Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

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Commenting on President Obama’s new climate plan, which was announced the other day in a speech in Washington, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said: “The President is embracing policies that will excite people around the world, and if the full potential of this plan is realised then we could look back at this speech as a landmark moment. Obama plan can be read here: [link] Source: Greenpeace UK. US Government USA climate plan Obama Greenpeace

Obama defends wildlife refuge from dirty oil drilling

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25 the Obama administration proposed new protections for large portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which, if approved, would be a huge win. 29, sending it to President Obama''s desk for a likely veto, the likelihood of their cooperation on this matter is doubtful. He claimed it was an example of Obama "thumbing his nose at the citizens and [putting] Alaska and America''s energy security in serious jeopardy."

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Obama defends new carbon emission rules in face of growing criticism

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In what could become a defining moment in environmental history, President Obama unveiled a plan on June 2 to cut carbon emissions by nearly a third within 15 years. EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said the new rules would be critical in moving the rest of Obama''s climate action plan forward.

Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

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In light of the ongoing offshore oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Greenpeace is demanding that President Barack Obama cancels Arctic drilling plans and calls for an offshore moratorium. BP Deepwater Disaster and Gulf Oil Spill (Greenpeace).

Political Green: The Climate is Mum

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Phil Radford, executive director of Greenpeace USA comments to the Huffington Post: “I just think it’s irresponsible for our leaders to not address one of the biggest challenges facing our generation. Political Green: The Climate is Mum.

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Campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies tops Twitter ahead of Rio+20

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The campaign which was launched yesterday by , Avaaz , Greenpeace , and other environmental organizations called on people to flood the popular social network site Twitter, using the #EndFossilFuelSubsidies hashtag, with demands for an end to unnecessary and climate killing subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Energy #EndFossilFuelSubsidies 350 Avaaz Brazil Connie Hedegaard EU fossil fuel subsidies fossil fuels Greenpeace Richard Branson Rio+20 Twitter Twitterstorm USA

Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director of Greenpeace, answered questions on Reddit

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Kumi Naidoo, who is the current International Executive Director of Greenpeace , answered questions on Reddit yesterday. Naidoo has worked for Greenpeace for several years. Naidoo became Greenpeace International Executive Director in 2009.

Shell announces plans to drill for Arctic oil this summer

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Despite announcing cuts, Shell hasn''t taken the opportunity to cut its most high-cost high-risk project,” said Greenpeace''s Charlie Kronick. Greenpeace is now pushing for US President Barack Obama to block Shell’s oil drilling plans and to protect the Arctic

US unveils historic plan to cut carbon emissions with 30 percent by 2030

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Today the Obama administration announced its plan to cut 30 percent of carbon emissions from power plants by 2030. million people globally , will “explode” as a result of Obama’s new proposal. “If

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Environmental Coalition Calls on Presidents Obama and Hu to Declare Global Climate Emergency

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BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon.

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Today the Sierra Club delivered the following letter calling on the Obama Administration to hold BP fully responsible for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster -- the largest environmental disaster in American history.  Compass.

Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

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Last week, the Obama administration adopted new regulations that will phase out many of the most hazardous tank cars over the next five to six years. Destroyed Oil Tank Cars In North Dakota Derailment by Ann Arbor Miller/Greenpeace (license) (Used with permission.)

Q&A with Andy Revkin: Dialogues on the Environment

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I’ve criticized some Greenpeace actions, like the destruction of a government-funded test of a genetically modified wheat variety in Australia in 2011. But I lauded Greenpeace’s “ Pulping the Planet ” push on big companies wrecking rain forests in Southeast Asia.

Top 4 Reasons the US Still Doesn't Have a Single Offshore Wind.

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Not exactly the kind of leadership on renewables President Obama called for in his recent State of the Union address. " Many of the nations leading environmental organizations—including the NWF, Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club —have come out in favor of the project.

Which Companies Are Totally Failing At Dealing with Microbead Pollution?

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Read the full report here: Greenpeace_Microbeads_Scorecards_Ranking_eng (2). Taehyun Park, Oceans campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia. By Fred Dott for Greenpeace. See link to full report here: Greenpeace_Microbeads_Scorecards_Ranking_eng (2).

Chart: The Black Triangle Suffocating Beijing | Mother Jones

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Climate Desk has compiled data from NOAA, Greenpeace, and CARMA to show 38 power plants that lie in the path of the winds that brought smog to Beijing during its pollution crisis from January 10-12. Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil.

Jetting across the world to show how bad it is to be jetting across the world

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President Barack Obama in Washington, and all in the name if climate change and its prevention. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) That is basically what Leonardo Di Caprio has done in “his” docu-movie “Before the Flood”.

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

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The free market trumps climate Mainstream political leaders like Barack Obama and (grudgingly) Stephen Harper, acknowledge the climate crisis and tell us they are responding to it. Some groups held firm, including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and the Sierra Club, but U.S.

A Bad Day For The Environment With More To Come

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“On Wednesday morning, activists from Greenpeace unfurled a massive yellow and orange banner with the word ‘Resist’ on a tall crane behind the White House,” read the NPR story.

Corruption Allegations, Monster Mine Madness, and the US Ex Im.

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Despite President Obama's commitment to tackle climate change, the U.S. Greenpeace Australia dubbed one of these projects, Adani's proposed Carmichael mine, Monster Mine Madness. Compass. « Piscataway Nation Welcomes Canadian Chiefs, Forward on Climate Rally to WDC | Main.

TIMELINE: Shell's Year of Arctic Screwups | Mother Jones

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Heres a look back at Shells tumultuous run in the Arctic, featuring coverage by our Climate Desk partners: Print Email Tweet More (Stronger) Evidence Linking Sugar to Diabetes New Obama Admin. Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil.

The energy-independent future that never was

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Earlier Greenpeace have called for an offshore moratorium in the USA and have asked President Barack Obama to cancel Arctic drilling plans. But one might say that Barack Obama have called for the transformation of the US energy system long before the oil disaster in the Gulf. In late 2008 when the failing auto industry was the hot topic of the day Obama said that this is "our pattern" and it has to be broken : "We go from shock to trance.

Visit the Tiny Town Where Big Coal Will Meet Its Fate | Mother Jones

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It's the next giant leap forward for the US coal industry, which has in recent years turned increasingly to the East as domestic demand dwindles and Obama-era clean air regulations make it next to impossible to build new coal-burning facilities at home. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

Court Ruling Offers Polar Bears New Chance, Directs Government to Explain "Threatened" Status

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The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council and Greenpeace seeking additional protection for the polar bear, which is under severe threat from global warming. The judge has put the ball squarely in President Obama’s court,” said Kassie Siegel, director of the Center’s Climate Law Institute and lead author of the 2005 petition to federally protect the polar bear.

Is the Export-Import Bank Turning a New Leaf?

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Credit: Greenpeace/Hunt. On July 18, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) gave an encouraging signal that it would be taking President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to heart.

Shell suspends Arctic oil drilling for the year

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"This is the first thing Shell's done right in Alaska – calling it quits," Phil Radford, Greenpeace USA Executive Director, said. Secretary Salazar and President Obama gave drilling a chance; now the responsible decision is to make Arctic drilling off limits, forever." " Environmental groups have long been critical of the Obama Administration for giving Shell the go-ahead in the first place.

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Will The U.S. Export Import Bank Continue to Fund Dirty Fuels Projects?

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Essentially, the Ex Im Bank is completely at odds with President Obama's desire to address climate change.  An institution that is following President Obama's promise to lead on climate, is ExIm Bank’s sister organization - the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

Weekend Reading 10/17/14

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Most bizarrely, the article seems to think that the major obstacle facing Keystone is President Obama, but the writers fail to explain why it is that there are already two other major Canada-only pipeline proposals—both of them shorter and both serving the voracious Pacific markets—and that neither of them looks like a winning proposition right now. This Greenpeace pressure campaign is one of the best I’ve seen.

Will The Global Financial Crisis Hit The Environment?

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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said last week he may be forced to scale back his planned investments in energy. Sven Teske, renewable energy director for environmental group Greenpeace, said investments still made sense.

Gulf Oil Spills Onto Political Shores

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Obama has recently been interested in lifting bans on offshore drilling as well. Hopefully, he will listen to Greenpeace and change his mind. On May 1, most of the oil slick was southeast of the Mississippi Delta.

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Weekend Reading 2/1/13

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Hands down, my top recommendation this week is Greenpeace’s new video on Northwest coal exports. A pending UN decision could pose a challenge to President Obama’s recent statements about his commitment to fighting climate change. Alan.

Who Wants a Shutdown?

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A collaborative effort convened by the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the NAACP, and the Communications Workers of America, we are working to bring together labor, civil rights, voting rights, environmental, good government and other like-minded grassroots organizations with broad memberships to build a movement that will halt the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics, stop the suppression of voters, and commit to restoring the basic principals of our democracy.

Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable U.S.A. Energy Outlook

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The newly released Greenpeace report, Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable U.S.A. Download the full report With the new Obama administration and the new Congress making good on their campaign promises to tackle the global climate crisis, there is new hope that America will once again be a world leader in building a global clean energy economy. This report shows that yes we can solve global warming,” says Greenpeace global warming campaign director Steven Biel.

Weekend Reading 8/16/13

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In a new video , Greenpeace draws a stark comparison between President Obama’s lofty rhetoric on climate change with his administration’s aggressive leasing of coal on public lands. It turns out that most of us have the history of reproductive health in America all wrong (thanks in large part to anti-abortion crusaders’ persistent, strategic revisionism).