Five Ways to Make it out the Grocery Store with a Happier Wallet & Healthier Pantry. {Recipe Bonus}

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Conscious Consumerism Green Health & Wellness Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) grocery store recipe shop ethically shopping sustainable what to buy what to eatI was a 22-year-old buying Gushers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I had this unconscious mindset: since I looked healthy on the outside, I could eat whatever foods I wanted…in semi-moderation.

Chicago Bans Grocery Store Plastic Bags


The city approved a ban that will stop grocery stores from offering plastic bags for customers. Read More The post Chicago Bans Grocery Store Plastic Bags appeared first on Ecorazzi. Chicago just got a little greener. Causes Environment News Top News

America’s First Zero Waste Grocery Store to Open in Texas This Year

Wend Magazine

A brand-new store called in.gredients will soon launch in Austin, Texas and will be the U.S.’s ’s first “package-free and zero waste grocery store.&#. The store will operate under a “precycling&# model , in which consumers will bring reusable containers (think tupperware or the like) to the in.gredients store, which will offer only bulk items and no plastic bags. Click here to view the embedded video.

Do you still get plastic bags at the grocery store?

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you still get plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store then, I am sorry, you really don't care about people or the Planet. In the UK this has not – as yet – happened and only individual store chains, such as Lidl, make it a rule to charge for bags, and in some stores you have to watch that people don't bag it into plastic before you, as a responsible shopper, can even say “no bag, please.”

This Grocery Store Gave "Ugly" Fruit and Veggies Their Own Aisle. Watch What Happens.

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billion tons, gets lost or wasted according to one major world study , and many of the world’s “ugliest” vegetables never even make it to store shelves. It goes without saying that people waste way too much food , and food waste comes in many different forms.

Ma and Pa grocery stores make a comeback

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Local family grocers are meeting the demand for local products (in Michigan) by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In West Michigan growing interest in homegrown products is providing a fertile economic soil for Ma and Pa grocery stores to flourish and this is also a very good thing indeed. Ken Courts opened his second store in two years. " Courts himself buys straight from the farmer and brings the produce into the store the same day during peak seasons.

You’ll Never want to Go to the Grocery Store Again.

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When I tallied up the miles of each ingredient for our meal, it worked out to 122 not bad when we consider that just one tomato from Mexico travels over 1,000 miles to get to our grocery store. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness Right Livelihood Z Food Featured Today 100-mile meal challenge carbon footprint community environmental awareness food security Framer's markets local food support local

A Grocery Store Houses The Best Deli in LA


Take for instance an Eagle Rock grocery store, Organix , that has found a huge following for their vegan deli counter. Burgers, burritos, and tacos are being made to order, and served on a handful of picnic tables in the back of the store.

10 Easy, Eco-friendly Choices to Make at the Grocery Store

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10 Easy, Eco-friendly Choices to Make at the Grocery Store. Grocery shopping can sometimes seem like a chore, but it’s also one of the best opportunities to make small, eco-friendly changes that can have a big impact. Follow these ten steps below to green your groceries. Help keep plastic out of the waste stream by bringing reusable bags to the store. Find a farmers’ market in your area or look for grocery stores that carry locally-sourced produce and meat.

A Lesson From the Grocery Store. ~ Guenevere Neufeld

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It was one of those “ah-ha” moments. I realized (again and again.and again) that life is what I make it. I can take whatever it is I am given, and consciously choose to let it fit into the life that I want to create for myself. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) adapting change hometown low carbon footprint taking responsibility updating visiting family walking

Sanctifying the Ordinary: The Grocery Store. ~ Heather Grimes

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Boulder Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Z ADMIN Family Featured Today cheri huber grocery Sacred vitamin cottage zen quote How you do anything is how you do everything.

Finding a Cup of Soul Food while Waiting in Line at the Grocery Store.

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We stand in line at the store, waiting to buy our pre-packaged organic, non-GMO, gluten-free but tastes like sand-paper snacks. Under the shimmer of the neon lights, we wonder. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today live to eat mindful eating nourishing refuel self love soul food

All vegetarian grocery store in Maui!

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Video coming soon, but how cool to go to an entirely veg grocery store?! Nothing too exciting inside, but they had a great deli, salad bar, fresh drinks, and bulk section. Right by the airport too, so my friends and I stocked up

Bag Warehouse Backs Los Angeles’ City Wide Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags in Grocery Stores with Two Week Discount on Grocery Style Tote Bags

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Bag Warehouse recognizes the Los Angeles ban on single use plastic bags in grocery stores as an opportunity for local companies and organizations to ramp up brand awareness with imprinted grocery tote bags.

Austin company aims to become first package-free, zero-waste grocery store in nation

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Austin company plans to open package-free, zero-waste grocery store before year’s end. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Austin, TX, June 2011: The Brothers Lane team announced its intention to open the first package-free, zero-waste grocery store in the U.S. The store, named in.gredients, will allow customers to bring their own reusable containers to fill with local and organic groceries ranging from dry bulk and dairy to wine and household cleaners.

lobby joe the lobster went on an epic adventure from grocery store to ocean


It’s a story fit for an animated feature-length movie. The Guardian tells the tale of Lobby Joe, a lobster that was rescued and transported a great distance to freedom. A vegan Canadian named Christine Loughead saw the lobster alone in a supermarket in Ontario, and decided to take action.

What I Learned from an Old Man at the Grocery Store.

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He was huffing and puffing, tired from pushing his walker around the store. So he took a seat in the chair next to me, almost taking me out with hi. Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) lessons from elderly

Beirut, Lebanon: eating organic & slow

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Africa All Bakery Beirut Farmers' markets Health food/Natural grocery stores Lebanon Middle East Restaurants/Cafes Slow Food movement Bread Republic farmers market Kamal Mouszawak Michael Straus organic restaurant Reuters slow food Souk el Tayeb Tawlet Walid Ataya

Finnish Grocery Stores Offer Slow Check out Lane


We’ve already seen signs of a “slowness” trend in the form of relaxing beverages , and now a similar theme seems to be popping up in the grocery store checkout.

Green pioneering on the Southern Oregon trail, part 2

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All Applegate Valley Ashland Bakery Bed and breakfasts/Inns Certification Farmers' markets Grants Pass Health food/Natural grocery stores Jacksonville North America Oregon Restaurants/Cafes United States Wine country Anne Hathaway's B&B Ashland Food Coop Cowhorn Vineyard Farm to Fork Full Bloom Farms green wine Green Wine Country green wine tourism My Way Cafe Noble Coffee Reuters Rise-Up Rogue Valley Southern Oregon Standing Stone Brewing Wahl Wooldridge Creek Winery

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Ukiah, Calif.: America’s greenest winery and a whole lot more

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All California Farmers'' markets Health food/Natural grocery stores Mendocino North America Restaurants/Cafes The Americas Ukiah United States Wine country eco-friendly Ukiah Green Wine Country greenest winery in America organic dining Ukiah organic food Ukiah Patrona Ukiah Reuters sustainable Mendocino Ukiah Brewing Company Ukiah organic farmers market

NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort

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All Bakery Certification Health food/Natural grocery stores Hotels Michigan North America Resorts Restaurants/Cafes Sports/Golf Traverse City United States Wine country Cooks' House Grand Traverse Resort Midwest| Traverse City Eco |.

How to Save a Ton of Money on Groceries & Still Eat Well.

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By making a few changes, and yes, a couple sacrifices too, anyone can lower their grocery bill significantly while still eating healthy, real food. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Green Health & Wellness food grocery shopping grocery stores local food money saving ideas

In Case of Emergency: Return to your Breath. ~ Sara Crolick.

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The most recent anxiety attack I experienced snuck under the radar during a trip to the grocery store. Without approval, my brain catapulted into an insubordinate calculation: people per section, section per store, the number of employees in the main section of the store, plus the back warehouse area, adding the mulling, floating lobsters to the final count for good measure. worth of groceries in my cart in the middle of the store, abandoning it with zero remorse.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, June 19

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View pics: This is your grocery store without bees. ( We’ve all heard that bees are in decline, but this morning’s green news puts that in visual perspective. PR Newswire ) . This new app will help you find the cleanest, safest beach. ( MNN ). Man feeds bear some bbq, bear attacks man, man charged. Christian Science Monitor ). The U.S. is considering exporting more oil for the first time since the 1970s. Bloomberg ).

The Difference Between Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Foods

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Many grocery stores and restaurants now have bold gluten-free labels on their food, menus, and store aisles.

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Move Over, Shiny Happy People: the Healing Humans are Coming Through.

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I watch people on TV, in the grocery store, at the mall, or in my neighborhood, and I think they all look so put together—so happy.

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Ready to Kick Ass in the New Year? How Patience Can Actually Help.

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I’m the person who wants to get off the plane first, be in the fastest lane at the grocery store, and say exactly what I’m thinking the moment I think it. If you asked my friends and family to describe me, no one would volunteer “patience” as one of my virtues.

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Don’t Go Bananas! Easy Ways to Remember What Those Produce Labels Mean

The Green Samaritan

If you haven’t already, take a closer look at those little sticky labels on the fruit and vegetables you buy at the grocery store. Those numbers provide important information regarding just. See the full post and more at Green Living Healthy Living Environmental Working Group Shopper''s Guide labels on fruit PLU labels what do the labels on fruit mean

7 Quick-Growing Veggies You Can Still Plant In Your Summer Garden

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So everyone else started planting their vegetable garden months ago, and you’re a little behind—but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for grocery store veggies. Attention, procrastinating gardeners: It’s not too late to start planting!

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A (Nearly) Comprehensive List of Things I Don’t Know

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For some reason, when I get to the grocery store, the only foods I can possibly remember that I know how to eat are chicken, rice and vegetables. I don’t know how people cook so many different types of meals. I stand in those aisles surrounded by food and poor lighting and Michelle Branch’s hits […].

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Don’t Go Bananas! Easy Ways to Remember What Those Produce Labels Mean

The Green Samaritan

If you haven’t already, take a closer look at those little sticky labels on the fruit and vegetables you buy at the grocery store. Those numbers provide important information regarding just how the produce was grown. So even is something is marked as organic, the sticker will reassure you. Check out the full article at Green Living Healthy Living Environmental Working Group Shopper's Guide labels on fruit PLU labels what do the labels on fruit mea

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Shiny, Happy People move over: the Healing, Content Humans are Here.

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I watch people on TV, in the grocery store, at the mall, or in my neighborhood, and I think they all look so put together—so happy. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality acceptance awareness brene brown change happiness Pema Chodron relationships self discovery

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The Journey of Mental Health Recovery: Why It’s a Good Thing

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Now, we can pull into a parking spot at the grocery store and have people bring our groceries right out to our car at the designated time. We are a society that likes results fast. We went from drive-thru lanes at fast-food restaurants to having Uber Eats bring our meal to us. Or, we can just have […].

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What most Supplement Companies Aren’t Telling You. {Partner}

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I've always just trusted seemingly good-quality universal supplements that I can buy from the grocery store or pharmacy. Turns out it's not that straightforward. Conscious Consumerism Featured Events Food Green Health & Wellness health health advice multivitamin nutrition personalized nutrition pregnancy supplements vitamin VitaminPacks

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6 Valentine’s Day Adventures that Don’t Require a Plus-One.

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We can't go to the grocery store without walking past an aisle that menacingly displays its profusion of hearts, flowers, and candy as we head discreetly to the back for our gallon of milk. Love WAYLON: Today Only blind date hiking loneliness new relationships plus one self-care single status solo date spa day Valentine's Day

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Mirror, Mirror: We See What We Want to See.

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To the grocery store clerk. Take this concept to work. To relationships. What you hear is what you listen for, and how you respond is what determines the.

I will still Make you Breakfast, even when I Hate You.

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In the four-minute long line at the grocery store. We have a stunningly low threshold for discomfort. In life. In traffic. In relationships, too.

Please, for the Love of all things Holy, Stop Calling Me This.

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So when a 22-year-old at the grocery store calls me the m-word, and I look them straight in their creamy-skinned, relentlessly young face, what I hear is this: Enlightened Society Health & Wellness aging beauty culture ma'am society youth

An Open Letter to the Men who Couldn’t Love Me because of my Weight.

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It turned into me not seeing my real self in the mirror me walking with my head down in the grocery store. That little bit of weight I needed to lose turned into insecurities. It turned into self-loathing. Family Health & Wellness Love body image getting fit healthy choices inner beauty insecurity self love weight loss

I had No Idea Middle Age would Feel Like This.

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I shudder when the kid working at the grocery store calls me ma’am, and I realize I’m actually old enough to be his mom. I still don’t feel like an adult, not really. Family Health & Wellness Right Livelihood busy family kids middle age mommy overwhelm overwhelm parenthood work

How to Eat Like an Idiot…& a Genius. ~ Jenna Penielle Lyons

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You are supposed to shop on the outside of the grocery store. Or better yet, you’re supposed to shop on the outside of the grocery store. The center of a grocery store is a vortex that leads into a river of some-sort-of-saturated fat, white sugar, some color some number dyes, some preservatives that are supposed to preserve [.].

The 5 Personalities to Avoid on Tinder.

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Gone are the days when we could meet someone by locking eyes at the grocery store, yoga studio, park or gym. People don’t look up anymore; we stare deeply into our phones instead. Adult Health & Wellness Love Sexy dating modern dating online dating personality types tinder wisdom