder keeps on the books – and fervently enforces – a thinly veiled anti-homelessness law that says sleeping outdoors with "shelter" of any form, including a sleeping bag or even a blanket, constitutes illegal camping.

Homeless People Plant a Rooftop Garden and Feed the Shelter Organically

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Heartwarming stories about individuals and organizations offering compassion and help the homeless abound and most of us enjoy being reminded of the goodness in our fellow humans and being presented with a ray of hope within what is a widespread challenge that faces our world and local communities; and while idealistic gestures that are very often well-intending are certainly feel-good and help bring attention to the issue of homelessness, the issue itself remains.

The war on the homeless

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In the UK the war on homeless people has taken another twist in that it is now a serious criminal offense – felony to our American cousins – to occupy an unoccupied building and make it into a home; squatting, as it is called here. It is said that there are enough empty homes in the USA to house all the country's homeless and in addition all the homeless of Britain and Ireland, and that should tell us something. Namely that homelessness would not be necessary at all.

Anti-homeless spikes installed in London

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) London, UK, June 8, 2014 : In at least one location in a posh neighborhood of the British capital the first what can only be referred to as anti-homeless spikes have been installed to prevent homeless people sleeping in doorways and such. Homelessness is not a crime, it is a disgrace, but not one caused by the homeless people but by society which allows this to happen.

Homelessness in America (and Britain)

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million homeless people while there are, at the same time, 18.5 This means that for every single homeless person there are an average of 5.28 The situation is probably the same, in proportion, in Britain and it is said that Britain has enough empty homes – and that is just empty homes; we don't even want to talk about other buildings that could be used as homes, as many squatters have shown – to house all the homeless of Britain and Ireland combined and still have room for more.

Youth homelessness on the rise in England

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Relationship breakdowns are causing a rise in homelessness among young people, a new Homeless Link study has revealed. Published recently, the findings reveal the extent to which rising homelessness is affecting young people aged 16-24. With rising youth unemployment, a changing welfare system and many families struggling to get by, youth homelessness is likely to get worse. Depaul UK supports all of Homeless Link’s recommendations.

Homelessness could become a crime in UK

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) London, UK, May 2013: Homelessness could be turned into a crime under new British Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Policing Bill a think-tank has warned. Being homeless and forced to sleep rough would thus become a crime.

LEED-seeking apartments house formerly homeless families in San Francisco


Designed with more than 100 affordable housing units for low-income households and families and individuals who formerly experienced homelessness, the development is a champion of humanitarian architecture. Of the building’s 113 affordable homes , approximately one-fourth of them are permanently reserved for families who previously experienced homelessness. Read more here: LEED-seeking apartments house formerly homeless families in San Francisco.

Scotland’s First Eco-Village for the Homeless Will Offer Education Too

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Scotland will begin construction of its first eco-village for the homeless in 2017 with its residents moving in by the summer. Each house will cost roughly $35,000 to build, but their design offers a safe, transportable, and energy-efficient environment for its residents to break the vicious cycle of homelessness. The Edinburgh village will contain 10 tiny homes that can house up to 20 people for 12 months each.

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Network Rail becomes a patron of homelessness charity CRASH

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NetworkRail has become a CRASH patron partner, supporting the construction and property industrycharity for homeless people that in turn has supported over 45homelessness projects over the last year. CRASH is apractical charity that focuses on improving and constructingbuildings used to help homeless people.

Utah is on track to end homelessness by 2015 with this one simple idea

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Give them an apartment first, ask questions later by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The United States State of Utah, the Mormon State, has reduced its rate of chronic homelessness by 78 percent over the past eight years, moving 2000 people off the street and putting the state on track to eradicate homelessness altogether by 2015. visits and jail stays for an average homeless person was $16,670, while the cost of providing an apartment and social worker would be $11,000.

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An abandoned market becomes a light-filled homeless shelter in London


London-based firm Holland Harvey Architects has recently done just that by converting a derelict supermarket into a stunning, light-filled homeless shelter with an attached cafe. Launched in 2017, Shelter From The Storm is a charitable organization that aims to house and support people who are homeless in London. As such, the design revolved around creating a purpose-built space to meet the distinct needs of an urban homeless shelter.

Cost Of Military Jet Could House Every Homeless Person In U.S. With $600,000 Home

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The $400 billion program to create a fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, which, as The Hill points out, is seven years behind schedule and chronically plagued with misfortunes and incompetencies, could have housed every homeless person in the U.S. It''s no news that a large portion of our federal tax dollars goes towards defense spending. But your jaw might drop at the cost of the newest jet manufactured by the U.S.

Perkins and Will designs modular, affordable housing for the homeless


In response to the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, Perkins and Will’s Los Angeles studio has proposed DOME , a stackable, modular furniture system that would provide affordable and flexible interim housing for the homeless. Mayor Garcetti’s A Bridge Home initiative, a program to provide emergency homeless housing in the city. Related: LEED Platinum housing for the homeless takes over a formerly vacant L.A.

Places of Change wins silver for 500 homeless and disadvantaged gardeners at Chelsea

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500+ homeless & vulnerable people celebrated today as the Places of change garden was awarded a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010 by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Homelessness agencies, their service users and prisoners around the country had cause to celebrate on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 when the “Places of Change Show Garden” won a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Britain does not have a housing crisis but an empty homes crisis

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The crisis is that of homes being left empty, and that for a number of reasons, but none of the reasons is valid enough when we have homeless individuals and families. If, in fact, all the homes left empty for the various nefarious reasons would be added together we could, as has been estimated some time back, house our homeless population several times over and that is not even counting those properties that, with very little work, could be turned into perfectly good homes.

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Lord Henley meets with the former homeless people in charitable recycling visit

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As part of the visit, Lord Henley took a tour of the Preston facility's 15-acre recycling park to discover how it had unified its recycling and charitable operations to help formerly homeless and unemployed people get their lives back on track by offering them training, education and work placements.

Gift a stranger a coat, and change the world

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It’s constructed of durable, water-resistant Cordura fabric from Carhartt, upcycled automotive insulation from General Motors, and other materials provided by generous donors in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, where brutal winter weather makes homelessness especially treacherous. Scott decided to tackle homelessness and began spending time at a nearby homeless shelter where the design for the EMPWR coat developed. Homelessness should not be a life sentence.”

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A sustainable design response to Australia’s housing crisis


Many of these projects are related to disaster recovery, homelessness , community building and Australia’s housing crisis. Eco Green a-simple-wood community designer girls homelessness interior madagascar mozambique post-format-gallery potato-games studioDesigned by Jiri Lev of Atelier Jiri Lev, the Tasmanian House combines traditional and innovative approaches to architecture with local Tasmanian elements as a response to some of the area’s most pressing social issues.

Tiny House-Hoods

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Portland, OR Apparently Has A Bad Homeless Problem. About half a year ago, the mayor of Portland, OR, Charlie Hales, decided to clear out the homeless campsites on public spaces. homelessness Portland tiny homesThe Mayor’s Solution? Tiny House-Hoods. To his surprise, he found that compassion still exists in the heart of the community, and a mob of angry protesters (literally) descended on city hall with lit torches.

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Charity builds "Lego-style houses" to tackle UK rent crisis

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Though they say housing crisis and the government does neither London nor the UK has a housing crisis, nor a homelessness one; all the UK has is an empty homes crisis. Such solutions come as homelessness is spiking across the UK. According to the Combined Homeless and Information Network (CHAIN) database, 112,070 people declared themselves homeless between 2013-14, while the number of people sleeping rough in London grew by more than 70 percent, to 6,437 people.

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Tiny trash homes “buy” humanity with salvaged waste

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He erects one-room houses to hotel the homeless, dumpster diving for raw materials which he reassembles into inventive (and minuscule) mobile homes. Story goes that one day, a homeless man came by his studio asking for a tarp to use as shelter. Kloehn is not homeless, although he lives in a similar structure while vacationing in New York; this guy knows small-house living. California has the largest homeless population in America.

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Hydraloop recycles up to 260 gallons of water per day


Business Green Recycle a-single-pipe- climate change housing for the homeless hydraloop los angeles pipes rampart-village system water water-recyclingOn film, water recycling might look like something complicated that involves a lot of machinery and effort.

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, May 1

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There’s a happy ending for our homeless koala. Animals Australia Biodiversity Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Europe Global Warming Green Living International North America Oceans & Coasts Protected Areas Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States BBC biofuel in planes Christian Science Monitor European Union green flights Grist homeless koala Huffington Post MNN NASA pesticide ban queens school sea turtle habitat veggie menu

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LEED Gold apartments provide supportive housing in Los Angeles


In November 2020, the Westlake / Rampart Village neighborhood of Los Angeles welcomed the Rampart Mint Apartments, a new permanent supportive housing project that provides secure and sustainable housing for people who are experiencing homelessness. Green affordable housing apartments architecture energy housing housing for the homeless kfa leed los angeles rampart-village santa-monica voc free

Community First! provides affordable, permanent micro-housing


Village in Austin, a 51-acre sustainable development, provides affordable housing to Central Texas’ chronically homeless. The organization is a social outreach ministry that has worked with the local Austin homeless community since 1998 through prepared feeding programs, community gardening and more. Eco Green compost home homeless kinney-york office portland rainwater collection school science experiments space sustainable housing timeCommunity First!

Stefano Boeri Architetti designs prefab COVID-19 vaccination centers for Italy


Green architecture biodegradable materials community-first development housing for the homeless italy mobile prefab recyclable materials solar panels stefano boeri architettiStefano Boeri Architetti — the Milan-based architecture firm best known for the Vertical Forest skyscrapers — has partnered with a team of consultants to design and develop the architectural and communication concepts for Italy’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

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First Brazilian supermarket where customers can exchange recyclable waste for food open

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Brazil, like many other countries around the world, has many vulnerable people, such as the homeless, and they could be helped if this kind of supermarket would catch on.

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Top 5 Things To Donate In 2010

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Then do a little “spring cleaning&# and donate your gently used things to homeless shelters, animal shelters or local businesses asking for donations. Top 5 Things To Donate In The New Year : 1- Gently used clothing to a homeless shelter or Good Will. Tags: Recycling animal shelter blanket donate Green Tips Himane homeless shelter local labels new year's Recycling Program Need to make some room for all the new stuff you got on Christmas?

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A reminder of who we are supposed to be (or used to be?)

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Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. "Keep,

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Event: Sightline Talks Money in Politics in Bellingham

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The annual Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Education at Western Washington University this year takes on: money in politics and campaign finance; media, elections, and public perception; the homelessness crisis; and mass incarceration. WWU's Ralph Munro Institute hosts four free discussions on key current topics. | A series of free panel discussions next week will cover several salient topics in the wake of the 2016 elections.

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New affordable housing in Silicon Valley boasts net-zero emissions


The 66 affordable rental units, which comprise one-, two- and three-bedroom units, are made available to families earning up to 60% of the area median income as well as to individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Hunger in the world's richest country

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We must not forget that the USA is, probably, the only country in the so-called Western world where entire families are homeless and forced to live on the streets, under bridges, etc. Poverty and homelessness go hand in hand often and especially now in time of the Great Recession that we have been going through and are still going trough at the time of writing in December 2011. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Hunger in America exists and is definitely real for nearly 49 million people.

Choosing Freedom

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When I tell people I’ve lived out of my suitcase for the last 4 years and that I’m homeless and happy, they usually stare in disbelief. “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” They either think my life as a digital nomad and suitcase entrepreneur on a quest for freedom is the coolest thing ever. Or they think I’m mad as a hatter and wonder why on earth anyone would want to live that way. I’m a minimalist and I love it that way.

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Thank You for voting Tory

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Due to the actions of the Conservative government of the “United Kingdom” it has been estimated that 120,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas and many, many more in dire poverty. Homelessness was rampant and dire poverty and we are on the best way to that kind of situation again. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Thanks for voting Tory. Everyone who did has really done well.

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Wood for good: how building timber framed social housing can save taxpayers £261 million

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Homeless charity Crisis recently calculated that 90,000 homes need to be built a year in order to meet this demand.

Energy-efficient affordable housing project opens in South LA


As part of its ongoing effort to house Los Angeles’ homeless, local design practice Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) has transformed a vacant lot in South Los Angeles into an inspiring example of 100% affordable housing. According to the architects, over 58,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County. Related: LEED Platinum housing for the homeless takes over a formerly vacant L.A.

Weekend Reading 4/3/15

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A stunning new project, Humans for Humans , from Canadian homeless advocacy group Raising the Roof, features short videos of people experiencing homelessness reading so-called “mean tweets” about the homeless. They respond to some of them, sharing difficult and extremely varied stories of their respective paths to homelessness.

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13-Year-Old Discovers a Way to Combat Hunger in America

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There was all of this unwanted food lying on the table, and we thought why not take that and give it to someone who needs it, like to the homeless people in the neighborhood who may want it,” she says. Their program didn’t go too well after a homeless man got ill from food that had been left out at room temperature, and the school district was sued. McKenna Greenleaf Faulk leapt over her school district’s red tape to get food to the people who needed it the most.

Giving Back This Festive Season

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These activities may include taking your time to serve the homeless at the shelters, build the schools shed, provide refreshments for the community sports team, so on, and so forth. Consider picking those pieces of clothes you rarely wear and on your way to work, drop them off a homeless lad.

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If you do not work you shall not eat

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Feeding the homeless is already being outlawed and they are also intending to make rough sleeping a crime. In other words being homeless is becoming a crime in Britain and not just in Britain alone. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to information that is going through media outlets apparently the latest attitude of the Tory Party is that people who do not work shall also not eat (and, as far as some reports state, this may include children).


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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Each week millions and millions of upper middle class Americans put on expensive dress clothes and load themselves into SUVs and other expensive gas-guzzling cars and drive past homeless shelters, orphanages, missions and halfway houses on their way to a very expensive church where somebody tells them how to be more like Jesus.

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