GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

10,000 Birds

Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”. Guyana means “Land of many waters”. Guyana is WILD. Not only is Guyana famous for its birdlife, but it’s also the Land of Giants.

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The longest way to Costa Rica goes around the world!

10,000 Birds

In such a case, you might opt to book an eastbound flight, or a series of flights, from Lisbon to Sao Tome and Principe, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, then Sri Lanka, Thailand, Borneo, PNG, Tahiti, Ecuador, Guyana and finally to Costa Rica…. With its 810 birds, Guyana is located at the northern coast of South America. Trips Africa Asia Borneo Costa Rica Ecuador Ghana Guyana Malaysia PNG Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe South America Sri Lanka Tahiti Thailand Uganda world birdwatch


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Finch Bay named South America’s leading green hotel

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Amazon Argentina Bahia Bolivia Brazil Buenos Aires Caracas Ecuador Galapagos Islands Georgetown Guyana Machu Picchu Madidi Mato Grosso Pernambuco Peru Puerto Moldonado South America Venezuela YasuniWorld Travel Awards winners for 2012 include Finch Bay Eco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands as "South America's leading green hotel." The hotel's commitment to the environment won out over nine other nominees in four other nations.

Ovenbirds (but not the Ovenbird)

10,000 Birds

Life is simple with ten furnariids – neighboring Guyana has 44! As ambiguous as the title of this piece sounds, a foray into the ornithological literature may lead to even more confusion.

Guyana 177

Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

10,000 Birds

401-600 sp: Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay; the Sahel countries (Africa), Namibia and Botswana; Central Asian countries and Cambodia. 6 Guyana (7.9 % – 796 sp. 1 en), French Guyana (727 sp. / Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where?

2018 192

New Electric Fish Discovered in South America


The Akawaio penak, a thin, eel-like electric fish, was discovered in the shallow, murky waters of the upper Mazaruni River is northern Guyana. A previously unknown genus of electric fish has been identified in a remote region of South America by a team of international researchers including University of Toronto Scarborough professor Nathan Lovejoy.

Middle East expands renewable energy to the world

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The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today announced the selection of renewable energy projects in Guyana, Liberia and Togo for funding by ADFD, as part of the sixth cycle of the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility. In Guyana, a project will receive a loan of US$8 million to install 5.2

Birding Suriname and Brownsberg

10,000 Birds

For these stunning birds are not easily found outside of the Guianas which includes Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, Capuchinbird, Red Fan Parrot, Guianan Toucanet, White Bellbird, Grey-winged Trumpeters, Black Currasow. Interested yet? Well, you should be. On a trip to Suriname to find and film some of these spectacular species I was blown away by the birding. Suriname has approximately 735 recorded species, with many more to still be added to its total list.

Move Over, Turkey: Meet the World’s Other Bald, Be-wattled Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

Found in northern Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, and eastern Venezuela, the Capuchinbird is best known for it’s absurd vocalizations, which are described as a cross between a lowing cow and a chainsaw. Have you every actually looked at a turkey? Not the trussed-and-stuffed bird in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner table, but a live, kicking, glaring Eastern Wild Turkey? They’re cool, weird, and impressively ugly. When I say turkeys are ugly, I mean it with love.

A twist on the traditional bouquet

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This species is found in freshwater from the Amazon River delta to the Andes, including parts of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana, and Venezuela. Apparently, some females like to be wooed with gifts. In the case of Amazonian river dolphins, weeds are much appreciated. Marine mammals are notoriously difficult to study, due to their aquatic habits and ability to move over large distances.

A Guide to Some Possible Bird Species Splits in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Black-faced Antthrush : Just as the Maya Antthrush sounds different from the birds in Costa Rica, so do the birds in Amazonia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Guyanas. Birders head to Costa Rica to see stunners like Resplendent Quetzal , Three-wattled Bellbird , Orange-collared Manakin , fancy hummingbirds , tanagers, and literally hundreds of other birds. One of them quetzals.

Best Bird of the Year 2011

10,000 Birds

I photographed this Guianan Cock-of-the-rock at a lek site near Surama, deep in the rainforest zone of Guyana, and my incredible experience with Andean Cock-of-the-rocks was at a display lek on the edge of the town of Jardin, in the coffee-belt of Colombia, both just incredible birds that make the heart soar with joy!

2011 187

Marine Restoration Week: Restoring Blue Forests–Opportunities for Mangroves

Nature Conservancy - Science

Consider Guyana, where drained mangroves provided critical, fertile agricultural plains – until the dikes were breached and the soil became saline. Mangroves grow like weeds, making them easy to restore. But conservationists still must plant carefully. Some mangroves, like this Avicennia, require a bit more care. Ahead of World Oceans Day this Saturday, June 8, Cool Green Science is running posts this week looking at the science and issues of marine restoration.

We mustn't abandon the Windward Islands' farmers

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In the Caribbean political grouping Caricom, only Guyana and Belize are net food exporters. by Renwick Rose and Nick Mathiason The destruction caused by Hurricane Tomas in the Caribbean in recent weeks is heartbreaking. But although the destruction in Haiti received media coverage, Tomas's intensity was reserved for the eastern Caribbean. A spiralling storm lingered over St Lucia. The deluge created terrible landslides, cutting off the south of the island.

2011 109

The Money Behind Northwest Coal Exports

Sightline Daily

First Bauxite , a Canadian based company hoping develop a mining project in Guyana, now sells for 6.5 Copyright Paul K. Anderson, used with permission If you’ve been following the Northwest coal export debate, you’ve probably heard of Ambre Energy —the struggling Australian firm that’s behind two of the three remaining coal terminal proposals in Washington and Oregon.

2014 84

Global Eye

The Green Changemakers

A Story at the Heart of the Conservancy

Conservancy Talk

Having presumably tired of being “only” an accomplished oceanographic explorer, she then ventured 200 miles deep into the then unexplored jungles of Guyana, documenting and photographing more than 40 previously unknown waterfalls. I recently learned about Gloria Hollister. Do you know her story? She was born in New York City on June 11, 1900. Gloria spent her summers as a child at the family’s home in Suffern, New York near the Ramapo Mountains exploring the outdoors.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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years), Qatar (1.3), Guyana (1.4), Malaysia (1.9), United Arab Emirates (2.0), Kuwait (2.4), Papua New Guinea (2.5), Brunei (2.8), Australia (2.8; “Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#. We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions.

Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

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At the 2011 Durban Climate Conference the US, with the help of its climate criminal lackeys Australia and Canada, again succeeded in preventing requisite international climate change action. It was reported that Island States had again pleaded with other representatives to avert “ climate genocide ” but their pleas fell on deaf ears at Durban, as at Cancun, as at Copenhagen.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. In relation to carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, Net Carbon Debt is equal to the Historical Carbon Debt (from fossil fuel burning since the start of the Industrial Revolution in circa 1750) minus the Carbon Credit (the residual carbon pollution from fossil fuel burning permitted between now and zero emissions in 2050).

Spring of Sustainability - FREE 3 month online teleseminar events

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HIghly recommended: a FREE series of live, online and teleseminar events where you can learn from and be inspired by more than 100 pioneers of sustainability.

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