Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. Earth’s oceans are vast – they cover 71% of our planet’s surface – and the majority of that area is never visited or even seen by people, which can make it easy to ignore the growing problem of pollution in our waters. Kamilo Beach.

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Kauai, Hawaii: 5 great green non-resorts

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They also saw organic farming as “the best thing for our bodies as well as the planet.” And so are original paintings by John Lennon and a whole magical mystery tour of memorabilia in the only private Beatles museum in Hawaii. | Garden Isle Green |.

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Learning Sustainability Through Play: GBO Hawaii

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If you are looking to learn more (or teach more) about sustainability, there is no better way than sharing the super fun game of GBO Hawaii. GBO Hawaii is a 2-4 person game that can best be related to that classic real estate trading game, Monopoly.

The Biochar Company Partners with Hawaii Biochar Products

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The Biochar Company, makers of Soil Reef, partner with one of the biggest producers of biochar in the US, Hawaii Biochar Products. We are so lucky to have him, and Hawaii Biochar Products, as part of our greater mission.” A number of Hunt’s customers in Hawaii are home gardeners.

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Protecting Hawaii’s Endangered Plants

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With more endangered species per square mile than any other place on the planet, Hawaii has earned the unfortunate title of “endangered species capital of the world”. The Plant Extinction Prevention (PEP) program is one way we can reverse the trend and work together to protect our unique native plant species and prevent further loss. [.]. Environment Sustainability Wildlife Conservation

Hawaii Horse Whisperer

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Part of staying connected to the planet, and being a responsible guardian of it, is maintaining a healthy relationship with it and respecting the other inhabitants of it. One person who has epitomized this lifestyle is Franklin Levinson, the Horse Whisperer. Levinson’s life work has focused on creating, and teaching others to have, strong bonds [.].

Plastic Bag Ban In Hawaii

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The old debate is back with a twist: Paper or Plastic or The Planet If you go to the grocery store on Maui or Kauai, don’t be surprised if the clerk doesn’t offer you a plastic bag at checkout. He’s following the law and saving the planet. He’s not being lazy or discourteous. The “plastic bag ban”, as [.]. Business Environment Green Economy Recycling

Honolulu’s first designer boutique hotel is green

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The renewal has begun—for you, for the planet. The everything-on-demand entertainment system (the first of its kind in Hawaii) transforms the flat-screen HDTV into a personal computer. Eco-actions: Planet Renew. What we like most: they call it Planet Renew.

Becoming a Witness to Climate Change

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He grilled me about the science and frankly, how pessimistic he was about the fate of the planet. He realized he was watching the planet breathe. Sanjayan is the lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy. You can follow Sanjayan on Twitter @msanjayan.

No Recycling Bins No Trash Collection

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It’s twice the size of Texas and is floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. Tags: Good for the Planet Green Recycling Saving Money going green landfill posotive model Trash I received a letter last summer when I was living in East Providence and at the top it read No Recycling Bins / No Trash Collection! I have to admit I was shocked but yet really excited that they would make such a bold statement.

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Is This the Scariest Wave Ever?

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This mini-mentary chronicles Milosky’s hunt for the biggest barrels on the planet and how he arrived at that moster wave at Hawaii’s Phantoms on 11 January 2008. Click here to view the embedded video. In 2008, Sion Milosky, a Hawaiian native, paddled into what surfers around the world called the “Biggest Wave Ever Surfed.” ” “Hands down the biggest wave I’ve seen anyone paddle into,” Shane Dorian told Surfing Magazine.

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Millerbirds Moved to Laysan

10,000 Birds

Fish and Wildlife Service has taken two dozen critically endangered Millerbirds Acrocephalus familiaris from their home island of Nihoa in the northwestern Hawaii and moved them to Laysan about 650 miles to the north. The hope is that a second population of the species, which numbers between 500 and 700 birds, will reduce the risk of a single catastrophic event wiping the bird from the planet. The U.S.

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Climate Records Shattered in 2013

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In fact, 2013 was somewhere between the second- and sixth- hottest year on record for the planet since record keeping began in 1880, according to the climate report, released Thursday (July 17) by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Water purifier company takes on plastic polluters at UN climate conference

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The UN has warned that the planet is on course for more than a three-degree spike in global temperature over pre-industrial levels even if countries meet commitments made under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

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Off to Wanderlust Vermont!

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If you don’t live near Vermont, there are Wanderlusts happening all over the planet ! Tremblant, Quebec; Oahu, Hawaii; Chile, and Lake Tahoe, California. I’m excited to be headed off to Vermont for Wanderlust !

Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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To not act would be to abandon our children and our children’s children to a planet that is unsustainably sick.”. By building such flexibility into the rules, President Obama is encouraging the rest of the country to follow Hawaii’s lead in pursuing clean energy.”.

Maui: 5 great green to do's

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This non-profit’s mission is to protect whales, dolphins, coral reefs and our planet’s oceans.

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Do good by selling the old cell phone

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A couple of them I’d already purchased refurbished, so these ones are already treading a little lighter on our planet. You don’t want to be paying cell phone charges from Hawaii. You can hand down your phone to a person or company that can use it or recycle it. Here’s how.

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Green wine? Of course…

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Pan Pacific Seattle hotel: model of corporate social responsiblity.

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Phillips, manager of CSR for the 160-room property , has established a program called PanEarth that includes a CSR vision based on four community pillars: Caring for Community, Caring for Our Planet, Caring for Challenges, and Caring Globally.

Green safari, Kenya: luxury under canvas

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The tented suites come with personal butlers, are antique-filled, have polished wooden floors and real bathrooms; from their decks you overlook the genuine Animal Planet, the game-filled sweep of the Masai Mara.

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Pono Home: Creating Greener, Healthier Homes

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Using a thorough checklist that audits energy usage, water usage, appliance usage, cookware and serveware, and even transportation, Pono Home allows everyone help the planet without being preachy. Pono Home is changing the face of green living in Honolulu.

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Why travel green: 3 good reasons

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Reason #2: It’s best for the planet. You have a great travel experience … the planet breathes easier.

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Assisted Evolution? Maybe, Maybe Not

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But we have begun to push the planet to a point of no return and most humans, constrained by the narrow confines of a life set by evolution, can’t grasp the enormity of changes we are setting in train.

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The Martian movie started as a book – here’s the review

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Imagine that you are a castaway on a dead planet. The author’s first difficulty is that, unlike the true stories behind Apollo 13, the Shackleton expedition and the discovery of Hawaii via Polynesian canoes, fiction must be believable.

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Six Senses Hua Hin: Thai us up, throw away the key

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Why the 400ppm CO2 Milestone is so Important

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Charles David Keeling began recording CO2 levels at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory in 1958, back when concentrations hovered at around 315 parts per million. Not only would it be virtually impossible to get the whole planet behind the idea, it would be financially crippling.

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Bush Preserving Environment?

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In 2006, Bush used the act to designate a 365,000 square kilometre Marine National Monument incorporating the northernmost islands of Hawaii, creating the world's largest protected marine area. This also includes the Mariana trench , the planet's deepest ocean canyon.

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Create an ocean water health sensor and win $2 million

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Finally, in spring 2015, finalists will test their devices off the coast of Hawaii, at depths of nearly 10,000 feet – 50% deeper than any pH sensor has ever been tested.

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Earth Hour – March 27 at 8:30pm Local Time

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local time, Earth Hour will once again cascade around the globe, from New Zealand to Hawaii. On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 8:30 p.m.

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Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health


In fact, Nature.com recently released a report revealing that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between California and Hawaii, one of five major garbage patches in the oceans has now grown to over 600,000 square miles. Most of us grew up in an age where.

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Kamilo Beach -Toxic "Mermaids Tears"


Easy enough to read about pollution like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, spend a moment bewailing the foul state of our planet as a result of human carelessness, and then throw away that plastic grocery bag without even thinking that it, too, might end up in the ocean. It’s the hurry-up pace of modern life that leads them to make careless mistakes that lead to environmental degradation, and nowhere is this more apparent than at Kamilo Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Air Pollution Causes and Effects


A recent experiment measuring the sediment below coral reefs showed that at the present rate of acidification, the sediment from which coral reefs are created will completely disintegrate in the next few decades in areas already loaded with anthropogenic stress like near Hawaii. .

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Sasaki Creations

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Name: Barb Sasaki Shop Name: Sasaki Creations Shop Link: [link] Location: Kona, Hawaii Ships to: worldwide What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? I am an Idaho transplant, who has made Hawaii my home for the past 15 years.

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Geothermal Energy Pros and Cons


Without knowing, they had been utilizing the immense reservoir of our planet’s internal heat. One part of this heat originates from the time of the formation of our planet 4.6

OP ED: Bioplastics Will not Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem

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Plastic pollution is one of the major issues facing our planet today. Plastic washes up on the beaches of American Samoa, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. Myth 1: Bioplastics are organic, and thus good for the planet.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: eco-wow Laguna Lodge

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Lots of chill expats and Lonely Planet backpackers, easy place to get a great massage or smoothie, and you see the word “eco&# splashed here and there.

Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

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The Base Project offers a great example of what inspired economists call the Triple Bottom Line: a business model that focuses on people, planet and profit. Winner will be chosen via random number generator; contest begins today March 18 and ends March 25, midnight Hawaii time!

Faith Community, National Preach-In Challenge Leaders on Climate.

Sierra Club Compass

The resolution was passed unanimously by the Indigenous Ministries Network of the Episcopal Church Province 8 -- representing dioceses from Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Arizona, and Navajo land -- calling for the replacement of coal fired power plants with renewable energy resources. Compass.

Solar Impulse flying longest leg of round-the-world-journey

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As of posting time for this story, pilot André Borschberg has been flying for over 24 hours on Leg 7 (of 12) of the Solar Impulse 2 trip around the planet. He’s completed about a quarter of his journey from Nanjing to Hawaii, the longest leg of this record-shattering expedition.

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TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: 5th International Marine Debris Conference… Words from Roz Savage

Wend Magazine

Below is a speech that Roz Savage just gave at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference going on in Hawaii right now… if you aren’t familiar with Roz, she’s a British woman who decided to row her way around the world to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean.

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Green Lodging Key West | Organic Food Key West | Green Hotel Key.

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Best for the planet … and you. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Food for thought: the global impact of thai coconuts

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it's just not an option.The bottom line is that coconut milk is not something that you should be making every week." ( Planet Green ) "Some tropical foods travel farther than others and hence have a larger impact on the planet.

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