Eco-Chick’s 10th Birthday Wellness Party at Coco-Mat with Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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Guests enjoyed luxury massages and treatments from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics in the “Lush Spa” at our event. The Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics team who pampered and shared their expertise with guests all evening.

Tunisia’s handmade tiles risk disappearing forever

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The history of handmade tiles in Tunisia is fascinating. Following the 2011 revolution, many workshops are closing down and, apart from industrially and serially made tiles destined for tourists, workshops which produce handmade tiles with traditional motifs are becoming rarer by the year. “La

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Timo Handmade Finds Modern Uses for Vintage Fabrics

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Made mostly from used and vintage scraps of fabric, Timo Handmade’s new creations have a warm, old-world feel. Check out more of TIMO’s creations at Timo Handmade. Images via: Timo Handmade.

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4,000 Handmade Hats Collected for Syrian Refugees by this Green Prophet

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So far we have collected some 4,000 handmade hats for Syrian refugees. What started as a few throwaway balls of yarn to a tiny knitter in Jordan’s Zaatari Syrian refugee camp inspired a goofball idea: I asked crafty folks everywhere to toss a few hats in the ring.

VOZ: Handmade Fair Fashion for the New Modern Look

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The VOZ handmade aesthetic is both obvious in the detailing on many pieces, and simultaneously seamlessly integrated into the quite modern-classic pieces (which all look incredibly comfortable to boot; no suffering for fashion here!).

Handmade Earthen Hookah Pipe Adds Class to Middle East Past Time

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Whereas most Hookah pipes are mass produced in factories, this gorgeous new interpretation is handmade in the Netherlands out of matte ceramic, granulated cork, which is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet given how quickly it is reproduced, earthenware, dolomite and other materials.

Billykirk’s Handmade, Slow Fashion Chic Leathergoods

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Billykirk , run by the brotherly duo Kirk and Chris Bray, has been around since 1999 (so way before the current artisan, handmade trend became so hot). Handles size down so you can carry it or increase the size for wearing it under your shoulder.

Avoid plastic utensils by carrying your own, wrapped in handmade recycled cases

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Utensil cases, of recycled materials or otherwise, may not be at the top of anybody's list of shopping necessities.

Broad Street

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Handmade Hair Accessories Trend: Matching Themed Pins

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Above) iluxo has a number of handmade-from-veggie-tanned-leather hair pieces , like the matching octopus and bubbles (and there are a bird and feather, and a skull and flower , both of which I also love).

Jesse Danger

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Bergamot Rose Spa Box Giveaway – Ends 2/2/17

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Our first giveaway of the year is our Romantic Bergamot Rose Spa Box filled with handmade beauty items to make you look and feel beautifully relaxed. giveaways etsy shop giveaway handmade valentine's day

Silver Sky Imports: Unique Handmade Items from Tibet and Nepal

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While mass produced products is a sad necessity in today’s fast past world, to stay connected to the products we use and adorn our homes with, we must support handmade. It is that human touch and minimalistic processes that makes handmade so special.

Handmade Fabric Designs “To Go” From Deda Designs

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Handmade and packaged in recycled boxes generally used for fast food or take-away, Deda Design’s kitchen products look delicious. Now Deda Designs, a boutique design label based in Israel, is finding ways to use recycled fast food packaging to house its limited edition, handmade fabric products. Fast food usually gets a bad rep: it’s fatty, bad for you, and wastes a lot of packaging and resources. But what if fast food style packaging was put to more sustainable use?

The Truth Behind That “Handmade” Label.

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When we purchase a handmade item, do we ever really know what we're getting? Arts & Culture Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only Amazon ethical business etsy handcrafted handmade trends

Alabama Chanin’s Cyber Monday Sale: 50% Off Handmade Slow Fashion

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Fair Fashion alabama chanin boho cyber monday eco fashion Handmade sale slow fashion styleAlabama Chanin rarely has a sale, but this one’s a doozy (so much so, I had to share it with you all). Up to 50% off in the brand’s red dot sale, happening NOW!


Handmade Paper

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Mortelled Handmade Papers: These unique papers are made by adding some material during the making of the paper to give it a different look. Handmade Paper ([link] : This company offers a really wide range of paper products from the conventional to the eco-friendly.

Amazon To Challenge Everyone’s Favorite Art Retail Website.

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Arts & Culture Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only Amazon art artist business news etsy handmade online merchandiseAmazon's own artisan-crafted merchandise, sold via sellers much like those on Etsy, will differ in that Amazon's wares will be in search engines alongside mass-produced items, something Etsy prides itself on not doing.

Handmade Giveaway Hop – Recycled Paper Jewelry Box/Kraft Paper Christmas Cards

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Welcome to the Handmade & Eco-Friendly Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering , Easy Green Mom and Brittleby’s Corner through the Green Moms Network ! We are excited to be a part of Green Moms Network Handmade/Eco-friendly Holidays Giveaway Hop.

Summertime Knits: Try Some of These Sustainably Stylin’ Hemp, Organic Cotton and Handmade Lovelies

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These handmade knit shorts are just totally unexpected and fun. This beautiful cotton knit shrug by Micaela Gregg is a perfect summer layer. Available at Beklina.

Ditch Etsy for CIRQY, the Middle Eastern Alternative

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We love Etsy as much as anyone, but we also feel it is our duty to support local efforts to collate cool design , handmade arts and crafts. But there are some neat creations available on CIRQY that are handmade, mostly, by local artisans – and that is worth a lot.

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10 Reasons to Choose Handmade Jewelry

Green Living Ideas

Here are 7 reasons to choose handmade jewelry for all your green gift giving. The post 10 Reasons to Choose Handmade Jewelry appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Sponsored Posts b corporation diy eco home products green consumerism handmade homemade jewelryLove gift giving?

Our New Family Tradition-Handmade Advent Calendar

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Isn't it fantastic!?! I made this using vintage wooden spools I bought from Etsy sellers and the spool holder I found at JoAnns Fabric for $3! I got the idea from Just Something I Made. I absolutely love this! I cant wait until the kids see it!

Dogwood and Hastings: Sustainable Homewares Launch!

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Creative Arts candlesticks dogwood and hastings Handmade homewares kickstarter made in nyc made in oregon made in usa napkin rings organic cotton recycled metal table jewelry tablecloth weights I’m excited to announce that my design project, long in the works, is up and running!

Earthships, Roadtrips & a Handmade Cabin for $10k.

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Slowly but surely, the house started taking shape. For the most part, Steph and I designed on the fly, making every decision together. Lots of people told us that building a house as a couple can ruin. Adventure Conscious Consumerism Family Green Inspiring (Wow) Right Livelihood building a house earthships eco green homes houses made of tires recycle sustainable

Review of Soft Star Shoes Handmade RunAmocs plus $25 Soft Star GC Giveaway ends 9/8

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It’s that ethical connection of knowing where and how our products got to us that makes handmade so desirable and I speak as both a maker of handmade goods and a supporter.

Gallery: The Coolest Custom Bikes from the American Handmade Bicycle Show

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The North American Handmade Bicycle Show set up shop at the Colorado Convention Center last week and we had to check it out. There was a vast array of bicycles on hand, including road racers, tandems, cruisers, snow bikes, and more. Check out some of the photos from the event! Conner Bicycles.

Natural Mosquito Repellent - Lemon Balm

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Check out these lemon balm handmade all natural products from Etsy. This is a very informative read, I came across it on Stumbleupon. I highly recommend clicking HERE and enjoying the read! HERE are a few more uses on lemon balm.

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Puzzle Apparel’s New DIY: Design It Yourself, Artisan-Made Clothes

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With Puzzle Apparel you get to: Support American artists by customizing Puzzle’s designs with handmade accent materials created by hand weavers, fabric printers, painters, and dyers from around the USA. Who are the people behind the handmade accents?

Yiuco Marketplace for Handmade Upcycled, Recycled, or Reused Products

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Etsy, the global online store , has enjoyed great success due to the fact that it enables individuals to buy handmade, unique items from other individuals around the world with the click of a mouse. Yiuco may be the Middle East’s greener Etsy.

Handmade Pink Oxfords and Recycled Rainbow Bags from Guatemalan Artisans

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The post Handmade Pink Oxfords and Recycled Rainbow Bags from Guatemalan Artisans appeared first on Eco-Chick. “Make it count” is the UTZ market motto.

A Bit Dreamy, A Lot Indy: Quirky and Sustainable Swimsuit Picks

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I’ve been a fan of Ambika’s handmade crochet bikinis for ages. Fair Fashion Ambika bathing suits bikini Gudrun Sjödén Handmade maillot swash swimsuits I can’t wait to start swimming again soon, and just seeing cozzies (that’s swimsuits in Australian!)

Handmade rope oak swing as a backyard accessory


Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing. Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing. Sonia Renthlei: Casey Dzierlenga of North Carolina has designed and built a stylish swing from reclaimed oak dunnage.

Handknit is Hot: Ambika Bikinis Are Ready for Some Summertime

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We’ve written about Ambika before (check out the handmade angora legwarmers here ) and these hand-knit bikinis are another project by the talented and visionary Ambika Conroy. Fair Fashion Featured Ambika bikinis Handmade knit sexy summer swimming swimming costume swimsuits

Summer’s Perfect Jewelry is Edgy Cool: Enter Natalie Frigo’s Handmade Designs

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Fair Fashion Featured artisan ethical Handmade Jewelry natalie frigo NYC recycled gold recycled silver sustainableThe Playing Cat Cuff is made from recycled brass with white sapphires for the eyes. A simple piece that makes everyone look closer.

Product of the Week – Tweedle Press

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Frida Kahlo’s Incredible 50-Year-Old Fashion is Local, Handmade, Gorgeously Mexican

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You might not know that Frida Kahlo was a fan of handmade, indigenous, local clothing, but it was all a part of the artist’s fierce love for her home country of Mexico: She literally wore her politics. Tree of Hope, Remain Strong ( 1946).

Green gifting

Green (Living) Review

Handmade is best by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When it comes to gifting, whether for a birthday or for Christmas, Chanukah, etc., A handmade knife, a slingshot, or whatever else, was more appreciated by us than if someone had gone out and bought something that we might not have, as I said, been able to make much use of. A homemade handmade gift also shows the recipient that the giver has thought about what the recipient might like, considering his or her hobbies, etc.

Knitwear That Glows for Winter Bike Safety (and Fabulousness!)

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Fair Fashion bike cycling glowing Handmade hat headband knits knitwear on the glow safety Winter

World Says “No” to GMO


Participants, who marched carrying signs ranging from the stereotypical – “GM-free Zone” – to the handmade and bordering on vituperative – “Hell No GMO”, made it clear that Monsanto had killed its last Indian cotton farmer and its final honeybee.