Some ways in which frugal living is also green living

Green (Living) Review

The frugal do many of the same day-to-day things that a "Green" person might and we only need to consider here the old slogan of “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. On the other hand some of the clutter may just be what you will need carry out some repairs. A frugal person reduces his or her outgoing monthly expenses by buying only what he or she needs and often at a reduced price from yard sales, discount stores or second-hand stores.

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Frugal lessons from the Amish

Green (Living) Review

Here are some lessons to be learned from these “plain people”: Sometimes “Need” really means “Want” Most people cultivate a sense of need for things they could live without. As I have said more than ones in my many writings on the matter of needs and wants is that many of our perceived needs are but wants, more often than not created by advertising. Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in needing the biggest and best. More often than not handmade also.

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