Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith Dumpster diving is more than likely going to be the fastest growing industry of 2009 There are many people out there that go dumpster diving on a regular basis and many get most of their food even that way, let alone other items for their homes and even their home offices.

Poll Reveals Strong US Bipartisan Support for Solar Energy


Likely voters in the 2012 election cycle overwhelmingly support solar energy and would like to see the federal government to do more to foster the growing industry, according to a national poll released today. 92 percent of voters believe it’s important for the U.S. to develop and use more solar energy. 85 percent of voters view solar energy favorably (60 percent very favorable). 78 percent of voters say government should support growth of solar energy with incentives.


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Obama Extends Tax Credits For Solar Power

Solar Power Ninja

In addition, it played an important role in setting the market environment that allowed the US solar industry to grow by 100% in 2010. In a statement, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) President and CEO Rhone Resch said: “It took a year of tireless effort from the entire solar industry and our champions in Congress to get an extension of the 1603 program. Government / Industry obama solar solar investment tax credit

Obama 100

U.S. Task Force Seeks Renewable Energy Zones

Wind Power Ninja

More good news for the expanding wind energy industry in the United Sates. One that creates new jobs and puts America out front in new, growing industries, one that promotes investment and innovation here at home, and one that makes wise use of our domestic resources.”. Government / Industry Ken Salazar Renewable Energy

How CBD companies can be more sustainable

Green Prophet

Regenerative agriculture, like the proposed Hydropolis in Egypt, is one way to green the CBD and hemp industry. Why else would you get into such a niche (but growing) industry? One of the best parts of working in the CBD industry is the sustainable attributes of the hemp plant.

2020 81

The Lesser Spotted Abolitionist: Myth and Reality


They are paid by exploiters to help stem a threat that doesn’t exist to a thriving and growing industry of animal exploitation. After all, industry knows that reverse psychology is worth gambling money on just in case that booming industry should ever be threatened. Said industry does not partner with those who claim to be concerned with animal exploitation and yet promote more “humane” ways of exploiting, though.

2016 56

SolarEdge and Tesla team up to tackle distributed PV storage

Green Prophet

Tesla’s collaboration with SolarEdge unites leading organizations in two rapidly-growing industries—solar energy and energy storage—to bring homeowners a more cost-effective and integrated energy generation, storage, and consumption solution,” said J.B. Tesla’s industry leading battery storage technology makes it a natural fit for this.

2015 85

Local Congressmen Pocket Cash from Wind Power's Foes While Jobs Blow Away In Their Backyards

Sierra Club Compass

You’ve just received word that unless you take action to protect a certain policy, people in your district will lose their jobs and a growing industry in your community will be stopped in its tracks. They know that one of the reasons the cost of producing wind power has been cut in half in recent years is because we’ve been making wind turbines here at home, creating American jobs, so they’ve made it their goal to sabotage the industry. Pretend you are a member of Congress.

Animal Rights Activists Should Remember Fur Free Doesn’t Mean Animal Free


The only way to truly have an impact on this overwhelmingly large industries (and others like it) is for individuals to go vegan, and refuse the commodifying of animals altogether. Campaigns against fur are not only unsuccessful against the continually growing industry, but they promote the continued use of other animal products. Everyone is all excited to hear that Italian designer Giorgio Armani has agreed to stop using fur, starting with this autumn/winter 2016 collection.

2016 50

How a Southern Californian Community Organized to Push for Rooftop Solar Jobs

Sierra Club Compass

What if your community was given the opportunity to embark on a path to a sustainable future with good jobs in one the fastest growing industries in the nation? At a time of economic uncertainty in our nation, where too many Americans are unemployed and desperately seeking work, jobs that can provide a sustainable income can now increasingly be found in the renewable energy industry.

Can CBD Gummies Help With Sleep?

Green Prophet

And, while THC and marijuana are still illegal on a federal level, Hemp (and therefore, CBD) has been removed from the national list of controlled substances as of last year’s farm bill and is now legal to grow and cultivate; though some states still enforce their own laws regarding the plant. With this new legislation has come a budding industry with a predicted value of somewhere around $22 billion in the next decade or so. CBD helps with sleep.

2019 43

GRID Alternatives Lighting Up California Communities During Earth Week

Green (Living) Review

GRID Alternatives’ “barn raising” solar installation model also provides job trainees and other volunteers with hands-on experience installing systems, helping prepare them for work in one of the fastest growing industries in the state. Our model doesn’t just reduce pollution, it also reduces energy bills for families that need the savings most while helping workers find jobs in the energy industry of the future.”

Organic beer is the smarter choice

Green Life Smart Life

Organic beer is part of a growing industry and with it are some really great organic wines. When I think of Beer, I think of a nice glass of Newport Storm or maybe a blueberry beer from Coddingtons. With an older brother who brews his own and another who likes to consume it, I was taught to appreciate beer and to stay away from bud light! Although I prefer wine with my meals, on a summer night nothing is as good as a Hefeweizen with a slice of lemon.

2010 51

Why Sustainable Palm Oil is Possible

Conservancy Talk

But growing demand for this common ingredient is putting tropical rainforests—and our global climate—at risk. Transforming an entire industry won’t be easy—it’s extremely complex. With smart collaboration, groups with different perspectives can find common ground and turn a rapidly growing industry into a successful model for sustainable development. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune.

Oil 65

EPA Issues Blow to State Department's Review of Keystone XL

Sierra Club Compass

The State Department's job now is to listen to the EPA and include a more "careful" analysis of just how important Keystone is to expanding this polluting industry, and include a full accounting of the pollution that would come with this growing industry. By Lena Moffitt, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Representative.

2013 69

Will Dark-sky Ecotourism Spread to the Mideast?

Green Prophet

But with the growing problem of light pollution , dark skies are becoming harder to find. So dark sky ecotourism is a growing industry. No city has yet declared itself, “the city of dark”, but a growing number of places have been set aside as dark-sky preserves and they are attracting dark-sky tourists. Israel’s Negev Desert, Jordan’s Mount Nebo, Medaba and Wadi Rum are a few dark sky destinations for stargazing.

2012 82

"What is the relevant uncertainty for climate change policy?"

Environmental Economics

  Africa and Vietnam exceed growth expectations, with a lot of solar power to be sure, but not enough to counteract their growing industrialization.  Tyler Cowen on May 3: A number of people have climbed onto Twitter and outlined (correctly) how increased uncertainty about the impact of climate change increases the value of doing something about it. 

2017 100

Hashish Field Wars Between Soldiers and Lebanon’s Locals

Green Prophet

Why grow apples in Lebanon when hashish and cannabis is hundreds of times more lucrative? Back then, government-run eradication programs coupled with international development projects which incentivize farmers to profitably grow legal crops was supposed to bring Lebanon’s cannabis business down. The 2006 war rendered government run eradication programs and as a result cannabis growing has been on the rise again. A sustainable, industrial hemp alternative?

Global study hails growth for small wind sector

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) UK manufacturing industry casts aside economic gloom to become world's largest exporter A global study released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), flagged up significant international growth in demand for small wind technology. Even amidst the downturn, economies of scale are beginning to take shape in the industry and growth projections are the strongest in the industry’s 80-year history”.

2009 100

Reliable Steel to Build Phototronic Living Homes Using Sustainable Materials by GigaCrete

Green (Living) Review

Constructed using sustainable building materials from GigaCrete, this all-in-one structure allows individuals and families to comfortably live and grow inside. Both companies believe that eventually everyone will grow food inside their homes. With the industrial food machine the way it is now, there has never been a better time to move to our sustainable living homes.” Reliable Steel Builders has reached a licensing agreement with Phototron Holdings, Inc.

Why Energy Management in the Home Will Be Mainstream

Green Life Smart Life

While advancements in power delivery are absolutely necessary to ensure the grid is able to evolve with the growing demands in supply and meter data management along with energy storage are rapidly expanding industries, there are several good reasons why the general population will need to be on board with this transformation.

2009 55

Interview with Andrew Sell, Founder of Hipcycle

Green Prophet

When I came across upcycling and realized that it was not just a bunch of individuals reusing stuff, but rather a nascent, quickly growing industry, I was intrigued. One of the biggest pleasures in growing Hipcycle has been getting to know my Product Partners. New York City (especially Brooklyn); Boulder, Colorado; and Portland, Oregon are dynamic parts of the growing upcycling industry.

2011 71

Ecopreneurists Wanted

Green Life Smart Life

With continued success in the marketplace of environmentally conscious consumers, ‘g’ Green Design Center offers the opportunity to capitalize on a growing industry. We’ve heard the spiel before - the economy is in a recession and business has slowed to almost a halt. What’s an entrepreneur looking for a new business idea to do? Look for new opportunities in the green marketspace, for starters.

2009 40


Green (Living) Review

The “wheel is misfortune” is a twisted take on the wheel of fortune game show, with each segment of the wheel documenting the problems with biofuel, as follows: Rainforest Destroyed; Less Space to Grow Food; Massive Carbon Emissions; Orangutans Endangered; and Land Taken From People. Demand for palm oil as a biofuel is now one of the main drivers of deforestation in Indonesia and so Lush have been working with Biofuelwatch to find out how we can stop the burgeoning biofuel industry.

2010 113