8 Practical Ways to Use Solar Energy

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Solar energy refers to electricity derived from sunlight with the use of photovoltaic panels – this type of energy is effective at powering almost every application that relies on traditional energy. Read on to learn of a few practical ways to use solar energy.

Greening Up an Old House.

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Old houses are a mixed blessing, though. Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to.

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Can solar panels boost green roof productivity? New study asks

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There’s plenty of cold weather still to come if you live in the Middle East, but the University of Haifa is preparing for the sun, with a new study that examines whether solar electricity panels and green roofs can work well in tandem. Green Roof researchers pouring coffee on it.

Suntan around these badass solar palm trees in… Dubai!

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Following Israel’s smart solar trees , the Dubai Municipality is rolling out a series of “community tech hubs” based on 3D printed palm trees that collect solar power. MW of green electricity. Green Tech and Gadgets 3D printing Dubai Solar Energy

Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

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Even renewable energy technologies like wind and solar—urgently needed to avoid accelerating climate change—may have a large and immediate physical footprint that can impact wildlife, lands and waters. Renowned biologist, philosopher and naturalist Edward O.

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Loans for rooftop solar are heating up in Egypt

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Two Egyptian banks are moving into green lending with an initiative to finance rooftop solar power systems for residential consumers. The program emerged in part due to an EBA study assessing the feasibility of rooftop solar energy generation in Egypt.

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‘Solar Mama’ – A Film About Jordan’s Solar Women

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‘Rafea – Solar Mama’ marks a young mother’s battle to bring solar power to her village in the deserts of Jordan. Green films have been making a real splash across the region right now. Green Abu Dhabi Film Festival Raises Ecological Awareness.

Solar powered plane (finally) completes round-the-world flight

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Solar Impulse, the world’s first intercontinental solar energy powered aircraft, finally touched down last month in Abu Dhabi after completing a round the world flight. The Solar Impulse 2 journey was plagued with difficulties: financial ones as well as mechanical difficulties.

Green Living 2.0, Sustainable Communities

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Now that the Boomers are retiring and experiencing the “empty nest” syndrome, the half-century dream of living in a “green community” is re-emerging. Green Living commune community living ecofriendly ecovillage going green green building green living intentional communities SUSTAINABLE

Practical Solar Powered Innovations for Developing Countries

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Solar e nergy projects for developing countries in Africa and the Middle East MENA Region have often been put on the backburner due to financial considerations as well as lack of attention by local government bodies. Jumpstarting Solar Power in the MENA Region.

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Solar-sintered Sand Babel tower grows above and below desert dunes

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We knew that someone would put Markus Keyser’s amazing solar sinter to good use! This conceptual tower conceived by a team of Chinese designers imagines a cluster of towers made of sand that are constructed with a solar-powered 3D-printer.

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The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

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One of those pooie reptiles: Green Iguana by Niklas Aronsson. On day one I was surprised and captivated by those unbelievably colourful ones, such as the Great Green Macaw or all those tanagers, but on day two I realized that however beautiful, those colourful ones are easy to ID.

Morocco’s Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar on Track for 2020?s 42% Green Goal

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The Moroccan Solar Energy Agency (MASEN) believes that the new partnership will put solar energy back on track toward meeting goals of producing massive amounts of solar energy by the end of the decade.

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Stick the Solar-Powered Window Socket on Glass and Watch it Charge

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The disc-like socket designed by the Korean duo Kyuho Song and Boah Oh has a base of mini solar panels and a suction cup that ensures effective adhesion to virtually any transparent glass surface that is exposed to the sun.

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Qatar Solar Buys into Germany’s SolarWorld

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Qatar Solar has purchased a stake in SolarWorld AG to give the firm a much needed fiscal boost. Called the BMW of solar panel producers , the German firm has been struggling to compete against China’s flood of cheap, generic photovoltaic panels.

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Israeli Parliament Plans to be Solar Secure by 2014

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Years after the plan was first suggested, the Israeli Parliament building will finally boast a large rooftop solar array that will give the Knesset a sound measure of energy security by 2014. Green Tech and Gadgets clean tech Energy security green tech Knesset Rooftop Solar

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Green Living with Solar Panels: Economics of Solar Panels | Living.

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Living with Solar Panels: The Economics of Turning Sunlight into Electricity by greenwise on February 2, 2011 Turning sunlight into electricity is a wonderful idea. Solar panels—and I mean the photovoltaic kind—are a start. Solar panels are not cheap, but that does not mean they are a poor investment.

Sun-Believable Solar Nanotechnology Paint May Revolutionize Renewables

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Paint researchers at University of Notre Dame go green, and not just ‘cause they’re the “Fighting Irish”. A team of scientists and engineers led by Professor Prashant Kamat is generating energy from solar paint. Layman’s translation: Dave makes solar paint.

HEPCA’s Green-Roofed Bio Boat Entirely Wind and Solar Powered

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” Both wind and solar-powered, the bio boat will have a minuscule environmental impact since it will generate all of its own clean, renewable energy. Architecture & Urban clean tech green design Green Roof HEPCA Red Sea solar power wind power

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Chamelic Invents Answer for Desert Solar & Dust!

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The huge and visionary Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) plan to ship vast amounts of solar to Europe has one glaring potential weakness. So developing dust-resistant solar will be the next Big Thing. Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system (that we know of – yet!)

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Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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Simple technology for solar energy production can readily supply the building with all its daytime electricity needs, but there is no information regarding nighttime power supply. Design Energy alternative energy architecture green building solar power sustainable design

Sunny Solar Outlook For Middle East and North Africa

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are expected to bring 3.5GW of solar capacity online by 2015: Saudi Arabia and Turkey lead the way. Conservation of oil for export is driving Saudi’s solar targets : 16GW of PV and 25GW of CSP by 2030.

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Turkey subsidizes solar donkeys so shepherds can use laptops

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a story pops up about donkeys in Turkey that carry solar panels so that shepherds, who are often out in the field alone for days at a time, have enough energy to power their laptops. Solar power serves both purposes.” .

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First Practical Sun-Powered Car Stella Wins World Solar Challenge 2013

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Stella, a solar-powered family car designed by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in has won the World Solar Challenge 2013, ushering in a new era of efficient, practical cruisers that get all of their juice from the sun.

Solar powered accessories green your game and new year’s resolutions

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There are a range of accessories hitting our shelves that are using solar power to reduce the amount of energy we use, and if you’re looking to turn your gadgets into eco-friendly terminals, you won’t go far wrong with these devices…. Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Solar Wireless.

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Israel’s 420 MW leads the Middle East in solar installations by a landslide

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The Institute clocks 2013 a record year for solar energy growth for solar electricity generation as both the photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) markets continued to grow. Who’s using solar power?

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween. Below are ten small changes you can make that will help you and your family have a green, healthy, and happy Halloween. Flashlights – When trick-or-treating, use rechargeable batteries in your flashlights or bring along solar, shakable, or crank flashlights. Greenhome.com has the best hybrid Solar Flashlight available on the market. Posted on October 11, 2011.

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Israel Invests in Domestic Solar Power

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The World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group recently published a report saying that Israel is the second best place in the world to develop green technologies , second only to Denmark. In March 2012 alone Israel’s Public Utility Authority issued licenses for nine large solar fields.

Going Solar: The 21st Century Family Home Project

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The Copelands’ home solar project. 300 pounds : That’s how much coal was not burned in a distant power plant in December as a result of the solar panels we installed on our house in Wyoming this fall. Home Solar Amidst an Energy Boom.

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Bedroom Green: 6 Eco-Sexy Tips

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And while you are finding the time and energy to steal away with your lover, why not incorporate some green tactics to make even the most intimate of intimates another step in lowering your carbon footprint and/or helping heal the planet? Thwart the Swimmers with Green Sense.

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Why Green Roof?

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I know that green roofs cut down on CO2 and filter pollution and contaminants out of the air in cities, etc, etc. Building a green roof isn’t cheap; will I benefit directly in any way? In fact, it’s estimated that a green roof will last twice as long as a conventional roof.

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Ways You Can Use Solar Panels to Help You Save or Make Money

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Tips to save green, while going green, with solar panels. alternative energy solar panels benefits of going green go green save money going green green living tip how to go green photovoltaic panels save money saving energy solar energy solar power

Ways You Can Use Solar Panels to Help You Save or Make Money

Living Green & Saving Energy

Tips to save green, while going green, with solar panels. alternative energy solar panels benefits of going green go green save money going green green living tip how to go green photovoltaic panels save money saving energy solar energy solar power

Markus Kayser’s 3D Solar Sinter Prints on Sand – Could Replace Concrete

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And here he talks with Green Prophet about his 3D printer that runs on sun and sand. First object printed from a 3D file with the Solar Sinter, Photo by Amos Field. He used his own ingenuity to design and build a machine called a Solar Sinter. Solar sintered sand does not.

Electree’s Solar Bonsai Tree to Electrify Our Techno Toys

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A co-worker just nabbed the coolest birthday gift: the Electree solar charger, a sculptural photovoltaic (PV) machine that will keep your gadgets energized in a fully renewable way. Where’s a charger when you need one?

PV solar bridge for breakout net-zero Falcon Island development

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Some projects that cross my desk are blatantly not as “green” as their investors want us to believe, yet have many redeeming qualities. It’s slated for construction in Ras-al-Khaimah , the emirate north of Dubai, and it’s going gangbusters with solar energy.

SBY Solar Blocks Arava Power Solar Field Launch Today

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On the eve of its launch, Arava Power must prepare for a “real&# solar war: Israel’s first solar field company loses building permit and prepares for battle –– over sun rights and tariffs. One solar energy company shutting down another over money.

Dubai Opens 13 MW Solar Plant, The Largest PV Plant in Mideast

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In an attempt to diversify its energy balance, Dubai has just turned on a 13 MW solar energy plant. This makes it the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in the Middle East North Africa. . That “prize” still goes to Abu Dhabi and Shams solar thermal at 100MW.

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Greening up your office doesn’t have to be challenging, it only takes you making small changes in order to make big differences in the health of the environment.

Exclusive Pics: Kuraymat – Egypt’s First Solar-Thermal Plant

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Renewable Energy professionals from Europe and Egypt (and Green Prophet!) took a field trip to Egypt’s first solar-thermal plant 90km south of Cairo! The solar field has a capacity of 150 MW during peak hours. Water-Intensive CSP is Impossible for Desert Solar.

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