Top Certifications in Project Management – How Practice Exam Questions Can Help in Passing the Tests?

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Earning a certification will help you to build confidence and make you highly competitive in the present job market. In this article, we are going to observe globally recognizable certifications related to project management from PMI and GAQM. PMI (Project Management Institute) offers a variety of certificates, and the choice depends on your experience. The Project Management Professional certificate is one of the most popular among project managers around the world.

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Help Kickstart a Sustainable Lighting Project

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Israeli designer Adital Ela Asks for help with her WindyLight sustainable lighting project on Kickstarter. Kickstarting a new sustainable lighting project that employs wind in generating energy to create light is sustainable Israeli designer Adital Ela. Her project, WindyLight, is a “family of self-sufficient outdoor lights that perform on free, clean energy and create a unique and sensual illuminating experience. [The

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Project Budburst

Green (Living) Review

Project Budburst began on February 15, 2008 is about citizen environmentalists, that is ordinary people like you and me, tracking climate change through observation in their very own yards and gardens. Project Budburst volunteers will then record their observations in a database and the Project Budburst team will use the data to form a better picture of just how global warming affects us now and in the future.

Drinking Helps!

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Social enterprise ‘LEMONAID & CHARITEA’ have launched in the UK, championing global social projects – raising almost £1 Million for charity Lemonaid ( ) and ChariTea ( ) who come together to form a social enterprise that pioneers a new take on social drinking; the range of seven soft drinks and ice teas not only taste good, they also do good.

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Teaching environmental economics with mini-research projects

Environmental Economics

Students who don't want to do contingent valuation for their project (aka, the "weirdos") are using experimental data ( Veconlab experiments that we have conducted during the semester) to better understand environmental policy. My sophomore level environmental and resource econ course has a research component. The students are required to write an abstract suitable for submission to an undergraduate research conference.

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Research project for the large classroom

Environmental Economics

I had to figure out how to implement a research project in a large classroom. I presented the following assignment in class today ( Download ECO 2620 Research Project ). I think it is do-able in classes larger than 88 with some GA help for grading. I organized a "research experience for undergraduates" session at the SEA meetings this year. I was inspired to include some sort of research activity in any and all classes I teach. No problem, right?

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Food For Life Partners With Milk Token To Help The Hungry Through Crypto Donations

Green Prophet

The partnership between Food for Life Global and the Milk and Butter Tokens has proven to be one of the biggest charitable crypto projects, where 5% of every Butter token transaction directly goes into a charity wallet to then be distributed to charities voted on by holders.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Project BudBurst

Nature Conservancy - Science

California poppies are one of Project BudBurst’s top 10 plants. Welcome to Citizen Science Tuesday, our new weekly blog feature that focuses on fun ways you can help scientists gather data and benefit conservation. We begin with a look at Project BudBurst. What is Project BudBurst ? Project BudBurst wants to know. The information you share could help scientists determine how plants are being affected by climate change.

Citizen Science Tuesday: Microplastics Project

Nature Conservancy - Science

What is the ASC Microplastics Project? But now you can help–as a citizen scientist. Scientists at the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) Microplastics Project are learning more about the concentration and distribution of microplastics in oceans around the world and they need your help. The ASC Microplastics Project is calling on sailors, kayakers, surfers, paddleboarders, and other ocean enthusiasts to submit water samples.

Can DOTs Help Themselves?

Sightline Daily

With its dying breath, the frog asks why the scorpion did something so stupid, and the scorpion replies: “I can’t help myself. ” I thought of this fable when a saw this new chart from the State Smart Transportation Initiative , comparing the US Department of Transportation newest vehicle travel forecasts with previous versions: it really looks as if the nation’s transportation forecasters just can’t help themselves. It projected 1.36

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Jon Hallé: Introducing the Big Solar Co-op, and how you can help renewables and the co-op sector

Low Impact

But on a smaller scale, it’s about how members of the public can get involved with projects to help combat the climate crisis – where the public can be involved in actually owning and running tangible renewable energy projects. We started the project 2 years ago.

Can CBD Gummies Really Help You Sleep? Research Says Yes

Green Prophet

The calming effects of CBD gummies seem to help improve sleep patterns, and there’s even some research to prove it. Keep reading to learn more about how CBD can help you get a better night’s sleep. The bottom line is that CBD does help with sleep, among other things.

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Citizen Science: The Lost Ladybug Project

Nature Conservancy - Science

You can help through the Lost Ladybug Project. Todd was working on a citizen science effort called The Lost Ladybug Project that is trying explain why native populations of ladybugs are in serious decline. One of the species the project was interested in tracking ( Coccinella prolongata ) was known to have occurred around Silver Creek. Seeing as your preserve has lots of people coming through it during ladybug season, I thought you might be able to help us out.”.

Arab aid group funds mega-solar project in Cuba

Green Prophet

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), the leading national entity for international development aid, together with the Cuba’s Ministry of Energy and Mines, and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) , today inaugurated a new 10 megawatt (MW) solar PV project. The grid-connected project was financed by ADFD with US$15 million under the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility and will deliver enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 7,000 Cuban homes.

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Home Improvement Projects with a Potential Payoff

Eco Friendly Daily

But what a lot of people don’t know is that they can help raise their home value with a little time, sweat, and money. This means that you don’t need to finish all these projects in one year. They require less maintenance, help with weed control, and look great.

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Incredible Edible free food project replicated worldwide

Green (Living) Review

They began with a simple question: Can we find a unifying language that cuts across age, income and culture, that will help people themselves find a new way of living? It was an ambitious, idealistic project which not only addressed the issue of what we eat, but where we spend our money and what we teach our children. “I In the small town of Todmorden in the north of England, fresh organic produce is growing everywhere.

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London councils commence innovative solar battery project and LED retrofit

Green (Living) Review

Councils across London are kick-starting the capital's 'smart city' transformation, with a new LED retrofit backed by the Green Investment Bank (GIB) and an innovative solar battery project set to commence. Camden Council is teaming up with Islington Council and Waltham Forest Council to pilot a new solar project aimed at eradicating fuel poverty across the areas.

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Cloud Peak Projects Major Coal Export Losses

Sightline Daily

Cloud Peak Energy—the third largest coal producer in the Powder River Basin , and one of the main proponents of coal export projects in Washington and Oregon—recently released its earnings statement for the fourth quarter of 2014. In a question-and-answer session during earnings conference call last week, the company’s CEO projected that Cloud Peak’s export arm will lose roughly $35 million on exports in 2015.

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Craft in a crisis: helping heritage crafts come back from the brink

Low Impact

With a host of already endangered heritage crafts at even greater risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the future hold and how can we play a part in helping heritage crafts survive and even thrive? How we can all play a part in helping heritage crafts.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: 10 Most Popular Projects

Nature Conservancy - Science

All of these are continuing projects – it’s not too late to participate! Help scientists to understand why and preserve the magic for future generations with this project from the Museum of Science in Boston. The Celebrate Urban Birds (CUBs) project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology gets residents of cities excited about nature, science, and birds. Microplastics Project. Smithsonian Bumblebee Project. Fireflies in the Catskills.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Smithsonian Bumblebee Project

Nature Conservancy - Science

Citizen Science Tuesday connects you with opportunities to be a part of conservation science with outdoor projects around the world and online projects to try from the comfort of your own home. What Is The Smithsonian Bumblebee Project? That’s why the Smithsonian has introduced the Rapid Capture Pilot Project , which includes but is not limited to the Bumblebee Project. Why Is The Smithsonian Bumblebee Project Important?

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Key phase of Everglades restoration project starts in November


Federal and Florida state authorities are working together to complete the Tamiami Trail Next Steps Project, an important part of restoring the Everglades. Phase 2 of the project will focus on raising and reconstructing the remaining 6.7

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5 Ways to Use Canvas Prints in Your Next Home Decoration Project

Green Prophet

We have listed five ways to use custom canvas prints in your next home decoration project that you pick when you get time. If you love scenic images from your holidays and trips away, printing them on custom canvas can really help you transform a small room into a big one.

2020 61

7 Winter Projects You’ll Thank Yourself For This Spring

Green (Living) Review

But then spring comes and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed with projects. However, there are plenty of helpful things you can do during the colder months to prepare for spring planting, many of which don’t require getting into the soil at all. Homemade soil mix helps improve germination but also allows you to add important nutrients to your garden every time you plant.

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Al Borde Architects helps kick start green community building project in Ecuador


Community building project. But Al Borde Architects decided to give this isolated community a chance to build their own homes along with a bit of help from the experts from the firm as they started a community building project. The project uses local materials that are easily available for the people of Manabi to work with and using their indigenous methods along with the building techniques developed by Al Borde, they have been able to construct sustainable structures.

‘Joint Green Projects Can Help Create Lasting Peace’- Israeli Director of FoEME

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The organisation works in two broad ways to encourage action on trans-boundary environmental issues such as water shortages: top-down advocacy to influence changes in government policy and grassroots community projects. One of their key projects is the Good Water Neighbours initiative which over the last ten years has worked with 29 communities across the borders of Palestine, Israel and Jordan.

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How Can You Help Prevent and Control Soil Erosion?


Organic material is also a vital part of healthy soil structure—encouraging the formation of aggregates that bind particles together and support porosity—factors that help prevent soil degradation by erosion [5]. If rows were oriented along the contour, maize plants would help to slow down and disperse the running water. It is a common occurrence that erosion accelerates when natural perennial vegetation gets stripped away to make space for agriculture or development projects.

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Easy Fermentation Projects + 5 Vegan Fermented Food Recipes

Green Living Ideas

Learn our tricks for healthful and delicious homemade fermentation projects, from kim chi to kraut to kefir to help get your gut in shape! The post Easy Fermentation Projects + 5 Vegan Fermented Food Recipes appeared first on Green Living Ideas. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Food and Cuisine Green Lifestyle diy DIY projects fermentation fermented foods healthy living homemade probiotics

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French housing project I Park has a double-skinned green facade


Located in Montpellier, a historic city near the south of France on the Mediterranean Sea, “I Park” is a housing project with a plant-covered facade that catches the eye even from afar. French housing project I Park has a double-skinned green facade.

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Always wanted to help heal Palestine? Help Mashjar Juthour

Green Prophet

Aiming to create a sacred green space for the Palestinian people and supporters, a place to heal and regenerate, its founders humbly ask for our help. We work hard on this project, and we all love doing it, especially as a creative and enthusiastic team! What better way to help a child feel connected to their land but to expose them to the great outdoors uninterrupted by human development and destruction.

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7 Citizen Science Projects for Bird Lovers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Looking to go birding and help conservation? Here are our picks for some of the best bird-related citizen science projects. A joint project of the National Audubon Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology , the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) invites everyone from new bird watchers to serious life listers to submit the birds they’ve spotted. . It’s one of the largest citizen science projects in the United States and is spreading around the world.

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Project SNOWstorm: Snowy Owls on the Wing

Nature Conservancy - Science

What is Project SNOWstorm? Snowy owls only entered my life in a big way two winters ago [2013],” Scott Weidensaul naturalist, author and Project SNOWstorm team member recalls, “when the biggest invasion of snowies in at least half a century flooded over the East and upper Midwest — numbers probably not seen since the 1920s.”. If you see a snowy owl this winter, take a photo and submit it to the project. Why is Project SNOWstorm Important?

2016 63

Can Common Names Help Avian Subspecies Conservation?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Often, a simple name is the key to helping the public and policymakers recognize that value. Fitzsimons writes that the taxonomic uncertainty caused concern about whether or not the western population would be a conservation priority, but it was helped by having a consistent common name. The effort started as project to create an authoritative list of all known subspecies for BirdLife Australia, the country’s national ornithological organization. What’s in a name?

2017 72

Nature’s Nectar Zambia: Socially Conscious Honey & Wax Project


Frank with his two colleagues helping him put together the lid pieces for the hives. Deforestation around the world is. happening at an alarming rate. Trees being cut for timber products, clearing land for agriculture, and charcoal making are some of the main reasons in the developing world. But, in Northwestern Zambia trees are being cut for another reason; making beehives. The Lunda people of Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola have been beekeepers for centuries.

"How Markets Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change"

Environmental Economics

Markets have helped society conquer countless challenges, including the discovery of drugs to protect against new diseases, innovations to solve communications problems, and more. Climate change is projected to bring more frequent damaging storms, with high winds and flooding. Michael Greenstone: We are on course to set another record for the hottest year, the third year in a row, and 2016 may well have the most billion dollar weather disasters.

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'Food Is Free' Project Losing Their Teaching Farm

Green (Living) Review

The Food is Free Project was started with just a handful of seeds in one front yard in Austin, Texas. The project has reached over 190 cities around the globe. The concept behind the Food is Free Project is simple: build a raised-bed front-yard garden with reclaimed materials such as heat treated pallets. The Food is Free Project was founded by John VanDeusen Edwards (center in photo), who transformed his front and backyard into a teaching farm and resource center.

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15 Global Challenges and the Millenium Project

The Green Changemakers

Integrate urban sensors, mesh networks, and intelligent software to create smarter cities that let citizens help in urban improvements. Accelerate R&D for safe nanotechnology to help reduce material use per unit of output while increasing quality. Future Project Sustainability Sustainable-developmentActions to Address Global Challenge 1: U.S.-China China Apollo-Like Goal, with a NASA-Like R&D program to achieve it, that others can join; if U.S.

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I can't help it. one political post*

Environmental Economics

The  New York Times  columnist David Brooks said pollsters who offered projections were citizens of “sillyland.”. I'm finding this poll aggregation stuff fascinating, aren't you ( The Rise of the Poll Quants )? So what exactly do these guys do? Basically, they take polls, aggregate the results, and make predictions. They each do it somewhat differently. Silver factors in state polls and national polls, along with other indicators, like monthly job numbers.

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Green (Living) Review

Seven inspirational environment projects are battling it out to be named the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded environment project. The National Lottery Awards reward and recognise the inspirational work of National Lottery funded projects across all sections of society. Winners will not only pick up a coveted National Lottery Awards trophy but also a £2,000 cash prize [1] to spend on their project.

Transformable water bottle Dopper supports clean drinking water projects

Green (Living) Review

That is why the company also started the charitable Dopper Foundation, which is helping set up safe drinking water and sanitation systems in remote regions of Nepal wit 5% of net profits from Dopper water bottles donated to the foundation. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) © Dopper Meet Dopper! Dopper is a Cradle-to-Cradle water bottle company that is bringing clean water to Nepal.

2016 130

NetZero mycelium orbs help increase carbon capture and more


The treatments rejuvenate the soil and help plants thrive. This helps trees and plants readily absorb water and nutrients. Through a Kickstarter campaign , the project has raised over $150,000. The NetZero mycelium orbs are now available at the retail level, so everyone can help with the cause. In 2019, the project planted a forest in Nepal, and this work continues with developments in Bali and Uganda. NetZero + Sacred Rivers Climate Project Images via SRCP.

Swansea Bay: £1.3bn tidal lagoon project earns much-needed backing from Hendry Review

Green (Living) Review

Plans to build the world's first tidal lagoon-based renewable energy system in Swansea Bay have today (12 January) received support from a long-awaited, Government-commissioned review assessing the viability of the project. Commenting on his report, Hendry said: “I believe that the evidence is clear that tidal lagoons can play a cost-effective role in the UK's energy mix and there is considerable value in a small (less than 500MW) pathfinder project.

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Inspiring School Kids through The Big Help Grant Program

The Green Samaritan

Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Inspiring School Kids through The Big Help Grant Program September 3, 2010 With back to school projects underway, there are many grant opportunities available to take advantage of. The Big Help Grant Program will support projects that inspire kids to: 1.

2010 143