Hollywood Sets New Trend: Recycle Your Home Theater (LA Style)

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It’s been years now since the Blue-state, ultra-liberal, Hollywood power brokers in TMZ.com-photog-infested neighborhoods such as Brentwood, North Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades started dumping their Mercedes S65 AMG sedans and Range Rovers for Toyota Prius and Lexus Hybrids. Solar companies are installing system after system on top of $4,000,000-plus homes as if there is no recession or housing slump.

Solutions For Recycling Your Televisions As You “Transition” To A New HDTV

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While you might have to do some heavy lifting to get your old 42 inch Sony XBR into the back of the old hybrid SUV – it’s worth the effort. Posted by Jerry Del Colliano, publisher of Home Theater Review. Tagged: 8 pounds of lead in a television, DTV transition, green home theater, Recycle HDTVs, SD television. Tags: Green 8 pounds of lead in a television DTV transition green home theater Recycle HDTVs SD television

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