Plastic Bag Ban In Hawaii

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The old debate is back with a twist: Paper or Plastic or The Planet If you go to the grocery store on Maui or Kauai, don’t be surprised if the clerk doesn’t offer you a plastic bag at checkout. The “plastic bag ban”, as [.]. He’s not being lazy or discourteous. He’s following the law and saving the planet. Business Environment Green Economy Recycling

Plastic Bag Ban In Hawaii Part II

Conservation Hawaii

And the Plastic Bag Band Plays on! There is a lot of talk (and a bit of shouting) these days about the “plastic bag ban” here in our great Aloha State. Here are some facts about the fuss: The plastic bag ban in Maui and Kaua’i counties: It’s official Beginning on 1/1/11, Maui and Kaua’i counties officially banned [.].


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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. As the saying goes, what’s out of sight is out of mind, but there’s one place where all this pollution is being made painfully obvious: Hawaii’s Kamilo Beach, where every year tons of garbage are deposited by the waves and piled high on what was once beautiful white sand. Hawaii is situated in the path of the North Pacific Gyre, a swirling ocean current that circles the Pacific between North America and Japan. Kamilo Beach.

Learning Sustainability Through Play: GBO Hawaii

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If you are looking to learn more (or teach more) about sustainability, there is no better way than sharing the super fun game of GBO Hawaii. Created by Scott Cooney , an adjunct professor of Sustainability at University of Hawaii at Manoa, and author of Build a Green Small Business (McGraw-Hill). GBO Hawaii is a 2-4 person game that can best be related to that classic real estate trading game, Monopoly. This triple bottom line is especially important in Hawaii.

5 Easy Ways to Keep it Green in 2013

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Remember those reusable bags. Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million sea creatures a year. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of Texas and it’s floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. million tons and is 80% plastic. If everyone in the United States tied their annual consumption of plastic bags together in a giant chain, the chain would reach around the Earth’s equator 776 times!

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Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health


the mantra of “plastic is fantastic” shaped our environment to the extent that today plastic really is all around us. Food and beverage containers, cosmetic and toiletry containers, pens, car interiors, your laptop mouse, toys, bags, packaging, floors, shoes and your cellphone screen. Materials that do not readily look like plastic include plastic polymers or resins like Styrofoam and food can liners. In short, we are constantly exposed to plastics.

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Zero Waste Challenge: How to make changes in your daily life to reduce waste

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Plastic Bag Bans. Plastic bag bans take waste reduction a step further: rather than come up with better ways to deal with the waste we produce, why not just make less of it in the first place? According to the Surfrider Foundation’s self-admitted incomplete list , cities in 18 states have regulated single-use plastic bags. California and Hawaii even have statewide bans. Compost image and tote bag image via Shutterstock.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: What Is It and What Can You Do?

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Tons of plastic and other debris end up in our oceans every year. In fact, of the 200 billion pounds of plastic produced every year, about 10% eventually makes its way to the ocean. Estimates of its size range from the area of Hawaii to the span the of continental U.S., Instead, the majority of the waste is made up of tiny particles of plastic suspended at or below the surface of the water. Plastic Turtle.

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The Great Atlantic Ocean Garbage

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Researchers carried out a two decade study in areas of the Caribbean and the North Atlantic off of the US coast – the longest study on record of plastic marine debris conducted in any ocean basin. The majority of specimens found were plastics used to make consumer items, as well as a bevvy of plastic bag remains, all no more than 1 cm across but large in number in some areas. February 25, 2010 at 2:11 pm by Katie M.

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Tips for Reducing our Reliance on Plastic

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The show was all about plastic — the good, the bad, the ugly, and what you can do to upgrade your own plastic habits. Green Diva correspondent Julie Hancher, publisher of the Green Philly Blog had some updates on her initiative to get her city to reduce plastic bag usage. Green Diva Correspondent: Julie Hancher on Philly’s quest to reduce one-time plastic bag use. Green Dude Report: Eco Ed talks about the poisons of plastics.

OP ED: Bioplastics Will not Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem

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Daniella Dimitrova Russo from the Plastic Pollution Coalition warns that bioplastics will not solve plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is one of the major issues facing our planet today. Plastic bags festoon trees in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, and along the streets of New York, USA. Plastic washes up on the beaches of American Samoa, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. Plastic particles float in the five oceanic gyres.

Eating organic in Kathmandu

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No plastic, ever Kheti Bazaar: organic, local In addition to staples such as white rice, lentils and fresh vegetables, shoppers at Kheti Bazaar can find rare brown rice, certified organic coffees and tea, artisan cheeses, fresh pesto, fresh and dried spices, fresh-baked organic croissants and breads on Saturday mornings.

6 Easy Ways to Have a Greener Kitchen

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Most sponges are plastic and contain dyes, and synthetic disinfectants like triclosan, which has been determined to be a health hazard to humans and ecosystems by the EPA. Remember to Use Reusable Shopping Bags. Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million sea creatures a year. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of Texas and it’s floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: 5th International Marine Debris Conference… Words from Roz Savage

Wend Magazine

Every day ships arrive with thousands of tons of imported goods to quench consumerist thirst and fill the landfills, ocean and air with the by-product–>plastic. Below is a speech that Roz Savage just gave at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference going on in Hawaii right now… if you aren’t familiar with Roz, she’s a British woman who decided to row her way around the world to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean. And it’s about more than just plastic.

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No Recycling Bins No Trash Collection

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Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures a year! It’s twice the size of Texas and is floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. It’s also 80 percent plastic, and weighs in at 3.5 I received a letter last summer when I was living in East Providence and at the top it read No Recycling Bins / No Trash Collection!

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Sasaki Creations

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Name: Barb Sasaki Shop Name: Sasaki Creations Shop Link: [link] Location: Kona, Hawaii Ships to: worldwide What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? I use coffee bags and potato sacks to make purses and totes out of. I can make a bag for that! I am an Idaho transplant, who has made Hawaii my home for the past 15 years. So working with potato sacks and coffee bags seemed like a no-brainer to me. That is how my wristlet bag was born.

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Vacuum Cleaners Crawl out of the Waters

Green (Living) Review

Next Chapter of Vac from the Sea Initiative Revealed Electrolux has revealed five unique vacuum cleaners that have been made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans. The event marks the next chapter and continuation of the Vac from the Sea initiative that aims to raise awareness around ocean plastic waste and inspire consumers and industry to more recycling. “I Each of the vacuum cleaner demos represents the ocean from which the plastic originates.

Escape to green Goa

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Think of this predominantly coastal state as the Asian subcontinent’s Hawaii, where sipping on the liquid center of a fresh coconut follows a morning swim with dolphins in the warm embrace of the Arabian Sea. Enforcing the ban on selling plastic bags? There’s inadequate infrastructure to handle garbage—including the zillions of plastic water bottles that tourists consume. | An Eco State of Mind |.

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Top green stories of 2012

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In an unprecedented feat of action against climate change, Hawaii decided to ban the use of plastic bags. 2012, what a year! And in just a couple of hours it will have ran its course and we will rush into a new and exciting 2013. What will happen? I have no idea! But one thing I do know for certain is that a lot of things happened in 2012, both good and bad things.

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Teachable Moment

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Activities for ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS THE GARBAGE PATCH: Two Earth Day Lessons for Elementary Students (4/8/09) With the help of a short video clip, students explore the 'life cycle' of a plastic bag and develop a 'reduce, reuse, recycle' action plan. Book Review: OVERTHROW Alan Shapiro reviews Stephen Kinzer's compelling account of "America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq."

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