Chemiefreie Textilien: Lidl geht Deal mit Greenpeace ein

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Dieser Aufforderung von Greenpeace geht Lidl nun nach. Diese Frage stellte sich vor kurzem auch Greenpeace und testete Kinderkleidung und –schuhe. green living Greenpeace Lidl textiles

Tuna to Greenpeace: Help!

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From Greenpeace: The Tuna Industry’s Got a Dirty Little Secret. GreenPeace again: The harsh reality of longline fishing. More on unsustainable fishing practices and Tuna. From PlanetSave: Annual Quota of Bluefin Tuna Caught in 1 Week.

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Greenpeace Energy erreicht Durchbruch für Balkon-Solarkraftwerke

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Im Streit um die Nutzung kleiner Solarmodule für Balkone und Terrassen gibt Deutschlands größter Verteilnetzbetreiber Westnetz auf Druck von Greenpeace Energy seinen Widerstand auf.

Greenpeace Turns 40

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Greenpeace was born in Vancouver in 1971 when a determined group of 17 activists decided to stage a protest against off shore nuclear testing in Alaska. On this date, 40 years ago, the group departed Vancouver in a fishing boat named Greenpeace and sailed towards Amchitka, an island in Alaska where the US was set to test a nuclear bomb. The Greenpeace boat was intercepted by the U.S. Eco News greenpeace 40

Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

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Commenting on President Obama’s new climate plan, which was announced the other day in a speech in Washington, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said: “The President is embracing policies that will excite people around the world, and if the full potential of this plan is realised then we could look back at this speech as a landmark moment. Obama plan can be read here: [link] Source: Greenpeace UK. US Government USA climate plan Obama Greenpeace

Greenpeace Assesses Jordan’s Energy Future Without Nuclear Option

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Greenpeace Jordan recently launched its first report specific to the Arab World entitled Jordan’s Energy Future (pdf link) to a packed audience of environmentalists, activists and political stakeholders in Amman. Image of anti-nuclear protestor via Greenpeace Jordan facebook page.

Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video

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Lego announced a break in its 50-year partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, a split sparked by an anti-Arctic drilling video produced by environmental activists Greenpeace. Images of Lego figures from Greenpeace website.

Q&A With Greenpeace Campaigner Raefah Makki

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We speak to Greenpeace campaigner Raefah Makki about nuclear power, the Arab Spring and what she would do if she were president for the day. As well as a presence in Turkey , Israel and Lebanon, Greenpeace campaigners have also sprung up in Jordan to fight the country’s nuclear plans.

‘Our Jordan is Not Nuclear’ Say Greenpeace Activists

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Greenpeace campaigners in Jordan have urged the government to consider “the dire risks” the proposed nuclear project will have on current and future generations. That is the reality,” said Safa’ Jayoussi, Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner in Jordan. “It

Greenpeace shows the Dark Side of Volkswagen

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Greenpeace’s new corporate bad guy target is Europe’s biggest car company Volkswagen (VW) who is “spending millions&# trying to stop stricter climate laws in Europe, the environmental organization claims.

Greenpeace: 'Recycling is not a solution' for rise in textile waste

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Dive Brief: A new report from Greenpeace Germany says "recycling is not a solution" for most textile waste because it's not economically feasible to process clothes into new fibers due to "technological challenges," as reported by Quartz.

Greenpeace Backs FuturEnergy to Power 'World'

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Lighting up the World – clean renewable energy generated by three FuturEnergy micro-wind turbines together with a bank of solar panels, provided all the power to illuminate and run the latest Greenpeace earth-shape Climate Research Station in Poland. Tags: Greenpeace FuturEnergy

Greenpeace dismisses Russian allegations of piracy

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The Greenpeace ship has now been towed to port in Murmansk where an investigation will be conducted. A Russian official have said that the Greenpeace activists, totaling 27 or 30 depending on source, could face piracy charges.

A Brilliant & Heartbreaking Greenpeace Parody of Coca-Cola’s Holiday Ad.

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Last week, Greenpeace released a commercial directed at Coke and its traditional holiday advertising campaign. Arts Conscious Consumerism Green advertising awareness change Coca Cola Coke consumerism eco environment green greenpeace parody plastic vote with your moneyThe one-minute reel.

Critical Coca-Cola ad by Greenpeace banned from TV

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In recent weeks Greenpeace has been campaigning in support of the implementation of nationwide 10-cents-a-bottle recycling scheme in Australia. Greenpeace quickly blamed Coca-Cola and other beverage makers for putting pressure on Channel Nine to stop the ad from airing.

Zara Gives in to Greenpeace and Public Pressure

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Greenpeace tapped into some serious people power with their recent “Detox” campaign and the world’s largest fast fashion retailer had no choice but to give in. After nine days of this, the company’s leadership wisely opted to negotiate with Greenpeace.

Greenpeace Lebanon Rocks the Boat With Undercover Water Expose

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Greenpeace Lebanon goes undercover to reveal shocking videos of 14 polluters (see them below). Greenpeace Lebanon was able to take samples of the water from twenty coastal points and send them to labs in London for further analysis.

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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From overstretched contractors exposed by Wikileaks to Japanese criticism over the poor selection of the reactor site, Greenpeace is raising serious questions over Jordan’s nuclear plans. However, a local branch of Greenpeace has been raising serious questions about these plans.

Sainsbury’s is market leader in Greenpeace tuna league

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Sainsbury''s has taken the top spot of Greenpeace''s tuna league table which looks at the sustainability standard of tinned tuna sold in supermarkets.

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Greenpeace activists arrested at gunpoint in the Russian Arctic

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30 Greenpeace activists, who had been part of a peaceful protest against energy giant Gazprom, are currently being held at gunpoint by Russian security officers who stormed the group’s ship on international waters.

Jane Fonda, Rachel McAdams Support Greenpeace Rally in Vancouver


Hollywood heavyweights Jane Fonda and Rachel McAdams came together for a rally in Vancouver organized by Greenpeace to protest pipelines and oil tankers.

Greenpeace activists board coal ship near the Great Barrier Reef

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For that reason six Greenpeace activists boarded a ship from Australia carrying coal for the Asian market earlier this morning. The dramatic stunt is part of a ramped up campaign from Greenpeace against Australia’s ever increasing coal exports. “We’ve

Greenpeace action exposes shockingly weak security at Swedish nuclear plants

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On Tuesday this week more than 70 Greenpeace activists took action in what they said was “a peaceful stress test” of two Swedish nuclear power plants. At 7:30 on Tuesday morning around 20 Greenpeace activists wearing lab coats managed to enter the Ringhals nuclear power plant on bicycles.

Greenpeace Sets American Landscapes on Fire in New Campaign


In a new anti-drilling campaign, Greenpeace sets some of America’s classic landscapes on fire to show the damage oil could cause to the country’s ecosystem.

Greenpeace Lebanon’s “Generation C”: Young, Connected, and Making a Difference

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Fresh out of college, Campaigner Rayan Makarem has his tasks set: complete the programs launched by the founders of Greenpeace Lebanon while coordinating with the global and regional offices to initiate new Pan Arab campaigns from the only official Greenpeace office in the Arab world.

From My Inbox- GreenPeace Australia Pacific

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Thank you so much, Genevieve Quirk Oceans Campaigner Greenpeace Australia Pacific PS. Dear Reader, When you tuck into your tuna salad, you may not realise that the canned tuna sold to you is destroying our oceans. Canned tuna is Australia’s biggest selling seafood item.

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WATCH: Greenpeace Activists Arrested For Climbing Aboard Oil Rig


Two Greenpeace activists went to a lot of trouble to deliver a petition on Friday. The activists, one being Kumi Naidoo , the head of Greenpeace International , then climbed aboard and presented the petition to the master of the oil rig while demanding that the drilling be stopped.

Interview: Activist Emily Hunter talks Greenpeace Film, Father’s Legacy


A documentary about the origins of Greenpeace has becomes something both powerfully personally and universally inspiring for Emily Hunter. It’s a film she had no part in making, but it’s a Read More The post Interview: Activist Emily Hunter talks Greenpeace Film, Father’s Legacy appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Greenpeace activists could face terrorism or piracy charges, Russian official say

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It’s been more than 48 hours since armed Russian security officers boarded the Arctic Sunrise and arrested around 30 Greenpeace activists following a protest against oil drilling in Arctic waters. Business & Politics Arctic drilling Gazprom Greenpeace greenpeacebuzz Russia SaveTheArctic

Lebanon: Greenpeace Investigation Reveals Toxic Coast Pollution

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An investigation by Greenpeace has found hormone-disrupting chemicals and a range of phthalates which are classified as toxic to reproduction in Lebanese waters. However, a recent report by Greenpeace Lebanon has revealed some rather shocking finds about the toxic nature of the country’s coast. From November 2011 to February 2012, the Greenpeace Lebanon team collected a total of 30 samples from various locations along the Lebanese coast.

peaceful Greenpeace coal activists arrested in India

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That’s the scene that played out in the early morning hours of May 8, stunning the activists and supporters of Greenpeace India and Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) worldwide. What started out as a peaceful protest ended in arrest.

India 90

Greenpeace Ranks IT Companies

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For someone not versed in green matters, or even for many of us who think we are versed in it but actually may not be (at least on some issues), identifying who is truly green and who is not can be [.] [ Greenpeace Ranks IT Companies from Green Living Ideas ]. Every company is claiming to be green in some way or another these days.

WATCH: William Shatner Narrates Clever New Greenpeace PSA


In a new PSA for Greenpeace William Shatner argues that if you wouldn''t burn down your cat''s scratching post, you shouldn''t support the destruction of wildlife habitats either. Read More The post WATCH: William Shatner Narrates Clever New Greenpeace PSA appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Greenpeace ‘Rainbow Warrior III’ Sets Sail


Congratulations to Greenpeace on the launch of their new, high-tech $33M ship the Rainbow Warrior III. “This is no ordinary sailing ship,” writes Hayley Baker on the Greenpeace site. It’s the first ship ever built from scratch by the organization and the most eco-friendly of its class in the world. “It is a sleek, efficient [.].

Paul McCartney Pens Letter to Putin in Support of Greenpeace


Sir Paul McCartney wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging the release of the Greenpeace prisoners, now known as the Arctic 30. Read More The post Paul McCartney Pens Letter to Putin in Support of Greenpeace appeared first on Ecorazzi.

EDF men jailed for spying on Greenpeace activists

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) 'Big Six' energy giant EDF has been found guilty of spying on environmental campaigners Greenpeace. euros and ordered it to pay half a million euros in damages to Greenpeace. During the trial the court that heard EDF had been hacking into the hard drives of Greenpeace computers and had placed a 'Trojan Horse' in the hard drive of one, so it could access private emails and documents being written by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise detained in Spain following oil protest

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in Spain has detained the Arctic Sunrise, a ship operated by Greenpeace International, while an investigation is completed into the peaceful anti-oil drilling protest, which took place in the waters off Canary Islands this past weekend.

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Did Greenpeace cave in to Kimberly-Clark?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In many other instance they go over the top, and not Greenpeace alone, and give the green movement a bad press and here they seem to have entirely caved in to the paper industry. When it comes to any sort of environmental initiative, it is usually Greenpeace that is complaining that the effort is just not enough. It is not often that Greenpeace is accused of not being tough enough on environmentally irresponsible companies.

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Gallery: Greenpeace’s New ‘Goliath’ Ad Campaign


In a new series of posters, Greenpeace asks us all to "Become David and fight against Goliath." Read More. Causes Environment News Top News

Greenpeace activists granted amnesty by Russian parliament

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The 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists who were arrested in September after a peaceful protest against oil drilling in Arctic waters has been granted amnesty. Greenpeace and the “Arctic 30” received massive support following the arrests.

Greenpeace Attempts to get, Macrosoot, and iSmog to Quit Coal

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Joe’s cartoon archive , twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page … Related posts: Tuna to Greenpeace: Help! 3 cartoons for the price of none! Scroll down for all 3 cartoons: Take Action!

Captain of Greenpeace Ship Describes Fear in Russian Jail


After spending an uncertain two months in a Russian prison, the captain of the Greenpeace ship that was seized is speaking out about his terrifying ordeal. Read More The post Captain of Greenpeace Ship Describes Fear in Russian Jail appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Greenpeace Downs the Dark Side [VIDEO]


Greenpeace is showing his, well, dark side in a new commercial that slams the car company. According to Greenpeace’s report, only 6 percent of VW’s sales in 2010 were energy efficient models. It doesn’t take any Star Wars Jedi mind tricks to go green.