Close Encounter: Swimming with the Sharks

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Twenty four hours after touching down on Palmyra Atoll — a profoundly remote spot 1,000 miles south of Hawaii , where the skies are rarely marred by even the contrail of a passing airliner — photographer Tim Calver and I were aboard the research boat Zenobia. Tim and marine biologist Yannis Papastamatiou quickly donned snorkel gear and slipped into the water to get photographs. [Editor''s Note: Have you had a close encounter with nature?

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Coral Disease Affecting Reef Colonies in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii


The largest coral disease outbreak Hawaii has ever seen has been found.Dr. Greta Aeby and researchers at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology have discovered a coral disease called Montipora White Syndrome in waters of Kaneohe Bay. The disease can kill quickly, destroying a 20 year-old coral head in 2 weeks.

Surfer Invents Shark Repellent

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Dr. Kim Holland, a marine biologist at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Shark Research Group, has said keeping sharks at bay is a little more complicated than attaching something like the ESDS to your board. Click here to view the embedded video. There have been a lot of reports about shark sightings and attacks recently, what with the surfer who rode one and the guy who had a huge bite taken out of his board, among others.

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