Seventh Generation is In

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Seventh Generation is In. Seventh Generation is a great company to go through for my eco-cleaning needs, and they really make the whole process much more affordable. This is where Seventh Generation really shines. Washing Clothing – Green Tips.

Detoxify your Home with Products from these 5 Eco-Friendly (& Affordable!) Companies.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) animal friendly carbon footprint eco-friendly fair trade green products method organic cleaning products plant-based PureGreen Seventh Generation ShakleeI used to be of the mindset that I had to clean with bleach and chemicals for something to be clean. It's simply not true.

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10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy

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Green Living Tips green cleaning products homemade cleaners how to make eco-friendly cleaners Method Mrs. Myers Seventh Generation So after I discovered this awful silver cleaning spray polish that has been following me around for years and until recently, was still lurking in the dark corner of my cabinet beneath the kitchen. See the full post and more at

Product of the Week - Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Liquid

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I recently started using Seventh Generation natural dishwashing liquid and can’t recommend it enough. Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Liquid is… Hypo-allergenic. Tags: Eco-Products Environment Family Green Design

What to Look for When Shopping for Household Cleaning Products

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Going green is as much about renouncing your old ways and habits as it is about choosing green products and services to fit your lifestyle. Post from: Green Living Ideas. Using All Natural Household Products in Green Kitchens. Green Cleaning for a Healthy Home. Tags: Housecleaning good guide green cleaning products homemade cleaning prodcuts Method natural cleaning Seventh Generation

Green Clorox?

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In the last few years, if you wanted to clean green you only had a few choices because the products were made by small companies or you had to make your own. So the news that Clorox has come out with a line of green cleaning products may excite or disappoint you.

Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners

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After attending a very fun and fabulous Green Soiree during BlogHer, I have also had the chance to work with the Green Irene Enzyme line of cleaning products and have found many attributes worthy of note.

How to Create a Healthy Kitchen

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Choose biodegradable soaps (Seventh Generation is my favorite for dishes, but Costco makes a great eco-friendly dishsoap too!). Check out t his list on Green Business Owner for the best green household goods. Eco Home Living Green Lifestyle eco-friendly home kitchen

Being Green Isn’t Always Easy

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I have been trying to switch to “green” products wherever I can in my efforts to be a better friend to the environment. . I have switched over to GreenSense or Seventh Generation cleaning products and office trash bags. These changes happened with little to no hiccups and are just as effective as their non-green counterparts. I have tried Marcal , Seventh Generation and Earth Essentials.


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Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Twitter Party

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Dr. Alan Greene – Pediatrician and Author – @DrGreene. Sommer Poquette – Green & Clean Mom – @greenmom. Lori Alper – Groovy Green Livin – @groovygreenlivi.

Eco-bags Products, ECOBAGS Brand, Honored as 'Best for the Environment' by B Corporation

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Eco-Bags recognized as the "Best of the Best", along with Method Products, New Belgium Brewing Company, Patagonia and Seventh Generation, in the top 10% of all B Corporations, as business leaders in environmental sustainability.

Ten Green Parenting Tips

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Often, by choosing to go green as parents, we are actually able to save money as we are cutting down on consumption and waste. Read the labels on cleaners and make sure that they disclose the ingredients, and buy from companies like Seventh Generation whose products you can trust. Tags: Family Green Education We’re also teaching our kids important lessons about protecting the earth and being conscious.

Green Your Resolutions

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Going green has never been easier—eco-awareness doesn’t require great sacrifice or compromise. Check out Seventh Generation and Green Works, the natural line from Clorox. Tags: Life-style Green

How To Be a Green Parent For Your Baby

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For more convenience buy eco-friendly baby-wipes, such as the ones from seventh generation or you can make your own from the recipes here. Note: Cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers in the long run saving parents money they can place in a green college fund.

New Labels Work to Make Recycling Easier

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Seventh Generation is now part of a program sponsored by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) that is designing a recycling labeling system aimed at reducing confusion for consumers. The SPC program will also develop a consistent, accurate labeling standard for companies that follows the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "Green Guides." Has recycling got you down?

Green Tips For Your 4th of July Celebration

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Preserves and Seventh Generation have a good line of recycled party supplies. Green Tips Declare your Independence in a cleaner and greener way this 4th of July. For some easy inexpensive eco-4th of July tips look below.

8 Ways to Green Your Spring

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by Kasen Seaver This story is part of Earth911’s “Green Eight” series, where we showcase eight ways to green your life in various areas. Here are our favorite eight ways to get the the most out of this upcoming green spring. Tags: Green

An Apartment Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies (Seventh Generation, Simple Green, Green Works). If you are like me, you can’t wait for spring to bloom. Luckily, it is just around the corner which means it’s time to start planning my apartment spring cleaning! And because I can’t seem to do anything without making a to-do list – here’s my version of a checklist!

Daily demand and supply (Earth Day edition)

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Are green cleaning products subject to the laws of demand and supply? As recession gripped the country, the consumer’s love affair with green products, from recycled toilet paper to organic foods to hybrid cars, faded like a bad infatuation. While farmers’ markets and Prius sales are humming along now, household product makers like Clorox just can’t seem to persuade mainstream customers to buy green again. Sales of green products from green companies has been increasing.

Lazy People Can Change the World Too

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Making your own soaps at home might not appeal to your laziness, but you can buy a plant-based brand like Seventh Generation and save thousands of oil barrels in the process. Green Tips easy green tips simple eco-friendly tips


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The panel speakers will be challenged to think creatively about shared problems and to generate tangible solutions. (A Sponsors of the event include Whole Foods, Seventh Generation, and Green Mountain Coffee.

Mother (Earth)'s Day: how to be eco-friendly on May 9th

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If you'd like to buy something, check out my green gift guide from the holidays. Empower your mom to be Hot, Rich and Green - get her the book and watch her take charge of her passion(s).or

Brighter Planet Launches #earthtweet Tweet-a-Thon

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If the opportunity to give and receive user-generated examples of individual carbon reducing efforts isn’t motivating enough, truly inspirational tweets, as decided by the Brighter Planet team, will be rewarded with smart, eco-friendly prizes. Seventh Generation’s gift basket of healthy home products will help the winner further shrink her carbon footprint.

DIY Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Seedling Pots For The Garden

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Seventh Generation make theirs out of recycled material. Green Tips If the weather outside is. still too cold for gardening, seedling can be started indoors. Just about any. container (milk jug, liter soda bottle, etc.) can be cut open, punctured with a.

Sustainability Between the Sheets

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When Meika Hollender’s dad, superstar green entrepreneur Jeffrey Hollender, first brought up the idea of founding a condom company together, Meika wasn’t quite sure what to think. Sustain Condoms 3-pack varieties. by Ken Burris (Used with permission.)

Great Kitchen Ideas

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Green Cleaning Products. There are a lot of options out there if you want to use green cleaning products. I personally like the Seventh Generation line of products, but there are a lot of choices. Go Green. Green Christmas. Categories. Garden. Kitchen.

10 Earth Friendly Ideas

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Clean with Green I try to clean with "green" products. So now I try to use products made by companies like Seventh Generation--or I just wash windows with vinegar and newspaper, scrub the tub with baking soda and water. Tags: Life-style Green

Piscataway Nation Welcomes Canadian Chiefs, Forward on Climate.

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Our ancestors entrusted us with the care of all our relations, keeping the balance of life so that the seventh generation can know this living Earth.  Green Fleets. Green Transportation. The Green Life. Compass.

Communities Magazine: Education for Sustainability

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OLYMPIC-SIZED COMMUNITY Satyama Dawn Lasby The sustainability coordinator for the biggest event in the world realizes that catering with washable dishware and eliminating bottled water from the green rooms, while laudable, are ultimately just drops in the bucket.

Screening of A Chemical Reaction (Giveaway!)

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Lawns not only require pesticides to be weed free, but lots of water to keep them green - neither are eco-friendly. I went to the screening of A Chemical Reaction today and was really inspired by it.

Scrappy (Not Crappy) Scarves

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All that for a pretty decently reasonable price when compared to other types of “artisan” green clothes out there. Seventh Generation is In. Go Green. Green Christmas. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health.

Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions

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Lesson link: Shopping Heats Up The Seventh Generation Is wind energy a sustainable solution to climate change? Week 4: Resource Use The Source of Our Stuff How we use a resource determines whether it will remain available for years and generations to come. Tags: Health Environment Water Sustainable-development Food Green Climate-change Education

Permaculture -- The Path to a Sustainable Future

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The Native Americans, who lived here for many hundreds of years and yet altered the land so little, would speak of seven generations. When decisions of magnitude were considered the potential impact on their descendants -unto seven generations- was held close in mind. But nothing is truly inexhaustible and now we are finding that WE are the seventh generation! Tags: Sustainable-development Green Permaculture