The madness of perpetual growth on a finite planet

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is amazing how many, apparently same, people believe that you can have infinite perpetual economic growth on a finite Planet such as ours. economic growth economics expansion green living growth politics

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Unsustainable growth

Environmental Economics

At current growth rate, the cover of @tylercowen and @ATabarrok ’s textbook will soon be completely obscured by hands. Daniel Lin (@DLin71) January 15, 2015

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The End of Growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “We do not have enough growth in the economy. For that statement, I suggest, we read: “We must have more growth so that capital can make more profits and screw the Planet and its inhabitants.” Perpetual growth, as is being advocated by our governments and the business lobby, however, is not, never was, and never will be, something that can ever work on a finite Planet such as is the Earth, and it is not, never was, and never can be, sustainable.

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Five myths about economic growth

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Love it – there are so few organisations pointing out the insanity of the quest for perpetual growth (image: [link] ). Growth was probably economic for much of American history. Economic growth is often miraculous Right now we’ve got the Chinese miracle. economic growth economy

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Climate after Growth – Book Review

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The authors drive a coach and horses through the notion of the possibility of the continuation of the perpetual growth economy and also throw some rather large spanners – wrenches, to our American cousins – into the works of those in the “green” movement who believe in the idea of “green growth”.

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Renewable energy will not support economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact.

‘Limits to Growth’ vindicated: World headed towards economic, environmental collapse

Green (Living) Review

Researchers from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne used data from the last 40 years to compare to predictions made by the authors of the 1972 book “ Limits to Growth.” They plotted the data alongside the ‘Limits to Growth’ scenarios.

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10 Ideas that Block Spiritual Growth.

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Editor's Picks Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality being a good person emotions selflessness spiritual concepts spiritual growth spiritual ideas spiritual wisdom your truthDo you think spiritual people shouldn’t be angry?

Resources for Teaching Growth Mindset

The Green Changemakers

The Educator with a Growth Mindset from Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D Stanford Alumni, 2014) Stanford University’s Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset and Education : Read an interview transcript for an introduction to Carol S. Education Growth Mindset Holistic Education

The obsession with economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Governments all over the world, bar in the tiny Himalayan state of Bhutan, are obsessed, literally, with economic growth but not in order that people can have a better life and way of life but because it determines the general domestic product (GDP) of a country and with it and through it a nation''s credit status and credit worthiness. This obsession with growth goes even so far as to creating a fake growth in that industry keeps producing.

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The fairytale of green economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Politicians, industry and media are telling us for decades the fairytale of green economic growth and sustainable consumption and many believe in this myth all to eagerly. All in the name of “economic growth” and now we are being presented with the fairytale of “green economic growth” as the greatest thing since sliced bread (not that sliced bread is actually such a great thing).

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Blue Growth by Design

Conservancy Talk

Through our Blue Growth by Design strategy and emerging priorities such as the Global Tuna Action Plan, The Nature Conservancy aims to make conservation’s voice more prominent in ocean and coastal development.

Qualitative Growth

The Green Changemakers

From an ecological point of view, all of this is good news, since continuing growth of such material consumption on a finite planet can only lead to catastrophe. No growth" is not the answer. Growth in nature, however, is not linear and unlimited.

"Professor predicts 'historically slow growth' for region"

Environmental Economics

Davis, past chair of the university’s Department of Finance and recent recipient of the Wade Brown Award for Community Recognition by the Boone Area of Commerce, said the economy’s biggest problem is a lack of growth preventing wage increases. The United States has experienced slow growth since the Great Recession (2007-09). With employment growth of more than 2 percent, North Carolina is doing better than the national average. “We’re

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The Growth of the Ajiro Bamboo Bike

Wend Magazine

From the Australian Design Award website , where Vittouris’s Ajiro is described: The foundation of the ‘Ajiro’ concept is to provide wholly sustainable personal mobility by reassessing production methods; considering the product lifecycle as a natural growth process.

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Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

Green (Living) Review

Looking beyond 2020, EVs and innovation in this area present a major growth opportunity not only for car manufacturers but for the energy sector as a whole.”

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In Guilt, There is No Growth.

Elephant Journal

Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Family Featured Today growth guilt motherhood parenting pursuing passion raising childrenIn guilt, there is no passion or self-discovery. It is a place of stagnant energy.

What’s More Important… Economic Growth or Sustainability?

Green (Living) Review

Think about the challenges the planet earth and all of its inhabitants have faced since the growth of modern human civilization. With economic growth comes destruction of one world and the development of another. What’s more important… Economic Growth or Sustainability ?

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Paul Krugman and The Tortoise: Why the Limits to Growth Are Real

Green (Living) Review

Paul Krugman seems to have created some kind of a similar paradox with a recent New York Time s article (“ Slow Steaming and the Limits to Growth ”) where he sets out to demonstrate that the world''s gross domestic product (GDP) can continue growing even while reducing energy production.

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Say No—it’s Good for your Spiritual Growth.

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Enlightened Society Funny Non New-Agey Spirituality boundaries dmt dmt drug how to say no personal growth say no saying no spiritual spiritual community spiritual growth"My ex-partner and his new lover are living in my guest bedroom and I can hear them having sex at night, but that’s okay, because I am learning to evolve beyond the.

How Can We Protect Endemic Species in the Face of Urban Growth?

Nature Conservancy - Science

In the face of this massive urban growth, how can we protect plants and animals that are endemic to different regions around the world? There will be almost 2 billion additional urban dwellers by 2030.

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How Competitive Yoga brought me Personal Growth.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga competitive yoga documentary judgement personal growth reflection yoga competitionsYesterday, a friend of mine shared a link pointing to a documentary on competitive yoga. Holy cow!," I immediately thought. "No, No, no, no, no! Wrong, bad, sad, no!".

Inner Growth Through Outer Growth: 6 Things my Beard Taught Me.

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Adult/NFS Arts & Culture Ecofashion Funny Health & Wellness 6 Things beard beards change facial hair happiness inner growth life my Beard. Taught Me Outer Growth self loveThere is a mutual appreciation amongst men, for the effort and sacrifice involved in growing and maintaining a beard. Complete strangers will often approach with approving handshakes and words of encouragement.

UK solar growth stalls following government subsidy cuts

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What to Remember when our Spiritual Growth gets Scary.

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Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality collective journey meditation spiritual growth spirituality status quo YogaOpening ourselves up to living and being out of the status quo is not usually a comfortable process.

5 Behaviors that Block us from true Spiritual Connection & Growth.

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Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality blocks to spiritual growth enlightened society growth Hug Your Chaos laugh at yourself meditation spiritual ego spirituality YogaSpiritual ego is real. I know from my personal journey that it can be a dangerous trap—a sure path to the dark side. If we consider for a moment that for any one thing to exist, so must its opposite, we are forced to admit that even the "lightest" things in the world must have a shadow side.

Yoga & Growth in the Heartbeat of the Himalayas.

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Travel Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today Adventure Himalayas prana savasana self-growth spirituality yoga retreatEach day and hike made us stronger and weaker at the same time. Stronger in that it pushed us to meet our bodies’ ability; weaker in that it allo.

Do "neoclassical economists regard population growth as necessary for per capita growth in gross domestic product over the long term"?

Environmental Economics

Bob Hughes, American Fisheries Society president writes : "Population growth is a component of economic growth, determining it's natural rate (Harrod 1939). In addition, neoclassical economists regard population growth as necessary for per capita growth in gross domestic product over the long term (Romer 1990; Jones 1998). knowledge, education) is necessary for economic growth but population is not (here is the pdf ).

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The myths of sustainable consumption and sustainable growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Across the globe the concept of sustainable consumption is being touted as the way of the future, a change in lifestyle and values that promises “green growth”– economic growth that doesn’t hurt the environment. The term itself is, however, an oxymoron for it also keeps relying on the other oxymoron, that of sustainable growth. Permanent consumerism and consumption is not sustainable and there simply is no such thing as sustainable growth.

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How to Use Fear as a Catalyst for Growth.

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Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today awareness emotions fear meditation self-growth self-help spirituality working with emotions working with fearAs one allows oneself to experience the emotion just as it is, it will change, and it will fundamentally transform us as individuals. Emotions are.

"A naïve belief that growth will take care of environmental problems should be questioned"

Environmental Economics

The body of literature on EKCs suggests that a naïve belief that growth will take care of environmental problems should be questioned. Even if growth can address environmental problems, the cost can be significant if the time frame for abatement adoption is too slow. Following Tim's CNN Politics link : "The previous administration devalued workers by their policies," the [White House official briefed on the plan] said. "We "We are saying we can do both.

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"Misleading Talk about Decoupling CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth"

Environmental Economics

Is it the steady state ecological economists ("We should encourage our public bodies, to adopt an economic policy that rejects the endless pursuit of aggregate growth") or the folks who that that a technological solution exists such that GDP increases and CO2 emissions goes down?   In this case, economic growth might be accompanied by no change in CO 2 emissions.    In this case, economic growth might be accompanied by reduced CO 2 emissions. 

Common Resources: Economic Growth and Carbon Taxes

Environmental Economics

Ray Kopp:  I believe it’s time to end the discussion of the impact a carbon tax would have on US economic growth. A new study by scholars at RFF shows that a substantial, broad-based, revenue-neutral tax on carbon dioxide emissions would have imperceptible effects on macroeconomic growth as measured by GDP. My hunch was right, at least in the RFF-modeled-the-effect-and-supported-my-assertion kind of right, and you know I like to be right.

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Good Growth

The Green Changemakers

Yet policy-makers and commentators remain fixed on GDP and growth above all else. Good Growth goes a step further. It recommends that at the same time as tracking GDP the Government should adopt the good growth index, so that economic policy decisions are aligned with citizens’ wishes.

We Must Risk Growth in Order to be Fully Seen.

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Protecting Florida’s Last Old-Growth Pines

Nature Conservancy - Science

That is one of the reasons why so many rare old growth trees have been killed with the reintroduction of fire,” she says, “but these trees are a very rare and valuable resource that needs special care and planning.”. Archiving Old-Growth Trees. Jean Huffman drills a longleaf pine core.

Better Growth, Better Climate

The Green Changemakers

Reporting in September 2014, the project will make recommendations on actions and policies that can achieve high quality economic growth at the same time as addressing dangerous climate change.

25 Simple Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset

The Green Changemakers

A “growth mindset,” as Dweck calls it, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a tendency to believe that you can grow. This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. How Can A Growth Mindset Help You Learn?

Sustainable Economic Growth and a finite Planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Considering that the Earth is finite, it can't grow, and so are all of her mineral resources, which don't regrow either, talking about sustainable and growth in the same breath is an oxymoron and a fallacy. Sustainable economic growth is not possible as more and more growth is NOT sustainable regardless of what the powers that be try to claim. A finite Planet means that sustainable economic growth cannot be.

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Kids and Sports: 5 Effective Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset

The Green Changemakers

by Ashley Cullins When we talk about growth mindset, we usually apply it to academics. But practicing growth mindset in sports is extremely beneficial as well. Not only does this make sports more enjoyable for kids, but it also helps foster a growth mindset. Growth Mindset